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Best Activity Feed APIs & SDKs For Your Social Apps

Published On June 21st, 2024 963Communication
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Want to drive huge traffic to your social apps? Adding activity feeds is the best way to do it. This article brings to you the top 4 Feeds API you’ll find helpful!

Who would not like, comment or share social posts these days? Engagement is skyrocketing with centralized feeds in any app you use. Whether it is personal stories or professional guidance, when your feed is customized with the information you are interested in, dopamine hits. 

But if you are building your own app, is that easy to engage users? 

Yes, with Feeds API. 

Instead of writing pages of codes, you can simply add the API to your app, and drive interactions you’ve never imagined. 

Now, there are several APIs out there. But you need to know who are the best. In this article, we’ll look into the 4 top feeds API you might want to check out for your social or dating apps. 

But First, Why Use Activity Feed SDK?

A social app itself is a community-driven app. And people have fun when they have the option to engage with their closed ones. In fact, Sprout Social’s Q4 Pulse Survey predicts that the usage of social medias will never slow down. What does this mean? There are going to be many social media apps, and the most engaging ones will lead the market.

But, that’s not all!

When compared to a simple app with no features to interact, a community app with activity feeds does wonders! Not just me, even proven statistics confirms that an app with social feeds can drive 5x engagement. Interesting right?

And that’s what kick starts your income from your social app. People love to express themselves and right when you give them an option to like, comment or share,  you know, that’s where engagement elevates. 

Now, if you are planning to post content to drive engagement, I’d ask you to rethink it. Rather, considering an option to bring in user-generated content, might be a good option. 

There are millions of people who could just post the things they are interested in and engage with each other. And pre-built social features will be a driving force to it. 

Social Feeds Are Easy To Add To Your App

If you’d like to develop a social app on your own, the easiest way to do it is adding Feeds API. Who would want to write lengthy codes than adding pre-written codes. 

You need not spend days and nights to ideate, design, code and experiment with the features. You’ll just need to integrate the APIs to your app and that’s it, your app will be loaded with social feed features.  

1. User Conversations Are Safe

Security is a serious concern when it comes to social apps with chat and engagement features. Your users are easily prone to data breaches and malicious attacks. No one wants it, especially where they come to have good times. 

This demands a serious responsibility to make sure that the feed features are secure as well. In fact, this is where your brand’s reputation lies. The more secure your app is, the more customers will prefer your app. Agree with me? 

2. You’ll Spend Only Less

As exciting it is to understand that Activity Feeds would be a great source of engagement, you might wonder how much would it cost? 

The good news is, you’ll not spend as much money as you spend doing it all by yourself. 

Top Activity Feed APIs For Your Social Apps

Want to drive 10x engagement into your apps? Then you must definitely use the best Feeds API in the market. Here are some of the best ones I’ve filtered out. You can choose the API that best fits your requirements. 

1. MirrorFly

The Most Engaging In-app Communication Solution!

best activity feed api

With MirrorFly’s 100% customizable features and complete white-labeling option, you can effectively and easily boost communication within your social app. 

You can engage your users with 500+ communication capabilities like Activity feeds, topic-based chat,  instant messaging, file sharing, and live video calls that are all dedicatedly branded with your logo. 

Instead of spending time coding, you can simply concentrate on creating a compelling social experience. MirrorFly is highly scalable and it evolves with your community, fits your brand identity, and ensures dependable performance, just the way you want it!

What Are The Key Features Of MirrorFly?


  • Real-time Chat: 1-on-1, group chats, chat rooms, persistent history.
  • Video & Voice Calling: HD video calls, robust voice calls, VoIP & SIP integration.
  • Offline Messaging: Deliver messages even when users are offline.
  • Typing Indicators & Message Delivery Receipts.
  • Chatbots: Drive the power of AI with our trained Chatbots.

Engagement & Discovery:

  • Upload Large Files: Share images, videos or documents of any size and format seamlessly.
  • Push Notifications: Real-time notifications for messages, mentions, and activity.
  • In-app Search: Search for users, conversations, and content.
  • Unread Message Counts: Track unread messages in different chats.
  • Custom Emoji Support: Enhance user expression with custom emojis.

Community & Groups:

  • Topic-based Chat: Sort conversations based on users interests. 
  • Group Chats: Create and manage groups with various access levels.
  • Chat Rooms: Facilitate temporary or ongoing group discussions.

