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Twilio Video API Exits: What Should You Do Next?

Published On March 8th, 2024 827Communication

Twilio Programmable Video is shutting down. Here’s what you need to know about its retirement and your next steps. 

Twilio has officially announced that it is shutting down its Video API completely on December 5, 2024. This is a shock to most of its customers. Especially to the ones who totally rely on video conferencing as a business. 

Customers are expected to move to other vendors as soon as possible before December approaches. This is time-sensitive and is an unexpected expense. 

We understand and empathize with Twilio’s customers. 

As a token of support, we created this guide to help Twilio customers at this time to get a comprehensive and quick understanding of what they can do next.

We’ll cover:

Bonus: Answers to questions running on your mind

Details You Must Know About The Shutdown 

The sudden change is overwhelming. In order to ease your burden, we’ve gathered some important details about the situation so you could make quick decisions, at this time. 

1.The Shutdown Date is December 5, 2024 

The key date for the termination of the Twilio Programmable Video service is December 5, 2024. 

To ensure that your apps are not interrupted, we urge you to put this date in your calendar to plan and schedule your migration process accordingly.

2. Twilio has released a Migration Guide 

Twilio offers an extensive migration guide that outlines the procedures for switching from Programmable Video to other vendors. 

In this guide, you can find the codes and configuration updates along with in-depth support for data migration.

3. You’ll need to retrieve your Data with Twilio 

Make sure you have a strategy in place for getting any data out of Twilio Programmable Video before it shuts down. 

Export call logs, recordings, or other relevant information using your Twilio admin dashboard or any associated APIs. 

4. Inform your Stakeholders about the change

Notify your users, clients, and any interested parties about Twilio Programmable Video’s upcoming discontinuation. 

Make sure they understand the migration plan, any necessary steps, and how it will affect their experience. This will ensure that any service disruption will not surprise or infuriate the stakeholders. 

5. Test and Validate your app

Is your app ready for the change?

Allow enough time to test and validate your app when you transfer it to the new video platform. 

To make sure they perform properly in the new setting, test the video calls, conferences, instant messaging features, and all other features.

6. Get Support and Assistance 

Make use of the support services that Twilio and other providers of video platforms are offering. 

Leverage help tickets, developer forums, documentation, or direct support from technical support teams for any migration-related issues or queries you run into.

Building Video Call Apps Is Now Easy With MirrorFly!

Rebuild In-app Communication With MirrorFly

Twilio has recommended its customers to move to Zoom video SDK. Zoom is typically a collaboration software with contact center solutions. We know a lot of users around the world virtually connect with Zoom. But one question you must ask before considering Zoom is : Is Zoom for developers? 

That’s a clear no! 

On the other hand, MirrorFly is built for developers and has a huge scope for WebRTC video calling capabilities. Now, that’s not all about MirrorFly!

Customizable features:

You can customize MirrorFly’s video, voice and chat features as much as you want. You have full control over how your users will experience the communication features in your app. 

Quality video calls: 

Crystal-clear’ is how MirrorFly defines its video call quality. This is because MirrorFly is built in a low-code environment and achieves a response time in 3ms, the speed and appearance is at maximum performance, no matter the network condition of the user. 

Low latency: 

When it comes to Video calls, latency plays a major role in the quality of user experience. If the latency is high, your videos will lag, stagger or blur. But at low latencies, videos will be pixel-perfect. MirrorFly has achieved a record-breaking 3ms latency which no other providers in the market are any near until this day. 

Custom Security:

You can choose the strength of the security features that will protect your app. If you have specific security requirements, you can place them as a requirement to our team and they’ll take care of building robust shields to protect user conversations on your app. 

On-premise hosting : 

We’ve been in the industry for years and there are a few enterprises which will want to deploy their apps in their own infrastructure. And we’ll gladly support this requirement. You can host your app on your own premise or on our dedicated cloud servers as per your needs. 

Questions In Your Mind (Answered)

We know you’ve got a lot of things running on your mind right now. So, we curated a list of questions that you are thinking about before switching to MirrorFly. 

Features and capabilities:

  • Video Calling: Does MirrorFly offer real-time video calling capabilities?

Yes, MirrorFly offers live video calling features along with topic-based chat, instant messaging, voice calling and 500+ in-app communication capabilities.

  • Group Conferencing: Can users host multi-party video conferences?

Yes. MirrorFly lets you connect multiple users over video calls at the optimal quality. The video delivery and communication is super-fast due to near-zero latencies exhibited by the video calling SDK

  • Chat Integration: Is there support for text-based chat alongside video communication?

Yes, MirrorFly supports messaging features along with group chat and topic-based chat. And leveraging the power of AI, MirrorFly also delivers chatbots for instantaneous turn around and chatGPT support. 

User Experience:

  • Customization: Is MirrorFly customizable to fit my branding and user experience requirements?

The best part of MirrorFly is its 100% customization. When you switch to MirrorFly you get full access to the source code so that you can replicate the experience you delivered with Twilio and personalize it even better.

