9 June, 2023
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Comparing The Top 13 Video Monetization Platforms – Which is Best For 2023

Video monetization has been witnessing its exponential growth through increased adoption of video content which has impacted broadcasters, online brands to take high leaps in the OTT market. 

With a wide exposure of online streaming some of the key industry sectors such as Media & Entertainment, Fitness, Ecommerce, Elearning has acknowledged responsive growth as they monetize videos of their products & services and engage their targeted audience via personalized video monetization platform.

We come to know this paradigm shift has worked for media organizations & hit million + audiences with its increased pace & timely expansion!!

Here comes a fact check! 

“The predicted forecasts by Cisco tell us that video traffic will quadruple by 2022 and video traffic is expected to account for 82% with respect to IP traffic right from 75%. Also best video capability across all devices and connections is accurately assured.” 

Source: FierceVideo

This clears the fact that your audiences effectively respond to curative content that are presented in audio/video formats in the world of OTT video monetization solutions. 

“You can monetize anything to start, figure out what you’re passionate about and if you’re really good at it, there’s some way to turn in into a business” – Whitney Wolfe Herd Founder & CEO, Bumble 

Comparing The Top 13 Best Video Monetization Platforms

  • VPlayed – First-rated Video Monetization Platform for Maximum ROI
  • GUDSHO – Best Platform for Monetizing Premium Video Content
  • Dacast – Best Monetization Platform for End-to-end Streaming Solution
  • Brightcove – Built-in Video Monetization Platform At an Advanced Level
  • IBM Cloud – Monetized Premium Video Platforms for Best Returns
  • Vimeo OTT – Top Content Monetization Models for Boosting Video Business
  • Mazsystems – #1 Streaming Platform To Monetize Videos in Customized Manner
  • Setplex – Flexibly Monetize your Video Monetization Content
  • Kaltura – Video Content Monetization Solution for all your Streaming Needs
  • Amagi – Best Scalable Video Monetization Solution to Generate Revenue
  • Brid.TV – Online Enterprise Services For Monetizing Your Content Effortlessly
  • Uscreen – Videos Services Delivered with Best Online Monetization Models
  • VlogBox – Best Video Monetization Platform and Marketing Agency

What Is Video Monetization?

video monetization models

In simple words, video monetization is associated with earning surplus revenue for original videos that you stream through online video platform. After painstaking efforts in video creations you can deliver it to your potential audiences either to view or download your content

When more people view your curated videos, the greater you gain through showered income within nanoseconds! The best part is you can allow anybody to ingest ads between your intuitive video services within your very own monetization site self-built to rule a long paving growth.

In a nutshell, you have lucrative chances to monetize your videos when you grant access to viewers after getting paid to view them. 

Let’s Check Out Video Monetization Beneficiaries

1. Access To Every Curate Content

The content offerings that are delivered to any audience, will naturally be converted into followers who willingly pay to access your video originals. For instance, online movie buys, video educational courses, tutorials or all downloadable content can be apt examples for monetization.

  • Access to viewers everywhere

Now the best way to monetize video content is through sponsored ads where promoters of a product/service positions instream ads within your branded platform. The best example is advertising fitness gear, or supplementing leadership course ads during live broadcasts.

  • Access to customized platform online

You can have a smart monetization play from subscription model to premium model, or all in all the entire video library. This provides concurrent agencies, online publishers & other networks to have a vast content collection accessibility within your chosen solution.

How Do You Monetize Video Content With Top Monetization Platforms?

The video-on-demand and live streaming market has a wide room for each business where three major business models revolve around profitable video monetization strategies. Apart from that, there are other ways to monetize website services

How video monetization works

For instance.. 

  • Have Your Own VOD Platform

The initial step is to create your own custom-built video on demand platform that gives you a singlehanded presence to repeatedly monetize videos. By this you can acquire your self-hosted streaming with ideal space in the world of internet where people can readily enjoy your content on any device.

  • Content monetization which is in live

It is known that every SVOD platform member signs up to enjoy your existing set of videos stored in your centralized library. This clearly gives you an open invitation to limitlessly produce high amounts of revenue on the work that you’ve already finished.

  • Create subscriptions to monetize more

The next thing that gives you the best way to monetize videos is through a heavy-loaded subscription platform. The credit goes to consistent income that is assured to content broadcasters to scale up their business shortly, as profits are amplified in the first place.

