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Top 7 Smart TV App Developers To Create Smart TV App in 2024

Published On May 23rd, 2024 1664OTT
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Understanding Smart TV Apps

No doubt, smart TV apps have seamlessly integrated into the contemporary television experience. Users now enjoy the convenience of downloading and installing new applications directly onto their Smart TVs, enhancing their viewing experience with diverse content offerings.

These apps are designed to harmonize with the built-in operating systems of Smart TVs, ensuring smooth functionality. It is worth mentioning that the smart TV market is in a robust growth phase, with a projected value of $284.19 billion by 2025, reflecting the surging demand for app-centric TV consumption.

Prominent industry leaders such as LG TV, Samsung TV app, Android TV, Apple TV, Sony, and Fire TV have set the bar high for the quality and functionality of smart TV apps. They provide a dynamic platform for developers to create, deploy, and innovate.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the key players in the smart TV app development space:

Samsung TV App Development: Samsung offers a comprehensive ecosystem for developers to craft tailored smart tv apps, thereby elevating the overall Smart TV experience.

Android TV App Development: The Android TV app enables the seamless creation of smart tv apps that work across various TV brands, ensuring a broad audience reach.

Amazon Fire TV App Development: Amazon’s Fire TV platform opens doors for developers to tap into Amazon’s extensive user base, fostering the creation of eye catching apps.

LG TV App Development: LG Smart TVs provide a dynamic development environment, allowing the creation of smart tv apps catering to their user community.

Apple TV App Development: Apple TV App offers an excellent opportunity for building apps that seamlessly integrate with the renowned Apple ecosystem.

Roku TV App Development: Roku’s versatile platform empowers developers to design apps compatible with a wide array of Roku devices, expanding their presence in the streaming market.

As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular among consumers. With the growth of Smart TV, the demand for Smart TV applications is also catching up the pace. 

Nevertheless, Smart TV apps provide users with a number of features, such as online video streaming services, gaming, and social media, making them an attractive market for a number of business houses who rely on online video content. 

However, developing Smart TV apps is not that easy, and it requires expertise and experience. That’s where Smart TV app development companies come into the picture and shine well. Indeed, the video streaming app industry has earned $72.2 billion in revenue in 2021, and it’s expected to grow to $115 billion by 2026. Seeing the projected growth, isn’t that amazing? 

To catch up with the growth, there are several Smart TV app development companies that offer Smart TV app development services at a very affordable pricing, and these companies can literally help businesses build custom Smart TV applications that meet their specific needs.

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 best platforms to develop your Smart TV app in 2024. Here, we will provide an overview of each platform, along with their features set so that you can come to a conclusion and make an informed decision that is best for your online video business.

What Is A Smart TV App

A Smart TV app represents a software application meticulously crafted to operate seamlessly within the smart television platforms ecosystem. Its primary purpose is to empower end users with direct access to an extensive spectrum of content and services, all effortlessly within the confines of their television screens.  

These applications serve as the linchpin for elevating the overall role of smart TVs, thereby transforming them from mere vessels for conventional television broadcasts into multifaceted portals of diverse digital experiences.

However, the magic of Smart TV apps unfolds as they furnish users with the ability to indulge in a myriad of content options, transcending the boundaries of conventional TV. From the streaming services and gaming adventures to the utility of purpose-driven applications, these smart TV apps smoothly integrate into the television interface. 

This fusion of versatility and convenience is achieved through the unrelenting efforts of smart TV app development companies and adept smart TV app developers, all committed to delivering an immersive and interactive journey for the discerning viewer.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart TV App

The benefits of incorporating smart TV apps into your entertainment ecosystem are multifaceted and contribute to an enriched viewing experience. Let’s look into these advantages one by one:

1. Diverse Content Access

Smart TV apps serve as gateways to an extensive treasure trove of content. They grant users access to renowned OTT streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This access enables users to enjoy movies, TV series, and documentaries at their convenience, with on-demand viewing. Also, smart TVs frequently arrive equipped with pre-installed applications too. 

