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Top 7 Contact Center Services + Software For 2024

Published On May 22nd, 2024 605Communication

Want the best contact center solution to deliver the best customer support experience?

Here are our 7 best picks for your business.  

In a Statista survey, more than forty percent of consumers prefer to contact brands over the phones and instant messaging. If you ignore this channel, you can lose out on important opportunities to engage with your customers.

Contact center software, fortunately, has grown to meet the needs of modern organizations. It provides effective means of managing and tracking phone conversations, improving the overall satisfaction of both customers and employees. 

However, choosing the best contact center software is essential for the success of your company given the wide range of options readily available.

We’ll evaluate the main features, and cost of the top contact center solutions in this detailed guide. 

What Is A Contact Center Solution?

Contact center solution is a collection of software that helps a business to easily manage customer communication across multiple channels. This solution manages incoming calls by directing the call based on the number that the user has dialed. It uses a database that contains instructions on how to handle different types of calls.

Top 7 Contact Center Software Platforms & Best Practices of 2024

Looking for a contact center solution that meets your needs? Let us help you find the perfect one. Here is a curated list of the most popular contact center solutions along with their features and pricing details. 

1. MirrorFly

The 100% customizable contact center solution!

customer communication management software

MirrorFly is a world-leading solution that offers white-label video, voice and chat features to build your own chat platform. And when it comes to MirrorFly’s customizable contact center service, you can find interactive capabilities to deliver the best customer experience. 

The set up is very simple: you can add the features quickly, and white-label them as if built in-house. One another highlight is that you can deploy your app in your company’s own hardware infrastructure or on MirrorFly’s cloud servers. 

What Are The Key Features Of MirrorFly?

MirrorFly: Key Features

Private 1-to-1 ChatOne-to-One Calls
Group ChatGroup Calls
ConferencingOn-Demand Translation
HD Video & HQ AudioAudio Output Selection
Answer via Call KitAuto-Reconnect
Delivery & Read ReceiptsPresence & Typing Indicators
Media StorageCall History
Chat TagsChat Mentions
Recent ChatsChat History

And 500+ real-time features

What Is The Pricing Of MirrorFly?

MirrorFly comes in 2 different pricing models:

1. SaaS / Cloud 

This is a subscription pricing model with 2 plans:

chat contact center providers

For 5K users/ month:

  • Essentials: Starting at $399
  • Premium: Starting at $999

2. SaaP/ Custom

This is a custom plan where you need to pay only once to purchase the complete solution.

Why Did We Choose MirrorFly?

MirrorFly offers real-time communication features that offer excellent scalability and customization options that are perfect for a wide range of use cases, including voice, video, and messaging.

Are You Looking To Build Your Own Custom Chat App?

2. Vonage

The modern contact center solution!

multichannel contact centre software

Finding a contact center with an auto-dialer and AI can be a bit hard. But Vonage has them! If you are looking to get both the hardware and software for your contact center at the same place, Vonage is a great option to choose. 

Vonage also offers the option to analyze calls after your agents have handled them. They also let you add CRM capabilities from third parties, so you can extend your support functionalities for your users. 

What Are The Key Features Of Vonage?

Vonage: Key Features

UsabilityDesktop phone handset
IntegrationsCall flip
Business InboxIntuitive reporting and tracking
Caller IDCall group
Customer serviceExtensions
Instant messagingAuto dialer
Call recordingCall queues
VoicemailCall forwarding

What Is The Pricing Of Vonage?

enterprise-grade contact center software

Below mentioned is the cost per user per month for respective Vonage plans:

  • Mobile: $13.99
  • Premium: $20.99
  • Advanced: $27.99

Why Did We Choose Vonage?

Vonage is the reliable contact center solution because of its adaptability, which includes an extensive range of communication capabilities customized to meet the demands of organizations.

3. Twilio

The most flexible contact center solution!

video contact center software

Twilio Flex is a digital engagement hub for sales and support teams that offers total control communication experience over multiple communication channels. When you integrate Twilio Flex, you can add customizable channels, dynamic interfaces, and insights. 

With contact profiles driven by CRM and intelligent routing, agents can handle all channels from a single dashboard: VoIP, email, chatbots, and messaging apps like WhatsApp and SMS.

What Are The Key Features Of Twilio?

Twilio: Key Features

Real-time channel monitoringUnified agent desktop
Intelligent routingTask management systems
Comprehensive customer interaction historyAdvanced routing algorithms
Sentiment analysisSkills-based routing
Real-time collaboration toolsAdvanced speech and text analytics
Real-time monitoringCustomizable reporting dashboards
Fraud detection and preventionAdvanced encryption protocols
Regular security auditsGDPR or HIPAA compliance
Role-based access controlsSecure data storage

What Is The Pricing Of Twilio?

white label call center software
  • Free trial: $0.00
  • Per-hour pricing: $1.00 (per active user hour)
  • Per-user pricing: $150 (per named user)

Why Did We Choose Twilio?