Now let us look into in-depth meaning to monetize videos and what it takes to capitalize them..

The pioneer website monetization tools like alluring profitable models empowers video content owners, broadcast streaming, distributors for generating lump sum revenue from their videos in different ways. Commonly include ad insertions, incorporating in-app purchases, crafting product reviews to earn money in a lucrative way. 

How To Choose a Top-notch OTT Monetization Models?

When selecting an OTT monetization model, it is important to consider the type of content you are offering, the target audience and the purpose of the monetization. There are a variety of OTT monetization models including subscription-based services, advertising-based models, transaction-based services, and pay-per-view options in top monetization platforms.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each to determine which model is best for your needs. Additionally, consider the complexity of the model and the resources required in order to implement it. It is also important to remember that a successful monetization model requires ongoing evaluation and optimization.

best way to monetize video content

1. Reap With SVOD

You can repeatedly procure income by launching your subscription platform from new subscribers and capture interests from existing customers through subscription video on demand. Deliver monthly, quarterly or annual subscription packages as & more people sign up.

2. Advance Profits via TVOD

Viewership and platform monetization with rental programs can provide you with the best returns for your long-tile content. The pay-per-view model provides them both on hourly and per-video basis. Entrepreneurs can have lifetime access with one-time payment.

3. Introduce AVOD  Intervals

What is AVOD – Video ad monetization has primarily been a classic method of garnering your video content with preroll, midroll & postroll ads that are strategically stitched. Online advertisers pay to display their adverts in front of their aimed audience. One of the prime examples count YouTube.

4. Offer Premiums in VOD Catalog

Utilizing the best resource of technology, you can reap the biggest share ever from the premium video on demand (PVOD) model integrated into your monetization platform. Boost content monetary value at one sureshot much levied from theatrical releases and scoring over adjoined partners.

5. Add Content Paywalls

Now you can leverage the chance of exhibiting your best content partially to viewers and charge a fee by paywalling videos and monetizing in an easy way. You can inculcate interest and curiosity within your consumers to effectively get returns.

6. Monetize Catch-Up Videos

It’s pivotal for your users to not miss any of your OTT videos and thus catching up with those is necessary. So now they can avail them through catch-up TV feature in a limited period of time along with flexible monetization costs.

7. Provide Coupons & Promo Codes

Ensure to provide online entertainment streaming coupons for great discounts such as in seasonal festive occasions, year-end offers, for an entire lot less in your top-rated TV, shows, movies, music videos, etc within the monetization platform.

8. Scale Up via 3rd Party Ads

Videos can be stitched using 3rd party ad servers that would to benefit paired with world’s leading brands and avail a myriad of optimization options because of the assured transparency. With customized features and ad tech software you can fine-tune earnings in your platform.

9. Insert Ads in SSAI

Deliver premium viewing experience with complete solution of seamless ad-insertion server side and empower live stream videos and enable best means of monetization and level-up commercial streaming.

Ok folks, now let us delve into the subject.. 

Where Can You Monetize Videos?

We have been exploring common video monetization websites like Youtube, Twitch, Wistia, etc out of which Youtube has been sharing a dominant figure and drawing centre-staged attention from all masses around the world.

Youtube alternative video monetization

More about YouTube

We know one of the most-popular video monetization platforms like Youtube is much relatively connected with its best ad-supported revenue model.

Considering Youtube being the unprecedented leader in the video industry as it carries more than 2B active users, it witnessed success with ever-changing trends set in content.

When monetization with live streams created a world of impact, it repelled its effectiveness again through short-form video introduction.

Unknown Disadvantages

  • The keen issues plaguing the platform usability range from terms & conditions disparity, copyright claim issues with non-favorable demonetization. 
  • The major underlying aspect is the misconception that Youtube guarantees a balanced resource of income which reflects unreliableness in the long run. 
  • Despite various genres being offered to its centred-audience the ideology misinterpreted  that there is some hidden recipe of success story to make heavy bucks.. 

Why a OTT Monetization Solution Is Required!

If you’re a brand marketer or content owner looking to boost panned viewership and best reachability then the best way is to create your video streaming app or platform. Apparently, that will be the best choice for mid-sized to large publishers like you, to rely on your owned website.

