22 September, 2023

I Cube 2014 – A Creative Freshers’ Orientation Workshop

Contus has been steadily expanding since its inception and recently 25 new employees were recruited in various departments. And its the time to motivate our newly joined employees by means of Freshers Orientation Programs. Reticent is the very common issue raises among freshers in a corporate world and we believe these kinds of inspirational and enthusiastic activities will act as a key to invoke their talents and make them mingle well with the colleagues.

On that note, Contus organized a workshop for freshers named “I Cube 2014”. This workshop was a fun-filled yet informative one. March 15, 2014, the beautiful Saturday morning started with this orientation program. Mr. Janakiraman from InfinityFast (Team building training company) hosted and conducted the workshop which was totally joyous and informative.

Event was kick started by presenting the Contus Company Profile by Mr. Thiaghu Radhakrishnan, VP, HR as a part of workshop inaugural. He said that, “The iCube 2014 workshop is organized as a part of freshers’ orientation program. We believe that a better co-ordination among employees will boost up their mental strength and to make freshers feel good with new work place we conduct this workshop”

Instantaneously after this, the team building activities were started with a set of various informative as well as enjoyable activities such as Two Truth and One Lie, 20 Minutes Modern Art Painting, Tower of Hanoi Puzzle, Chair Car, Virtual Volley Ball, and Square Cube. All the participants enthusiastically participated in all the games and they seemed to have enjoyed the activities to the fullest.

“The day was totally enjoyable and memorable. We had lots of events to participate and above all we got splendid opportunity to co-ordinate with our colleagues. It was a pleasant way to end the week.”

 “Two truths and a lie was an icebreaker activity. We were all very silent at the starting and this game gave a really nice way to start communicating. Here everyone should write down 2 truths and a lie. The goal of the person is to canvas lie as the truth and truth as a lie however the team should tactfully find the truth and lie through set of questions. This was followed by a modern art painting session. We were split into 4 teams and each team had to develop an artwork that depicts some concept. We made a modern art with the theme of Contus.”


“Apart from communication games like 2 truths and a lie, we also had games that involved physical movements also like the famous tower of Hanoi puzzle, “chair car” wherein the team had to make a coordinated car by using their own body as a support, “virtual volley ball” where the conventional volleyball was played sans the ball, and square cube in which the aim was to fit as many members as possible in a square. These games boggled our minds as well as our bodies. In a nutshell it was an awesome experience”,

Although the lovely day ended here, an auction for the modern art done by the freshers was held later as a sequel to this workshop on March 21, 2014. Among all the Contus employees the auction took place and the paintings done by 4 teams were claimed by the worthy and highest bidders.


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We believe that motivation at the right time to the right person will definitely yield better result inspite of any circumstance. iCube 2014 Workshop stands as an example for this.

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  1. Kannappan Reply

    It was an unforgettable event. Modern painting art session taught us about innovation. We were given more space to explore our talents. Being a newcomer to Contus, I was surprised by the special attention rendered to freshers by the management. I thank here everyone in Contus for this event.

  2. Jessy Reply

    Corporate companies should come up with motivational programs like this for more employee engagement. Way to go!!!

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