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Sendbird vs Twilio Feature Comparsion – Why MirrorFly is a Better Option

Published On October 13th, 2023 4585Communication

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This article is with an in-depth insight about an end-to-end feature comparison among the instant messaging solution providers – MirrorFly, Sendbird, and Twilio.

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MirrorFly vs SendBird vs Twilio: What are the differences?

As we all know that today the instant messaging solution has created a great impact over businesses. And therefore, businesses are looking out for some extraordinary features when it comes to in-app chat solutions.

There are many Real-time communication API & SDK providers in the market, but some of them are considered the most. Let’s have a look,

MirrorFly😲Sendbird 😥Twilio😥
Low-Code SDKsTech & Code IntensiveCode heavy SDK
1 Developer needed2-3 Senior Developers neededRequire 2+ Developers
Viusal + Code-based SDK Components
Deployed in < 20 Mins
Code-based API Integrations
Deployed in weeks, sometimes months
Takes from a few days to a few weeks
Users can establish their own servers/ use MirrorFly’s private cloud.Deployment only on Sendbird serverTwilio relies on third-party servers (AWS), which may restrict control over data categorization and management
Budget-friendly Pricing ModelsOnly subscription-based pricingCould potentially be more expensive as it charges for individual services like Programmable SMS, Voice, Video, etc
High degree of customizationLimited freedom to customize featuresCustomization may not be as high as MirrorFly.
Deployment available worldwide based on the supplier’s infrastructure.Application server is based out of a single region.Real-time performance may vary based on specific regions.
Ultra-low latency due to global cloud servers.Potential latency issues due to limited server locations.Latency varies based on different factors like location and user’s network strength.

What is MirrorFly

MirrorFly is a well-known and leading provider of in-app chat SDKs that are highly preferred by developers for its unique video, voice, and chat features, hassle-free integration, high scalability, and security. Further, it offers both cloud and the best self-hosted chat solution for building engaging chat applications.

What is Sendbird

Sendbird is the leading chat platform and a messaging SDK and API for mobiles and websites. It is with a client-side SDK and has been meant for iOS, Android, JavaScript, etc.

What is Twilio

Twilio is a leading cloud-based software with a PaaS model. It has built a variety of businesses around SMS but have still not into in-app chat.

It provides a platform as a service structure for its both voice and video communication. It can be integrated into various communications. Moreover, for all its data storage Twilio depends on AWS data center.

At MirrorFly Unique

MirrorFly, the most powerful and unique real time chat API and SDK solution for mobiles and web applications.

Let’s have a look at some of its highlighted features

Some of the highlighted features of MirrorFly’s are

 1. Completely Customizable Solution

MirrorFly’s customizable chat SDKs allow businesses to include any call and chat features that best suit your brand. So, certainly it allows to develop a user- friendly chat API solution.

2. One-Time License Cost

MirrorFly ensures a complete one-time license cost as it is a SaaP based messaging solution. All this is irrespective of its customization and features. This feature lets businesses take complete ownership of video, voice and messaging features by opting for our self-hosted SDKs for a one-time license fee. 

3. Whitelabel Solution

Have your brand’s logo, themes, and fonts reflect on chat apps using our self-hosted chat SDKs.

4. On Cloud/On Premises Hosting

It provides businesses with a variety of hosting options that includes both on-premises infrastructure as well as cloud server depending upon customer’s need for the business.

5. SIP & VoIP Calling

SIP is a signaling protocol that allows the VoIP to define messages that were sent between endpoints. It supports voice calling, video conferencing, media distribution and instant messaging.

VoIP is a technology that allows you to make unlimited phone calls over the internet at a very limited budget. This feature is also used in various media sharing types such as whiteboarding or file transfer, etc.

6. High End Of Scalability & Security

It provides high-end scalability with exceptional end-to-end security supporting billions of concurrent conversations across mobile and web apps.

MirrorFly vs Sendbird vs Twilio: A Feature Comparison

Highlighted Features   
100% CustomizationYesNoNo
Whitelable SolutionYesNoNo
On Premise / Oncloud HostingYesNoNo
Access to Source codeYesNoNo
Design Enrich UI/UXYesYesYes
One-time license costYesNoNo
Quick LaunchYesYesYes
1-1 Private and Group ChatUnlimted users20000 users1000 users
File & Screen SharingYesYesYes
Push NotificationsYesYesNo
Cross Platform MessagingYesNoNo
Proactive ChatYesNoNo
Two way MessagingYesNoYes
Anti SpamYesYesNo
Voice Calling   
Fax ManagementYesNoYes
File SharingYesNoYes
1 to 1 and Group callYesYesYes
Conference CallingUnlimited usersLimited userLimited user
Voice Call RecordingYesNoNo
VoIP/SIP CallingYesYesYes
Voice Call RoutingYesNoYes
Call Monitoring & ReportingYesNoYes
Video Calling   
1 to 1 Video ChatYesYesYes
Video ConferencingYesYesYes
Live BroadcastingYesNoNo
Video Call RecordingYesNoYes
Secure Screen SharingYesNoNo
Web Conferencing   
Mobile AccessYesNoNo
Presentation StreamingYesNoNo
Private ChatYesNoNo
Real-time ChatYesNoNo
Recording & PlaybackYesNoNo
Screen SharingYesNoNo
Two way Audio & VideoYesNoNo
Are you planning to build a chat app for your business?

Why MirrorFly is the Best Alternative for Sendbird and Twilio

MirrorFly is an exceptional and a foremost in-app chat API in the world of real-time Communication API & SDK Solution.

Let’s have an insight over some of it’s most desirable and enriches features,

1. Cross Platform Calling

You can make high-quality voice calls directly to any platform i.e., desktop, mobile app, or any platform or carrier network regardless of time.

2. Speech to Text

MirrorFly deals with almost more than 40+ languages. Thus, this feature allows you to transcribe every recorded voice call into text with perfect language structure.

All this has been taken into consideration with AI integrations and machine intelligence.

3. Multi-Party Calling

This enables you to have a group video call with up to more than 5 users with an accurate clear quality.

4. Message Broadcasting Option

With this, at the same time you can send information to the vast majority of users across the platform with a single click

5. Picture-in-Picture

This model allows you to make video calls via a floating window within the screen. It also allows you to have access over other apps without creating any disturbance to live video calls.

6. Geolocation

This solution provides you the geolocation system that allows the users to discover other users based on the geographical location, also invite the group to connect and have engaging conversations

7. Encrypted Chats

The conversation are encrypted to ensure its security i.e., with encryption chat feature no third party could be able to access the private conversations

8. Browser Support

This feature of chat API allows you to create one-to-one as well as group video chats that are compatible across a variety of browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

9. Call Queuing & Waiting

The feature is used to regulate the calls, it will not allow the user to hold on for a long period of time instead will transfer the call to the next available agent.

10. Personalized Profile

This allows the user to obtain a tailored profile and eventually, take control over the user database, profile image, etc.

MirrorFly vs Sendbird vs Twilio: The Choice is Clear

Now, you might have got a clear vision over which one is the best real time messaging solution when it comes to communication in the current market.

And even you got to know that both sendbird alternative as well as Twilio alternative, is none other than MirrorFly.

Then what are you waiting for? If this article has caught your interest and wanted to know more about, Get to know us?


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