Security & Privacy:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Secure communication with AES-encryption Protocol.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Secure messaging for healthcare applications.
  • GDPR Compliance: The solution adheres to EU regulations. 
  • Chat moderation: Manage the integrity of your app with content moderation.
  • Profanity filters: Curb out abusive/ profane content with powerful filters.

Additional Features Your Social App Might Need:

  • Chat-GPT-powered support: Get support from our ChatGPT-powered support solution.
  • Chat tags: Give a tag for each conversation to sort them and understand your user.
  • Chat history: Leverage a record of conversations for users to look back.
  • Schedule calendar: Enable users to set up meetings as per their time schedules.
  • Sync calendar: Sync calendar with meetings set up in your app. 


  • On-premise: Get the freedom of hosting your app on your own premise. Manage your infrastructure and security without any restrictions. 
  • On-cloud: Need a hand? MirrorFly also gives you the option to host your app on its own servers. You’ll get a dedicated space on the cloud with multi-tenancy support. 

What Is The Pricing Of MirrorFly?

MirrorFly offers 2 different pricing options:

  • SaaP/ Self-hosted: Custom pricing.
  • SaaS/ Cloud: 2 different pricing tiers, for a monthly subscription.

Why Do We Recommend MirrorFly?
Overall, if you’d like to build a full-featured social app with the freedom to personalize and deploy, go for MirrorFly without a doubt!

Are You Looking To Build Your Own Custom Chat App?

2. GetStream

Feature-rich communication SDKs & APIs!

activity feed sdk

Adding real-time features to your social app with is a great way to make it more interactive and interesting. Think of a social media app where live feeds feel natural, updates happen effortlessly, and users can see who is typing. 

That’s how does its magic! It does the hard work of real-time chat, freeing you up to concentrate on developing compelling features that attract people to stay using your app.

What Are The Key Features Of GetStream?

Social Chat & Messaging:

  • Direct messaging (1-to-1) and group chats (multi-user)
  • Channel creation with customizable permissions and moderation
  • Emojis, GIFs, attachments, and file sharing
  • Chat reactions, mentions, and threaded replies
  • Chat history search and filtering
  • Presence indicators and typing notifications
  • Real-time chat updates with push notifications

User Profiles & Connections:

  • Customizable user profiles with bio, picture, and cover photo
  • Following and follower management
  • Search for users by username, interests, or other criteria
  • Friend suggestions and recommendations
  • Blocking and muting functionality

Communities & Groups:

Additional Features Of Getstream:

  • Social login and SSO integration
  • Content moderation and filtering tools
  • Live video and audio features (optional)
  • Analytics and insights for user behavior and engagement
  • Scalable infrastructure to handle large user bases

What Is The Pricing Of GetStream?

Getstream offers 4 different plans for recurring subscriptions.

  • Startup: $59/mo
  • Standard: $269/mo
  • Premium: $899/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Why Do We Recommend Getstream?
Well, if you are looking for smooth and sleek features for social feeds on your apps, choose Getstream.

3. Weavy

The modern in-app communication solution!

Weavy is a powerful platform that makes the communities in your social app come together easily. Imagine an environment where people easily introduce themselves based on their common interests. 

And where groups are filled with interesting conversations and initiatives. What if your app turns into a place where a feeling of community encourages deep connections? 

Yes, Weavy’s ability to create a diverse array of social interactions encourages users to return makes it so powerful.

What Are The Key Features Of Weavy?


  • Public and private communities: Create spaces for specific interests or groups.
  • Community feeds: Share updates, polls, and threaded conversations within communities.
  • Moderation tools: Manage content and activities within communities.

Chat & Messaging:

  • Real-time chat: 1-on-1 and group chats with push notifications.
  • Direct messaging: Secure private messages between users.
  • File sharing: Share documents and images within chats.

Profiles & Connections:

  • User profiles: Customizable profiles with bios, pictures, and cover photos.
  • Following and followers: Connect with other users and see their activity.
  • Search: Find users by name, interests, or other criteria.

Content & Engagement:

  • Polls: Create and participate in polls within communities.
  • Reactions & comments: Engage with content through reactions and comments.
  • Notifications: Stay informed about mentions, messages, and activity.
  • Content discovery: Explore content across communities and topics.

