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How to Integrate Video Calls into Existing Apps & Websites?

Published On July 9th, 2024 34737Communication
Explore Video Call Integration

Skype. WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger. WeChat. Slack.

“Leaving the days behind in the cold with voice calling. It’s time for video calling, the latest version in the era of communication.”

Be it a one-on-one video call or a multi-participant video seminar, today’s technology related to video chat API has empowered the entire digital world with real-time virtuality. 

Yes! These integration tools have enhanced the existence of every application simply by adding to their APIs and SDKs. This has in turn eventually caught the attention of so many thriving developers who urge to know more about it. 

This post is meant for you with all my research covering all the necessary details that a developer or a businessman looks out for. So, let’s dive in and get to know more.

What is Video Chat API/SDK?

Video chat API is a real-time application program interface that provides access to both back-ends as well as server infrastructure. It can be easily integrated into real-time chat within any existing application for mobile and websites. This API provides support to the video communication application that involves a huge number of user engagement.

On the contrary, SDK is the software development kit that are used to create a completely new application that can be easily added to any Android, iOS, or web application. Whether it could be a live chat system on video games or an instant messaging option over the web browser, chat SDK provides space for everything.

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How About Getting Started with Firebase to Build Video and Voice Chat Applications?

Since the above image shows a clear view concerning the interaction of these video call SDK for android or iOS with client application. Now, let’s see how this video call integration process works further for android, iOS or web apps.

Firebase also stands a powerful API to build real time chat application that possesses video, voice call integration with built-in security and safety feature to safeguard the entire chat conversation taking place in the application. To utilize the work of a WebRTC signaling, Firebase plays as real-time cloud storage in making API calls to client’s service that scales up to few numbers of users not exceeding 10. It requires instant payment for every usage of users across the platforms.

Now, let’s see how these video chat APIs can be integrated into any video calling app despite the platform.

Fundamental Voice/Video Calling Features For Businesses

features of video call api
Voip Call API Features
  • Video ConferencingGets you to make unlimited HQ video conferencing from any application with the hosting up to 250+ participants despite geographical location.
  • Live BroadcastingThis makes you to experience live events with high-defined video quality involving unlimited participants directly across the platform with low latency irrespective of bandwidth.
  • Video RecordingHaving a recorded version of a session stored in your space can let you to learn about the session in later future.
  • Screen SharingYou can share your desktop screen during the webinar/presentation with other participants and make the session more informative and engaging
  • Cross-Platform SupportMirrorFly’s Video call APIs and SDKs supports all kinds of platforms including iOS, Android, and web app to make calls from one device to another
  • SIP & VoIP CallsMirrorFly ensures SIP capability to make voice calls to network carriers from mobile applications or browsers. It replaces the traditional carrier network calling in the most cost-effective manner.
  • One-on-One or Group CallingMirrorFly video chat APIs facilitates group as well as a one-on-one video call with highly reliable and efficient quality calls across devices.
  • End-to-end Encryption You can have your users conversations and data encrypted at all levels until it reaches the receiver end for more secure communication.
  • Adaptive H264 Codec – This helps to provide quality video or voice continuously at very low bit rate without reducing the complexity of the video/audio.
  • Low LatencyThis enables you to consume much lower level of data and transfer it within a short interval of time.
  • Own Turn ServerThis acts as a medium to route the connection properly between the client and user with ensuring bandwidth usage.

Well, after having some idea about the basic features and functionalities of voice/video calling. Let’s see how these APIs are integrated into any video calling app

How to Integrate APIs into your Video Calling App (Android and iOS)

To Integrate any IOS Or Android Video Conferencing API, you must check for the availability of the following said components,

Step 1: Credential to Video Call SDK Account

To use the SDK and its related services that need to be integrated into your existing apps, you must have credentials. Thus, it’s better to have a check on credentials.

Step 2: Server Application

Since it runs at your application server, it utilizes the third-party account credentials to give access to the video services.

Step 3: Client Application

The client application can be executed over the mobile as well as on a web app. Moreover, it uses third-party SDKs to publish, capture, subscribe and execute the real time communication data.

Furthermore, Let’s have a look at the steps needed to implement video call integration in android or web application,

Step 4: Create a Room

First, the server Application informs the video call SDK to create a meeting room.

Once done, before creating a new room the SDK validates the provided data credentials.

This is followed by the video SDK responding with the Room SID that can be used later with API requests.

Step 5: The client gets access to the Tokens

To get into the meeting room, it is necessary for the clients to obtain access tokens. This is so as it ensures that the client application has control of who is the authorized participant to join the video meeting room.

  • The First client requests an access token from the application server by making use of HTTP requests from the client app.
  • The application server utilizes the video SDK account credentials to produce a secure access token. This in turn gets the client with an access token.

Well, the web video conferencing integration process further takes on certain challenges. Let’s have a brief understanding about that in the next section.

Want To Build A Highly Secure Video Chat Experience?

Challenges Every Enterprise Encounters While Integrating Video Chat Solution

Whenever you are planning for a video call integration in android, you must take care of many things including lighting, sound quality, speed bandwidth and more. 

Of course, all this can make a better impact on your applications capabilities  but this will also make a way to some challenges depending upon the industry. So, let’s dive deep into the challenges.

1. Long Delivery Times

When it comes to building a video call application from scratch, it consumes a lot of time as well as money, of course making a space to stress. But with ready-made APIs you can get everything at one place.

Yes! You can integrate the ready to use video chat features into your existing app effortlessly and make a start from multi-end testing right from deployment to code quality check at your convenience.

2. Operational Complexity

Right from the deployment to managing the entire infrastructure of the application from scratch is quite complex and requires a handful of skills from techies. The developed infrastructure has to meet the expectation of the solutions’ performance. On holding these complexities, focusing more the development process will meet the expectations.

3. Cross-device Security

Well, where the above are some of the major factors to be noted on with challenges. There are many use cases that get the support of MirrorFly to spread their wings across.

Well, so far we have learned the must-have features of video chat APIs and how to integrate them into any video calling app. Now, it’s time to talk about the real stuff- the best video call APIs to build an ideal video chat app.

5 Best Video SDKs in 2024

Must say that there are thousands of video calling SDKs and APIs canned in the market. Finding which API provider would suit your business needs would be difficult. So, below we have curated the top five SDK providers. Beware, those listed below are of no particular order.

1. MirrorFly

MirrorFly is one of the most trusted in-app communication providers of video chat SDKs that helps developers to build engaging video calling experiences across web, Android, and iOS apps. Besides being packed with rich benefits like E2E encryption standards, high scalability, and quick integration capabilities, MirrorFly also offers SaaS and self-hosted video chat solutions to businesses.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the two solutions:

Cloud-based Video Chat SDKs

The cloud solution gives users free instant messaging SDK and subscription to top chat features like single and group video calls, call logs, muting, analytics, and others for a recurring monthly fee. 

Notable Features:

  • Integrate SDK in <10 mins
  • Low-code Strategy
  • Dedicated cloud space
  • Multi-tenancy infrastructure

Self-hosted Video Call Solution

MirrorFly’s self-hosted solution offers 100% customizable video calling SDKs to build your own white-label solution. Besides offering customizations on 150+ call and chat features for a one-time license cost,  other benefits include.

Notable Features:

  • 100% customizations
  • One-time license cost
  • White-label video chat solution
  • On-premise hosting
  • Hire dedicated development team
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2. Apphitect

Apphitect is one of the secure in-app communication SDK providers that offers 100% customizations on video, voice, and chat features to build interactive web and mobile chat apps. Plus, their platform being a complete self-hosted solution, allows businesses to take complete ownership of call and chat features and build white-label video chat apps at a one-time license cost. Further, their video APIs also offer end-to-end encryption, ultra-low latencies, and high scalability. 