2. Enhanced User Engagement

Smart TV apps are designed particularly to keep viewers engaged. They offer interactive features, such as personalized recommendations based on the end user’s viewing habits, creating a more immersive experience. Interactive apps and games add up an extra layer of engagement for users, making it more than just a passive viewing experience.

3. Convenience

The era of frantically searching for a remote control is a thing of the past. Smart TV apps usher in a new era of convenience, empowering users to seamlessly control their TVs and effortlessly navigate through content using their smartphones or voice commands. This transition offers a level of control and ease that was once unimaginable.

4. Customization Options

Smart TV apps offer a high level of customization. Users can personalize the application interface, change themes, and adjust visual elements to suit their personal preferences. This customization not only enhances aesthetics but also usability to quite some extent.

5. Rich Content Management

The inclusion of Video Content Management Systems (CMS) ensures efficient content organization for app administrators. Within this framework, they can categorize, tag, and curate the content library, guaranteeing a seamless and well structured viewing experience for users.

6. High-Quality Video Playback

Smart TV apps integrate reliable HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) players, which dynamically adjust video quality based on Internet speed and device capabilities. This dynamic adjustment ensures uninterrupted video playback and consistently delivers superior video quality to the viewers. 

7. Branding Opportunities

The adoption of white labeling allows smart TV app development companies to customize and brand the app to meet client specifications, creating a cohesive brand identity. This strengthens the brand reputation and market positioning of the smart TV app developer.

Essential Features For Developing A Smart TV App

When creating a Smart TV app, it is crucial to incorporate key features that enhance the overall user engagement. These features encompass various customization options, white labeling, in-depth analytics, and more. In this section, we will look into each feature in detail, with smooth transitions to guide you through this journey.

Total Customization

Numerous companies specializing in Smart TV app development grasp the significance of granting users the ability to exercise total customization. This dedication is manifested through Smart TV app developers’ unwavering commitment to empower users in tailoring their experience according to their unique preferences.

This devotion to customization extends to offering a myriad of choices for fine-tuning the app’s theme, layout, font size, and other visual elements. Consequently, users find it effortlessly simple to adapt the app’s interface to harmonize with their aesthetic inclinations and functional requisites, thereby crafting a truly personalized experience.

Video Content Management System (CMS)

At the heart of a Smart TV app lies the indispensable foundation of a robust Video Content Management System (CMS). This integral infrastructure facilitates the seamless management and organization of an extensive trove of videos and multimedia assets within the application.

The Video CMS streamlines the process of content uploading, classification, and tagging, ensuring the unobstructed delivery of content to the end-users. By integrating potent search and filtering functionalities, content administrators can efficiently curate and refresh the app’s video library, granting users access to a diverse and abundant array of content to explore.

High-Quality HLS Player

The implementation of a dependable HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) player emerges as a pivotal requirement for delivering a high-quality video playback experience. HLS technology shines in its capacity to provide adaptive streaming, dynamically calibrating the video quality in response to the user’s Internet connection and device capabilities.

Equipped with an HLS player, a Smart TV application elevates the end-user experience by furnishing uninterrupted playback, exceptional video quality, and notably reduced buffering times. This elevates their overall online video streaming experience to a much greater extent.

White Labeling For Branding

The white-label platform stands as a harbinger of substantial value for companies specializing in Smart TV app development. This innovative solution allows these companies to tailor and brand the app in strict accordance with the client’s specifications, bestowing upon it an appearance that suggests in-house development.

Leveraging the power of a white label OTT platform, Smart TV app developers streamline the entirety of the development process, shaving off precious time from the time-to-market equation. What transpires is the provision of a scalable and adaptable solution to their clients. This approach not only enhances client satisfaction but also strengthens the company’s brand reputation as well. 

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM assumes a pivotal role in the Smart TV app development journey, particularly for apps dealing in copyrighted content distribution. The fundamental objective underpinning DRM technologies centers on the fortification of content against unauthorized copying and distribution.

