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The 8 Best OneStream Alternatives in 2024

Published On June 28th, 2024 101Live Streaming

Why does the human mind jump between alternatives? Do you know there is a statistic that says: Various internet sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day? So while humans are prone to making different decisions, it is not a big deal, that they opt for alternatives in whatever they do and believe. 

That is why we need to be ready with a variety of choices to consider as a video streamer. While we make 35,000 random choices, it’s a smart move to have at least the top 10 best Onestream platform alternatives in 2024 if you’re considering an Onestream alternative. And yes, you’re on the right track! This blog will explain why.

A popular Forbes Home article suggests that “Projections indicate that by 2030, the video streaming industry is expected to skyrocket to an impressive $1,902 billion. With such promising prospects for earning as a video streamer, why limit yourself to just one option when there are plenty?

Of course, Onestream is a great platform for video streamers, but it’s not the only one. With numerous multistreaming platforms swarming around, why stick to one solution, when other platforms can make your work 10x easier and profitable? 

Let’s not delay further and dive into how to find the top 8 OneStream alternatives and what makes each of them uniquely distinct from the others.

What Is OneStream?

OneStream is a cloud-based live multistreaming platform that lets streamers create, schedule, and multistream pre-recorded and real-time videos on 45+ social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & more, and the web simultaneously.

The platform supports custom RTMP destinations, and world-class  HD streaming, to maximize viewer engagement, boost efficiency, and record to repurpose the content. 

Top Features of OneStream

Here is a list of features that make OneStream an ideal platform. Review these highlighted features as a yardstick to compare with the top alternative platforms that are coming your way!

  • Multistream over 45+ destinations on social media and anywhere on the web.
  • Easily upload and schedule your recorded videos to multistream on various platforms.
  • External custom RTMP encoders to multistream on hosted live pages, social media, and web pages.
  • Easily embed your live stream on customized web pages, for viewers to view it from where they are.
  • Option to customize web pages by branding your stream with backgrounds, layouts, brand logos, backgrounds, thumbnails, colors,  controls, and social media links.
  • Password-protected real-time chat to engage with your viewers during the live stream.

If you are looking for a live streaming platform, then make sure to look for features that make the process easy without much preparation & hassle. 

Pricing Plans Of Onestream  

OneStream offers a restricted free plan that allows only 15 minutes of pre-recorded streaming and includes very minimal features. To fully utilize the platform, you must switch to paid plans starting at $999 per month, which is quite expensive compared to the upcoming platforms in the list.

Why Consider OneStream Alternatives?

Why should one consider an Onestream alternative, while looking for a multistreaming platform or a free live Onestream alternative? Though Onestream offers an -out-of-the-world multistreaming solution, it may not provide a specialized video streaming solution for all kinds of use cases, that every streamer might require.

Also, the platform is highly expensive, compared to other Onestream alternatives. While assessing the platform based on its pricing, free trial usability control, and the features it offers, this may not be a feasible solution for individual users, beginners, creators, and small-scale business owners. 

Since your entire scope to earning & becoming popular is based on the live streaming platform you choose, it’s crucial to get it right from the start.

Let success ring your bell, to meet & greet you with prosperity. Now is the time to seize such opportunities amidst the noise of trending news and beliefs.

Top 8 Best OneStream Alternatives

We are here! This is the most important session that you have been waiting for, and we are doing our best to give you the right & precise information that you need to see if you are looking for an Onstream alternative. 

1. OnTheFly 


If you are seeking the best multistreaming solution with streaming-friendly features as an Onestream alternative, OnTheFly is the ideal starting point. OnTheFly is a premium multistreaming platform that allows you to stream events, record, store, share, and brand your content across 50+ social websites.

As we discussed earlier regarding video streamer-friendly features, OnTheFly allows you to add up to 8 on-screen guests at a time to your stream, enabling you to invite co-hosts or guests and ensure a professional multistreaming experience.

Whether it’s a live multistream or pre-recorded content, you can easily schedule and Go Live without extensive preparation and hassle.

OnTheFly offers a straightforward and affordable solution to streamline your live streaming process, with professional tools and built-in live chat to enhance viewer engagement and maximize viewership across multiple platforms.

Key Features of OnTheFly

  • Professional branding features with editable layouts, overlays, banners, music, background, unique brand colors, and logo uploads.
  • Built-in custom RTMP servers to stream in multiple destinations using the server code and user key. 
  • Multistream on 50 + destinations with up to crystal clear 1080p HD quality. 
  • Invite up to 8 on-screen guests for special talks, celebrity appearances, debates, and group discussions.
  • Include presentations in your webinar sessions directly from your Google Slides account.
  • Pre-recorded streams allow you to store and rewatch your stream to check for perfectionism.
  • Repurpose your live stream content by recording it, storing it, and converting it to reels and short clips to publish on social media.
  • Real-time live chat to encourage viewers to engage with you over Q&A sessions, polls, comments, and suggestions


  • Multistreaming option to stream in 50+ destinations with custom RTMP servers,  including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • Live Stream Analytics to know the performance of your live stream with data-driven metrics.
  • Just a 3-minute live stream setup without any complications for beginners & busy bees. 