Notable features:

Create A Modern Video Call Experience With MirrorFly Today!

3. Dyte

Dyte is a new-age communications platform that allows you to integrate video calling into your applications and websites seamlessly. You can also seamlessly integrate video, audio, and live-streaming capabilities into your platform. Their SDK is lightweight and developer-friendly, offering a bunch of advanced features. Here is how you can integrate video conferencing with Dyte.

Notable Features:

  • No-code UI kit
  • In-built plugins like whiteboard, code editor, video streamer, etc. 
  • AI-powered noise cancellation
  • Spatial Audio
  • Self-troubleshooter
  • Pausable recordings
  • In-built adaptive bitrate
  • In-built auto-track management 
  • AR/VR Effects

4. Twilio

Twilio helps build memorable video experiences for its users. It enables them to customize video chats as per their requirements with layouts and virtual backgrounds using their feature-rich video calling APIs and SDKs. All of which are compatible across different platforms. Twilio also includes network quality API tools in their package to monitor network performance and bandwidth for crystal-clear video streaming. 

Additionally, their video chat API delivers a robust, scalable, and reliable interface built atop a cloud-based infrastructure. 

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Notable Features:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Cloud Recording
  • Workflow integration
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Cross-platform performance
  • GDPR Compliance
Looking to Recreate your Existing Twilio Platform?
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5. EnableX

EnableX is an engaging communication platform whose video chat SDKs give developers everything they need to build an exclusive video experience onto their apps. Their video call features are highly customizable holding a plethora of layout designs in their UI kits. What makes it even more unique is the limit of participants in group video calls, and they range up to 2000. 

EnableX is powered by the Visual Builder tool thereby helping developers to build their UI with a few clicks, drags, and drops. 

Notable Features:

  • Secure video calling
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Floor access control
  • Moderated entry
  • Room lock
  • Waiting lobby
  • End-to-end encryption with AES 512 standards

6. Agora

A sole feature of Agora’s video chat SDK that exists nowhere else is the AR facial masks and sound effects which help to create a fun environment for users during video calls. Their APIs and SDKs include adaptive video resolution algorithms for a jitter-free video experience. 

Plus, this algorithm aids in providing the best video quality even during challenging network conditions.

Notable Features:

  • AI-powered noise cancellation
  • AI-powered add-on services
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing 
  • Live streaming chat
  • Draw whiteboard
  • Voice Effects
Looking to Recreate your Existing Agora Platform?
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Considering that you got a hold on MirrorFly’s services and benefits, let us see how to integrate their APIs into different use cases. Starting right with: 

Impact of MirrorFly Voice/Video Calling APIs in Variety of Industries

Since, MirrorFly has served a lot of industries with its supportive approach in the field of real-time communication. Let’s have a check on some of the use cases that have been impacted with its positiveness,

1. MirrorFly Video Call Integration Into CRM Platforms

When it comes to CRM platforms, there is a time when the customer’s conversations get hidden in long emails or scattered around in spreadsheets, that eventually creates inconsistent interactions with customers. But, integrating MirrorFly video call API into CRM, had improved the customer relationships taking the business to the next level of trust.

In brief,

  • Increases the interaction between your sales team and clients by offering virtual communication possibilities
  • Helps to nurture and increase the conversion rate of your leads into potential business deals
  • Supports to streamline the sales process by providing project demo via video call sessions

2. Virtual Communication In Telehealth Applications

video call api for ios

Every patient deserves access to the right care at the right time despite the remote area to ensure the best possible result.

Therefore, to have better and instant communication in case of emergencies, the concept of telehealth app has been introduced which connects the patient and the doctor.

Here, MirrorFly provides a secure mode of communication that happens with its integration of video calling APIs into existing web and mobile apps giving a way to a variety of benefits,

  • Supports to connect doctors and patients in real-time to avail treatment on emergencies
  • Gives access to the healthcare related treatments in the most impossible situations
  • Helps patients to reduce the travel cost to clinics where virtual interaction is way more equal compared to physical treatment

3. Teachers & Students Interactions Through Video Calls

video call api for android

Today by adding video conferencing to the website, the teacher and students can have face-to-face  communication directly with each other. This mode of communication has lead to many benefits,

  • Makes online education more interactive and effective
  • Enables educational professionals and trainers to host online courses with interactive tools including white board drawing, and more

4. Connecting Customers & Agents Via Real Estate Websites/Apps

Searching for a property in the desired location, is not that easy task. Of course, every one of us has experienced that as in those days, we have to roam around with these real estate people in search of a property.
But, now the real estate industry has revolutionized in digital terms where everything is possible with video conferencing technology.

This includes,

  • Real-estate professionals can run their businesses through video conferencing & video calling by enabling customers to visit the properties virtually.
  • Supports to deal with multiple customers across the states and districts simultaneously to close deals and contact.

5. Reducing Compliant Issues In Travel & Hospitality Sectors

In the earlier days, the traveling and hospitality industries made use of voice and text concepts to communicate with the customers to book a room or travel related stuff. Most of the time, it has brought the customers into the state of deception.

But, the integration of MirrorFly video chat APIs have created a great change in customer’s perspective in approaching the concept. Let’s have some of the benefits,

  • Enables you to connect with your customers during issues in real-time instead of emails and regular phone calls
  • Support team to connect with customers through the existing application resulting in more customer satisfaction leading to improvement in organization’s performance

6. Real-time Interaction with On-demand Customers

ondemand video call api for android

Implementation of MirrorFly in-app video call APIs in on-demand services can eliminate the uncertainty issues that occur with online ordering. It has been found that almost 50% of the cancellation rate on orders has been reduced since you can share exact location here with images. Furthermore, benefits includes,

  • Increases the trustworthy customer satisfaction by offering instant response/solution to customers
  • Supports in standardizing the delivery process for the users to work with the platform further with more ease

7. Cabinet Meetings With Government Officials Across the States

MirrorFly video call API helps government officials to connect with other state ministers during natural disasters like COVID-19 to make decisions without any delay. Here, the meetings ensure a secure session with an end-to-end encryption protocol that prevents the breach of government information from unauthorized access.

After having a look at the impact of MirrorFly video chat APIs on a variety of industries, let’s see why all these industries prefer MirrorFly over any other solution. Additionally, MirrorFly can be customized video chat API for several use cases. From a dedicated chat app within an office to a doctor-patient communication system for hospitals or even a help support system for banking or financial institutions, MirrorFly can be used to build any kind of real-time communication system.

How MirrorFly Can Make a Difference in Enhancing Your Video Call App?

Today where the market is filled with many video call API and SDK providers, there are some gems still around on which you can rely – mostly, for their uniqueness in capabilities. 

One among them is CONTUS MirrorFly, a readymade chat solution that fulfills the needs of all kinds of businesses. MirrorFly’s in-built video call APIs are available with simple source codes that are easy to understand and integrate into any third party device effortlessly. Let’s have a look at these unique points in detail,

1. End-to-end Encryption

Whenever someone is planning to enhance their existing application, it’s quite usual for them to check out for security features – a key factor behind. Thus, MirrorFly video call APIs ensure enterprise-grade security protocols to protect every part of an information starting from conversation data, file sharing, and more. Moreover, they provide a multi-layer security with many security options like OMEMO encryption, KDF chain, and more.

2. High-End Scalability

Scalability is the core for any real-time communication app as it directly deals with more user retention. With MirrorFly video call APIs you can connect over 1 billion + users across the globe around multiple platforms.