With the implementation of robust DRM solutions encompassing encryption and authentication mechanisms, a Smart TV application erects formidable barriers to unauthorized access, ensuring secure content delivery and countering piracy. This, in turn, nurtures trust among content providers and copyright holders, thereby fostering valuable partnerships for content distribution.

Monetization Strategies

The infusion of diverse monetization techniques assumes a cardinal position in the field of Smart TV app development, serving as the conduit for revenue generation from these applications. Among these monetization avenues, one finds subscription-based models where users make monthly payments to unlock premium content access.

Smart TV app developers may also venture into hybrid models that encompass an assortment of monetization strategies, thereby diversifying their revenue streams. This multifaceted approach engenders a well-rounded ecosystem, where users can access high-quality content, while Smart TV app developers generate sufficient revenue for ongoing improvements.

Strategic Video Marketing

Smart TV apps open the gateway to unique possibilities in video marketing, bestowing businesses with a platform to project their products, services, and brand to a receptive audience. By embedding strategic video marketing campaigns within the app, businesses attain the ability to reach users during their leisure hours, thereby maximizing brand exposure and engagement.

Whether it takes the form of pre-roll ads, sponsored content, or interactive video campaigns, video marketing within a Smart TV application imparts businesses with the tools to effectively convey their messages and forge connections with their target audience, thereby fueling brand awareness and augmenting customer acquisition.

Insightful Tracking and Analytics

To optimize user engagement and continually improve the app’s performance, tracking insights are invaluable. By integrating analytics and tracking tools within the app, Smart TV app developers and content providers can gather valuable data on user behavior and preferences.

These insights enable data-driven decision-making, allowing for targeted content recommendations, personalized experiences, and ongoing optimizations. By understanding user preferences and behavior patterns, Smart TV app development companies can iterate and enhance the app’s features, ensuring it remains relevant and compelling to end users.

Top 7 Smart TV Application Developers

We all will agree that the emergence of Smart TVs has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment and connect with the world around us. As users increasingly expect more than just regular programs on their screens, app developers have been tasked with creating a range of applications that cater to every business need. 

From entertainment to productivity, the possibilities are endless! To help you tap into this exciting new world of entertainment, we have put together a list of the top 7 Smart TV app development platforms that you need to know right away. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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1. VPlayed

Next-Gen Smart TV App Development Solutions

smart tv app developer

VPlayed is a versatile end-to-end OTT video platform that offers an extensive range of features for online video streaming business that caters to the needs of any audience. With its cost-effective licensing options, businesses can develop their own smart TV app without spending much, making VPlayed the perfect choice for any business needs. 

With its advanced security features such as Digital Rights Management (DRM), access control, and end-to-end encryption, VPlayed ensures complete protection against unauthorized access. Also, content owners can choose between on-premise and cloud hosting depending on their business needs, giving them the flexibility to customize their Smart TV app as required.

All in all, one can say that VPlayed provides a comprehensive solution for Smart TV app development. With its customizable features and easy-to-use interface, businesses can create a tailored solution that meets their unique business requirements in the long run. 

Some Of The Standout Features Of VPlayed Are As Follows 

  • It supports various payment gateways for easy and secure transactions.
  • With a powerful HLS video player, the platform ensures high-quality video streaming.
  • Offers 100% customization to suit the specific requirements of different businesses.
  • It also allows in-app purchases to enable users to access premium content easily. 
  • Offers a range of monetization models such as subscription-based SVOD, ad-supported AVOD, rental-based TVOD, and pay-per-view (PPV).
  • To enhance the viewing experience, the platform offers search options, the ability to add videos to favorites, and a watch history feature. 

2. CONTUS Tech

CONTUS Tech is a premier app development company for all things related to smart TVs, OTT, and streaming platforms. It caters to a diverse clientele of content owners, media, and production houses. 

Going by its website, the developer also has a proven track record. It offers comprehensive smart TV app services, including cross OTT platform development, scalable cloud infrastructure, and impeccable UI/UX design. 

And its commitment to clients extends beyond mere functionalities. It encompasses complete platform customizations, ensuring a tailored and immersive user experience.

