20 March, 2023
best live video calling apis and sdks

10 Best Live Video Calling APIs in 2023

The global COVID-19 pandemic completely revolutionized the communication sector. Earlier when live video calls were used for a gala talk, it has now become increasingly popular for business meetings and professional talks.

What is a Video Calling API?

An API, acronymed as Application Programming Interface is an intermediary that allows two software to communicate and exchange data seamlessly. They come of great help to developers, allowing them to easily build notch functionality apps without having to spend a fortune on creating an app from the very scratch. 

And, with a video calling API, programmers can build custom live video and audio chat experiences on any mobile device or web app. Usually, all video calling APIs and SDKs come following WebRTC technology for quality data streaming.

#1 Live Video Chat API & SDK for Android, iOS, and Web Apps

What are the Must-Have Video Chat API Features?

Before you think about developing a video chat app, you must consider how to integrate it easily and what components to include in your app. While doing this, check closely for the following features:

  • Single and Group Chats: Create an engaging platform for users to indulge in single and group chats using the conferencing feature.
  • Content Sharing: Allows users to share content and screen during a call.
  • Reduced Lags, Jitters, and Noise: Improves video calling app’s quality.
  • Call Recording: Records and stores content for future usage.
Looking to Build a Customizable Video Chat Solution?

Top 10 APIs and SDKs for Video Calling

We have compared the best video call APIs for your Android, iOS, and Web apps. Here are some of the top 10 best live video calling APIs and SDKs are MirrorFly, Agora, Apphitect, Twilio, Getstream, Sinch, EnableX, etc… choose your provider today based on their features, pricing, and more.

1. MirrorFly

live video calling
The #1 SaaS & Self-hosted Video Chat SDK Provider!

MirrorFly is a popular and industry-leading video calling SDK provider that lets users experience the best & secure face-to-face interactions. From offering 150+ video, voice, and chat features that can be customized as per business needs to quick integration capabilities, MirrorFly is highly preferred by developers. Additionally, we also offer both cloud and self-hosted video chat solutions to build video calling apps. 

Let us take a look at the perks of these solutions.

MirrorFly Cloud-based SDKs

This solution is known to offer high-end chat features like 1-to-1 and group video chats, file sharing, online presence indicators, and other top features for a monthly subscription fee. And, businesses can host their video chat apps on MirrorFly’s cloud servers. Other benefits of this solution include:

  • Fully free chat SDKs
  • 21-day free voice and video call SDKs
  • Dedicated cloud servers
  • Multi-tenancy support

MirrorFly Self-Hosted Video Chat SDKs

With the help of Mirrorfly’s self-hosted video SDKs, you can build a 100% customizable whitelabel video chat solution for a one-time license cost. Also, upon opting for this model, businesses get full control over features, deployment, and security. Other benefits include:

  • 100% customizable chat SDKs
  • One-time license cost
  • White-label chat solution
  • On-premise hosting
MirrorFly’s Pricing

MirrorFly offers both ‘Pay-as-you-go’ & “One-time License cost” pricing models that makes it flexible for businesses of all sizes. Our SaaS plans come with monthly subscriptions whereas our self-hosted solution offers 100% customizations on all voice chat features.

2. Agora

online video calling
Drive User Engagement With Video Calling APIs

Agora is the sole video calling API provider with features like AR facial masks and sound effects. Their in-house algorithms or codes offer streaming quality from 96p to 1080p with lesser bandwidth for better visualization. Further, to alleviate stutters, lags, or jitters during a video call, Agora’s SDK applies adaptive video resolution technology on the user’s network condition. 

Notable Features
  • Sound Effects
  • AR Facial Masks
  • Whiteboards, Screen Sharing
  • HD Quality Video Streaming
  • Custom Masks 
  • Visual Filters
  • Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI)
Agora’s Pricing

Agora’s video API pricing is a little unique from the rest as they offer pricing plans based on the number of participants in a video chat app, the quality of the video for streaming, and the duration they are used for.

3. Apphitect

custom video chat api
The Top Provider Of Self-Hosted APIs

Apphitect is a global leader in video chats and conference calls catering their services to enterprises of varied sizes; from SMBs to full-fledged large enterprise solutions. Their video calling APIs and SDKs are unique in the market, in terms of feature-suite, scalability parameter, security attribute, and easy integrations. Additionally, developers come to know of Apphitect as a completely customizable chat API provider of call & chat solutions that businesses can avail at a one-time license fee. 

