20 March, 2023

4,00,000+ Users Of Trim & Tone Gets New Face Lift with V 2.2!!

Trim and Tone, the interactive audio file editing and mixing application developed for Android users, is now loaded with advancements on user experience. Based on user feedback on the versions 2.0 and version 2.1 Contus has made the necessary refinements in order to make the overall app using experience a much smoother one.

What’s new in Trim and Tone?

Sound Cloud:

The previous update of Trim and Tone had WhatsApp share as a new sharing medium in addition to Email and Bluetooth file transfer. The new version has gone a step ahead and has provided a personal cloud storage system for users, which is the Sound Cloud file upload option.

The ‘Swipe’feature, which reveals all the sharing mediums, will now include the Sound Cloud icon which can be used for uploading the newly created tones and existing audio files in the Smartphone into Sound Cloud.

User experience enhancements:

The ‘Picker’
For improving the tone trimming experience, a new option called the ‘Picker’ has been included. This feature is an alternate for selecting the to-be-edited portion of the audio file using start and end markers. Using Picker, users can set the timing manually for the trimming any portions of an audio file.

Loading speed optimization
The loading speed of the track list, which opens with a wave effect when clicked, has been optimized for achieving quicker loading time.

Smoother merging
Users can now mix songs in a brisker pace as the ‘Song Mixer’ feature has been improved using the ffmpeg library.

Download Trim and Tone Version 2.2

with Sound cloud feature

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