3. On-Cloud/On-premises Infrastructure 

What if you get an open option for hosting? Sounds great – right! Well, the developer-friendly solution provides an open option for hosting with your cloud or their cloud, wherein you can store your user’s all conversations and data depending upon your preference.

4. Easy to Implement into Any Third Party

To enhance any application, it is necessary that the selected solution must be able to adapt into any third-party device. With MirrorFly, you can relax as they provide a developer-friendly video call APIs and SDKs with guided documentation that support an easy integration process. 

5. Open Choice with Pricing

It is a known fact that the development cost of any voice video calling app depends upon its complexity in features. So, having a note on customer’s need MirrorFly gets you options in pricing with both – self-managed (one-time license cost) and on-cloud (monthly subscription), with which you can make a choice as per your business requirements.

From the above now you must have got some idea as to why MirrorFly could be the best choice to opt for. However, if my post finds you some insight on your interest with voice video calling application enhancement, it would be so grateful of you. 

Well, if you got an idea to proceed further with enhancing your existing application then feel free to contact us for further guidance. We are waiting for you with our team to support you in all your needs.

All the Best!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by API integration?

An API, also known as Application Programming Interface is an intermediary that allows two applications or software components to interact with one another using a set of requests and responses. They are truly an accessible way to extract and share data between applications. And these days, APIs are all around us, whenever you see a ridesharing app, or changing the temperature from your mobile, or use a payment app, there’s an API.

Also Read: API Integration Tips to Developers – A Complete Guide

Why integrate a video on your platform?

Videos in particular keep people engaged in your website for a much longer time than any other communication medium like chat or email would do. They are also known to create that personal touch, strengthen the bond between peers, reduce the travel costs of patients and doctors, improve conversions and retention rates, boost productivity, and much more. 

And, it is because of these reasons that businesses today are shifting toward video chat API solutions to add video communications. 

How do I integrate video calls into my website?

To quickly and seamlessly integrate video calling features to your website, you must first choose the best video chat API provider that will match your budget and business requirements. Then, you must see whether they offer modern video calling features, security, and unmatched scalability. With these in hand, you can look over to the provider’s integration docs to learn the integration process and the tech stacks they use for websites or simply talk to their experts.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Video Call API Into Your Existing App?

By integrating video calling API to existing video chat applications, businesses can improve communication between peers, add features that they need, can stop worrying about app hosting, enhance workplace structure, optimize quality of video calls, benefit from security-related threats, spend less on maintenance and infrastructure, and more. 

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  1. Dennis says:

    How much does it cost of contus fly source code?

    1. Masi says:

      Purely depends on your requirement and standards.

      1. Lynda James says:

        I’m interested in a websocket pub-sub, presence, geo-location, chat, group-chat, chat storage, file share, screen share, webrtc calling (voice and video).

        1. Akora says:

          Is Contus Fly making video chat/ conferencing?

          1. Masi says:

            Hello Akora,
            Of course, Contus Fly support the video chat API integration to any level.

          2. Dhiksha says:

            Hi Masi,
            How many users support in video conferencing?

          3. Masi says:

            Our Contus Fly solution supports up to 5 users at a time.

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            Shall I get real-time video chat API like plug & play model?

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        Is this solution for video chat/conferencing that can be integrated with an API in a website?

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    I am considering developing a hybrid app over native. The app will have secure video call facility, sort feature and integration with payment gateway. Which platform is the best- Iconic, Xamarin or PhoneGap? Or is there is a better platform that I can consider?

    1. Masi says:

      Xamarin would be the best choice.

      1. Ryan Chan says:

        Hi Masi, we are interested in adopting a ready-made chat-communications app into our own Angular vs React app. I’m researching the many different offerings on the market and yours looks impressive. Can you give me indicative pricing to begin with and some more information about what we need in terms of infrastructure if any.

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    How long it would take to integrate 3rd party video call into your source code?

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      Most probably it does not take much time to integrate the feature. Shoots faster.

      1. Majo Ruth B says:

        i just want to build up my own style messenger in my location in my country and i need open source code in which i can build my app i need integrate that app messeging between users and photo sharing phone call or voice call and also video call conferencing?

    2. Arosha says:

      Is this Contus Fly provide WhatsApp video call API as a default to connect into my application?

  4. Alan Walker says:

    There are many criticisms on the new interface change of WhatsApp itself? Photo and video sharing experience also seems to be a bit slow? Why is that?

    1. Masi says:

      For sure, the slow photo and video sharing experience are not the resultant of the new user interface design change. Maybe it would have created a visual disconnect between the users as they would have got more used to the old design, but it has got nothing to do with the app’s performance.

      Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) uses different compilers and so the execution time for an action will differ based on it. So, if a file share is done between two nodes, each belonging to different mobile platforms (ex: iOS and Android), there could be a bit of time taken by either one or both of the compilers to process it.

  5. Ganga says:

    How do I make a video calling app using the SIP and VoIP protocol in Android?

    1. Masi says:

      It allows making a video call on using both protocols. The easier would be SIP.

      1. Manchatt says:

        Group video conferencing on Android, iOS & iPad is available?

        1. Masi says:

          Yes, it is available on all platform.

          1. Koushi says:

            How could I add to my app the video/audio call function?

          2. Masi says:


            Simply integrate Contus Fly voice/audio call API library into your source code.

          3. Abhisai says:

            What is special in your SDK and API for chat compared with Quickblox & Sendbird?

  6. futureworktechnologies says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I liked the line where you wrote”It has in-built voice video calling features and also Contus Fly source code can be integrated with other SDK and APIs to create a utilitarian chat application”.
    Keep on sharing!

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    It’s totally working on peer-to-peer connection?

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    We are looking at building a video chat application for a specific requirement. Would like to receive a call from your pre-sales tech team to discuss further and explore the possibility.

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    we want to integrate a video calling feature in our app which already have chat option

  10. Kumara says:

    Hi, we want to use video call and chat api in our mobile app. We are using .net core web api for backend service, swift for Ios and android native. Could u please explain us how can we use your services in our app and can you give some information’s about price for us.
    Thank you.

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    I want to add video chat in my mvc 5 application . kindly guide me, we have mobile app as well as web , we want to enable video chat mobile to web , web to web and mobile to mobile. is it your api or sdk support for this functionality or not?

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    Need to integrate 1-1 video calling with the recording (to be stored on our FTP) in the client’s website. Please provide pricing structure asap.

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    ****** is a startup created by **** (The netherlands) students last September. We provide face-to-face dating instead of simple swiping and chatting. Due to the lockdown in the Netherlands our service is on a halt, since we can’t let people meet. We therefore want to provide video chatting to help against loneliness amongst people and are looking for a party that can provide this for us. Is this possible through your portal? And if so, what are to costs for this?

    Kind regards,

  14. Palak Dixit says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could share some more details about your video calling feature? Do you have some information about pricing, storage, and recording? Any API documents that you could share with me, would be excellent as well! We are looking at options to (quickly) implement video calling, and want to see if this is a viable solution for us.

    Let me know, Jason

  15. Raju Shahi says:

    We are developing a Recruitment portal in web version and mobile too so i want to implement group video calling facility in application.

  16. Prashant Gurjar says:


    Our organisation is a provider of Digital healthcare solutions , working actively with hospitals,clinics and healthcare providers in India. We have a requirement for HIPAA compliant Video call integration for our application : web and mobile. Kindly send me the pricing details of the MirrorFly SDK and API options available.

  17. Udita Pal says:

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    I want to create Video Call Application and i want to use your RESR API. So can you please tell me that how can i use that API and is it Free or Paid? If it’s Paid then send me Plan.. Thank you.

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    we are looking at incorporating WebRTC into our solution. We are also currently working on our 2 way messenger but curious to see what your platform offers.

