28 September, 2023
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Contus Launches Contus M-Comm- A Complete Solution For Mobile eCommerce & In App Purchases

Contus has been successful in persistently delivering top notch mobile commerce app development services to its customers. Continuing its success streak, it has now launched a new in-app payment solution called Contus M-Comm, built exclusively for mobile commerce and in app purchases.

What prompted the launch of Contus M-Comm?

With the proliferation of mobile devices, there has been a profound increase in usage of mobile commerce for all transactions. Retail businesses seeing the potential of a mobile-driven market are betting their resources to build ecommerce app that will pave better connectivity with their potential market. This ongoing trend has kindled the rise in mobile commerce app development.

However most of these mobile ecommerce apps are SAAS based applications. Though SAAS based mobile ecommerce apps are cost effective, yet in terms of features and design they do not succeed in aligning with the customer’s preferences. So we thought of launching a solution that gives customers the privilege to decide upon the features and design framework they wish to possess in their mobile commerce app. That was the reason behind the emergence of contus M-Comm.

Contus M-Comm. What is it?

Contus M-Comm is a readymade in app purchase solution built to facilitate mobile commerce, mobile eCommerce and in app purchases by enabling features such as sale of products, access to enjoy advanced versions of a game, activate subscriptions, receive ad- on services, etc. within mobile apps. In app purchases are not confined to virtual applications alone, it also allows purchasing physical products through mobile apps.

Further, as Contus M-Comm is an extensive solution it provides ample scope to integrate new functionalities and can be customized according to user’s needs.

Standout Features Of Contus M-Comm

Right from day one, our developers have been very determined to develop a versatile solution that could serve sundry purposes. Initially, this solution was exclusively built for in app purchases. Then after some brainstorming sessions, we decided to make a foray in to eCommerce sector. As you guessed it right, this solution can also be employed to create apps for eCommerce store. Now let us explore the features

  • Contus M-Comm is platform independent as it has been designed to be compatible with all leading eCommerce platforms including Magento.
  • This solution gives shop owners the liberty to upload any number of products to their app.
  • Contus M-Comm safeguards the shoppers’ privacy by enabling secure payment gateway integration
  • The auto sync facilityautomatically reflects the changes made in the website backend to the app, thereby saving the Admin’s precious time.
  • It recreates eCommerce atmosphere in to the app by allowing trouble free navigation between the products and the one step checkout feature quickens the checkout process, thereby ensuring a nimble shopping experience.
  • With push technology imbibed, the shoppers can be made aware of the ongoing deals pertaining to their interest, instantly.
  • Shoppers get pending order notifications with regard to products that are not purchased but still lying in the shopper’s shopping cart.
  • Enables to employ multiple promotional strategies like offering reward points, discount coupons, special prices, etc.

Technical capabilities of Contus M-Comm

Contus M-Comm is a robust solution built to be compatible with platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc. It is flexible and hence it can use either SOAP API or REST API platform based on the user’s requirements, to synchronize the website backend contents with mobiles. Further as native coding has been deployed, Contus M-Com can be upgraded with the latest technicalities.

Advantages associated with Contus M-Comm

  • Contus M-Comm is highly advantageous compared to solutions on SAAS as it is can be very easily customized and gives complete control to the users.
  • As it is elastic it can scale up automatically and can accommodate millions of users concurrently.
  • multilingual and supports all languages compatible with iOS, Windows and Android platforms.
  • It supports all major currencies in the world and a host of payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc.
  • As it is responsive it works well on all mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Tablets,etc.).

Real World Applications of Contus M Comm

Impressed with its multifaceted attributes, several firms have started deploying Contus M-Comm for their business purposes. Depending on the client’s specifications, we have customized Contus M-Comm to suit their business needs. Here is list of some of its real word applications.

Bettering Customer Retention for Sports Retail Chain In Qatar

A popular sports retail chain in Quatar wished to stamp its presence in the digital world and captivate its growing mobile customer base. Their dreams were envisioned by integrating Contus M-Comm with their iOS and Android versions of Sports Corner app. As a result, they were able to sell all sorts of sports merchandizes through their apps and were also able to keep their clients apprised of all sporting events.

Enabling Mobile Shopping For Kuwait Based Apparel Store

A leading Kuwait based apparel store desired to expand their business empire by targeting the mobile audience. Based on their specifications, Contus M-Comm was employed to create a mobile shipping app in iOS and Android platforms. Further, features like Arabic language font compatibility, gender specific shopping and push notifications were appended.

Recreating A POS For a B2B Application

This application enabled users to enroll from their Magento front end. As POS system was brought in to the app, retailers could build their demo contents, lay the orders and print bills. When it came to customization, it was indeed a daunting challenge but still our technical team pulled it off effortlessly.

Our technical team has been so obsessed about Contus M-Comm that they have been working round the clock to develop awe inspiring features. All the latest feature revamp will be updated on our website. So for a more detailed understanding and to keep tab on the latest updates




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  1. Thomas Reply

    You have mentioned that Contus M-Comm gives the scope to integrate new functionalities. what all functionalities can be integrated with this in-app payment solution?

  2. Vignesh Reply

    Hello Thomas,

    This blog had been published at the time of Contus M-Comm launch. Ever since the launch we have been constantly refining this in app payment solution. So currently functionalities like Location based services, push notifications, reward concepts, pending order notifications can be integrated. We are working harder to add more features. In case you get time please visit our official page (http://www.contus.com/mobile-commerce.php).

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