GUDSHO - Live Streaming Platform

GUDSHO is one of the best Onestream alternative platforms that stands as a leading online video platform tailored for creators and video-driven brands, providing streaming solutions with creator-friendly tools designed to host, manage, market, distribute, stream, and maximize earnings without any restrictions.

The platform also best suits streaming religious services, content from elite YouTubers, edutech, films, and fitness content. Get benefits from a curated  360 video marketing toolkit and build a performance strategy from the insights they gain from the analytical dashboard. 

With its high-tech video streaming, video marketing, event marketing, and video monetization techniques, GUDSHO fosters growth like never before, enabling video streamers like you to achieve success 10x faster than traditional video platforms.

Top Features of GUDHSO

  • Host videos in various playing formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.  
  • Upload, organize, and stream videos with the built-in video CMS solution.
  • 4K HD ultra-streaming, supported by CDN, with low latency and adaptive bit rate.
  • Multi DRM encryption and license to protect your video streaming from fraudulence.
  • AES 128-bit cryptographic key security to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Track & monitor viewer rate to maximize conversion with an engaging 360° marketing toolkit and potentially earn 10x more.
  • Monitor the channel analytics and analyze video performance with a real-time dashboard.


  • Customize your videos by adding calls-to-action (CTAs) directly within your videos to increase the conversion rate.
  • Prevents content piracy with AES Video Encryption, Anonymous Proxy Detection, private viewing, and restricted screen recording.

3. VPlayed


VPlayed is the trending live streaming sensation, perfect for those looking for a live streaming solution as an Onestream alternative! It is a self-hosted live-streaming platform that is loaded with hand-selected features tailored to suit the streaming requirements of streamers at any stage.

Experience flawless streaming with reduced loading times, smooth playback, and ultra-fast streaming on our live streaming platform. It is also supported by global CDNs and advanced RTMP protocol for crystal-clear streaming.

VPlayed promises a seamless, unfettered viewing experience with the  HTML5 video player with HLS streaming specially designed for live broadcasting.

Key Features of Vplayed

  • A highly customizable white-label solution to customize your logo and identity during live streaming by boosting the brand image.
  • Record your favorite moments of the livestream to repurpose them to maximize engagement. 
  • Flawless mobile streaming with HLS, MPEG-DASH, H.264, and H.265 for adaptive playback.
  • High-level DRM tools and techniques ensure a safer viewing experience for your viewers.
  • Advanced privacy protocols include login and password protection, multi-layered DRM attributes, screenshot prevention, IP blocking, and AES encryption.
  • Protect your live broadcast stream against  DDoS attacks, malware threats, unauthorized access, content piracy, and data breaches.
  • Engage your viewers with live chat, live polls, live Q&A, and live notifications.


  • Behind-the-scene access to live streams to see how your live stream can be improved in the creative process.
  • Option to add closed captions to your streams to reach a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments.

4. Restream


Restream is a pioneer multistreaming platform that lets you go live simultaneously to 30+ destinations. As a multistreaming platform, it nurtures your content and empowers you with streaming techniques and features to help you reach wider audiences.

Whether you are a creator, brand, business, or service, you can use Restream to spread your messages throughout a massive network of streamers.

As a premier Onestream alternative, Restream lets you stream simultaneously to your social platforms, guest channels, websites, and private pages.

Feature highlights of Restream 

  • Go-to-live video streaming studio with studio-friendly options like invite guests, branding features, CTAs, and real-time chat to make your live stream a personalized live broadcast.
  • Multistream up to 30 + platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • Track your live stream performance with video driven metrics that measure several views, chats, and peak moments to improve streaming.
  • Turn your videos into live streams by creating a playlist to schedule and loop your videos into live series 
  • Wider viewer engaging option to entertain audience around the clock with 24/7 TV, music, and news streams.


  • Option to save a backup stream to auto-replace your main one in case of any last minute hurdles.
  • Interactive graphics to add branding related features and QR codes to stream sales pitches to your viewers.


  • The pricing is high compared to other platforms.
  •  The signup process may take more time than on other platforms.

5. Wowza


Wowza is a comprehensive live-streaming platform offering the best solution for broadcasters. You can live stream from this platform to maximize viewer engagement and enhance performance through VOD streaming.

Wowza encourages you to embed videos into 3rd party applications, facilitating the needs of growing startups and established enterprises, thereby making it a good Onestream alternative. 

Its extensive expertise in streaming technology and its advanced VOD capabilities, helps businesses to deliver exceptional video experiences without limitations.

