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5 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Video Streaming Platform

Published On July 20th, 2023 1201OTT

It costs nothing to make an informed decision. Here are 5 tips nobody will tell you to help pick a superb video streaming platform worth every penny.


There are plenty of live video streaming platforms available in the market today. But, not everything will fit your purposes like hand in a glove. Nor can you waste precious hours taking trials. The right foot forward will be to narrow down your needs.

  • What video do you want to stream?
  • How often will you be streaming it?
  • Is it for publicizing, for reaching maximum viewership or for conversions?

Find out what you want well before the search begins.


Online Video streaming platforms do not cost a bomb anymore. Still, they do not come with a light price tag either. How much can you spend? Your answer will determine how extensive a video subscription platform solution you will get to buy. Thankfully, there are plenty of customizable solutions, which helps you mix and match video streaming features just like an ala carte order.

The cost of a video streaming solution is largely dependent on 3 major factors including:

  • Image quality usually expressed in kilobits per second (Kbps)
  • Viewing time measures in units of time
  • Number of viewing minutes; basically your viewership at any given point in time.

Based on the above three variables, the cost of your online video streaming solution will swell or shrink.

Mark Zuckerberg feels that in a matter of 5 years, Facebook will be mostly video. As a matter of fact, even today we have our newsfeed scrolling down endlessly with self-starting videos of short duration.

Wondering how it can impact your choice of an online video streaming platform? Live streaming, any device streaming, HD streaming, mobile live streaming are the future of video streaming.

Your live video streaming platform must be able to cope up with the needs of the future if it has to face heat of the competition.


We advised you against taking trials, that is, when you have no clear idea of what kind of streaming solution you need. Now that you have a definite idea of what kind of vod streaming services you need, it is time to sign up for trials.

Trials are usually free and give you access to the basic features for a limited period of time. Trial periods are more than sufficient enough to decide whether the given solution fits your purpose or not.

So Get, Set, Take the trial. Make the buy.


Any solution that makes you work harder is a total no-no. Your choice of solution must help you do what you want to do easily and effortlessly. The interface must be a breeze through. The reports should be insightful. The video clarity should be stellar. Overall, it must get the job done than making you do it with twofold effort.

That must be sufficient enough to help you pick a live streaming video solution that can put your videos on the radar or worldwide viewers.



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