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A Unified Video Hosting Platform for Universal Video Hosting & Streaming

Published On October 17th, 2023 2020OTT

The best video online video hosting platform is one which can satiate the ever-increasing video hosting requirements of video creators, publishers and broadcasters heads-on. From upload to hosting and the ultimate delivery across multiple channels, it makes video asset management and syndication a cake walk to video owners and publishers. Unlike a decade back, today the need for digital premium VOD content delivery is at its peak. Video owners and publishers are grappling under the inadequacy of services offered by video hosting companies. The need of the hour is an all-in-one solution that can manage end-to-end to video content management and syndication. That’s exactly what leads us to Contus Vplay. Contus Vplay is a pre-built online video hosting solution cum platform where video content can be hosted securely until time for delivery arises. Armed with facilities for video encoding, on demand video delivery, live streaming, mobile broadcasting, video hosting and multiple capabilities for video monetization platforms, Contus Vplay is invariably one of the best online video hosting platform provider.

Under the hood features of Contus Vplay video hosting platform

What makes Contus Vplay rank as one of the best online video hosting platform?

Contus Vplay online video on demand hosting solution is an arsenal of video hosting capabilities that enables video publishers to host video content, convert them in suitable video formats for syndication across a milieu of screens and video platforms. It is decked with best-in-class video content management features that covers video content hosting from creation until distribution.

Faster transcoding

vdeo-hosting-transcoding Contus Vplay’s video on demand solution ensures that the video signal is encoded (converted) into a desired digital format that is compatible for VOD streaming to web players, mobile devices or target screens quickly without wasting much time for processing. The reduced time-to-market capability translates into enhanced revenue earning potential. “With Contus Vplay, publishers can create and upload their video files, while the online video platform takes care of delivering it securely across multiple channels including OTT Tv, web and mobile screens.”

Flexible Hosting

online-video-hosting Contus Vplay allows video content owners and publishers to do best what they have to do best- create video content. The video hosting platform is a flexible, scalable and completely flexible video hosting online solution that can add video content from original sources or import them from external sources and host them securely until time for distribution arises. Hosting on cloud – Contus Vplay video hosting solution is primed for cloud readiness. It can be readily integrated with any cloud hosting provider of choice like Level3 Origin Storage, Akamai NetStorage, CacheFly, Fastly, etc. Hosting on premise – For video owner who want to retain the physical possession of their content at all times, Contus Vplay offers a proactive on premise video hosting service equipped with firewall protection and reliable infrastructure.

CMS Integration

video-hosting-cms-integration Integrating video hosting sites with a website’s CMS platform is necessary to harness maximum RoI from video content. Contus Vplay makes that possible to integrate video subscription platform content with popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Adobe CQ5, Sitcore, Ektron, Drupal, Sharepoint, etc. in a subtle and effective way. In today’s media frenzy world, video hosting solutions are plenty in number, but, finding a reliable solution that delivers value, saves time and helps earn revenue from multiple channels is a rare find. And hence, the need for a reliable video hosting service provider that is Contus Vplay. Contus Vplay online video hosting platform helps bridge a connect between video monetization platform owners and video content consumers in a secure manner.

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  1. Gracia says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I have dedicated server to host my videos which was a pretty steep learning curve to climb as a total web novice. Now i decided to approach a video hosting provider.

  2. Shareef says:

    Great content. I have most of our videos hosted on my server, still i faced video buffering due to lack of powerful server and CDN. Is there any option to move all my videos to other hosting server without data loss??

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