Key Highlights are: 

  • Best branding capacities
  • Complete freedom to control
  • Flexible content fee fixations  
  • Rigid resource of security 
  • Reassured content efficiency 

Let’s delve deeper into.. 

Comparing The Top 13 Best Video Monetization Platforms Of 2023

Here are a few of the top monetization platforms to script your success story in the video-streaming business in 2023. All platforms are ranked and reviewed by experts. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best video monetization platforms for monetizing your online content are VPlayed, Dacast, Brightcove, IBM Video Streaming, Vimeo OTT, etc…  

1. VPlayed

First-rated Video Monetization Platform For Maximum ROI

Vplayed video monetization platform

VPlayed’s OTT monetization platform shapes streaming integral needs to assist media broadcasters, content owners, distribution networks, & others.  Businesses can now upscale their platform ROI by monetizing various videos or audio streaming solution with multiple 6+ monetization models powered with 150+ comprehensive streaming capabilities, across any device globally.

Also VPlayed lets you to gate your premium content or every type of media asset that you possess in order to exchange of profitability acquired before access to video streams through a paywall feature

Some Of Its Additional Video Monetization Models Features Are:

  • End to end platform development support
  • 3rd-party service integration for added profits
  • World-class packed features to launch best OTT app
  • HTML5 Video Player for buffer-free experience
  • Live Stream for real-time interactivity  
  • Cloud Transcoding for bit-sized compressions
  • Live to VOD featuring add-on values
  • Content Partner Portal for administering ads content

For quote-based plans, fill out this inquiry form, You may also opt for Free Demo Here.

VPlayed Request Demo


Best Platform for Monetizing Premium Video Content

GudSho is an ideal video platform for independent creators, and enterprises to signup and quickly launch their channel to monetize, and directly connect with their community of audiences. GudSho clubs everything a creator needs to stream & generate a sustainable income from their videos, supported by built-in analytics and marketing tools that will vastly simplify the way video-reliant niches operate.

Content creators find the platform secure, easy to use, and maximize ROI with a number of monetization models, without losing out on 3rd party revenue sharing.

Key Features on GudSho that Facilitate Easy Video Monetization are:

  • Fully-featured video channel 
  • 4K streaming to offer exceptional video experience
  • Video management tools & dashboard
  • Profitable monetization models like SVOD, TVOD, and payments via donations
  • Multiple options for increased branding
  • Multi-screening across devices
  • Privacy features and AES-encrypted streams
  • Advanced marketing tools to expand the reach
  • Insightful video and user analytics
  • Flexible creator-friendly plans

3. Dacast

Best monetization platform for end-to-end streaming solution

video monetization services - Dacast

Dacast is one of the prime leaders of video monetization that supports pay-per-view, subscriptions, and advertising monetization models. Dacast’s whitelabel video player assists to monetize streams through paywalls solution which is accepted in 135 different currencies and is transcribed into various 10 languages. 

The Dacast pricing plan is, they have quarterly, monthly renewal options. Also, you can facilitate global payments, and active promos with control rates using advanced built-in paywalls right into the player. 

The Most Noteworthy Video Monetization Services Features Are: 

  • Wide range of website monetization tools 
  • Ad-free streaming with easy-to use features 
  • Top-notch layered video DRM security into content library 
  • Group-pricing for live & on demand video support  
  • Multi-User accessibility on custom plans 
  • Complete live streaming support with no extra cost 
Tired of using Dacast?
See why Dacast is not suitable to manage your video monetization platform and why you need a Dacast Alternative

4. Brightcove

Built-in Video Monetization Platform At an Advanced Level

Build in video monetization models - Brightcove

Brightcove offers you with a high-end streaming solution that is aptly suitable for monetizing curated streams at an advanced level. The platform empowers your vital content with ad-based monetization. When you look into how to monetize the entire platform and have profitable returns Brightcove allows you to serve ads using server-side ad insertion using ad blockers. 

Brightcove’s easy-to-implement ad integrations support IAB video ad standards like VAST, VMAP and VPAID. Also, overlays and companion ads are accommodated between adverts.  

