7 December, 2023
Event Marketing Platforms

Event Marketing Platforms for Video-driven Businesses

Event marketing platforms present an excellent medium for businesses to promote their events online. These platforms comprise many essential features that make the promotion effortless. One of their amazing features is live streaming, through which businesses can showcase their events to their audience in real-time and let them attend them virtually.

These event-hosting platforms also let businesses upload their pre-recorded events so that the audience can stream them whenever they want. Today, we will discuss these platforms that facilitate the right features to make event marketing a breeze. 

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10 Best Event Marketing Platforms

Let’s now make yourself aware of the ten most used platforms for live event marketing. You can choose any of them based on what matters most and create your starting point for marketing your first event.

#1 GUDSHO – Online event platform for live virtual events

GUDSHO Video brings you a live streaming solution that allows you to stream your events and boost them with the presence of your attendees. Their virtual streaming capabilities allow your audience to attend these events from anywhere in the world. No matter the audience size, businesses here can utilize OBS integration and can go live in just seconds. That’s not it; with GUDSHO Video, you also monetize your events, which brings you many earning opportunities.


  • 4K streams to keep it ultra-HD for your viewers
  • Built-in promotional tools that ensure a greater reach
  • Revenue generation from subscriptions, rentals, and more
  • Real-time insights about every bit of your events
  • 24/7 support for any technical queries.
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#2 Accelevents – Event management software | Event platform

Accelevents provides you solutions to live stream your events while offering other useful features. This is a white-label platform, which means you can customize almost every aspect of your streaming player. Businesses can build customized workflows, keep the attendees engaged on the application, and have all the integrations.


  • A platform for fully virtual and hybrid event marketing
  • Workflows with your choice of custom fields
  • Integration is available for any number of tools
  • Badge printing and quick QR check-in
  • Event page builder to make your events look interesting

#3 Vfairs – Hybrid, in-person, and virtual event platform

Vfairs is known for all kinds of event management services, from in-person to fully virtual. The platform provides resources to manage any number of people while liberating you to brand your events. Businesses can also have customized applications, attractive 3D elements, gamification, and more to amaze visitors. The freedom to integrate any applications and tools is indeed a cherry on the cake.


  • Facilities for in-person, virtual, and live event promotion
  • Custom event registration forms that suit multilingual attendees
  • Event ticketing software with popular payment integrations
  • An immersive experience with event gamification options
  • Networking and chat option to connect attendees and exhibitors virtually

#4 ON24 – Webinar software & virtual event platform

ON24 brings you solutions for interactions with your audience and clients. They help you with marketing events, conferences and webinars. They also provide powerful insights about all your ongoing events and webinars in one place. Pricing-wise, they don’t have any plans; instead, they quote you based on your resource requirements.


  • Customizations for virtual events, webinars, conferences, and more
  • Scalability to suit enterprises and provides any number of resources
  • Standards like CCPA and GDPR are included for the utmost privacy of data
  • Captioning for both live and on-demand events broadcasting
  • “Follow the sun” model to provide 24/7 live support
  • Serves industries related to Technology, Finances, Manufacturing, etc.

#5 Eventzilla – Branded event platform to promote your events

Eventzilla can be used for event launching as well as marketing. With them, businesses can conduct virtual and hybrid events with many engaging features. They facilitate live streaming and on-demand streaming for all sizes of events where attendees attend in thousands in numbers. The platform gives your attendees a sense of a community where they can engage in polls, 1-1 chats, Q&As, and more.


  • Design branded event websites with zero coding knowledge
  • Registration page to let your attendees join virtually
  • Analytics, mobile app, and name badges for webinars
  • Self-service to register, cancel, and get refunds
  • Custom registration flows for different types of attendees

#6 Vevox – Best polling & Q&A platform for hybrid events

Vevox is a platform for conducting virtual meetings, training, and classes. The platform facilitates conducting polls and Q&As with AI-supported quizzes to receive instant feedback. Businesses can call their audience to let them attend the surveys and utilize word cloud like features. You can receive live data to visualize how well your audiences are engaging, all in real-time.


  • Live polling to instantly know what your audience thinks
  • Live quizzing to keep all the live sessions fun and engaging
  • Q&A sessions to interact with your attendees in real-time
  • Insights in the form of infographics to easily understand the engagement rate
  • Vevox can easily be integrated into your existing platforms
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#7 Localist – Online event calendar

Businesses requiring a centralized approach to manage all the events should explore Localist. You can organize all the upcoming events in a calendar and let your audience know about them. The platform lets you put on all kinds of events, like in-person, virtual, and hybrid; you can also invite attendees of your choice.


  • A single calendar to manage all your events
  • Registration tools for paid and free events
  • Automated email newsletters for email marketing
  • Metrics to know your attendees and your event performance
  • White-label platform to customize various important elements

#8 Linkedin – Event management and marketing solutions

The marketing solutions of LinkedIn comprise tools to get started with event management and promotion. Creating a live event or audio event takes a few minutes; however, creators should be eligible as per LinkedIn’s access criteria. Once you know you are eligible, go to LinkedIn Live or LinkedIn Audio and follow the easy steps. 


  • Allows creating events, webinars, conferences, and more
  • Options to conduct both live and audio events
  • Community building to let your audience interact and grow
  • Promotion for both online and offline events
  • Create LinkedIn polls and use engagement pods

#9 Inevent – In-person, hybrid, and virtual event management software

Inevent provides you with event management software for all kinds of events. Businesses can build beautiful event websites and landing pages to promote their events. You also have custom email builders and various automation tools that make marketing a breeze. Booking and registrations are effortless since the platform provides all the necessary facilities to maintain payments. Their professional studio lets you have many customizations and makes your brand shine.


  • A one-stop solution for all kinds of events
  • Mobile app development to let your attendees operate effortlessly
  • Options for polls, quizzes, and chats that increase engagement
  • Deep integrations, tracking tools, and automation to increase leads
  • Real-time transcription for non-native speakers

#10 Airmeet – Virtual and hybrid event platform

Airmeet lets you host events and webinars with minimal effort. The platform provides plenty of customization options where you just need to click once, and your streaming would be branded automatically. You can choose reception and stage backdrops as per your preference. You can acquire analytics and dive deeper into the performance of your events.


  • AutoBrand option to apply branding to your streaming player
  • Customizations for landing pages
  • Conduct polls, quizzes, games, and other interactive and engaging elements
  • Real-time advanced insights to let you make progress on sales funnel
  • Support that runs 24/7 and 365 days


Event marketing is an essential aspect of conducting events as it ensures the right audience reaches your events and provides a quality engagement. There are event management and marketing platforms that help you with these chores while providing many innovative features. Above, we have mentioned some of the best platforms that any business can use to have an amazing event management experience. Now, it’s up to you which platform you choose based on the facilities, budget, and other suitable factors.

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