  19. Egor Strashynsky says:

    We already tried Twilio, Tokbox and we are now testing out Agora. Since we had problems with all of them, I would like to try it our yours to check how it compares with the others.

  20. Natasha says:


    I’m searching for a tool to allow users to do peer-to-peer video calls. However, it must allow us to easily integrate to our system via API. We need to receive metadata such as when the video call was started, length, etc. and also we need all video calls to be recorded. So, either the API sends us the file or it sends us a link where we can download it / watch it. Also, I could find some information browsing your website but I could not find anything related to price.

    Best regards,

  21. Avi Mayer says:

    Hi guys.
    We are looking for an video & audio call API which help us to develop our online platform to teach. MirrorFly is our first option, however, we would like to know how it works.

    Avi Mayer

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    we are looking for chat , voice nd vedio communication to use to connect patients to doctors – Telemdicine This will be on top of our mobile app inwhich we connect doctors to patients

  23. THOTA says:

    Hello, we need a solution for secure video calls, that usese end to end encryption that also features certificate based authentication.

    Thank you,

  24. ronak shah says:

    I would like to collect high level information on cost, functionalities available, and ease of integration. So, Let assume we have 4,000 Users and we approximately have 100,000 Conversations per month. Can you provide the cost of this? We have app that use Native Android, Native iOS, and React Native. – The user are our registered user in our system. – They will chat to get support from us on Our Product. How can we support Video Call, Voice Call, and Share Location?

    Best Regards,
    Polen Chheang

  25. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm, We are looking to create a messaging / voice / video platform for our agents to communicate with each other cross-border. May I check if you have provide such services for other customers? If so, what is your charges? We are looking for a WordPress like platform which is free but subject to payment for plugins when necessary.

    Thank you. Regards,

  26. Ankur Parashar says:

    We are looking for chat-video solution for our platform the service should be fully customisable and the code will be open to us Let us know your solutions to this request Kind regards HP

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    Voice and video calling api that i can integrate directly to my app however my app has other more features for that part of charts/voice/video that’s i came to you mirrofly

  28. Eric Moore says:

    I need full plug and play platform my app for messaging audio and video chat. Please help or guide me if mirrorfly has any kind of this solution.

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    Good Afternoon,
    I am Javier, from the Canary ******, Spain. At the moment I am the creator of a 20,000 member social network made with the ****** platform. For many years we have wanted to scale with a powerful chat and video messaging tool to satisfy our users. A friend from the United States told us about his product, and we are interested in learning more about it. We have some questions about it that we would like you to answer.
    Is Mirrofly a white label product?
    Is it compatible with ******?
    Since our community is based on *****.
    What is the product cost and what does the price include?

  30. Anil Vanam says:

    Hi –
    I’m interested in using MirrorFly to power our video chat product (we currently use Twilio Video). I’m interested in text chat, video chat and live video broadcast.

  31. Ravi Prajapati says:

    We want to create a web app, react native android and ios app for video calling and screen sharing. we would have around 1000 simultaneous meeting with 40-50 attendees. How can you help us.

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    Looking for a scaleable video chat solution for our software that allows for both secure groups as well as 1-1 video calls. Has to be compatible with Ionic

  33. polepalli says:

    Please need more technical details and pricing plans for integrating Mirrorfly video calling with our Genesys SIP server. Waiting your feedback asap. Thanks, Ahmed

  34. Avilash says:

    I need to integrate my app with your API in order to build in functionalities such as voice and video chat etc. Please call me at +1 *** *** ***

  35. Hevin Jose says:

    We are looking at some options to create remote video call platform for patience’s and *******. Could you please send the necessary information?
    Best & Regards,
    Hevin Jose

  36. Nithin says:

    Hi Team,
    I am looking for a start-up package for Chat, audio, video, group chat and sending documents and pictures with our own log and login page via SSO. Do you have the price matrix and some documentation to try out your SDKs? Regards, Ahmad

  37. Prajapati says:

    I need to build Video Instant Messaging Application using .NET Core and HTML 5 (NOT Angular). If you have some SDK which can help with that, please let me know. I will complete PoC first and if that works, we can pay for it.

  38. Pradeep says:

    Trust you’re doing great and staying safe. I want to develop a video call chat app (its my first time), with some customizations on it like sharing saved call link to social media, sound effects etc. I stumbled on contus fly in my research to get a suitable api to use. Please how much will it cost me to purchase your api (Mirrorfly)?

  39. Shakthi says:

    We are working on a mobile app and we would like to integrate Audio and Video call functionality in our app. Is your service supported in UAE? We have some more queries regarding your services if you could help us.

  40. Khoa says:

    I want an API and SDK that would the use of your Video, Audio, and Instant messaging frameworks in a cross-platform application.

  41. Tushar says:

    Hello, We wish to integrate Video Conferencing capabilities in our Mobile App as well as in a Web Portal. May I know commercials and how does the integration work? We expect ability to place a one to one / one to many video call in conference kind of setup . This should be possible through White labled app integration with our app.

  42. kachhy says:

    We are an education services company, looking to integrate video capabilities onto our platform and create virtual classrooms.

  43. Margarida says:

    Hi, I am interested in using your video calling API on my webapp and was wondering if it works on normal hosting websites? Or would I need a streaming server? Also, I would be looking at streaming/broadcasting for limited participants at a time with a maximum of around 100 participants. How much would it approximately cost?

  44. karan says:

    It is possible to use SDK or API for video conference to share video instead of camera to a conference? Example in a video call with 3 people, one shows a video “as camera source” so other two people is watching a pre recorded video instead of been in a real video conference

  45. valter says:

    Hello. We are looking for a video call solution for our next project. Basically, we will need you to provide us with multiple participant video call module that we will place on our website on our domain with further customisation of our choice. Is it possible?

  46. fahad says:

    We are building a web application with mobile apps to allow chat, call and video call. I need to discuss the requirment and find out the pricing structure. Do you run streaming server or do we have to deploy our own servers for audio and video? regards, Fahad

  47. Nuji says:

    I would like to understand more about Mirrorfly API / SDK and understand the costing. We are looking at options to integrate voice/video calling in our business to bridge the communication gap between our consumers and us.

  48. Monika says:

    i’m devolapting a Django web application. This web app will have Voice, video and texting sevice for peer to peer. Are your API’s compatiable with Dajngo? and what’s the priceing?

  49. manish says:

    We are an E-Learning startup company in India and have our learning apps. Now we want to integrate the web conferencing & screen sharing solution in our app. can you help us?

  50. zahib says:

    doctoronline is telemedicine website Need to integrate video calling in our website 1 to 1 video calls between doctor and patient. i want mirrofly solution for doctor to patient videocalling solutons.

  51. sourav says:

    We want to integrate video/chat API with our telemedicine website and application. What is the expendiure pattern to integrate Mirrorfly with our site?

  52. zisa says:

    Good morning, we’re developing a web-application with a custom chat and we would like to create a mobile app using your integration. Firstly, we want to understand if your solution is doable and how much effort is required to integrate that with your app. Could you give me more technical information about your solution? Thank you, zisa

  53. sokra says:

    i want to to integrate video call in android App(java): have a questions related it First time user A call to user B and then in invite user C to join call

  54. jadav says:

    We need a Audio and Video chat SDK to integrate with our existing Native Android & IOS Application. So we need a demo or sample application to test our requirement

  55. Henry says:

    We’re trying to build a streaming feature into our App for people to do group calls, live video calls or stream live or uploaded media (video mostly). I’d like to speak to you on integration options and pricing…

  56. christiana says:

    I’m working on the web and mobile apps and need some features like video call, multi-video call, audio call, chat, file sharing, etc. with large amount of traffic. That’s why I came to your website. I want to make sure it will work smoth and easy to integrate in all three platforms (web, android, IOS). Could you show me some demo for it? I want to check the quality. Thanks!