Other Features Of Video Monetization That Can Shape Your Business Well Are: 

  • Ad cue points in pre, mid or post-roll ingestions 
  • Metadata to deliver focussed-driven ads
  • Customized player experience for enhanced views
  • Cloud online platform to integrate flexible solutions 
  • Industry-leading SSAI technology to stitch ads in a stream
  • Publisher’s performance maximized with embed timers

5. IBM Video Streaming

Monetized Premium video platforms For Best Returns

IBM premium video monetization services

IBM Watson Media supercharges your monetization strategy through powered models of revenue generations such as PPV, video subscriptions, and ad-supported packages. You can easily drive maximized ROI by exploring large target by video marketing and potentialize your premium validated content through IBM. With no limitations you can expand revenue streams. 

Also, this enables big brands or organizations like yours platforms to sell videos online and earn their video content management system by having them pay in order to access them. 

Key Features Of Content Monetization Platform Features Include: 

  • Google ad manager for monetization methods
  • Include advertiser-friendly sponsorships 
  • Clickable video overlays to drive buyer awareness 
  • Custom ads in simulated live streams 
  • Paywalls gating premium content access
  • Social sharing to offer discounts 

6. Vimeo OTT

Top content monetization streaming models for boosting video business

vimeo ott content monetization platform

Vimeo OTT is a top online video platforms provider, the most powerful with which your content’s quantitativeness graded with quality will never seem to outgrow.  Vimeo OTT plans cost per subscriber with $1 that charges for starters initially. Later for growth plans they provide +$1 for per subscriber. Monetizing YouTube content can now get much easier by building your own subscription content channels and connecting directly with your subscribers on any app. 

To top it all Vimeo provides flexible custom-priced plans for entrepreneurial advance streaming needs. 

Tired of using Vimeo OTT?
See why Vimeo is not suitable to manage your OTT monetization platform and why you need a Vimeo OTT Alternative

Here Are The Top Video Monetization Platforms Features:

  • Get global in every market & currency
  • Supports TVOD, AVOD, SVOD monetization models 
  • Collect revenue from live streams and grow socially
  • Monetize across platforms like Android, iOS, Roku 
  • Branded apps with in-app purchase integration 
  • Take away restrictions to deliver region-specific content

7. Mazsystems

#1 Streaming Platform To Monetize Videos in Customized Manner

mazsystem ott platform monetization

MAZ caters primary and personalized niches to its customers by being a premium platform for its distinguished content provider needs. You can gain tremendously positive results through AVOD as well as SVOD business models offered by MAZ. Create live streaming content backed by an automated  support system to stay independent without the need of hiring developers.

Also, MAZ’s best OTT app solution allows you to deliver as much content as you like on every major platform either live streaming content or on-demand videos.

Take a Look At Some Of Its Highlighted OTT Platform Monetization Features: 

  • Support advertising in web as well as apps
  • Facilitate sponsorships to increases scalability
  • Valuable subscriptions within in-app purchases
  • Metering added with IAP to gain best results
  • Ensure to support global payments 24/7 uptime
  • Double up revenue with multi-device target approach  

8. Setplex

Flexibly monetize your video monetization content streamed with superior UX

setplex online video monetization

Setplex facilitates its customers with a one-stop solution to generate revenue using start-rated streams in your best monetization platform. Streaming experts from Setplex assists to have distinctive solutions for speedy ROI especially from content owners, media broadcasters, OTT distributors,etc. Setplex also completely assists OTT monetization paired with Live TV through ad insertions added with SCTE 35 markers.

The video consumption and its accurate management has been redefined time and again providing best quality streaming support.

Best Takeaway Top Video Monetization Platforms Features are:

  • Ad Monetization for hybrid business models 
  • Manipulating video manifolds with SSAI
  • Programmatic advertising with an SSP 
  • Monetize live TV channels with dynamic video ads
  • Detect ad breaks through AI technology
  • Live commercial replacement with VOD playouts  

9. Kaltura

Video content monetization solution for all your streaming needs

kaltura video ad monetization

Kaltura lets you monetize your huge VOD library with its smart video monetization suite. It  supports popular OTT deliveries through SVOD, TVOD, ad stitching and enables media companies to create impactful monetization strategies with its comprehensive and user-friendly tools. Ensure to have optimal revenue yield allowing to strike the right balance in video business. 

With Kaltura’s open-source streaming platform, broadcasters get a huge scope to integrate a variety of different revenue-monetizing stratifiers to gain best returns with a go-getter solution. 