Contus Tech develops full-fledged, super-intuitive smart TV apps. That includes 10+ monetization models, an easy-to-use content management system, HLS streaming support, and seamless migration from your existing ecosystem. 

Notable highlights of Contus Tech’s app development include

1. Flexible Hiring Model: Contus Tech’s team gives you the freedom to hire resources as and when they are needed to develop your smart TV app. 

2. Ready To Work Team: Contus ensures fast project initiation with skilled professionals, reducing onboarding delays.

3. 200+ Third-Party Integrations Support: Seamless connectivity with extensive third-party integrations for enhanced functionality and better compatibility.

4. Pay As You Use: Cost-effective payment model aligning financial commitments with actual resource usage. I.e., you pay only for your actual resource usage. 

5. Faster Time To Market: Efficient processes ensure quicker smart TV app launches for a competitive edge.

3. Vimeo OTT

Monetize Your Video Content with Ease

Vimeo OTT is one of the leading platforms for developing Smart TV apps since its inception in 2004. Its advanced video streaming capabilities cater to a diverse range of audiences and offer a customized Smart TV app to meet the specific needs of businesses. 

With powerful content management, analytics, and many other monetization tools, Vimeo OTT provides a variety of useful solutions for Smart TV app development of any size. It offers both extensive and simplified plans to cater to the requirements of creators and organizations alike. 

As one of the pioneers in high definition streaming, Vimeo OTT is one of the top destinations for Smart TV application development and availing Smart TV app development services. Above all, Vimeo OTT’s continued innovation and focus on providing top-notch Smart TV applications make it a go-to platform for developing video-based applications.

Some Of The Standout Features Of Vimeo OTT Are As Follows 

  • Top-rated video CMS that simplifies content storage and management.
  • Provides robust tracking insights to analyze audience behavior & performance metrics.
  • Effective security tools and privacy settings to safeguard the content. 
  • Allows creators to showcase their content through custom video gallery pages.
  • Provides personalization options to ensure a cohesive streaming experience.
  • Offers 100% customization options, allowing creators to personalize their streaming experience with on-brand aesthetics.
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4. Brid TV

Your All-in-One Smart TV App Developer 

Brid tv develop smart tv app developer

Brid TV is not only a reliable and smooth platform for streaming content on computers, mobile devices, and tablets, but it also provides an exceptional viewing experience on smart TVs. The platform has been working on smart TV applications, making it a top choice for content owners. With Brid TV, publishers can create a top TV app solution that provides an immersive experience. 

If you’re looking to develop a smart TV app, Brid TV can be considered as one of the top picks. They have smart TV app developers who can help you develop Smart TV apps that fit your needs. With Brid TV’s easy-to-use UI, convenient search functions, and powerful filtering options, you can manage your video content and monetize it through ad-based monetization.

Above all, when it comes to top TV apps, Brid TV becomes an excellent choice for publishers who want to monetize their content. Its white-label enterprise-level Smart TV application makes it a top choice for publishers. Also, the analytics section helps you to access device analytics, user location, demographics, and video interaction, making it easier for you to make informed decisions about your content. 

Some Of The Standout Features Of Brid TV Are As Follows 

  • Search options and detailed analytics for individual end-users.
  • User profile data to gain valuable insights into audience behavior.
  • Live streaming and DVR capabilities for real-time content delivery.
  • Ability to import online content from other platforms.
  • Various monetization models are available, including ad-based monetization.
  • Advanced tracking insights to effectively keep a record of content performance.

5. Zype

The Enterprise-Grade Smart TV App For Every Business

ZYPE create smart tv app

Zype is a solution provider that has experienced rapid growth since its mark in 2014, and now at present caters to a large number of customers across various industries, including fitness, education, media, and entertainment. Slowly and steadily, it is capturing the Smart TV application market. 

The platform offers a complete video infrastructure for any over-the-top (OTT) streaming video business, includes a range of developer-friendly application programming interfaces (APIs) and an open framework for Smart TV development. 

