22 September, 2023

Mobile Friendly Website – Inevitable To A Bright Future

Should we call it an ‘inevitable’ option today? 100% yes. Possessing a fully functional Mobile friendly website has become a must for every business that depends on its online site for business development.

Mobile friendly website

Statistics : The statistics that we have today would best answer your questions and justify why your business badly depends on a Mobile ecommerce website. 25% of Americans access internet only from their Mobile devices. And before your blink your eye there will be a slight increase in this percentage already. There are 5 mobile phones for every single PC existing today. Out of 10 mobile searches, 9 lead to action, in which over half end in purchase. All the stats that we come across regarding mobile computing, hints only one thing clearly: Mobile is your future, that’s where your fortune lies.

The more you delay in launching your mobile ecommerce website, the more advantage is your competitor taking on you. Say for example your mini online book store had 250 regular and loyal customers who have been using your service for over 3 years now. And as the mobile fever is catching up, irrespective of what age group they are they are going to buy a mobile device themselves and later as they search for your service online to use, and if they don’t find easy enough to use it through mobile platform, then they are going to look for an ‘alternative’ who has a smoother user mobile site which is your devilish competitor. And in no time a donkey will be chewing your ‘long list of loyal customers’.

A Few Pointers to understand and stay ahead

Join The Race
To stay ahead first you have to be in the race. For which you need a Mobile friendly website for any platform with all the latest features in fullest efficiency eventually giving your customer a pleasing user experience.

Innovative Strategies
The foremost thing you have to bear in mind once you are about to launch your Mobile Ecommerce website is that: just because you have availed a Mobile Ecommerce website for Android or iOs doesn’t guarantee a competitive mobile presence. It is your dynamic innovation that your website needs to perform well, which includes: increasing the reach of your site, simplifying the way your present it, constant study of customer behaviour and altering the website accordingly, adding new features that will ease user experience even more and do everything else that would directly give an edge to your competitors.

Dynamic Brand Building
Starting from how your site appears, your templates, your content to how decently you could spam, every single branding activity matters a lot in order to gain an image of trust in the customers’ minds. In case you feel you have had not fared well in projecting your brand well in the market before when it was just a online website, now here is your second chance. You could reinvent your brand and release your Mobile friendly website, making a fresh impression in their minds. And also be conscious to create new methods of building your brand image, without falling sick to the same old monotonous branding strategies.

Realizing Your opportunity
All the conscious fellows who have been predicting this rate of change earlier took clever steps by launching their customized mobile ecommerce websites, making it easier for the customers and kept their growth rate going high. The slower ones to pick this trend felt the disadvantage very lately and thus were in trouble. But the actual fact is today it doesn’t matter how late you are, you just have to start and keep it going. There are thousands of businessmen who started late in the mobile platform and overtook the early birds in no time. The secret is: they realized clearly that it is just the platform that has changed, the pattern of marketing strategies remain the same, though the methods vary. This means that you have the same amount of opportunity as any early player here.

Scope for new customers
There is a huge ocean of scope in the mobile platform to earn new audience as well. Naturally as we know the mobile device is more fun to use than the PC because of it’s ease and portability. The time per day that the customer spends online has become more like 24*7 with the mobile internet. They are logged in all the while. Which means you have a whole thick layer of cream coming up the vessel, you just a big spoon to scoop it fully: a fully functional website that is totally user friendly in the mobile platform, be in Android or I OS or Java or Windows.

Hope I threw some light on the basic areas helping you to broaden your understanding about the necessity for owning a Mobile Friendly website today. Bear in mind, this is a platform with faster changing trends. The more you research on a regular basis, the more updated you will be and the more ideas will arise in you.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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