Get To Know Its Rundown Best Video Monetization Platforms Features: 

  • Add value with subscription content billing
  • Effortless transaction management 
  • Personalized targeted ads for effective reach 
  • Native player ads for microtargeting 
  • Packages of credit start at $5400

10. Amagi

Best Scalable video monetization solution to generate revenue

Amagi website monetization services

Amagi is one of the well-known leaders worldwide who pioneer cloud solutions in SaaS technology. They help clients to manage live & on demand video infrastructure and seamlessly monetize linear channels. Amagi distributes video content to various platforms of OTT that includes free ad-supported Amazon TV and direct-to-consumer apps.

The ad-based platform of Amagi THUNDERSTORM supports many kinds of OTT platforms, advanced players and compatible devices that makes it more versatile and enriching to earn. 

Some Of Its Tech-driven Online Video Monetization Features Include: 

  • Monetization with real-time analytics 
  • Integrate promos with schedules 
  • On-boarding of channels 
  • Ad network partnerships 
  • Hyperscaling live events & sports streaming 

11. Brid.TV

Online Enterprise Services For Monetizing Your Content Effortlessly 

Brid tv live stream monetization

Get to improve your ROI and channelize your monetization strategy by partnering with BridTV. Brid TV ensures you expand the money-making zone to start your video streaming business through progressive models by setting up a powerful enterprise video platform for staying ahead in the competition. 

BridTV’s video publishing strategy has incredibly been effective specifically for large-scale entrepreneurial publishers and mass media organizations. 

Grab its essential streaming monetization features in the rundown: 

  • Google ADX enhancing monetization strategy
  • Video carousel unit 
  • Detect invalid traffic with protected media 
  • Simultaneous broadcasts 
  • Instream and outstream ads 
  • Ad pods & video header bidding

12. Uscreen

Videos Services Delivered with Best Online Monetization Models 

Uscreen video ad monetization

Uscreen is one of the eminent video monetization platforms where you can establish your heightened video streaming services. They equip all of them through advanced TV-grade hosting software with premium monetization models. Also, you can have the resourceful revenue generation on best video streaming platforms that are quite similar to Netflix or Hulu in the platform.

Uscreen’s turnkey solutions help content creators and diverse interest groups to sell video online across industries in the online video platform space.

Glimpse through some of its superior OTT video monetization solution features:

  • Seamless payments with monetization models 
  • Monetize scheduled or live events easily 
  • Pricing plans from $70 to $399 per month
  • Offers one-time purchases for bundled content
  • Allows to set your own pricing strategy 
  • Cash in your talents stay updated with sold numbers
Tired of using Uscreen
See why Uscreen is not suitable to manage Your content monetization platform and why you need a Uscreen Alternative

13. VlogBox

Best Video Monetization Platform and Marketing Agency

VlogBox is a video content distribution and monetization platform delivering precisely targeted video ads to OTT/CTV audiences and bringing high monetization yields to content creators. Striving to perfect our suite of content distribution services, VlogBox video monetization platform covers hosting, encoding, and streaming of video content combined with custom app development for our clients and, above all, efficient ad monetization and channel promotion along with user acquisition.

Some of the Highlights of VlogBox

  • It provides 4 different ways for content monetization: AVOD – Inserted Ads, SVOD – Subscription Plans, TVOD – Pay-Per-View, or any combination of the above – Hybrid.
  • It provides a personal manager to support with all the setup and further processes. 
  • It provides deep insights into your top-performing content and eCPM (a measure of how valuable the ad revenue is). 
  • Its team has immediate access to dependable demand partners and competitive eCPM prices.
  • It delivers a robust analytics system to track top-performing content.
  • It provides an easy-integration process and cross-device marketing capabilities to help you reach out to your viewers on multiple screens.


Catalyst for growth and sustainability is to be potentially captured through the resource means of video monetization. Organizations, content aggregators, generating progressive revenue from ads, subscription-based content or others have higher opportunities to create massive income flow with qualitative engagement via targeted audiences. Thus it is necessary to find the right platform and be in the game by analyzing each platform’s monetization supportive needs. 

So coming to the fag end, 

Do you have any questions regarding video monetization in apps, new pathstriking opportunities as where else you can monetize with your value-added content, anything else? We would love to have your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.. 

Also for regular curative streaming tips and solutions, you can join us & interact from our social groups in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook..  

