22 September, 2023

Outlining The Creation Of Your Mobile Application Project

The following is set of points that brushes you up with a few important criteria while undertaking a Mobile commerce application development with an app developer.

Outlines for mobile application project

Even if you think you have a lot of time ahead of you, do not take the fate for granted. The next day is never a friend. So mark your own deadline and start approaching Mobile commerce application developers. Even if it is a high quality or popular developer in market make sure he has time for your project. If it doesn’t seem so and he queues you behind the other clients then there’s no use waiting, even if he’s a king of quality. Move on to find someone else who has time for you so that your project gets done and delivered before your fixed deadline. Be particular about quality and time while you hand it over. One more advantage of finishing a Mobile commerce application sooner is that you might have extra time before the launch, to add up a few alterations if you want. So never push the date till the end.

Planning your app
Same as in any other business, it’s all about planning here. Be it the design of the app you want, be it the content in it, be it the color, be it the promotion of the app, be it the simplest task you are carrying out during the development of your Mobile commerce application, have a well thought plan for it, so that you leave no room for error.

As you ideate the app for your service/product/marketing of your service or product try to extend your thinking to how the usage might evolve to in the future. As you guess this, you could take a few futuristic steps in the design which will keep you ahead of your competitors. But you could arrive at a couple of good guesses about the future only if you have done a thorough market research and consumer behaviour with Mobile apps.

Frame every communication to your developer properly so that there is no mistake in understanding your ideas by him. Have a Project Flow designed yourself and keep track on it. Get clever about what to spend on and what not to. If you have a great pre-planned outline for the design of your Mobile commerce application app, then it saves a lot of time for your developer. But still make sure you get his inputs as well, before you reveal your sketch. Your ROI is based on how well your plan is. The industry has seen hundreds of merchants who have lost thousands of dollars with poor ROIs due to bad planning. Show your plan to a couple of  experienced analysts and get their opinions.

Project management
A good Mobile commerce application developer always has a standard system of Project Management to keep track of the progress of your app development. Make sure this Project management team or person is in regular contact with you. Establish a good tone of communication and monitor your project making sure it is on the timeline. If the project manager messes up then there is no assurance of proper information on the progress on your project.

Pay for quality
Be aware of all the technical standards in this Mobile application development area and check if your developer is giving you that. Never mind if the cost is a few bucks above the average, if the level of quality delivered is above average too. A robust Mobile ecommerce app can do wonders to your business, if it is really robust. If it is, then it is worth paying for. Some Mobile Ecommerce app developers have packages in which you can develop apps for multiple platforms like mobile phones, notebooks, pads etc. Look out for packages like these, they save a few bucks again.

Post purchase support
In this cloud computing era you are going to need a lot of support from your Mobile commerce application developer even after the purchase of your app. In case you build yourself technically strong enough to update your app yourself regularly, well and good. If not, then your developer is your only choice. In case you have had a bad mobile app developer then you can probably go for a new one to update it then after. Many app developers take up to update already existing apps.

Using expertise
If, on your shortlist there are two developers finally after narrowing down, with the same quality and pricing, go for the one with the longer list of clients. Remember these guys know too much about the Ecommerce industry as they develop Mobile commerce application for a wide range of clients in the market. Hence they would have a lot of stories to tell you. Hence more the clients they have worked for, the more advice you could get from them offline. If the developer is open-minded he might as well tell you if you are going wrong somewhere in your idea. But this criteria is possible to achieve only if you have such a relationship with your Mobile app developer, which depends on you again.

The above is just a small list of criteria you would want to check on. There are a lot others you will have to be concerned with, which you will figure out as you proceed with your moves in the Mobile apps area.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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