  57. johnson says:

    Hi there. I am evaluating several products that are suitable for both mobile and web applications, and able to offer video conferencing, screen sharing, and text chat that can be integrated into an app. I am looking for details on licensing structure and costs relating to MirrorFly and its available API/SDKs. It would be great if you could please forward some details on licensing, and associated costs that would allow for the abovementioned functionality, and how licensing would scale based on amount of app users. Please advise. Thanks. Regards.Johnson

  58. rai says:

    We want to do integration with a video conferencing solution in our already available apps in Android and iOS.I would like to know the cost for connecting to your API for your solution and features

  59. Udharam says:

    We are looking for an Audio and Video calling software API for our mobile application. If we integrate it with your software then do we need to take a separate internet connection for data Audio and Video calling or it will be handled from your software only?

  60. yusufkhan says:

    Dear Mirrorfly Team We need to serve Video Consultation service for our healthcare platform. Please kindly advsie for your product feature, integration and price.

  61. Ajay Ghanti says:

    One of my client want to develop an on demand video support web app. I just need API so that I can integrate the video calling feature.I’m in the process of creating a video call app for android and apple devices. It is hard to estimate how popular this app will get, and how many video call minutes we may need. Was wondering what your price plans would look like for a company such as us?

  62. jawad says:

    Hi, I want to embed audio calls in my website where one person logged in on my website can call another person who is also logged in on my website while stayinh in the website. How can I do that and what’s the pricing?

  63. Adrian says:

    Hello, I would like to integrate video conferencing in an application I am developing to help in homeschooling here in Kenya during this COVID times. What are your charges?

  64. jonathan says:

    We are on call consulting platform. Looking for video call integration especially for medical consultation.

  65. payal says:

    Hi Team, we have an education portal where we want to add support for online classes. we are looking for video platforms to integrate on our platform. We have a user base of thousands of students.

  66. Williams says:

    Hi there I would like to find out more about integrating live chats and live broadcasting into our website through an existing API. Our codebase is PHP. Looking forward to your response

  67. chrisrayan says:

    Looking for appointment based online video conferece system, to be integrate with website.We would like to know more about your API solution, pricing, how it works. Please let us know what would be the best way to go through all our questions: call or email. Thanks, chris rayan

  68. conordela says:

    Hi. I need a webconferencing and live streaming APi to offer a whitelabelled service to users of my app.I need to know if your SDK support video chat to be included in my web site. I have 30 agents everyone of them attends 200 minutes per day, 25 days monthly. Please include a monthly payment

  69. chauhan says:

    I need unlimited minutes for video conferencing integration with our projects. We required 100 participants in the conferenceing room. a maximum of 100 participants are connected in one room? If no then notice me how many? what is your reseller plan?

  70. Harsha says:

    We need to integrate a video calling feature into our existing application (android + web). We are looking for a solution for one-on-one/group calling, broadcasting, screen sharing, along with call recording facilities. At this point, we need to determine the cost & effort involved in integrating said solution, as soon as possible.

  71. Gyandev says:

    Good morning. I’m working on an ERP solution for a workplace. I found contus on Quora. Someone recommended it for calls and video chat, video conferencing as well. The application is built on Laravel framework. Can this be integrated into it? Also let me know your pricing. Thank you

  72. Thomas Mathew says:

    Hello there, I need to integrate a platform which offers me one time cost and monthly cost. My client is not willing to pay pay-per-use cost. Main features we are looking at as are below : -> One to one and group video, audio call -> Call recording and sending recording to all atendees -> Text chat -> Moderate/host need to allow user to join the call -> Host can mute/unmute the attendees -> Host can remove the attendees, group chat in video call -> Anyone with the meeting room link can join the meeting and host need to admit the new attendees Please let me know the pricing for the same

  73. Hema says:

    We are looking to integrate an api that allows our users to call their clients with real-time voice not just a text-to-voice system

  74. Liebenson says:

    I want to launch a software that help users to have video conferencing. Also people can host live videos on it. Like webnair etc. Or do live videos classes form it. I also want to make sure app do not have restriction in connecting people from different countries. We need to integrate api into out system. Let me know if this is possible with your API

  75. Hussain says:

    Hi, We are looking for a group video conferencing solution for mobile (android & IOS) as well as web. I am interesting to know the pricing. I want to integrate video calling features in my web site. Can you tell me what is the process to integrate you api in my web site we are exploring different solutions.

  76. Muhammad says:

    We are interested in integrating your text/video/conferencing solution on our erp solution built in laravel. What are the costs? Can we try it for some time? We need technical assistance with integration.

  77. Arnoldmuhwezi says:

    I would like to understand if we can create a connection between two people – from one side someone who uses mobile application (integrated with mirrorfly) – and from another side someone who uses regular cell phone And also what is the pricing for your service

  78. Taeeikim says:

    Hello, We want to integrate in our website a video conference solution when one user will be the host and can decide if others attendees can speak, allow them to speak and finish their rigths to speak. The host user can share is desktop optionnaly. The conference has to be join by phone call too. And we have to have many conference at the same time with one of our local user to be the host. Can you tell me if it’s possible to do that with your web sdk api, what will be the price for it ?

  79. Emoniwilson says:

    We need a video conferencing API that can integrate with our app and allow users to schedule a conference and the conference will be held within our app(maybe via an iframe or any other means ). something like a judge delivering a court ruling via video conferencing but now within the website of the judiciary

  80. marisa says:

    I want to integrate video chat with peer to peer and group chat in our app. Please provides documents where I can learn and integrate video chat functionality. Thanks

  81. Jorge says:

    want to integrate video calling and screen sharing functionality but, I am confused can you please help me out and provide some valuable solutions from your end? Waiting for your favourable reply Thanks

  82. Manojdas says:

    We are evaluating your platform for chat integration. We are a healthcare provider building health application to connect our patient to our healthcare. We need an sdk with 1. consistent message delivery 2. support push notification 3. web hooks 4. Easily integrate chatbot 5.Chat transfer

  83. manishnepal says:

    We are a company that provides a one-stop administrative solution for educational institutions, We need to integrate video conference in our software for conduction of classes online

  84. kimtang says:

    Hi, We’re looking for solutions for one of our long term clients with the following criteria: – Can be implemented on premise – 1-on-1 video call – Can switch video call from on person to another – Can export API to be integrated into another system

  85. sidik says:

    Hello MirrorFLY, All I ask is few trail days so i can see who would i integrate my developed clients apps with MirrorFLY interface and how would my team understand the links. What I want is just text messaging. waiting for your response, Sidik F.

  86. jamescameron says:

    Hi, Could you please let me know the prices/fee for using your API including video calls? Looking for video calling integration in our application.

  87. robertseelam says:

    We are building a React Native Application and are looking to integrate Chat, Audio, Video Calling features with E2EE. We would want to know how it works with mirrorfly. We want to understand how your pricing works, and do you integrate into React Native apps (Do you have components etc., if we want to integrate ourselves)

  88. josephvijay says:

    Want to give mirrorfly Video conferencing for integration with Moodle to support 5000 students. What will the pricing model to start with 500 students?We need one to one messaging, Group messaging, file sharing, Voice call, Group voice call with On-premises. Please provide these details with pricing.