Zype’s suite of tools is designed to simplify Smart TV app development by providing pre-built APIs for video encoding, player management, live streaming, and linear video. It also includes content and audience management, encoding, storage, monetization, and distribution to digital platforms, making it one of the ideal solutions for any Smart TV app developer seeking a comprehensive video streaming solution.

Some Of The Standout Features Of Zype Are As Follows 

  • Native integration with other SaaS OTT platforms.
  • API endpoints that developers can use to create Smart TV apps.
  • Users can easily share content across multiple platforms and screens.
  • Over 28 video connectors for seamless distribution to major OTT/CTV platforms.
  • Content categorization is made easy with Zype, which offers search and filter options.
  • Enterprise-grade video CMS with automated workflows that can streamline the entire content management.

6. Streann

Elevate Your Video Streaming Experience With Ease 

Streann build smart tv app

Streann platform is known and specialized in providing Smart TV app development services. The company offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions for content owners. Streann’s Smart tv app development services usually cater to the needs of large organizations with sophisticated broadcasting requirements.

Streann’s Smart TV app development helps broadcasters create engaging and interactive video experiences for their audiences. The company offers a wide range of Smart TV app development solutions, including Smart TV app Android and Smart TV app developer services, that are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any medium to large size organization. 

With Streann’s Smart TV app development solutions, content owners can easily create and launch their own Smart TV apps that can be accessed by viewers on a wide range of network devices. Last but not least, one thing that is worth mentioning here is that Streann’s Smart TV applications are fully customizable and designed to meet the specific needs of any enterprise.

Some Of The Standout Features Of Streann As Follows 

  • Easily create and publish multilingual content in various audio file formats.
  • Improved analytics to help optimize and refine your overall content strategy.
  • Powerful video management tools ensure seamless delivery of high-quality content. 
  • It is noted and experienced that the overall payment process is quick and easy. 
  • Comes with enhanced content scheduling and publishing capabilities.
  • Allows users to add their favorite content to a personalized list for quick and easy access.

7. JWPlayer

Innovative Video Solutions for Every Business Need

JWP make smart tv app

JW Player is one of the leading video platforms that specializes in creating innovative and engaging Smart TV apps for online video streaming ventures. Their expert team helps companies to manage, expand, and monetize their video content by developing Smart TV apps that provide a unified viewing experience across multiple network devices. 

JW Player’s focus on HTML5 video players allows for an immersive video experience on any platform, making them the go-to choice for those looking for the best TV app. With JW Player’s Smart TV app development services, users can enjoy a personalized experience that is tailored to their specific preferences or taste. 

Their video hosting services are highly compatible with the majority of OTT platforms, making them a reliable choice for companies looking to develop Smart TV apps. Above all, JW Player’s fine-tuned features help deliver relevant content to end-users, making them one of the best Smart TV app development companies available in the market.

Some Of The Standout Features Of JW Player Are As Follows 

  • Features a native SDK recommendation engine. 
  • Advanced video intelligence to improve audience engagement.
  • Comes with an HTML5 video player that adapts to the current situation.
  • A comprehensive video management console that comes with several APIs. 
  • Support for In-app purchase to enable monetization and video marketing.
  • Video CMS dashboard to manage video content from one centralized location.

Summing Up 

In conclusion, developing a Smart TV app in 2024 is a very wise move for businesses who want to expand their reach and make connections with more customers. With the increasing popularity of Smart TVs, it is important to choose the right platform that can ensure a smooth and effective user experience. 

The seven platforms that we have listed in this blog – VPlayed, Contus Tech, Vimeo OTT, Brid TV, Zype, Streann, JWPlayer – are all great options to consider. However, when choosing a platform, it is important to consider certain factors such as development tools, user interface design, ease of deployment, and compatibility with other network devices. 

It is also essential to ensure that your Smart TV app passes all the technical requirements and follows the guidelines and policies. All in all, by selecting the right Smart TV app development company and following best practices, you can create a Smart TV app that engages your audience and helps your business succeed in this dynamic digital landscape.

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