Additional Features:

  • Customizable UI: Design a unique look and feel for your app.
  • API access: Integrate Weavy with your existing tools and workflows.
  • Scalable infrastructure: Handle large user bases and high volumes of activity.
  • Security & privacy: Secure communication and user data protection.

Why Do We Recommend Weavy?
Weavy is a good option if you are looking for design-rich social feeds for your app. Their UI is simple, responsive and intuitive without a doubt. 

4. Ably

The most developer-friendly chat platform!

Ably gives your social media app instantaneous responsiveness. Yes, it makes conversations smooth and interactive with live streams, chats. 

In fact you can add collaborative capabilities like document editing that work without issues. That’s how powerful and dynamic interactions can happen when you choose Ably’s Feeds API. 

What Are The Key Features Of Ably?

Real-time communication:

  • Pub/Sub channels: Enable real-time updates and interactions between users.
  • Presence: Track online status and availability of users.
  • Low latency messaging: Fast delivery of messages and updates.
  • Guaranteed message delivery: Ensure messages reach their intended recipients.

Engagement and activity:

  • Feed updates: Real-time updates in feeds, notifications, and chat.
  • Push notifications: Alert users about new messages and activities.
  • Message history: Access past conversations and content.

Scalability and reliability:

  • Globally distributed network: Handle large user bases and high traffic.
  • Fault tolerance: Maintain uptime even with network issues.
  • Automatic reconnections: Seamlessly reconnect in case of disconnections.

Other features:

  • Security and encryption: Protect user data and communication.
  • SDKs and APIs: Integrate easily with various development platforms.
  • Flexibility and customization: Tailor features to your specific needs.
  • Analytics: Track performance and user behavior.

What Is The Pricing Of Ably?

Ably offers its features in 3 different models.

  • Free
  • Pay as you go 
  • Committed use

You may need to contact Ably’s team to get a full picture of their pricing structure. 

Why Do We Recommend Ably?
Ably works on the Pub/ Sub approach and that makes it an ideal choice to drive dynamic interactions in any social/community-based apps. 

So, Now We Have Clear Winners! 

We know coding is fun. But that doesn’t mean you need to put your time and effort into something that can be done quickly and easily. Make use of the Feed API that’s best for your business and brand and witness yourself the engagement in your app multiply.

Still need help choosing?

If you need a complete package of Feeds solution, go for MirrorFly. Because it’s customizable and  white-label. You simply can add the features, as if built in-house. If you’d like to have a quick demo, you can get in touch with our experts right here.

Looking To Build Your Own White-label Chat App?

Get our enterprise-grade communication solution, that can be set up on your company servers.

Request Demo
  • 100% customizable
  • Topic-based Chat
  • Full source code

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create a personalized activity feed experience for users using MirrorFly API?

Yes, you can create a custom activity feed UX using  MirrorFly Feed API. Additionally, with our powerful and scalable APIs, you will have full control on the feature sets, design, layout, and other UI components of your activity feed, and tailor it as per your business needs. 

How does MirrorFly news feed API benefit businesses?

By integrating MirrorFly news feed API, businesses can see an increase in user engagement and retention numbers, without worrying about the scalability, reliability, latency, or maintenance of a feed infrastructure. 

Is it possible to integrate feeds with video, voice, & chat features?

Yes, you can seamlessly integrate video, voice, and chat functionalities to feeds using a Feed API and create engaging experiences. Plus, by using a Feed API, developers can overcome the scalability issues that arise when the user base grows.

In what ways we can engage users through activity feeds?

You can engage your users within activity feeds through many forms, like 
1. Adding multiple stories or posts for users to interact with a ‘like’ and ‘comment’, 
2. Providing real-time updates, 
3. Offering gamification elements, 
4. Letting users to share posts to their social networks, and more.

What is the main objective of using news feed SDK?

Activity feed or news feed SDK helps deliver real-time information and updates to users in a list form on their communication app. This information can either be in text form, or videos that get updated automatically without the need to refresh the page. 

Additionally, new feed SDKs allow developers to customize the feed behavior and implement social features like likes, shares, and comments for smoother collaboration.

Are activity feeds suitable for various types of applications?

Yes, activity feeds can be integrated to several different apps like e-commerce, healthcare, e-learning, gaming, dating, logistics, transport, and in places that support user interaction.  

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