If you’re ready to incorporate video monetization into your content strategy, get in touch with us right away.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is the process of earning multifold income through any videos you create, stream & share it online on any platform. When you start monetizing your videos, you get paid while granting access to those either to your viewers or the entire platform (in a case of collection of files in a content portal or library). In other means, you could also send in-app notifications to engage your video audience with your new content releases. 

2. How Can I Monetize My Video Content Online?

As we all know video monetization enables content owners, creators, broadcasters to generate high revenue, there are many ways to extract best ROI. Some of them include TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, Hybrid model, Coupons & Promotions, Catchup TV, PVOD, SSAI & many more to follow. The unique opportunity for brands is to monetize their libraries & create a stable workflow of recurring income. 

3. How To Choose The Best Video Monetization Solution For Your Business?

The primary elements that are dependent on your business life cycle, mentions about customization in its entirety, an advanced HLS player, robust video CMS to look after your assets, inbuilt security standards at one-time license cost, whitelabelling facility along with versatile monetization models. In addition to that, having a lifetime ownership value can be a plus for future streaming plans. 

4. What Are The Advantages Of A Video Monetization Platform?

When it comes to monetizing your content in an all-inclusive streaming platform, selling your videos through ads, subscriptions or anything else can help you to gain value with time. Secondly you can have technical expertise while monetizing through websites, then explore versatility while generating money through various monetization models, protect your assets from any kind of malware attacks & much more. 

5. How Long Will It Take To Build A OTT Monetization Platform?

Generally, it takes less than a month to build a professional-like monetization platform. Also, the OTT platform development depends on the amount of customization required. Along with that, branding capabilities, deployment flexibiliies & many other factors comes into play. This decides the duration of building a unified branded platform.  

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    3. secure platform which will not allow any malware.
    4. Top revenue model like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, PVOD
    5. have a paywall feature.
    Please let us know.

  28. Holly Banks Reply

    Hello, My inquiry is about the revenue model which is an online video monetization platform. How do we optimize more revenue for our own online vod channel to watch streaming services at a very modest budget because we do have not much finance and are desirous of reaching more people?

  29. Ann Peter Reply

    Hi VPlayed Team, We are looking for an ott monetization platform with a live streaming service in South Africa in need of a custom video streaming solution that enables us to stream to our website and in the near future a mobile app. Please get in touch with us please, so we can figure out the pricing models and whether we can afford it.
    Thank you.

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    Nice explanation about the video monetization platform with proper guidance to choose the right one for the business owners to generate revenues. You may also find here the OTT platform list with proper monetization support. Thanks

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    I would like to monetize app with video ads, I like the top video monetization platforms, so I’m inquiring about the following: CDN, VOD, SVOD, Q&A, SSL Certificate, Monetization, Mobile app Android & IOS etc,…

  32. Benjamin Reply

    We’re looking for a professional ott monetization for revenue making through videos online for Indian Music video and wanted to loop at an API for the same. We wanted to know the services you offer, your rates, and whether you have any monetized algorithm-related features (recommendations, statistics, etc).

  33. WilliamDj Reply

    Hi, I learned more about what is video monetization. I would like to see a demo of the Vplayed to the best video monetization platform. Specifically, I am interested in these features: VOD, SVOD, PVOD, video/audio streaming, and DRM. Thanks!

  34. Amelia Reply

    Hello, We are looking to purchase the best video monetization, models. Please let us know which of these features you currently support and/or if your OTT platform supports growing into the needed items in a reasonable timeframe.

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    Greetings, I am interested in your video ad monetization platforms list with revenue-generating models for OTT and video on demand. Please have someone contact me.
    Thank you, Calvin Franklin

  37. John Mark Reply

    Looking for a client to choose top video monetization solutions and I have some questions about content monetization specific functions of the makeing money experience. Also looking for some pricing that would be passed on to clients.

  38. Courtney Norton Reply

    Hi, We are planning to launch a new channel in the middle east in the AM band. We highly recommend our service on the internet. Our Basic requirements are 1 Mobile APP & Calling function from the App 2 Website 3 Live Streaming 4 Add video monetization 5 Live Broadcast on All social media engaged with us.

  39. Erma Hammond Reply

    Greetings. I have a couple of questions about video monetization platforms. We are a content creator and looking white label solution for OTT including AVOD monetization integration.