  89. mariolopz says:

    Hi I am looking for voice call api to integrate into a our webapp , currently we are using WhatsApp call concurrently with our web app . I need a voice call api which can match the quality of whatsapp voice call for integration. Can you share on the contrast between your voice call api to WhatsApp voice call in terms of quality n technology platform? My web app will be a central hub connecting my staffs/contractors to customers on a 1:1 basis. Could you advice me if your voice call api is

  90. Tashi says:

    We are building a video conferencing web app solution. How can you help us on this. What would be the pricing. How much Participant can use in single time?

  91. Amrutaugranker says:

    I’m looking to learn more about your text and video chat platforms. We’re building a virtual event. The use cases are main session 1 to many, break out sessions 1 to many, and 1:1 sales and attendee conversation

  92. Ryan Martin says:

    Hi , we are looking to integrate a video chat on a platform we are developing … how we can access to docs or api to test ?I need an APK for both Android and Ios, do you offer some demo or trial version and please send me the price.We want complete solution for in house secure communications with conference ,chat ,presentations etc

  93. codyrose says:

    We need to integrate video calling feature to connect customers with expert technician across different stores by integrating with UI design of our website and android application. Please let me know the pricing and recurrent charges if any.

  94. sabujohn says:

    we want to integrate chat into the app that we’re building. for that we’re looking for quick and ready made solution which should be cost effective as well.We have our own developed android app. we want to integrate video calling/Meeting function in the app. Please suggest

  95. Ajay says:

    Hi there, Looking to integrate both peer to peer and group video chats into an application that is on Android, IoS and Web built on Django. We are in Telemedicine so security, encryption and data-protection compliance are vitally important to us. Your service looks like it could be up to the task, I just wanted to confirm compatability with our requirements. Thanks for your time,

  96. Andreas says:

    This is Andreas Kröpfl, here, I am working with TATA AIG as an android lead. In one of the product requirements, we are making Video Calling for insurance purposes. For the same purpose, it will be great if someone from your end can help us in integration

  97. Pablo Rigueira says:

    Hi! We need a video call system that allow us 1p-to-1p videocalls between Android-Android and Android-IOS. What is pricing? Has a fixed fee or it is paid for use? What about 10.000 videocalls by month? Can you provide us a free Demo first? Thanks

  98. Alokebajpai says:

    We want to integrate your video confencing solution in our product for Doctor and Patient online meet. kindly share the contact information for further discussion

  99. Timothyaveni says:

    i’m on ideation phase for my own app, i would love to integrate video call and live streaming feature on my app. May i know the price list on mirrorfly? how do you compare the similar service from aws and google?

  100. Abhikporal says:

    We need a video calling API to integrate into our product. Do u guys support React Native and also I could like to know the pricing for per minute streaming

  101. Deji says:

    Hello iI am trying to build a Telemedicine website and i am looking for the smallest plane i can take as start ,,, also about the integrations i am using PHP (Codeigniter framework) with MySQL ,, is there ability to plug it in my website, Thanks and regards

  102. Sujith says:

    Dear sir, I am going to start a website for dating where I need API integration to provide a chatting app to my users. It’s even not being hosted on an actual server but to start it I need to put it under trial. So I look forward to you. Kindly let me provide few information of integration of the API

  103. Luis says:

    Basically looking for integrating your APIs and building an video calling/conferencing app. Also please let me know in details about ypur servoces provided along with its pricing. Thanks

  104. nizamuddiankhan says:

    Hi, We were interested in your video calling and chatting solution. We have a requirement where we need to integrate the calling feature in an existing mobile app. This mobile app is hosted on a private iOS app store and only accessible to company employees. There will be approximately 250-300 users who will be using this app. Can you please let us know the pricing for the video calling and chatting solution?

  105. Andrew says:

    Hi, We are building an online event website where we need to integrate your api/sdk. Following are the cases: 1) Embed webinar into our website. So visitor can view the ongoing webinar. 2) Give an option where the visitor can connect to our sales team on the connect button. We need to integrate and test the above use cases with your api/sdk before purchasing any paid plans. Kindly assist in sample code and test credentials

  106. saxena says:

    Hi, I am looking to enquire the best pricing for integrating the chat functionality with supoort of gifs and emojis inside a mobile application which we are building . it will have the following features :
    1. Voice chat
    2. Video calling
    3. Real time messaging
    4. Two way deletion

  107. patrick says:

    Hi there, We are interested in integrating your WerbRTC API for video calls. Can you please send us more details about the features supported and especially for the participants’ limits in group collaboration. Also please share some details about the pricing.

  108. sonali says:

    We are looking to integrate a one way Videocall from Web to Android, with the option of recording the video at the server after call

  109. elena says:

    Hi. I would like to know the price of the video call SDK. Is it a lifetime payment? Is it a service that is contracted for its use (Per user, Per connection, Per Minute)? Is it a membership to be acquired? I am looking for an vide call SDK that works on, android and ios

  110. sinha says:

    we need to integrate video calling and online meetings in our Mobile Application,We need to provide a solution from which user can share the screen as well as have a video call at the same time. Please let me know if you support our requirement

  111. Hipolite Oleru says:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about your product for my website. I am looking for an integration that has the capability to message, chat, voice call and video call and can be integrated into my website and App. Please advise of a contact person and phone number

  112. parimi says:

    I want to integrate video chat module with my existing system. Do you provide api in php for video chat and if yes, then what are the charges. Thanks

  113. Sandy Merquita says:

    I’d like to have a look to your solution, we are looking forward to integrate similar solution to our mobile and web app.

  114. Angayarkanni says:

    Its a great post. This post step by step explained how to integrate video chat into 3rd party apps and websites. I got it more details. Recently I have written similar post best video chat software

    I hope this post will helps to your readers.

  115. QURESHI says:

    I want to integrate chat service in my website and if suitable than Internet call too. I would. Like to have a demo of use of services and its cost

  116. Saxena says:

    Hi, we are looking for a video conference solution for our Advertising Agency. Our basic requirement is a whitelabel product we can customise with our branding, hosted through our URL, provides automated video recording of all meetings & uploads them to our private server space. We are a startup, so want the pricing accordingly, and will be happy to build it up and offer the same solution to our clients as well.

  117. duke says:

    Hi, I have an online motivational coaching company that needs a white label app providing customers with two way text messaging and scheduled one to one video coaching sessions. The app would also need to be able to integrate subscription management and scheduling functions with Ontraport, as well as display blog-style content features. Please respond via email. Thanks, Duke

  118. Neeraj says:

    I woild like to know the following information. For requirement of building a webapp, android and iOS (integrated) with video conferencing (video call, screen sharing, file sharing messaging/chat, etc) for education domain, 1. which api/sdk out of your products (mirrorFly and Contus Fly) is usedul? (Please mention all the features in detail it can provide if I missed other than above) 2. IMP -What is the proicing (please mention in detail) for using the relevant api/sdk? 3. Is there a flutter sdk available?

  119. Dhaval says:

    We would like to develop Video Chat (Video Conferencing) Applcation and also integarte into our own existing environment

    1. Hello Dhaval, Great to know about your video chat app development project. And concerning integration part, our real time chat APIs and SDKs are 100% customizable with easy integration into any third party device like iOS, Android and web app. For further clarity feel free to contact us. Thank You!

  120. kathuria says:

    Hello, I am developing applicaion, in which i want to integrate video call feature with screen sharing but this application will initally work in UAE. So I just want to confirm that this api work in UAE also or not?

    1. Hello Kathuria, our video calling APIs and SDKs are compatible enough to work with any 3rd party device despite geographical location around the world even in UAE. So, just drop your details with us and set an appointment to proceed further. Thank you!

