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Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll Ads – What it is & How to Use them For Advertising

Published On June 12th, 2024 6133Media & Monetization
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The world is racing at its own pace and if you don’t catch up to it, you will be missing a huge fleet of opportunities, and advertisements in the right way at the right place will turn tables for brands who are looking to connect with their target audience.

Ads are not a sticker on the walls for promotions, it interconnects the art of storytelling, brand identity by connecting people and brands effectively.

The soil of advertising is tough and challenging, but the terms “pre-roll,” “mid-roll,” and “post-roll” ads have taken the center stage. Though they may have conjured the thoughts of theater elements, they hold unique significance in the context of digital marketing and social presence.

Simply put, you are about to enjoy your favorite online video content, and a pre-roll ad sparks your curiosity. Later, when your engagement deepens, a mid-roll ad seamlessly weaves itself into the narrative. Finally, just as the curtain falls, a post-roll ad leaves you with a lingering thought.

However, the pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads are more than just their placements. It’s about syncing with your audience’s engagement patterns, strategically weaving your message, and leaving a lasting influence that extends beyond the screen.

What Is A Pre-Roll Ad?

pre-roll ads

Pre-roll ads are like starters before the main course in a dinner menu, they try to capture your attention by displaying short advertisements like videos in seconds,

It is crucial information conveyed in shorter form and it is important one follows the below rules for an ideal pre-roll presentation. 

  • Make bytes not mega bytes: Pre-roll advertisements excel because of their simplicity. Make sure they are concise, conveying the point clearly without going overboard.
  • Relevant and trending material: Adapt pre-roll ad material to the interests of the audience. Ads that are boring or irrelevant might irritate people.
  • Don’t overshadow: Too many pre-roll ads will annoy users, maintain a steady frequency in the presentation to hold the attention of the user.
  • Push the Call-to-Action: In the advertisement, provide viewers clear instructions on what to do next and drive them to take additional action.
Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post roll: Want To Know Which is Best For Video Ads?

What Is A Mid-Roll Ad?

Mid-roll advertisements are advertisements which are played as a short-term interval in your video watch.  just as an interval. These advertisements are presented in between videos, to capitalize on impactful moments in a video, when viewers are fully immersed into the content. 

Although it is a break of thought from the picture, it still guarantees a good user experience without disturbing the content, to perfect it, mid-roll advertisements must be handled carefully.

  • Relevancy is the key: Maintain the flow as mid-roll advertisements are only effective when they are relevant to the content. Irrelevancy will distract your viewers from the content and create unwanted distractions.
  • Create audience Involvement: Mid-roll advertising has a higher advantage to gain more business by creating high engagement points and solid viewer participation if positioned at the right spot.
  • Do the right Presentation: Design your mid-roll ads with a clear and concise message without any unwanted content, since mid-video presentations create immediate impact and a compelling call to action towards the goal.

What Is A Post-Roll Ad?

Moving on to the curtain call, this is a spot where the essence of the message can be easily conveyed and post-roll ads unfold short video ads providing a final touch to your engagement, wrapping up your digital interaction with the viewers.

However, it’s essential to handle post-roll ads thoughtfully, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Right Timing: Post-roll ads should emerge during the conclusion after the main content. The timing ensures that the viewer’s experience remains uninterrupted till the end.
  • Engaging Closure: A satisfying yet powerful conclusion will lead to better opportunities. This final touch should leave a lasting implication, complementing the overall narrative.
  • Clear Message: Despite their short duration, don’t miss-out on post-roll ads to deliver a clear and memorable message. This concise format demands a focused and impactful presentation
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Where Can You Place Your Pre-Roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll Ads?

Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll advertisements blend your online experience. They catch your eye right away by showing up at the opening gates of the content, in the midst of a moment and at the finale on different viewing online places, and here are a few typical online spaces where you can locate them

1. Video Streaming Services:

Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll Adsads have their presence in streaming services like Hulu, Youtube, Prime etc. As you prepare to enjoy your favorite movies and shows, these ads take the spotlight, delivering a concise yet impactful message about a product or service. Their strategic placement ensures that your engagement begins with a business touch.

2. Social Media Feeds:

With the internet taking most of your time, the daily online routines majorly involved scrolling through social media feeds and watching videos for entertainment and information. This is where these ads have their play, they come in when we catch up on the latest posts, updates or trending videos. These ads create engagement with the marketed product in a great way. 

3. Online Content Platforms:

Online video platforms and online content platforms are places where you can find pre-rolls whether you are reading articles, exploring websites, or discovering fresh content, these ads predominantly present themselves in these sites. 

How Long Are Pre-Roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll Ads ?

These diversified ads pop up in different durations, ranging from a few seconds to around a minute. The prevalent time span is around 15 to 30 seconds, striking a balance between conveying a concise message and not interrupting the viewer’s interaction with the main content. These ads are strategically timed to align with the viewer’s intent, often corresponding to the content they are about to engage with.

So, look out for ads white watching that next big viral video and strategize.