Key Features of Wowza

  • Global CDN  live video streaming ensures unshuttered content delivery worldwide.
  • Low-Latency HLS video player, to maintain high-quality video streaming.
  • Real-time communications capabilities through simple APIs to easily connect with other CRM devices. 
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol ensures high-quality and secure audio and video delivery, preventing packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth.
  • Provides SecureToken playback protection for all platform-supported video streaming.


  • Wowza is a cloud streaming platform that enables video streaming with 4K delivery, low latency streaming, custom transcoding, and more.
  • Control,  manage, configure, and monitor the server software with the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API for smooth delivery of your live stream.


  • The platform seems more complicated to use compared to other platforms.
  •  The pricing is higher than other platforms. 

6. Prism Live Studio

Prism Live Studio 
Prism Live Studio

Prism Live Studio states that live streaming content anytime and from anywhere is possible with their platform. If you are looking for an Onestream alternative to handle live streaming, recording, and video editing, PRISM Live Studio is a better option. It provides all the necessary tools that make live streaming feasible on all major platforms. 

Stream on popular social platforms like a pro and grow your subscribers in no time. You can live stream by downloading PRISM app from both your mobile and desktop and go live in minutes. 

Best features of Prism Live Studio

  • Enhance your streams with a variety of fun effects, including unique face masks, background filters, reaction-expressing touch filters, and emotion-delivering filters.
  • It allows you to multistream on six destinations simultaneously.
  • Live stream high-definition videos with 4K resolution, 1080p, and 60 fps streaming quality.
  • Customize your video’s look& feel with customizable filters, avatars, stickers, and beauty effects to make your streaming experience more engaging and attractive. 
  • Stream your gaming content without a PC on Youtube & Twitch and screen share your live stream in real-time.


  • You can take photos and capture clips during your live stream to repurpose them. 
  • Interactive video effects to enhance the emotional experience of your live streaming.


  • This platform is not suitable for professional live streaming for businesses.
  • The platform looks complex and takes time to learn how to use it. 

7. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS
Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a live streaming platform that allows you to build your desired brand by upgrading your stream delivery. It is one of the most intuitive Onestream alternatives, enabling you to go live on multiple platforms.

If you are looking for a multistreaming solution with the option to personalize your livestream, then this platform is for you. With numerous unique features and a complete set of creator tools, your live streaming can attract a maximum number of viewers.

Key features of Streamlabs OBS

  • Multistream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more simultaneously for maximum reach.
  • Personalize your stream with free overlays and hundreds more with the Ultra paid plan, with all that professional streamers need. 
  • Streamline your workflow right from streaming, to recording with the set of editing tools in Streamlabs desktop or Talk Studio.
  • Add Guests with a shareable link that gives them access to join from any device.
  • You can add up to 12 on screen guests and save your streaming to repurpose it later.


  • Add custom  3D & 2D avatars to your video stream to make it more engaging.
  • A good collection of playlists available with different genres like hill, cozy, blues, fantasy, EDM, and hip-hop.


  • No custom RTMP server is available for multistreaming.
  • You need to discuss this with the sales team to get a quote on pricing details. 

8. StreamYard 


StreamYard is a professional live streaming platform where you can record and edit your stream effortlessly, making it a great alternative to OneStream. Record your content or stream live to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. 

This live streaming platform lets you revolutionize your live streaming experience with the  AI-powered Thumbnail creator and stand unique in attracting the attention of a bigger audience.

Whether you’re a creator, content marketer, business, or just someone looking for a platform to share a message StreamYard helps you do it at your best.

Feature Highlights of Streamyard 

  • You can record your life with your on-screen remote guests in it.
  • Get both video and audio files with local recordings, where the live stream you record, gets saved as a separate audio and video file is recorded on each user’s device.
  • Multistream on various social platforms simultaneously like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and many more platforms.
  • Showcase your unique logo, colors, overlays, and videos, and create teasers for your live stream to pull in more traffic.
  • Embed your live stream on any website or third-party platform for a white-label experience.


  • Engage with your audience using the real-time chat and get more conversions.
  • Exclusive recording studio with creator-friendly features to make it a blissful experience.


  • The hours of streaming offered by the paid plans are very limited.
  • The paid plans appear to be expensive compared to other platforms.

So the list ends here, and by now you might have gained insights on how to proceed with your search for an Onestream alternative. For streamers who are looking for both a multistreaming platform and a live streaming platform, these 8 platforms offer the best solution to help you get started today!
We hope that you find what you have been looking for and wish you all the best for your upcoming streaming journey!


Srinivasan is a Digital Marketer who is passionate about video monetization based solutions and video on demand platform ideas. He believes in spreading the latest tech trends. He is an avid reader and Loves to share views on the latest technologies, tips, and tricks.

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