3 October, 2023

Feedback Form – Plugin for Android Mobile App Developers

When it comes to a newly launched product, feedbacks are those which are highly valued. Feedbacks have got everything to do with the success of any product or application. Any developer, on launching a product or app online, will be running behind the users to receive feedbacks, regardless whether they are positive or negative. Now-a-days, any product that is made on-line comes with feedback forms integrated on it, so that the users can fill-in their feedbacks and send them in no time. With this rising significance of feedback forms, almost every developer has started to find ready-made solutions to implement these forms to their product or application. One among such readily available feedback form component that exclusively favors Android Mobile app developers is Contus’s Feedback form Android component.

Feedback form for android apps

No developer would enjoy writing codes and designing forms individually for every single app he creates, if there is a solution available ready-made. This feedback form from Contus allows developers to add feedback form to their application instantly without having to write codes separately. Feedback form is an Android component that contains an effective code required to install the form in an android application. With this, Android users can send their feedbacks about an application. The form comes in a simple but decent design that would attract any user.

Contus Feedback form, with an excellently coded pre-designed functionality, happens to be a great component for helping developers to save plenty of their valuable time. It just takes less than five minutes to integrate this component to your application. For this, the developer can simply add the pre-designed code on their application. The plugin is available anytime, and you can add it over to each and every application you develop. Any Android app will definitely reach higher levels, if the developer is keenly aware of the feedbacks received on it and has taken steps to meet the feedback requirements. Contus Feedback forms can be a great way to help developers rectify their app issues and enhance it into an excellent app.

Our Feedback Form for Android Apps can be downloaded from – http://www.verious.com/component/feedback-form/

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