Twilio is a platform that is developer-friendly and has extensive API capabilities, making it easy to integrate and customize communication solutions.

4. Zendesk

The all-in-one contact center solution!

call centres in India

Zendesk Talk is an all-inclusive cloud-based platform designed for customer communication management. 

Consumers can make and receive calls via phone or web.

And guess what, it aligns perfectly with your online customer experience. This is the reason why the platform is trusted by 169,000 businesses in more than 160 countries. 

What Are The Key Features Of Zendesk?

Zendesk: Key Features

Better customer experiencesReporting and analytics
AutomationSecurity and compliance
Agent workspace with customer contextSales engagement tools
Privacy preference centerTicketing system

What Is The Pricing Of Zendesk?

Below mentioned is the pricing plans of Zendesk for 5 agents per month:

contact center platforms
  • Suite Team: $55
  • Suite Growth: $89
  • Suite Professional:$115
  • Suite Enterprise: Custom

Why Did We Choose Zendesk?

With its omnichannel features, Zendesk is a unified customer support platform that simplifies interactions across all channels and offers deep customer insights.

5. RingCentral

Highly secure contact center solution!

Top Call Center Companies

RingCentral is a phone system that runs in the cloud and works with desktop and mobile devices. RingOut is one of its most notable features, enabling one-touch calling from any phone or computer with internet access. 

In addition, it provides strong call delegation and responding guidelines for effective call forwarding to the right individual.

What Are The Key Features Of Ringcentral?

RingCentral: Key Features

Business or toll-free phone numbersVisual voicemail and voicemail-to-email
Business SMSCall recording
Multi-level auto attendantInteractive Voice Response (IVR)
Video meetings for 200 or more participantsReal-time analytics
File sharingTeam messaging
Call managementCall log reports
Internet faxDevice status reports and alerts
Voicemail-to-textSingle sign-on (SSO)
Hot deskingAdvanced call-handling tools
100 to 10,000 toll-free minutesUnlimited storage

What Is The Pricing Of RingCentral?

Contact Center Vendors
  • Ring Cx: $65/agent/month
  • RingCentral Contact Center: Custom plan

Why Did We Choose RingCentral?

Ringcentral is an all-in-one communication platform that improves the efficiency of agent-customer communication by integrating text, video, call, and collaboration features.

6. Dialpad

The user-friendly contact center solution!

Outbound Call Centre

For all client interactions across multiple channels, Dialpad AI Contact Center provides a single app that can be used on any device. Its setup is simple and quick, and it interacts with popular CX systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot. 

The use of AI makes it possible for real-time chatbot self-service, sentiment analysis, agent coaching, and voice transcription. 

What Are The Key Features Of Dialpad?

Dialpad: Key Features

Call CenterCall recording
VoicemailCall forwarding
CRM integrationsCall transcriptions
Call loggingCall purpose
Call routingAuto attendant
Call monitoringConferencing
Dialpad EverywhereVoice Intelligence

What Is The Pricing Of Dialpad?

Below mentioned are the details of monthly plans of Dialpad charged per user/ month:

call center cloud solutions
  • Essentials: $80 
  • Advanced: $115
  • Premium: $150

Why Did We Choose Dialpad?

With AI-powered features for audio, video, and text, Dialpad is a cloud-based communication solution that encourages better customer interactions as well as effective business operations.

7. LiveAgent

The most popular contact center solution!

cloud based call center solutions

LiveAgent is well-known for its customer service solutions with 50+ interactive capabilities. The highlight of LiveAgent is its IVR system that comes with easy navigation, ensuring that your customers reach out to you for assistance without any hassle. 

Since LiveAgent has been in this contact center service for a while now, the platform has well structured its system, so that customers do not wait for long in the queue. 

What Are The Key Features Of LiveAgent?

Live chatHybrid ticket stream
Contact formsAudit log
Chat invitation galleryChat embedded tracking
Chat distributionEmails
Liveagent geoipHelpdesk software
Email to ticketInternal calls
Call CenterAutomated routing
Chat buttonCustomer portal
TicketingTicket management
Analytics overviewAttachments

What Is The Pricing Of LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers 4 different pricing plans. Below are the monthly pricing for 1 agent/ month.

  • Small: $9
  • Medium: $29
  • Large: $49  
  • Enterprise: $69

Why Did We Choose LiveAgent?

For effective customer service management, LiveAgent is a versatile help desk software that combines ticketing, live chat, and social media integration. It offers omnichannel support.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of the article. We analyzed the top 7 contact center software for your business, their features and pricing. This is sufficient to make an informed decision on the best support service for your business. 

If you’d ask me, I’ll recommend you to try MirrorFly for its ease of use and customization options. It offers an extensive range of features for connecting brand agents and customers, without any complexities. You can learn more about MirrorFly on the official website

Want to know more? Comment below your queries and we’ll get back to you with the answers soon!

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