28 September, 2023

Tips To Design Better iPhone Apps

Sayings like, ‘do not judge a person with his look’ or ‘do not judge a book with its cover’ are very commonly told in our day-to-day lives. However, when we have no other option to choose with, we just go with the look and appeal. The same thing implies in selecting an iPhone app also. Any user who is about to purchase a new app from the Apple app store will completely focus on the design aspect of the app rather than its potentiality or quality. It is the design factor that is mattered more with any product or device.

So, now it makes sense about the significance of designing an app in a better way. Apps with better design are subjected to be chosen very often when compared to those which come in poor or less appealing design. If you really wanna design a mobile app the better way or design better apps the proper way, here are few tips which you got to follow.

1. Set the Wireframe
User Experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are the two main components that widely matter to accomplish the needs of user. These are the two components which favor each other while designing an app for iPhone. However, it is significant that first you spend time on designing the experience of your user. Prior to begin designing, start with wireframes. A wireframe is a simple outline of the idea you have in creating your app. Ignore all the visual aspects and set up your wireframe exclusively on the experience of the users. Once you are confident that your wireframes are clean and understandable.

2. Design for Fingers & Thumbs
When it comes to iPhone app development, the usability of the app mainly concerns. In order to improve the usability of your app, design it for fingers and thumbs, and not to mouse and cursors. Apple recommends it to be on a minimum 44X44 pixel, so that users can interact with it easily. It is not needed to have the button visually big and just be conscious that when you have several buttons close to each other, ensure that your extra tappable area doesn’t overlap with buttons.

3. Short-list your user needs
While deigning for iPhone, it is obvious that your users will be wishing to have countless needs. However, it is quite impossible to get with all their requirements. Filter their needs and form a sketch. Check with your competitor apps and let to know their drawback. Try to fulfill those things in your app. This can be the only way to make your users forget their other requirements.

4. One Key Goal Per Screen
Designing screens in iPhone application development is pretty vital in accomplishing the user requirement. Of course a single screen on your app might include more than one goals to get accomplished. But focus on one, the keen factor. Consider an example say, an iPhone mail app originally has to focus on someone’s inbox but with a secondary option to compose an email. Here the primary goal is reading mails and the secondary thing is composing a new mail. Just like this, think of yours and organize things.

5. Avoid Default Button Styles
Default button styles are so boring, as it is seen with all common iPhone apps. Though all default element included in the iOS looks good, people get bored seeing the same type of things in a user created app like yours. Try adding new ideas like custom button styles or including a background image for the button and much more.

6. Easy & Quick Navigation
Most of the iPhone apps development companies which develop apps professionally, suggest that while designing for iPhone, it is the navigation factor which has to be given more attention. Besides making the app and screens load fast, the navigation between the screens must be fast. Focus more on providing vertical navigations, since your iPhone screen is not a website to withstand horizontal navigation menus.

7. Purse the iPhone UI Conventions
Just like other Apple interfaces, iPhone interface is also great to deal with. There are a lot of things to be learned from the iPhone UI conventions. Learn about the pre-installed apps from the masters of Apple. In addition to learning the Apple’s interface, you’ll also be able to know about the user experience factors. While designing for iPhone do remember that apple users are used to native app and hence expect a similar experience from your app also.

We believe that the above Apple iPhone Apps Development tips will help you come up with a great application. Though the article is exclusively focusing of iPhone applications development in general, these tips will also best suit for few other Internet mobile commerce applications. Do share your queries as comments below, so that we’d help you in some way or other.


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