Notable Features
  • 100% Customizable & White-labeled Solution
  • Highly Scalable
  • Supports up to 100 interactive video call participants.
  • Group Calls, Conference Chats
  • Flexible Deployment
  • High Video Streaming Quality
  • Load Balancing
Apphitect’s Pricing

You must contact the Apphitect’s sales team as their video calling API pricing is not listed on their web page. 

4. Twilio

video chat sdk for android
Makes App Conversational With Video SDKs

Twilio provides APIs and SDKs that can add video calling to apps with virtual video background and custom layout features. Yet another important aspect of them is their quality control tools like Network Quality API to monitor network performance and bandwidth across participants in a video chat app. 

Notable Features
  • Quick and Easy Integrations
  • API and SDK Tutorials and Documentation
  • Highly Scalable and Reliable
  • GDPR and HIPAA Compliance
  • Animations and Virtual Background Images
  • Breakout Conference Rooms
Twilio’s Pricing

Twilio holds a free pricing plan for mobile and web apps that constitutes only a 1-to-1 video conferencing feature. However, there is a price tag for the rest. Also, if your app needs to support more than two participants in a video chat, then the pricing varies with per participant per minute. 

5. GetStream

video call sdk
The Best Video Chat API Provider

GetStream is a leading provider of video calling APIs and SDKs that allow users to experience face-to-face interactions at the highest quality. Unlike other providers in the niche, they have partnered with Dolby.io, a division of Dolby Labs. This amalgamation has made integration of video features like 3D Immersive Calls, Video Calling, Content Sharing, Broadcasting, and Recording possible.

Notable Features
  • 1-to-1 Video Chats and Group Calls
  • Live Broadcasting
  • File Sharing
  • Call Recording
  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Security Mechanisms
  • GDPR and HIPAA Compliance
GetStream’s Pricing

Getstream pricing plans differ with the size of the business and the features they rely on. For more information, contact their sales team.

6. Sinch

video chat platform
Their Video Chat APIs Create Experiences

Sinch helps app or web developers build a richer video chat experience for end users with ideal customizable video chat APIs. Their iOS, Android, and Web-based Javascript in-house video calling SDKs give the utmost streaming quality with flexible deployment. With these, unmatched security, top-notch performance, and die-hard traits are a few, Sinch gets noted for. 

Notable Features
  • Hybrid Platform Support
  • Enterprise-grade Reliability
  • Custom Video Filters and Masks
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Lowest Video Latency
Sinch’s Pricing

Sinch supports different pricing plans but does not feature its video API pricing online. To know more about their pricing, you need to contact their sales team.

7. EnableX

video call api for websites
A Trusted Video Chat SDK Provider To-Date

Enablex.io has come forth with a perfect video chat API and SDK for app developers giving them everything to build a video chat app like never before. From ideally curated KB tutorials to features like none, Enablex has indeed enabled a higher version of the video chat experience. Their codes acting as building blocks are highly scalable as per the business needs and are unique!

Notable Features
  • UI Kits that are customizable with tangible layouts.
  • Allows up to 2000 participants in a video conference call.
  • Enhanced security standards like E2E and AES-512 mechanisms.
  • Screen and File Sharing options
Enablex.io’s Pricing

Their pricing is determined by the number of participants in a video call app and the number of minutes a call lasts. 

8. Vonage

video call service provider
Build The Best Video Chat Apps

Vonage is a new kid on the block whose feature-rich video chat APIs gives developers an easy method to build custom video experience on platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web. Built on the WebRTC standards, their data streaming quality is not limited by any network issues. 

Notable Features
  • Encrypted Video Recordings
  • Embedding Video Chats
  • GDPR and HIPAA Compliance
  • SIP Interconnect
  • AES-256 Standards
  • Integration is less than 4 minutes
  • Video Stream Customization
  • HLS and RTMP Streaming
  • Video Analytics
Vonage’s Pricing

Vonage prices its users starting from $9.99 per month with exceptions on bandwidth limitations. Their pricing plans range with the number of participants in a live video session.

9. CometChat

video chat software
A Leading Video Chat API Provider

Cometchat’s APIs and SDKs make video call integration a hit with its rich in-depth documentation, demos, and easy-to-understand codes. Also, they come compatible across hybrid platforms for iOS, Web, and Android. Be it to add any functionality, like 1-to-1 video calls, group video chats, or any live video features, Cometchat does it with a breeze. 

