7 December, 2023


The concept was cool, of course! But the method wasn’t so cool! But, now the method is too! Yeah! Video blogging is proving to be a totally advantageous blogging method these days. Leaving out the concerns to take care to write with grammar and good language in blogs, now bloggers can completely express what they want to in their own image and voice. Gone are the days of spending hours of time to write one simple blog. Now, all you got to do is sit before your system and speak your mind and thoughts and voila! You have completed a blog. What’s more? People can leave a comment in video !!! Very interesting isn’t it?


Best Visual Perception
Video blogging acts as the best source of perception to the viewer about the blogger unlike textual blogging where there might be very small scope to develop the exact expected image of the author. Through textual sentences, the intended emotion and feel of the author of the text might not be conveyed in the exact way, whereas in video blogging there is undoubtedly absolute clarity. With this visual interface, credibility also is established well.

Saves Time
Apparently, writing and correcting steals a lot of our time and limits our ability to convey more. However, in video blogging, it is very simplified and you can convey much more than what is normally done through writing.

Typing after the brainstorm, framing sentence structures, replacing with better synonyms, adding photos, proofreading and checking for grammatical errors – the video blogger gets rid of all these processes and makes the point in one single elegant say.

Video Comments
The culture of criticizing has only been growing well with time. People like to encourage and love to contradict. And this commenting culture has become even easier now with ‘Contus Video Comments’ plugin from Vblog. In the Contus Vblog, the Video Comments plugin for JomComment is available and also for WordPress Video Comments.

Easier & Avoids Trouble
The process of recording’ and ‘uploading’ is easier with Vblog. In just few clicks your sea of thoughtful expressions is accessible to the whole world. Not like the text blogging that shoots so much trouble in grammar, sentence formation, alignment, spacing, links, etc.

More Scope To Impress
The scope of impressing the reader is a scarce amount for the text bloggers, after all most of them are not professional or talented writers. But in video blogging, you need not be a professional writer to impress the viewer, you just need to be a mere effective speaker! Eventually, video blogging is anyone’s joy ride!


– Easy to setup Video Blog on WordPress
– Installable on any WordPress template
– Record your video online using our Web FLV Recorder(From your webcam)
– Play back the video for preview before you publish
– Rerecord the video using Web FLV Recorder if you are not satisfied with the video recorded
– Facilitates related video post below the original video post
– Video commenting
– Option to have HD FLV Player as the default player for your Video Blog
– HD FLV Player as a default flash player for your video blog
– Share video post to social networking sites
– View your video post on Full Screen
– Zoom your video post
– Embed your post to other blog or article
– Recent video post with thumb gadgets
– Send to friend

The installation guide at apptha will help you through the installation of Vblog.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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