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Best 5 Reasons To Start Using VoIP For Your Call Center

Published On April 9th, 2024 289Communication

We get the fact that setting up or building a call center from scratch is a very tedious task as it requires meticulous planning, industry-winning strategy, the right team to communicate with customers, the perfect contact center software to resolve issues instantly, and blah blah blah.

The checklist never seems to end. However, you might have missed on one part, the apt way for communication to happen. 

And that’s why businesses started building VoIP contact center solutions for smoother agent-customer interactions, leaving behind the old-aged traditional phone calls behind. So, are you ready to explore this new technology with me?

Let’s get started!

What is a VoIP Call Center Solution?

A VoIP call center is a system that routes all incoming and outgoing calls made by agents and customers over the internet for instant query handling. 

It is opposed to the traditional phone systems that rely on PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Plus, by using a hosted VoIP call center solution, you can take complete control on security, internet stability, and reduce infrastructure equipment costs.  

Therefore, to sum up, by using VoIP, call centers can enhance customer satisfaction, boost agent productivity, and improve business performance ratios. 

Importance of VoIP in the Call Center Industry

We discussed what a VoIP call is, now it’s time to see the prime importance of using a VoIP call center software for businesses.

1. Comes as a cost-effective option, because teams may not be using traditional phone systems thus reducing maintenance and hardware costs.

2. VoIP solutions are greatly scalable as they can accommodate any volume of call data.

3. It allows agents and businesses to work from remote locations as VoIP works on the internet.

4. VoIP call center software can be integrated to any other third-party apps like CRM for improved workflow.

5. The major benefit is omnichannel contact center support, VoIP gives – emails, phones, video, voice, and chats.

Along with these, there are other advantages call centers get using VoIP, and they are business continuity, enhanced customer experience, analytics, and compliance.

Are you Looking to Build a Voip Call Center?

What are the benefits of a VoIP contact center software?

Here are the 5 best reasons for using VoIP for contact center solutions.

1. Cost-efficiency

As VoIP contact center centralizes customer operations, it reduces operational cost by minimizing the requirement for physical infrastructure or any weird telephone wirings. 

However, your main costs would revolve around using a highly resilient and reliable internet connection, headphones, and VoIP-offering software or browsers,

2. Flexibility

While opting for VoIP contact center solution, one of the major benefits businesses can avail is greater flexibility to meet changing needs. Like,

Your agents can get started with their current hardware, or choose their choice of devices like desktop computers, laptops, desk phones, or mobile phones to make VoIP calls. It is this freedom that is highly appreciated.

Secondly, VoIP phone systems give agents the flexibility to make calls from any remote locations until they have a stable internet connectivity. This virtual call center comes useful if you have several offices.

3. Scalability

If your business grows, you can scale VoIP systems easily, because your prime investment is going to be hiring agents and setting up a few additional internet lines. 

And there is no need to buy any new equipment or check for installing wired phone lines. Thus reducing the overall investment or infrastructure costs.

Plus, if you use MirrorFly’s VoIP solution, you can worry less on the scalability part as our SDKs are built to handle any growing user base.

If you are still worried about this aspect, then have confidence in SIP trunking that allows agents to communicate through SMS, MMS, and via other modes.

4. Gaining Actionable Insights

How will you measure your call center’s performance or your agent’s productivity? Because if you fail to analyze your call data then you cannot deliver a positive customer experience.

And that is where MirrorFly’s voice SDK comes to action with advanced analytics to measure call quality, and deliver calls without any packet loss and in lowest latencies. 

Additionally, you can measure the calls answered metrics, issues resolved count, wait time, and duration, and take necessary steps where you can improve.

5. Advanced Features

VoIP phone systems offer advanced features like call tracking, voicemails, called ID, call forwarding, recording, and more, that are often not included in the traditional landline systems.

Plus, if you are worried about how to find and build these features with utmost precision and quality, then there is always MirrorFly’s voice SDK that offers top-notch attributes for quick integration. 

With us, get the flexibility to build programmable IVR solutions to modern contact center software to streamline call center operations.

Additionally, make sure to opt for a provider who allows you to integrate your VoIP system with CRM software for seamless agent-customer interactions.  By doing so, businesses can achieve 100% personalization. 

Enhanced Features and Functionality of VoIP

Heads-up! Switching to VoIP from traditional phone systems can improve the overall customer experience. 

With numerous contact center and VoIP providers claiming to offer the most advanced features, it’s crucial to focus on key aspects when evaluating call center solutions. Here are some examples of what to look for

  • Presence of chatbots: You should be able to easily build chatbots for carrying out interaction activities with less or no coding requirements. 
  • Take quality measures: Frame a set of QAs for users to give reviews and feedback on how the call center software is working and what changes can be implemented to yield positive results. 
  • Integrated analytics: You should be able to access built-in analytics and dashboards, including surveys, call volume patterns, and average speed to answer, all helps to boost customer satisfaction. So check whether your choice of provider offers these. 
  • One communication for all: Like MirrorFly’s VoIP phone system solution, your choice of provider should offer omni-channel communication benefits to answer queries like instant messaging, video conferencing, voice calling, and more—all accessible from a single platform. 
  • Unlimited outbound calls: You should be able to make unlimited outbound calls and receive calls without any interruptions or the requirement to pay extra after a set call limit. These are hindrances that can hamper the business workflow.
  • Integration support: Always check a provider that gives you developer or integration support which may help you alleviate the stress to hire resources separately.
  • Self-hosted solution: Do remember that by hosting VoIP applications on your own premises can help you benefit from various aspects like, complete source code ownership, customizing features that are apt for your business, taking full advantage of security features, and more.

Build a custom VoIP call center with MirrorFly

By far, we have seen the real importance of a VoIP/SIP solution. Now it is time we see a powerful in-app communication SDK provider of SIP/VoIP who delivers top-notch voice calling experiences. Yes, it is MirrorFly.

From offering app-to-app calling to call queueing to SIP trunking, and more, our voice API lets you make unlimited voice calls across any mobile or web device to connect with businesses. 

In addition to these, you also get access to the following features:

  • 100% customizations
  • Integration support
  • Call configurations
  • Device provisioning
  • Provider set up
  • Hot desking
  • 100+ integrations, and 
  • Custom security

Plus, you get an option to scale your communication needs and draw robust inbound/outbound call services with our APIs and SDKs.

Still, have doubts on why to choose us? We’ve got numbers!

  • Your customer support expenses will be reduced by 85%.
  • Supports device connectivity of up to 2 billion across 140+ countries.
  • 99.999% SIP & VoIP API uptime for 120+ industries .

What do you say? Shall we get started?

Final Closure!

To wrap in a nutshell, making a switch from the traditional phone systems to using VoIP business systems offers an array of benefits that can enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenue to the core.

And we hope we gave you a fair share of insight on the above said. In case you are satisfied with our writeup and ready to gear up for setting up a VoIP solution, book a demo with us.

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