Notable Features:
  • 1-to-1 Video Chat and Group Chats
  • Video Conferencing Functionality
  • Typing and Presence Indicators
  • Chat Widgets like Drag and Drop
  • White-labeled Message Translation
  • Automated Moderation Tools
Cometchat’s Pricing

Cometchat’s pricing comes flexible with plans built to scale as per the needs of the business. Their plans start from as minimal $149 per month to $749 per month.

10. Videosdk.Live

online video chat api
A Multi-featuristic Video Chat API 

Videosdk.Live is an impressively fast  integration facility that is said to add video calls to apps in less than 10 minutes. It makes video calling efficient for both users and developers by helping them explore vast SDK functionalities from their depot. Also, their codes are written supporting platforms like JavaScript, React JS, React Native, Android, Flutter, and iOS. 

Notable Features
  • Pre-built SDK that supports 5000 participants in a group video call.
  • Integration in 10 minutes
  • Whiteboards, Polls, Q&A
  • Channels and Threads
  • UI Kits and Scalable parallel rooms
  • Video Recording
  • Unlimited attendee support in a group call
Videosdk’s Pricing

Video SDK pricing is determined by the number of participants in an active video call app and the streaming quality one wishes to include in the app. 

Now, that we saw the different API providers in town, let us focus on yet another aspect:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Video Call API and SDK Providers 

Here is a list of factors to consider when evaluating a video calling API.

  • Self-hosted and SaaS Deployment

Deployment options happen to be a major factor in determining the best API provider. Some vendors offer cloud-based options, whereas quite a few promise on-premise deployment when your traffic increases. Both the options are good but choose as per your business needs. 

  • Quick Integrations

Quick integration in minutes and easy setup without having to jot down many requirements are a few parameters to be mostly seen while choosing a video calling API provider.

  • High Scalability

Scalability is yet another imperative factor. And, the video chat API should also be able to scale across platforms as the transaction volume pitches up. With these, the API infrastructure should also maintain flexibility to changing business needs. 

  • Unmatched Security

Whenever it comes to security, there are a lot of things to consider, starting right from security standards like AES or E2E to compliances with SSO capabilities. Additionally, businesses in Europe must comply with GDPR & HIPAA act to avoid any type of data breach. So, ensure that your video chat API has a hold on all of these. 

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

It has become a necessity for users to engage in video chats across platforms. So, businesses are in search of video chat APIs that are compatible with hybrid platforms (Android, iOS, and Web) at the same time. 

Integrate the Right Video Chat API within your Video App Now

We just saw the top ten video chat APIs beeping their benefits in the town. And so, there might be a possibility that an API of the list could suit your business needs. But, let us remind you that the internet is an ocean, you get to find complete repositories on them there.

Be it whichever API you choose, ensure that it holds the benefits and features discussed above for your video chat app. Also, pricing matters, so have a look at the API’s pricing page. Finally, Happy Implementing & Happy Rejoicing!

You can also try out our platform and test all of our video chat features. No sign-up fees or credit cards are required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Video Calling API?

A video calling API (Application Programming Interface) is said to be a plug-and-play component whose codes can be integrated into any existing web and mobile application to build exceptional video communication experiences for users.

Additionally, a video API is usually known to save developers time and effort in quickly adding complex video chat features like single and group chats, call muting, language translation, and a lot more in less than an hour. 

What is a Video SDK?

A video SDK also meaning video Software Development Kit is a plug-in module that lets developers or anyone to easily integrate its codes into any web or mobile application and create exceptional audio and video communication experiences within minutes. And an SDK is a set of tools that includes a library of functions, visual editors, code samples, processes, and APIs too. 

How Does Video API Work?

There are a lot of things that happen in the background when using a video chat API, right from encoding and packaging to playback. With these, a video API also supports certain functions like creating workflows, customizing, and controlling them, thereby allowing developers to add videos to the system, configure settings, and finally deliver the content to end users. 

What are the Key Benefits of Using Video APIs?

Using a ready-made video calling SDK or API lets developers to quickly build features that would rather take months for development, they need not focus on the security part as APIs would have built-in security protocols, can easily scale with business growth, any newbie or individual developer is sufficient, and includes no maintenance or infrastructure cost. 

What is a Live Video Call?

Live video call is a type of real-time communication that helps users can interact face-to-face with each other over the internet. You can make live video calls using any mobile or computer, provided it has a built-in microphone, cameras, and speakers, along with a supporting app or software.

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