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Decoding The Working of Video Monetization Platform + Business Models for Video Businesses

Published On February 20th, 2023 4518Media & Monetization

The world of video monetization is like a maze. When you thought you have got a grip of it comes a slip that pulls the rug under your feet. Well, we thought of putting together everything that one would want to know about video monetization.

Broadly, the OTT Tv industry, aka the video on demand service industry is represented by several types of offerings including AVOD, SVOD and TVOD. Each genre has its own revenue possibilities.

In this blog, we explain how these online video monetization models work and how Contus Vplay acts as a video monetization platform that catalyzes your revenue maximization efforts.

OTT Architecture

SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand)

Time bound, package basis or flat rate based video access

Subscription Video On Demand service plans can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or even yearly and come for a flat rate. Customers are auto-charged for the next cycle when the previous comes to a close. If the payment is not received, the service validity expires until further payment. As a subscriber, viewers have the liberty opt out of the subscription plan as and when they desire to.

Popular subscription video on demand providers:
subscription video on demand

Contus Vplay’s custom-built subscription video on demand platform equipped with viewer account management, central billing, automatic content management, etc. Content acquisition, creation and delivery was never this easy. As a top-tier SVOD platform, Contus Vplay is embedded with any-device playback capability that will render a wow-like user experience.

SVOD – Benefit for Publishers:

Subscription video on demand business models suit perfectly for media owners who have a cross-section of content to be monetized like movies pertaining to drama, science fiction, action, comedy, romance, thriller, crime and so on.

  • 1. Creates a recurring revenue stream for a certain period of time
  • 2. Viewer accounts are charged automatically on a timely basis
  • 3. The revenue from SVOD can be further maximized by integrating it with Pay Per View or ad roll models

SVOD – Benefit for Viewers:

Viewers can pick SVOD plans or TV channels based on language, type of channels, program titles, etc. that best match their preferences. Other benefits include:

  • 1. Greater flexibility in choosing what you wish to watch, when you want to watch it and for how long
  • 2. It cuts the shackles of cable TV entertainment that is so infamous for boring commercials and mundane content
  • 3. The flat rate of subscription video platform plans makes it easy to select assorted content packages


TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand)

TVOD – Electronic Sell Through or Download To Rent model

In TVOD revenue model, publishers charge viewers for VOD premium content offered through DTR (Download To Rent) or DTO (Download To Own) formats. DTO is also often referred to as EST (Electronic Sell Through).

In either case, buying or renting the video does not entitle, if you have content to sell videos online the buyer to resell, redistribute, share, modify or replicate the video in any form. Explicit written consent from the video creator or Digital Rights owner is required by law for redistribution, replication, etc.

Some of the popular transactional video on demand service providers include:
transactional video on demand

Think of TVOD as an ala carte system where you get to pick what you want and pay for that alone, unlike in SVOD where it is a buffet system where you get a whole bunch for a flat rate.

Contus Vplay TVOD solution makes it possible to monetize video films, documentaries, music albums, etc. smoothly and easily with integrated paywalls, multiple payment modes and several other blockbuster features.

TVOD – Benefit for Media Owners:

  • 1. Creates a niche range of videos that connects with audience directly
  • 2. Tiny bits of large content chunks (like scenes, songs, etc.) can be monetized individually
  • 3. Generates higher income if the content length or quantity is less

TVOD – Benefit for Viewers:

  • 1. Content discovery that delivers maximum engagement
  • 2. Saves costs since it does not subscribe to unwanted video categories or pieces
  • 3. Option to own content permanently

Transaction Video on Demand

AVOD (Advert-supported Video On Demand)

Free access to videos punctuated with ad rolls

What is AVOD? Advertising video on demand viewers get to watch a wide variety of video content free. However, the videos are punctuated by pre, mid or post roll adverts. The adverts are the primary source of income which is shared in agreed proportions between the top video monetization platforms and the AVOD website owner.

Some of the popular advertising video on demand providers include:
advertising video on demand

In Advertising video on demand platform, viewers pay with their time than money. They spend time watching the video and also the mandatory adverts that play at different junctures of the video. Common AVOD platform formats offered by Contus Vplay video on demand solution include:

  • 1. Pre-roll: Played at the beginning of the video
  • 2. Mid-roll: Played in the middle of the video
  • 3. Post-roll: Played at the end of the video

Measures to prevent ad-skipping:

To ensure that the ads are not skipped by audience, Contus Vplay video on demand solution helps media owners to customize video players in the backend. The customizations ensure that the ads are receiving ‘eyeballs’ or ‘views’ without fail, thus achieving the purpose of AVOD.

Ad service integrations:

Further, Contus Vplay also allows popular ad sales integrations into the videos for ad monetization. As a media owner, you can drive maximum revenue through complete ad placing control, choice of ad formats ranging from simple banners to HD banners, rich media, videos and so on. Some of the popular ad services you can try are Google AdSense, AdoTube, Brightroll, Videology, etc.

Advertisement Video on Demand

Live Streaming

In the moment experience, delivered straight from camera points to end-user screens

Live streaming monetization can be done in three major ways:
Live streaming monetization

Freemium Content

Viewers are allowed to watch the live stream for free upto a specific time limit, beyond which they have to pay to resume to playback beyond that point. Additionally, viewers can be asked to provide donations using ‘Tip This Video’ buttons, embedded links to view/purchase related videos, etc.

But, the downside is that viewers might have to go out of the video page or the player in order to complete the transaction. To avoid losing the content in the transit, Contus Vplay allows live video creators to integrate paywalls within the player. The payment can be completed within the player or within the same in multiple payment modes without ever having to leave to another page.

User Data Monetization

In this concept, the viewer and their data that is collected is the primary revenue centre. Live stream apps can synthesize a wide variety of information like what kind of videos viewers are watching, how long they watch, trending topics, and so on. The information so revealed from analytics can be used to push video on demand or paid live streams to generate revenue.

However, analytics is not any ordinary spreadsheet game. An intelligent online video streaming platform like Contus Vplay with integrated analytics is needed. Contus Vplay feeds the intel demand of businesses with real-time viewer analytics, demographics, session length duration, and many other critical metrics.

Pay Per View

The concept of Pay Per View is simple – Pay Once, View once. It is like one time use password or ticket that viewers can use to watch video content over the Internet for a short period of time. Pay per view usually works fine for private telecast of videos like championship boxing, music concerts, sport events, reality shows, and so on. Viewers can have instant access to such programs by paying through multiple modes like Internet banking, credit card, debit card, membership tokens, etc.

However, integrating the paywall into the live video can be quite a task. Contus Vplay lessens the burden of publishers by integrating the paywall right into the player. The user can pay for the single video event or several of them altogether to start watching the video.

Video Monetization Platform


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    All monetary routes covered! That’s comforting. How about the player customization ?? can any player be integrated or it is just a default player that will be customized ?

    1. Masi says:

      Contus Vplay VOD solution, by default makes use of JW player. The default player can be customized and any player of your preference can be accommodated and customized as well.

  4. Jeff Allen says:

    Great information and interesting. Nowadays, video monetization platforms are growing in number. This post is very helpful for advertisers and publishers to increase their ROI and maximize video ad revenues

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    AVOD customization is all I’m looking for. Pre-roll, mid-roll and more. What else does vplay offer?

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