  40. Kristin Curry Reply

    Hello, I’m writing on behalf of Bright Mountain Media, which is a publicly traded trading desk headquartered in Florida. I’d like to reach out to team VPlayed to discuss possible collaboration opportunities on the content monetization of your CTV spaces.

  41. Jennifer Henry Reply

    Hi Looking for a simple VOD hosting platform with top video monetization platforms capabilities (subscription-based). It should allow me to see customer data, make refunds, and own the entire content. I am shooting for very low maintenance costs since the number of potential customers would be small. What are the monetization options? My bank account is located in Poland, EU, Thanks

  42. Elsa French Reply

    Hi, I am looking to start my own video streaming service with best way to monetize video content, capability, playlisting capability, and profile and subscription capability

  43. Peggy Ferguson Reply

    Hi, I want an OTT platform with large storage bandwidth and ad-insertion monetization capability. I am interested in testing this as a possible solution to monetization.

  44. Stacy Yates Reply

    Hi there, I’m looking to learn more about VPlayed’s video monetization solutions. WIN.gg is a rapidly-growing esports and gaming content platform that is looking to strategically scale its content revenue.

  45. Kayla Johnston Reply

    I’m interested in finding out more about your video monetization platform. I’m looking for a platform that has an ad-based monetization model.

  46. Hubert Anderson Reply

    Hi im looking to set up a sports streaming platform which should have functionality for live sporting and VOD for archival footage. The idea is to get a full solution and monetize video through both AVOD and SVOD. Please contact me at your earliest convenience Regards,

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  48. Shondra Major Reply

    Dears, I am interested in that service. I would like to have 24/7 linear online television. Can you give me the option of a trial version? I need the ability to create a website with your templates, I need to create an online programs-playlist and video monetization system for subscribers. Can you give me your price list? Thank you very much.

  49. Elouise Nicholson Reply

    Hi, I’m looking for the below requirements. Video hosting – Approx – 7GB, 3600 Minutes. MAU – 1000, Bandwidth – 175 GB per day. My questions are here: 1. What will be the approximate bill? 2. I need a high level of piracy protection, such as; Video sharing, screen recording, screen sharing, etc to be protected. Do you have a solution for this? 3. Monetize video content – How does it work? 4. Is it possible to embed the videos into our web, android and iOS app. 5. Do the videos play in our existing video player with all your features

  50. Tarah Shin Reply

    Hello! I want to get a business ready-to-use audio streaming solution to launch an audio streaming app with the possibility to Customize the features in my Audio Platform. For monetization models like In-app Advertisement, Subscription, In-stream Ads and Freemium models, except Visa Card, Paypal, I would like to add others Payments gateways as Mobile Money gateways.

  51. Jerrold Nicholas Reply

    HI, We have a small team involved in a project that has spanned several years. We’ve considered going-it-alone leveraging small technology partners and we’ve considered leveraging larger players in the space to host a ‘channel’. Ultimately, we believe it is best for us to consider a white-labeled option in order for us to provide our content providers and potential users the very best experience while allowing us to grow from a pilot to a mature revenue-generating platform. Our video monetization models includes free (avod), freemium and subscriptions.

  52. Glynis Knudsen Reply

    Hello, I need an all in one monetization streaming video on demand app like YouTube, for creative content creators, education, fitness, religious, broadcasters, business marketing. In fact, a good video on demand services app that has a built- in video sharing ability like Usscreen. What’s the proposal and procedures for this kind of app creation?

  53. Wendi Marcotte Reply

    Hi, I want to create a site where a user can live stream from his/her mobile phone to my site. There should be a chat available for users to interact with each other and also with the streamer. Also, I would like to have live polls. For video monetization services, I think a subscription or a pay-per-view model. Thanks,

  54. Tyra Jordon Reply

    Hello, I am looking for a platform that allows for immediate free access to the archived content library like Youtube (AVOD video monetization). While also having TVOD live-streaming capabilities as well.

  55. Jesus Copeland Reply

    Hi. I’m looking for a video monetization platform. I have ~120 short videos that I would like to sell on a TVOD basis. Could you please advise with regard to the following: (1) What is the pricing and features of this service at VPlayed? (2) Does your platform support multi-lingual user interface? (3) Does your platform support homepage and navigation customization? (4) Does your platform support bundles (set of videos sold together)? (5) What payment gateways do you support? Thanking you in advance.

