22 September, 2023
Near Filed Communication for Mobiles Good or Bad

Current and Future Benefits of NFC: Good or Bad?

Near Field Communication, crisply known as NFC, has started to cast its magical spell on everyone using it. Though, it is believed that this wonder technology has had a lot of issues that need to be plugged in, one can’t overlook the benefits associated with them. Besides, the process of fixing the flaws is underway and quite sooner there will be re-surged NFC technology at the hands of users. With all the popular mobile technology giants like Android, Nokia, etc. supporting and integrating this fascinating technology onto their mobile devices, the significance of it is just mounting sky high. With said that, I thought of putting forth a few points on this famed NFC technology’s current benefits and future prospective. I’ve formulated this article as a blend of current NFC happenings and upcoming future updates.

What is NFC?

I know most of you out there would possess a great deal of knowledge about this technology. However, there might be a few who doesn’t have a lot exposure this raising technology. So, here I’ve given a brief introduction about what this technology is all about. I don’t want to be too technical; in a nut shell, it is a technology which when enabled on two devices help transfer data quickly without any physical contact, however, only when both the devices are within proximity of 4 cm. This technology has taken the mobile industry by storm and most banks are supporting this technology to help customers transfer payments easily. But this technology holds good not only to banks to various other sectors as well.

NFC – A few technical terms and explanations:

Active Device: A device is declared to be “active” when it contains power sources.

  • Ex: NFC Reader, Mobiles

Passive Device:  A device is said to be “Passive” if it is packed with no power sources.

  • Ex: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag

Initiator: A device that starts the communication process with another device

Target: A device which receives the signal from the initiator

NFC Tag:  A chip where data can be stored

In fact, you’ve 3 interesting operational modes of NFC, such as:

As we are talking only about the overall benefits of NFC, I just don’t want to explain all these modes in detail. What I’ll do is just provide you the complete benefits of NFC technology today and in the upcoming years.

Current benefits of NFC:

  • Contactless easy and quick data transfer by a single tap on screen
  • Amazing access control
  • Easy transportability with less physical efforts
  • Simple to install and enhance
  • Facility to adapt to any industry
  • Versatile
  • Safe to use and secure(to some extent)
  • Social sharing and networking

I have just named a few; in fact, it comprises a lot of features.

Future prospective of NFC:

  • Possibilities of breaking through real-life scenarios
  • Improved customer privacy and authorization
  • Possibility of integrating with driving licenses, id-cards, etc
  • Security holes plugged in and improved
  • Possibility to create a sudden surge in development field
  • Amazing and easy mobile payment solutions in near future


I hope all the information provided in this article is useful to many. Explore NFC and learn its advantages for getting the best out of it. However, the future will be tremendously good for this raising technology and it will be topping the charts in the course of one or two years for sure.

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