28 September, 2023
Electric vehicle digital twin

CONTUS’ Digital Twin Solution for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

What is Digital Twin Technology?

The concept of Digital Twin Technology was brought into existence in 2002. A digital twin technology is a virtually built model for a product, service, or even a process. A pairing is created between the virtual and physical world, that enables experts to analyze data and monitor systems. With the help of digital twin technology, solutions can be determined before the problem occurs.

The process to create a digital twin involves the integration of sensors with the physical item. These sensors gather real-time data on the working conditions of the integrated item. All the data is processed on a cloud-based system that monitors and analyses the data. The input provided by this data is then reciprocated into the business. Lessons are learned under a set of circumstances and newer prospects are uncovered within the virtual environment. This then is applied to the physical world transforming the scope of business.

What are the Benefits of Digital Twin Technology in the Automotive Industry?

Digital Twin Technology

The role of digital twin technology in the automotive industry acts as an intersection between the physical and virtual versions of vehicle prototypes, auto showrooms, and the actual vehicle on the road. The comprehensive digital twin automotive technology has not just changed the dynamics of ordinary vehicles but has also offered a fresh approach to electric vehicles. Digital twin solutions have enabled the design and develop futuristic electric vehicles in the most methodical and cost-efficient manner.

Digital twin technology in the automotive industry has seen long-term success, because of which most of the leading automobile companies have adapted this technology. Hence, there is no doubt that the role of digital twin technology has proven to be a game-changer for the automotive industry.

CONTUS- The Most Efficient Digital Twin Solution Provider for Electric Vehicles

Being a leading player in digital engineering and IoT solutions, our team of IoT experts is capable of creating high potential digital twin solutions for electric vehicles. These solutions add value in the productivity of EVs lifecycle with the prospect of better analyzing difficult situations, predicting scenarios, and reducing the overall cost by verifying the systems.

CONTUS being an IoT application development company that renders IoT solutions for various industries including automobiles – can aptly develop tools and test electric vehicles through digital twin solutions. They can proficiently integrate computational and physical models to create seamless vehicle engineering and validate the entire process with the use of digital twin technology.

Digital Twins

What are the advantages of CONTUS’ Digital Twin Solutions?

CONTUS being a Digital twin solution provider offers technologies and IoT solutions that can limit downtime, develop innovative opportunities as well as define the future using simulations.

1) Cost-Effective


The use of a digital twin makes the development of high-tech EV systems economical. Some reports also claim that digital twin benefits companies by reducing 20 to 30 percent on development costs. Digital twin solution providers such as CONTUS also use IoT to diagnose problems within a real-world and predict maintenance costs. Also, field upgrades can be tested before being deployed, further reducing the maintenance cost – making digital twin a cost-effective approach.

2) Scalable Electric Twin

Scalable Electric Twin

Electric vehicles integrate the next-generation motors and electronics in a single system, that helps achieve a synergy effect. However, with the integration of CONTUS’ digital twin solutions, a more efficient and scalable powertrain system for electric and hybrid vehicles can be developed. A scalable electric twin will eventually allow us to monitor and install a better system.

3) Reliability


To operate electric vehicles safely under different conditions, there are a lot of debates about the main control strategy of the system. Nevertheless, with electric vehicle digital twin technology offered by CONTUS developing reliable systems is possible. Our digital twin for electric vehicles minimizes the computational requirements from vehicle controllers in the most secure and reliable ways. The technology demonstrates alternatives, enhances the security of the mechanism against data attacks, and protects EV user’s privacy.

4) Data Simulation

Data Simulation

Digital twin technology reproduces events from the real world that an electric vehicle may face, within a virtual environment. Stimulated data generated from these events are analyzed, monitored, and used for upgradation. Data simulation has been always used to verify EV designs in a virtual environment. With the help of our digital twin technology, the data obtained in the real world is fed back to the virtual environment to increase the accuracy of models, enables further advanced simulation, and minimizes the difference between the real world and virtual environment.

5) Data Visualization

Data Visualization

CONTUS integrates graphics, audios, and real-world objects through IoT and AR applications that provide the users to visualize and interact with digital twin data at a new level. These tools allow to obtain intuitive and continual visualization of the digital twin data. Applications developed by CONTUS also offer the operator to monitor and control the electric vehicles as well as enable them to interact and manage the digital twin data simultaneously. This human-machine interface data visualization improves efficiency during the machining process.

6) Aid to IoT Platform of Electric Vehicles

 IoT Platform of Electric Vehicles

Due to digital twin technology, data scientists and technological experts are analyzing virtual replicas of vehicles. Their objective is to run simulations before they can build and deploy the actual automobile. This initiative made by us has aided and upgraded the IoT platform immensely. IoT sensors and IoT based applications aid with data collection, which is the core of digital twin technology. Moreover, our IoT deployment maximizes efficiency, design, and operations of the EV.

7) Improved Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

Improved Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

Digital twin for electric vehicles is a technology that not only saves time but takes productivity and operational efficiency to another level. Through CONTUS’ virtual representations, manufactures can have a futuristic approach in terms of the design and development of the EVs. Our digital twin solutions give EV manufacturers a vision of the final product, expands improvement, and limit errors even before the vehicle is brought into existence.

Contus’ IoT Expertise in Automobile Sector

CONTUS is a leading IoT application development company that offers IoT expertise to major names in the automobile sector. They have widely assisted and implemented innovative IoT solutions such as connected fleet networks, trip monitoring systems, driving skill evaluators, deriving driving metrics, etc.

CONTUS also provides digital twin technology that has been used among major players across the automotive industry. With CONTUS’ digital twin solutions, companies can fundamentally use a computer program to observe the EV in the virtual world, mimic it to monitor and predict behaviour in the real world. Their IoT platforms create a vision of the optimal electric vehicle. CONTUS also builds customized IoT apps that enable to aptly capture data from EVs deployed into the field. This data can be applied to the digital twin for continual and better-informed vehicle improvements.

Explore Our Efficient Digital Twin Technology

We offer digital twin solutions to EV manufacturers so that they have the power to seamlessly link various stages of the vehicle development process. This offers a consistent improvement in performance, efficiency, and the entire development cycles.

Furthermore, with CONTUS’ IoT platform and digital twin solutions – EV manufacturers can help minimize failure rates and deliver new business opportunities.

Speak to an expert, to explore more about our API systems, IoT dashboards, ERP management systems, CRMs, and other data analytic platforms that construct an ideal digital twin.

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