22 September, 2023
Apps for iOS developers

iOS Apps for Developers

While most develop and distribute an iOS app for end customers, there are numerous iOS apps available on the iTunes store that help developers achieve the maximum potential at time of app building process. These apps add an extra level of proficiency and productivity into the work put in by the iOS developers. They can now fully harness the power of these apps to develop great apps that look amazing and deliver high end performance.

Check out our favorite five apps below. Hope some of them come handy for your iOS app development needs.

1. Data Base Viewer Plus

This is a nifty tool to wirelessly sync your database on iPhone. You can use 3G and wi-fi to easily synchronize, populate, manage and update any database. With support for a wide variety of databases (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase and other ODBC compliant databases), Data Base Viewer Plus is a definite must have hat works seamlessly on iPhone and iPad. You can easily transfer data to and fro between PC and iPhone, customize query results by the fields you want to view and multiple layers of views – either record wise or aggregate wise

2. Network Utility

A nightmare for any iOS developer is app downtime due to server issues. Network Utility allows you to be well prepared. This resource is an effective monitoring tool that pings website domain server status whenever required from any location. In case you need to track the online availability, you can request a simple ping that returns the server status and confirms its availability online. The great thing about this utility is that you can request server availability status even from a remote location, thus giving you better control over the server’s monitoring.

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3. Analytics App

A very useful step post deployment of an app is tracking its popularity and taking appropriate steps in case it needs additional boost. Google Analytics App does precisely that. Various metrics are tracked by Google analytics and presented in a very user friendly manner to the iOS developer right to their Apple devices. All aspects of user engagement with the apps are tracked and stored in an easy to read manner. Key metrics such as user footfalls, geographic profiling of traffic and exception handling can easily be monitored for garnering better revenues for the app.

4. PHP Cheat Sheet

Be it a seasoned iOS developer or a newbie, a small reference point is always needed when we get stuck at the all important juncture of coding. Rather than scouring the Internet for help, you now have a ready help right on your iOS powered device. This widget displays a simple and readable list of information. Heaps of important information such as regular expressions and timestamp formatting make it a very useful app to have for iOS development.

5. RegEx Cheat Sheet

This is one step ahead of our regular cheat sheet. While other cheat sheets permit access to its resource repository, this one goes the additional mile by allowing developers to test the syntaxes and check if the functionality is in line to programming expectations. iOS developers not only obtain easily documented tech specs, but also get to test in the iOS environment and verify the working of a code.

That was our list of top five apps that we utilized to work wonders in our app development process.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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