  121. benjamin says:

    We are looking for a video conferencing solution with the abilty to have some sort of break out functionality. We need the conferences to be controlled through user login and them to have the ability to feedback and comment. We want this to be intregrated in the our site build which will use WordPress as a CMS. We’re after a ballpark cost. Thanks, Ben

    1. Hello Benjamin, Your project sound great. Yes! our real-time video conferencing solution is capable enough to support all your needs with it’s high end scalability and 100% customization features. Moreover, our APIs and SDKs are easy to be integrated into any mobile and web app with no restrictions concerning tech stacks. And everything is made available at one time license cost. To have more clarity on pricing and other related issues, feel free to contact us. Thank you!

  122. hanks says:

    Hi, I am from ***** development team. One of our client is interested in implementing feature like App to App calling, Screensharing and Co-browsing into their Mobile Application.We are currently exploring all the API feature available in this product. Please provide a point of contact (preferably email id) so that we can have a technical discussion along with my manager for clarifying certain technical queries.Also please provide the enterprise pricing and other charges.

  123. nolan says:

    We want to integrate video and audio calling feature for one of our software which is based on PHP/Mysql. Please connect so that we come to know about pricing and other integration wise details as well. Thanks

    1. Hello Nolan, Good to know that you are interested in integrating our video and audio calling features for your project. To brief about our real time video calling APIs and SDKs they are highly cusotmizatble with over 150 + chat features and are available at one time license cost. To know more about pricing feel free to contact us to proceed further. Thank You!

  124. satishwani says:

    I would like to use mirrorfly to build web app and mobile app: chat, video chat, Video Conferencing,…but I don’t pricing on your website. Could you help me about pricing and related document…

    1. Hello Satishwani, Glad to know about your web app project and good to hear about your interest in our video calling solution. With regards to pricing our solution is available at one time license cost wherein you can purchase our solution with your desired chat, voice and video calling features. To to know in detail feel free to contact us to proceed further. Thank You!

  125. rivera says:

    Hi, i would like to understand the prices and costs related to our project we are developing. The project is as follows:
    * Our solution should be able to establish the video-call between our remote customers and our customer support agents.
    * Our solution will be a custom Windows desktop application (.NET C#) that needs to establish a video-call (no video conference, just peer to peer video-call) to a remote user with the same custom windows application.
    * We need to be able to detect if the customer support agents are online/offline so the customer can communicate with an online agent.
    * We will have about 20 customers communicating with 20 agents through the previously mentioned application.

    We need to understand all the prices we will incur in this scenario. We need to know the additional costs for additional customers/agents communication. Thanks in advance

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Rivera, Your project sounds nice and i am glad to let you know that we do move along with all your specifications since our solution is with an end-to-end customization with immensive voice, video and chat features as per the your project needs. To be more precise with your concern,

      1) Our video call sdk have been build as a supportive pillar for all video-call & Video conferencing scenarious that can collaborate both remote customers as well as customer support agents.

      2) We provide the integration video conference API as per your business needs so if you prefer just to have peer-to-peer video call, it will be done within your existing iOS, Android or web application.

      3) We do have special features that can track the availability status of your customer support to avoid any customer call.

      4) Our video chat solution do allow support your this demand as well and even can add up to more customer/agent communications in your list as well regardless of your geographical location.

      With regards to the cost criterias and other related issues, Kindly drop your details so as to set an appointment to proceed further. Thanks for connecting with us!

  126. krishamit says:

    We want to integrate voice call and push to talk functionality in our app, and we would like to know about the pricing.

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Krishamit, Our video calling API can very much be integrated with your specified voice call and push notification features into any existing mobile and web app. Regarding the pricing, kindly contact our support team to set an appointment to have further discussion. Thanks for your interest in our solution!

  127. Fahad says:

    I am planning to develop a website, where customers will be able call (audio or video) advisors online. I have couple of questions. What are the options for peer-to-peer calls and group calls? Can we keep track duration of each call? How many calls can be done simultaneously? For example, can 100 different customer call 100 different advisor at the same time? What is the bandwtih usage of the calls? Is there a end-to-end encryption for the calls? Can I embed the API to both webpage and smartphone apps? Can I see when the advisor is available to receive a call? Those are the main questions I have at the moment. I would appreciate your help and clarification about those questions. Thanks in advance for your help. Have a good day

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Fahad, Glad to know about your planning of developing a website, sounds amazing with many ideas! I am glad to help your with your concerns over our real time communication solution.

      1) Our video conferencing solution over 150+ chat features and even more custom features too as per the business requirement. Each of our features are particularized with their options so you be sure of your needs.

      2) Sure, you can have track of the calls with recording options as well.

      3) Our embed video chat solution is self-hosted one and provides you with immense space with which you can perform unlimited number of calls simultaniously across the world anytime with a supportive bandwidth.

      4) Yes, out video chat API provides end-to-end encryption over every single conversation and can be iintegrated into any of your existing mobile and web app.

      To contact us, just drop your details to our customer support team via our website, our support team will contact you to set an appointment to proceed further. Thanks for your interest over our solution! Happy to help you, Have a great day!

  128. Nick says:

    Hi, I hope you are well? I am looking for a platform such as MirrorFly that will integrate into a WordPress site and app that runs Learndash. The purpose of the site is to run live events and conferences and the number of users will be different from month to month. Look forward to hearing from you Nick

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Nick, thanks for your concern… I am doing well, Hope you are doing well too! Your application sound awesome. Yes, our MirrorFly web video conferencing API can be a solution for your app as it can be easily integrated into any web app and mobile. And it does support the live video streaming and conference features to the core ensuring a huge number of user engagements. Feel free to contact our support team to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank You!

  129. Ajaymanish says:

    Dear Team, Greetings from ASSRM. we are trying to integrate video calls and webnair into our Android app. Can we achieve that with the help of CONTUS.

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Ajaymanish, Glad to hear from you! Sure, our CONTUS MirrorFly video calling solution does provides end-to-end customization with your specified video conferencing and webinar options, to your excitement you can go for custom features too if needed any. our web video conferencing api can be easily integrated into any exisitng Android app. Feel free to contact us and proceed further. Thank you!

  130. arpan says:

    We want to integrate Mirrorfly’s SDK into our website so that users can do Audio/Video calling, can share messages through our portal by click of a button. Can someone from MirroFly contact us as we have to finalize this ASAP. We want to know about the pricing details and the features Mirrofly provides and also the level of Production support. Thanks in Advance.

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Arpan, Glad to know about your website and we are pleased that you are interested in our video calling APIs and SDKs for your portal. Our solution offers over 150+ chat features and custom features too as per business needs with a supportive developers team. Regarding pricing details and other related queries, feel free to drop your details so that our customer support team can set an appointment to proceed further. Thank you!

  131. serge says:

    looking for an white label conferencing solution with screen sharing capabilities. The use case if for coaching and medical sector. The idea is that each coach/member has to be able to open one rooms at the time to communicate his client or on one

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Serge, glad to let you know that we are the white label soultion providers who have a hand ful of experience with a variety of use case like education, medical sector, on-demand, etc. Our video chat APIs and SDKs offers screen sharing with many more incredible features including your need of creating your room to communicate individually or in group. Feel free to contact our support team to proceed further. Thanks you!

  132. Saigiridharan says:

    We are in thought of building a platform where users can see the Live streaming, pre- recorded video content, Web conference, 1:1 chat, group chat, Modurated/ unmodurated chat . We are looking for SDK or API’s to meet our requirement as building it from scratch would be time consuming . Do you have any possible solutions for this? How SDK / API integration will be done? What will be the pricing?Is any demo video or documantation can be sahred? Any free developers account to explore more about the integration?

