28 September, 2023

5 Good Reasons why Every Corporate Should Have a Team Chat App

Poor communication is the mother of poor productivity in workplaces. Nothing hampers the efficient working of employees more than miscommunication or lack of communication.

But in the era of social media, how can communication be so messed up?

A recent survey by HR Magazine found that at least 46% of 4,000 employees surveyed confirm that they get unclear or misleading directions all the time.

This indirectly takes employee productivity spiralling down to a rock bottom.

With emails becoming increasingly difficult to manage and long telephones calls becoming disturbing, instant messaging is but the sole option before corporates to smoothen employee communication and productivity.

The ground is shifting in workplace communication. Team messaging apps are dethroning emails and telecons as effectual ways of communications. And they are here to say. Here are 5 solid reasons why every corporate should have a team chat app to iron out the deficiencies in their workplace communication.

Slashes the Count of Internal Email


A team communication app can reduce the number of emails that an employee receives on any given day without condensing communication. Lengthy conversations that not necessarily require an email can be eliminated leaving space only for vital exchange of information.

Creates a Constant Connect


A chat app for teams can make teams of employees feel more connected, that is, even if they are separated by time zones or distance barriers. Building a chat apps create a unified virtual location where messages, files, multimedia can be exchanged between many members of a team easily. Remote project teams who earlier stayed tuned to work progress can get things done on the go with workplace chat app. No more waiting to reach the desktop.

Finding Historical Information made Easier


When WhatsApp introduced search functionality, not many could appreciate its utility, except for corporate users. Finding old conversations, searching chat archives to have another look at instructions are essential formal communication. A team communication app helps make that happen with ease.

Increased Transparency


Instant text communication is powerful. An instant messaging app leaves a trail that can be relied on in the future. That is why chat tools for communication have literally become synonymous for formal meetings. They add to the transparency of information interchange without leaving any room for miscommunication.

Increased Productivity


Calls and emails are time vampires that steal the productive time of employees. With a minimum 1000 calls or 25+ emails hitting employees, productive working can be a real challenge. A team messaging app with custom online presence indicators and privacy settings can help an employee maximize their productivity by notches.

An enterprise chat app can equip employees with a perfect way of communication that will empower them to get things done. Meeting will not longer have to be adjourned for absence of key members. There will be a constant employee connect that stretches across continents and countries.


Alex Sam is a mobility, IoT & chat app specialist and I would like to spend most of my time in reading and analyzing the latest happenings in the technology and how they fit into our daily lives. I always endeavor to identify more ideas and concepts, and develop user-friendly apps through leveraging technology.

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