  • White-label: Is MirrorFly White-label?

Yes. MirrorFly’s self-hosted chat solution lets you add your own logo, colors and brand elements, without mentioning MirrorFly anywhere on your platform. 

Ease of Integration:

  • Quick integration: How long does it take to integrate MirrorFly’s APIs and SDKs?

When you purchase our cloud SDKs, it typically  takes around 20 mins to complete integration. And if you are building a complete video call app with our self-hosted chat solution, you can get it done within 24 hours. 

  • Platform Compatibility: Is the solution compatible with the platforms (web, mobile, desktop) that my apps target?

Yes, MirrorFly supports cross-platform development and multi-platform development. So, you need not worry about its compatibility with operating systems or devices. 

Scalability and Reliability:

  • Scalability: Can MirrorFly handle large volumes of video sessions and users?

MirrorFly is well-known for its scalability. Our robust infrastructure can handle large volumes of data. Whether you scale up or scale down, MirrorFly helps you deliver video calling experiences with zero downtime. 

  • Reliability: What is MirrorFly’s uptime track record, and do they offer service level agreements (SLAs) for reliability?

MirrorFly has a record of over 99.999% uptime SLA and its best average response time is 3ms. This means, your service will never go down anytime and your users will enjoy the best quality of video communication. 

Security and Compliance:

  • Encryption: Does MirrorFly offer end-to-end encryption to ensure the security and privacy of video communications?

Yes. MirrorFly Video comes with end-to-end encryption protocols powered by AES and SSL. This means, any conversation that’s happening in your app can only be read by the intended sender and recipient. Not even you or MirrorFly can access the messages or calls. 

  • Compliance: Does MirrorFly adhere to relevant industry regulations and standards (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA)?

MirrorFly prioritizes user privacy. The more users feel confident and secure to converse in your app, built with our SDKs, the more credibility we earn. So, we’ve built our SDKs to comply with the industry regulations for privacy including GDPR and HIPAA.

Cost and Pricing Model:

  • Pricing Structure: How does MirrorFly charge for their services (e.g., per user, per minute, subscription)?

MirrorFly understands that each company has a unique business model and growth rate. That is why it made its pricing flexible enough. 

While Twilio offers its video services for $4 per 1000 minutes, you can buy MirrorFly’s complete package and host it on your own premise/ on our cloud 

And the second option is, you can subscribe to our monthly plans, based on your needs.  

Support and Documentation:

  • Technical Support: What support options does MirrorFly offer (e.g., email, phone, chat), and what are their response times?

MirrorFly offers support via email, phone and live chat. The turnaround time for email and phone support is less than 3 hrs and for live chat, it is within 10 minutes. 

  • Documentation and Resources: Is there comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and developer resources available to assist with integration and troubleshooting?

Yes, you can access our API documentation and tutorials for free on our official website. 

What else do I need to know about MirrorFly?

You can hire an expert team. You read that right! We know it is exhausting to migrate from Twilio, so we do the heavy lifting for you. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll get your app up and running with refreshing features and performance, at lightning speed. 

Where can I find more information on MirrorFly?

You can check out our official website to learn more about our products and services. Otherwise, you can contact our team of experts for a clear discussion about your requirements and migration needs. 

How To Migrate From Twilio Video To MirrorFly Video?

MirrorFly has been in the industry for over a decade and we can assure that you are in good hands. And it has raised bars for other vendors in terms of quality and reliability. No wonder, leading brands like TrueDigital, MyN, Fittr and MyGate have been using MirrorFly for years and are happy with the products. 

In fact, this migration will be a step up in your communication service. Here is a quick example of what you’ll get with MirrorFly that you did not get with Twilio. 

100% customization
Topic-based chat
Activity feeds
ChatGPT support

Doesn’t this look like a good chance to make your communication system better? It surely is. 

Now, let’s look at how you can migrate from Twilio Video to MirrorFly Video:

Step 1: Prepare your migration

Talk to our experts. Get help and export all your data from Twilio.

Step 2: Test the migration

Use a small set of databases and migrate to MirrorFly. See if everything works fine.

Step 3: Complete migration

If your test migration is successful, go ahead and move all your data to MirrorFly.

Step 4: Launch your app

Now that you have all your data with MirrorFly, take your app live. 

We believe this gives you a mental picture of how your migration is going to be. Got more questions? Add them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you with the quickest solutions. 

Meet You With MirrorFly!

The sunset of Twilio video is overwhelming and has a huge impact on your business. But, you can navigate through this situation with MirrorFly’s custom chat solution. As we are nearing December 5, 2024, this is the right time to make an informed decision about the migration. 

We hope this guide has helped you get a clear understanding of why MirrorFly is the best Twilio alternative and how you can move forward with your communication platform. 

If you’ll need more clarity on this, do not hesitate to contact us anytime you need. 

We are waiting for you!

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