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Saigiridharan, Good to know about your desire of building your own live streaming web platform. I am glad to let you know that our video calling APIs and SDKs do offer all the features that you have asked for. That includes one-to-one chat, group chat, moderated one and much more. Our live streaming video call APIs & SDKs are 100% customizable and can be integrated into any tech stack, iOS, Android, and web app easily. To have a demo version, feel free to contact our support team for further guidance including pricing and other related stuff. Thank you!

  133. Naseem says:

    Hey, We are developing a social media mobile application which has audio,video call,live streaming and realtime messaging. We are relly impressed with the services you provide. We would like to know the plans and supported platforms for the integration . we would also like to know the support for the flutter platform. Please revert asap with the plans, so that we can have quick integration. Thanks, Naseem

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Naseem, Thanks for your appreciation. I am glad to know about your social media mobile application. Its really great that were making use of all the real time communication features of chat, voice and video calling in a single platform. Well, our audio and video calling APIs and SDKs provides end-to-end support to all your needs with related features of live streaming video calling, audio conferencing, audio/video call recording, etc. Kindly, drop your details to our support team to set an appointment to proceed further with plan details and related queries. Thank you!

  134. haitham says:

    Hello I am creating an application web as the messenger, I would like to integrate the broadcast video and voice call, & video calls May I know how much the cost and is a one-time cost? what are the annual fees and what the server needs to hosting it, can I use it is open source framework on no Best regards Laith Haitham

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Laith Haitham, Good to know about your messenger web application that too with the integration of broadcasting, video, and voice calling, Amazing!Well, our video conferencing APIs and SDKs do support all your needs with a one time lincense cost and with regards to hosting, we do offer both on-cloud as well as on-premises infrastructure depending upon our client’s need. So, you can be relaxed about data storage space. Feel free to contact us for further details. Thanks!

  135. Md. Sakir Ahmed says:

    Hello dear !!!
    I’m a software developer.
    Can I get a trail API for php-laravel web-application ?

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Sakir, Sure you can contact our support team to get your trail version of our chat API for your php-laravel web application to proceed further. Thank you!

  136. Masi says:


  137. อย่าละเลยเรื่องของหน้าอกหน้าใจ says:

    Useful info on how to integrate video chat into any mobile apps. I learned more details from this post of technology, features, how API works and etc.

  138. sakir says:

    I request you to give options to build a voice, chat and video in 3 months. I got a team already to intergrate your api into video call app

  139. seshadhri says:

    My Product based on CRM work flow management and I want a app for android video call api with also voice and chat features.

  140. Ragesh says:

    Myself and my team would like to test your features to use it in our project for my video call api iOS

  141. Roobini says:

    I have to build an video chat app for iOS. I want to have a look at your demo?

  142. Nelson says:

    Requesting you to show a demo about your products and services to make my video call app for android and iOS.

  143. Varela says:

    Hello MirrorFly team, I work for a US-based company looking to implement a video chat solution into their app. I’d like to know the following: 1. How much is the user limit for group video chats? 2. Can video chat have group text chats in it? 3. What is your pricing scheme? Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Regards; Varela

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Varela, glad to connect with you. Well, answering to your queries, our video call APIs and SDKs supports a wide set of participants during video chat despite geographical location. Yes, our video chat APIs supports group text chat features too, and to your surprise we do provide custom features as per specific business requirements too. Kindly, drop your details to our customer support to set and appointment to proceed further with pricing and other related issues. Thanks!

  144. barrontrump says:

    Hey, we can client who wants some feature in his product and I am searching for him the best solution so that we can integrate that. I am listing below all the requirements below 1. We need a solution that works on iOS, Android, and Web. 2. We need one to one chat, group chat, and public chat (where anyone can talk) 3. AI integration if someone uses inappropriate language we can know that and delete that message and block the user. 4. We also want a live stream feature in our product so if someone wants they can go live and others get the notification and watch them. 5. The most important thing is that we need proper documentation for SDKs and support. currently, we are using some solution already but we are getting lots of trouble with implementations and bugs in their SDKs.

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Barrontrump, Thanks a lot and I am glad to know that you are interested in our real time communication APIs and SDKs for your client’s requirement. With regards to your concern here i am,

      1) Yes, our vide call APIs and SDKs can be integrated into any existing iOS, Android, and web application easily.

      2) Our video chat solution do support all these features of one-to-one chat, group chat, etc.
      And moreover, as you asked for we do monitor profanity of the chat conversations proactively with specific custom filters ensuring a clean messaging environment where you can be relaxed with intoxicity.

      3) With live stream features, our video calling APIs provides a complete support with the related features of notification, video call recording, video conferencing, etc.

      4) We provide a complete guidance via documentation as well as we offer a demo version to give you a clear clarity about our chat video calling solution.

      Hope, this would have given you much clarity about our solution. But, still if you need further clarity feel free to contact our support team for guidance to proceed further. Thank you!

  145. Gishantha says:

    Hi, Im the iOS Developer of my company. And we are trying to develop a video/audio trasmitting app (Live streaming, Video watching etc). So in My RnD I have found this platform and i would like to know more about this and how can i use this to develop my app. In addition to that im using Flutter for the App developments. So i want to know is your solution is Flutter suport. Thanks

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Gishantha, Good to hear about your video/audio tramitting app development. And i am pleased that you are interested in our video calling APIs and SDKs for your live streaming video calling and video conferencing features for your app. And yes our solution do support all types of app development. You can contact our support team and get to know more about in detail to proceed further. Thank you!

  146. Amir says:

    As part of our effort of integrating inline chat features into our product, we’re evaluating 3rd-party platforms.

    The link below is for a form that will help us narrow down our options for a chat platform before making a decision. As we’re short on time, we cannot afford to talk to all sales representatives, hence this form.

    Thank you very much, Amir,

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Amir, Glad to know that you are interested in our messaging APIs for your product and looking forward to know more about. Sorry to let you know that there is no link below been found to answer your queries.
      Thus, feel free to drop your details so that our team will contact you to set an appointment asap to proceed further without a delay.
      Thank you!

  147. josep oriol says:

    Hello, im looking to integrate a Voip and Videocinference service to my app, im comparing prices and services. I want to know how much its the price of your service

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Josep, glab to know about your interest in our video calling APIs. Yes! our real time communication solution do provide VoIP and video conferencing services that can be easily integrated into your application. Apart from that we do offer over 150+ features that you can have a look at for better idea. Feel free to contact our support team to know more about pricing model and related queries. Thank you!

  148. Maqsood says:

    Hello Mirrorfly, we are creating a mobile app and we need video calling feature in it, we are considering to integrate your SDK for that purpose. We need to ask where to access your SDK and what are the pricing plans?

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Maqsood, Great to know about your interest in our live video calling SDKs. I am glab to say that our video conferencing SDKs are very much flexible and easy to integrate into any of your existing app for mobile and web app. You can drop your details to our support team to set an appointment to proceed further with pricing models and related queries.

  149. Dhrumesh says:

    We want to develop a video conferencing application for school which can support upto 250 participants and upto 7 concurrent sessions.

    1. Masi says:

      Hello Dhrumesh, Good to hear about your video conferencing application. We have a handfull of experience with education related video calling APIs and SDKs too. So, you can be assured of your requirements to be fulfilled, addition to that we also provide the option of custom features depending upon business demand. If you want you can go for that too by connecting with our support team to know more about. Thank you!

  150. DALMIRO says:

    we’re looking for a video conference tool that let us integrate it with an existing app, we’re trying to take a look at the API documentation but I didn’t find anything

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Dalmiro, Good to know about your interest in our video calling APIs & SDKs. Our solution do support all related video conferencing tools and can be integrated into any of your exisitng app like iOS, Android, and web app. To have our API documentation details, you can contact our support team for further guidance. Thanks!

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