Pre Roll Vs Mid Roll Vs Post Roll Ads:What Are The Best Practices For Advertisers

Okay let’s get to the main picture with clarity, pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads have their own unique placement, purpose, and impact on user engagement. 

Advertisers can build engagement, create attention and make a strong statement with the tabular column below. Here’s a comparison of their best practices to guide advertisers in crafting effective ad campaigns.

AspectPre-Roll AdsMid-Roll AdsPost-Roll Ads
PlacementBefore the main content startsDuring the main content, at strategic engagement pointsAfter the main content ends
LengthTypically 15 to 30 secondsTypically 10 to 60 secondsTypically 10 to 30 seconds
PurposeCapture initial attentionCapitalize on viewer engagementLeave a lasting memory
User EngagementImmediate and initial viewer engagementExtended viewer engagement during contentWrap up the viewer experience
Attention SpanQuick and impactful message deliveryCapitalizes on sustained interestConcludes the experience with a final message
Call-to-Action (CTA)Clear and actionable messageImmediate CTA to engage viewerStrong CTA to leave a memorable impression
Ad Placement ControlEnsuring ads are not intrusive or annoyingEnhancing the viewing experience with strategic timingCreating a positive impression post-main content
Relevance to ContentContextual alignment with content themeSeamless integration with video narrativeReinforcement of content or a related message
FrequencyBalanced frequency for positive user experienceStrategically placed to maintain content flowAvoid excessive ads to prevent viewer annoyance
User ExperienceMinimal interruption of user experienceEnhancing viewer’s engagement with contentA completion message with a full-filling experience for the viewer

In fact, the careful consideration of factors such as placement, length, and relevance to content can result in a harmonious blend of effective advertising and viewer satisfaction.

How To Get Pre, Mid & Post-Roll Ads On Your Streaming Website?

With the competition in the streaming world, it’s important to embody pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements to your streaming website to increase traffic and revenue. Not just a smooth watching experience, these ad formats will offer better ways to monetize your video content

Here’s how you can integrate these ads effectively in your website– Follow these simple step by step process

1. Go for Ad Network Partnership

Work with reputable ad networks that specialize in providing pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements. So that these networks connect you with advertisers looking to showcase their content to your audience.

2. Choose an flexible Ad Management Platform

Make an investment in a strong platform that helps you schedule and integrate ads easily. These platforms allow you to control the overall frequency, placement, and targeting of ads, thereby optimizing the user experience while maximizing revenue to a greater extent.

3. Work on Content Segmentation

It is always recommended to segment your content into relevant categories or themes to target specific audience segments, enhancing the relevance of the ads (pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and post-roll ads) positioned.

4. Adapt Ad Placement Strategy

understand the ad content and reason them out, and then pick where to place them, work on strategy for your pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements in your video content. 

5. Prioritize User Experience to the core

Put the user experience first by making sure that the advertisements don’t obstruct the content of your online video streaming service. Select advertisements that align with the interests or preferences of your audience instead of running too many of them.

6. Ad Enable Ad Customisation

Posting ads without any alterations or variations will no longer be effective. Permit advertisers to alter their adverts so that they better fit the style and feel of your website. In fact, this makes for a seamless viewing experience.

7. Work On Performance Metrics

Bring tracking tools together to keep an eye on how well each ad format—pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll—performs. This will improve your approach for future advertising campaigns, and try to work on analyzing indicators like click-through rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates.

8. Do A/B Testing

Conduct A/B testing to gauge the effectiveness of different ad formats, placements, and durations. This iterative Use A/B testing to find out which ad formats, placement and duration works in alignment to customer feedback. This is because the user shouldn’t be irritated by the advertisements.

9. Abide To Rules and Regulations

Respect industry rules and policies to preserve openness and trust among clients. Give viewers the ability to manage their ad experience by giving them the choice to reject personalised advertising.

10.Monitor trends and Change

Keep a close eye on how your advertising approach is performing and make necessary adjustments depending on user input and evolving trends. It’s essential to enabling your streaming website to evolve with customer preferences.

Note: These strategies not only boost your revenue but also enhance the viewing experience for your audience, creating a win-win scenario for both viewer and the business owner

How VPlayed Can Help You Start Your Pre-roll, Mid-roll & Post-roll Video Advertising?

In the digital landscape, VPlayed emerges as the perfect partner to experience ad-based streaming. With a robust video platform that integrates pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, VPlayed empowers you to wield the potential of these ad types effectively. 

By utilizing the power of VPlayed, you gain the tools to start your video advertising platform with confidence. Whether it’s pre-roll ads that ignite curiosity, strategically timed mid-roll ads that deepen engagement, or memorable post-roll ads that conclude the narrative – VPlayed brings all these elements together in a harmonious blend.

With VPlayed, your streaming platform promises to be both user-friendly and revenue-driven, creating a symbiotic relationship between you and your audience. In essence, immerse yourself in the field of ad-based streaming and discover the perfect blend of art and science in online video advertising

If you are already well-acquainted with the concepts of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads, take the next step by scheduling a free demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success! 
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