22 September, 2023

iOS vs. Android Applications: Security Backslides and Tips to Overcome

If you check out any of the recent surveys over smart phone OS market share, most of them will read Android and iOS operating systems topping the chart. Albeit having different kinds of operating systems like Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, etc., the craze over Android and iOS has never ceased and it never will, provided the benefits and facilities and it is the reason why most iOS and Android application development companies are concentrating on this. But, do both these famed platforms’ apps are highly combatant against different kinds of vulnerabilities? It’s a tricky question to answer as most often the answer is a big “NO”; it’s not my personal opinion but stats say so! Most often it is these two top platforms’ apps that are highly susceptible to vulnerable attacks. Given the customer database and super handy technology, how come their apps are susceptible to attacks? Well, to help you realize this, I’ve come up with an article which shines a light on the security pitfalls of the popular smart phone apps, iOS and Android. My point is not to point out which one is more vulnerable to attacks but how to protect your data if such attacks happen!

Backslide #1: Poor app testing standards

No one would believe if I say, the testing standards of apps of both iOS and Android are never up to the mark! But, horribly that’s the fact. Often times, the security and privacy of user data have been under scrutiny for people who use the apps from the popular platforms. Though the security level certification testing is completely different for both the devices, breaking in their security systems hasn’t been much difficult for the hackers. In fact, based on reports, it is iOS apps that are more vulnerable to such attacks. No solution can be offered to this, as these two giants have to step up the process of security to ensure that their apps are fully functional without any security risks. But, it can be a hell of a task as requirement of these two apps surmounting massively.

Backslide #2: Faulty data encryption standards

Well, in fact, both the devices undergo severe data encryption security practices of various levels. Yet, the security pitfalls do daunt them. The apps of both the platforms are provided with options to save the encrypted data as ciphertext on disk. But, on the contrary, when you plan to sync the data with your PC, it is saved as plain text, which can be easily be extracted by hackers in no time.

Backslide #3: No version updating facility on these devices

Hackers find it easy to attack these two platforms as they both have a problem in common. Both users find it difficult to update to the latest versions. This could mean that the protection against the new vulnerabilities will be clearly missed by them, and this is what hackers love to exploit. Android sometimes allows users to update their OS versions but not for all devices. iOS never allows its users the facility to update their OSs to keep the hackers at bay. In short, due to this, hackers easily break into the privacy of customer data and extract the information to leave them in lurch.

Steps to overcome the security issues.

Solution #1: Do it by yourself

Well, despite blaming the hackers and vendors that provided you the applications, you can safeguard the details by yourself. First, whenever, you plan to use your Wi-Fi or other networks, make sure only that particular network is on and others are off. If you are working using Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth is on, then obviously the hackers can easily intrude via it. Use the necessary device which you plan to use and switch off others when not in use.

Solution #2: Picking right app vendor

As you’ve plenty of third party sites that sell mobile apps for Android, iOS, it is always better to perform basic research to pick the best one.  Also, don’t forget to check out the app reviews, its performance, features, and vendors. This could help a lot in improving your security standards as picking a trusty and professional Android application development company with salient features would be a better idea to provide your device the much needed security.

Solution #3: Avoiding sensitive information viewing via Wi-Fi

This is one thing most users try to do! It can bring in devastating results as most hackers prey on sensitive information shared via Wi-Fi as it can be easily pulled. Viewing your sensitive data from such modes can help hackers steal your vital data from your mobile with ease. So, never try this. Including mobile security software can be a great deal of idea as it has got the ability to protect your mobile from various malware threats by created by hackers.

Summing up:

Android application development companies are competing hard in the market to help users get their favorite apps with ease. However, they should also focus more on creating apps that are more secure offering rock-solid protection against all kinds of malwares. Not only Google and Apple need to step up their security standards but also the third party sites providing apps. Besides, the customers also have to realize the security threats outside and should use their mobile applications carefully. I hope the information discussed in this post is beneficial.

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    It is impossible to draw firm conclusions about which is better ios or android, but user perspective android is better but iOS 7 is a major departure from every generation of iOS that came before.

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    The information regarding security backslides was very useful . Avoiding sensitive information viewing via Wi-Fi this solution was very inforamtive thanks for your post.

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