  56. Whitney Crawford Reply

    Hi, We are looking to combine the entire OTT workflow into one seamless system for better business performance and end-user experience. Set-Up would include as below:- – Development & Design of OTT App (Android & iOS for Mobile) (Roku | Apple Tv | Amazon & Fire Tv for Tv) & (Web App) – top video monetization platform (AVOD | TVOD | SVOD) – Multi DRM – Transcoding | Streaming & Hosting – Stream Compression – Multi – CDN – Content MetaData – Billing & CRM Solution – Multi Platform Publishing – Video Meta CMS

  57. Nichole Herrera Reply

    Hi, I want to implement a player (maybe transcoding also) and best video monetization platforms feature onto my platform (expressboard.com) for users. I would like to know if there’s api available and the pricing for each.

  58. Audrey Myers Reply

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  60. Julie Roberts Reply

    Hello, We are highly interested in your live stream options and best monetization platform. Can this be a video sharing network where members can upload live streams in real-time and we can place ads on part of the screen at select times? If so we look forward to working with you.

  61. Rodney West Reply

    Hello, Would like a demo of how VPlay works. I am a sports content producer. How VPlayed can assist me in the distribution and video monetization platform

  62. Lee Gardner Reply

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    which includes – a Google MCM that has consistently delivered top-notch results for our clients. I believe that our MCM could unlock new monetization opportunities for you. In case you’re using an external MCM account, we will offer a better deal, so it will be a mutual win. Let’s connect to see if there’s a fit. Thanks

  63. April Oliver Reply

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  64. Darnell Thomas Reply

    Hello, We are launching a collection of instructional haircutting tutorials and exploring video hosting and top video monetization platforms that will work best for our situation.

  65. Alvin Harper Reply

    Hi, VPlayed has commercial representation in south america (Brazil)? I would like to talk about Video CMS solutions, online video monetization, integration and distribution video content on multplatorms.

  66. Rhonda Padilla Reply

    Hi, looking for live stream with best platform to monetize videos monetization platform. i stream 2 hours a day (daily)to more than 1000 viewers

  67. Esther Carson Reply

    Good day, please how do I build streaming site and monetize videos? I’m Nigeria and I want to go into music distribution. I need your help. Thank you so much.

  68. Josephine Smith Reply

    Hi, We need a solution for our sports videos that will be on line and offline. Would like to know the best video monetization platforms, customization and its price.. Thanks

  69. Regina Soto Reply

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  70. Kara Bowers Reply

    We are interested to use your best Video Monetization Platform for our AVOD-SVOD services. Please, send us technical information about your system and provide a demo link, if possible.

  71. Drucilla Uribe Reply

    Hi, Planning on using AWS and Cleeng for monetization solution as they are both Pay as you go programs. This is ideal for me as a startup. What I am looking for is the platform CMS and apps to stream to connected devices such as Roku, Smart TV, Amazon fire TV etc. how can you help. I am currently in the USA but I am a UK resident.

  72. Mickey Sadler Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if you offer some kind of trial for your platform. We are looking for a provider to host/stream our VR videos with the intent to provide them via a subscription ott platform monetization model to our viewers. Thank you,

  73. Alakbar Reply

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  74. Natalie Sophia Reply

    This is Natalie Sophia, We have an idea to earn revenue from video content through a video monetization platform. We’re looking to build a monetized video platform that has the capacity to stream & make money through video. We hope this is something we can work on together. Feel free to contact

  75. Michael Reply

    We would like to consider you as a possible partner as we move forward and introduce a significant new to OTT monetization platforms. Our basic needs are as follows: Compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TV with Paywall Multilingual environment for subscribers Account/Sub-accounts Store videos, audios, photos, etc.

  76. Stephen Reply

    Hello, We are curious about your list of content monetization platforms offerings. We have an App with another subscription platform, but our contract is up for renewal and we are exploring alternatives.
    Thanks, Stephen

  77. Jon Vogel Reply

    Hello, we are in the process of starting a new video monetization platform. We have raised a good amount of money and should have completed it in the next 6 months. We are interested in content monetization with top vod streaming services like Vplayed. Are you free to do a call later this week to discuss your service and pricing?
    Thank you,
    Jon Films

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