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The 10 Best Pay Per View Streaming Platforms to Launch a PPV Website in 2024

Published On May 9th, 2024 28401Media & Monetization
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Whether you are an amateur video creator or a consumer, there are chances that allure you towards a pay-per-view platform because of its medium to grow exponentially.

Deploying ads may be the most effective way to monetize content; however, it also has the tendency to interrupt the viewing experience! This emphasizes the very fact of exploring other video monetization techniques.

In PPV streaming, you might encounter varied instances which are put to use. You can find movies, special events, or even TV shows, for that matter. While presuming a case, if your users are in search of a movie but aren’t able to locate it at the box office, then it is usually found on pay-per-view online.

Some of these special events, like wrestling matches, music concerts, premiere shows, can be found on pay-per-view. And if your audience is looking to view a television show that they have missed, you can surely showcase those episodes using the pay-per-view option. 

Let us reveal more about this interesting video monetization technique.

What is Pay Per View in Video Streaming?

Contemplating the inclusion of a pay-per-view video package? Let’s look into the essence of pay-per-view and its potential value for your business.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) within video streaming stands out as a widely embraced business strategy in the entertainment sector, especially for airing events like sports matches, concerts, and exclusive programs. Under the PPV model, users commit to a single payment to gain entry to designated content, offering a unique avenue for monetization.

pay per view

By incorporating PPV into your monetization strategy, you unlock the capability to offer shows on a pay-per-view basis. Each show viewed by your users on the dedicated PPV channel becomes a monetization opportunity. A compelling feature of PPV videos is the real-time revenue generation as you stream your content.

Viewers benefit by paying solely for the content they choose to watch, fostering a mutually advantageous scenario. This seamless process empowers both content providers and viewers to navigate the system effortlessly, yielding quality outcomes with just a simple click of a button.

How Does PPV Work?

Pay-per-view (PPV) opens up opportunities for viewers to access special content not included in regular subscription packages. With pay-per-view streaming platforms, viewers are only charged when the service is utilized. Unlike on-demand services, where viewers are charged on a monthly basis. PPV charges only apply if users wish to access paid content additionally.

Here are some key benefits that can work to your advantage:

  • Heavy Returns on Investment, in Contrast to Ads

While ads may seem like an easier way to monetize content, achieving significant returns demands a substantial viewer base, often earning just a few pennies. In contrast, charging a fixed fee, such as for live streaming a Pay-Per-View sporting event, can generate thousands of dollars in revenue with a smaller audience.

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  • Nil Distractions

As mentioned earlier, ads divert viewers’ attention from your content, diluting the number of views necessary for monetization. Streaming via pay-per-view allows your audience to watch videos without interruptions, eliminating annoying ads and keeping your content at the center of attention.

  • Constant Means of ROI

Establishing a pay-per-view platform subscription service ensures continuous payments from customers, creating a viable recurring revenue stream. For instance, a movie released on the first day can significantly increase its value when sold through pay-per-view online.

  • Perfect for Online Audience

Gone are the days when cable companies dictated content to target audiences. With pay-per-view streaming services, viewers can easily choose what to watch at their convenience, providing the freedom to pay for content tailored to their preferences.

  • Effortless to Scale 

Determining how much to charge per view simplifies earning. For example, if you aim to earn $5,000 from a PPV live event, charging $50 per person requires only 100 viewers. Attracting an additional twenty viewers results in an extra $1,000 in earnings.  

  • Quite Flexible 

With pay-per-view streaming, you have more control. Unlike YouTube, there is flexibility in how you charge for videos. You can opt for per-content charges, such as online courses, or choose monthly or yearly subscription models based on your business strategy.

How to monetize Pay-Per-View Video Content?

Deciding how to monetize your PPV and understanding how it works is the easy part. In this segment, we will guide you on how to price them accordingly—a slightly trickier process, but we are here to help!

Before looking deep into pricing structures, it is crucial to consider pay-per-view costs and other related expenses. These factors are essential for factoring into your business valuation. For establishing a starting price for a single video ticket, ideally, aim for around the $5 mark. This allows viewers to sample your new content & become comfortable with the fee facilitation.

pay per view streaming services

Another option is to rent your content for a specific time period, offering viewers the chance to enjoy your pay-per-view services. This is particularly useful for one-off events like live performances or premiere shows.

As you produce more content, consider offering a monetization package to grant users wider access to your curated videos. This is where a video subscription or pass becomes handy, thereby supporting your revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, a pay-per-view video is ideal for granting access to specific playlists. Alternatively, you can offer an ‘all-access’ subscription, providing platform payers access to all your content in an online video library.

Pay-Per-View Video Platform Considerations

We have done a detailed research on several inputs that you may require in order to stream pay per view services. Let’s take a look at some of the essential features you may require within your platform. 

  • Content Delivery(CDN)

You’ll always want your audience to view your content wherever it is streamed from, isn’t it! We recommend you to choose a streaming service that supports high-quality delivery using the advanced tech stack of CDN. Make sure your server network isn’t restricted to distribute content to certain regions, but across the globe.

pay per view video platform
  • Stream All Devices

Another criteria that you should consider is whether your pay per view services supports mobile streaming so that your viewers can access your content wherever they are at any moment via multiple devices. 

  • Pricing Factors 

Thirdly, the cost of using PPV solution depends on the software you select. Mostly services are created in such a way that you tend to opt for tiered pricing. This can help you pay for only what you need, even though there might be an array of pricing models to look into.  

  • Video CMS

A best pay per view service is entirely dependent on the how overall content gets managed. Otherwise it might become a barrier for your platform’s content to outreach its vast audience. Besides that, an easy or friendly video CMS interface with its intuitiveness can help things stay organized. 

  • Scalability

As and when the organization learns how to start a pay per view website, & learn to set it up, they would look out for a smaller price tier that lets them experiment to manage. Eventually like they grow businesses may preferably need a pay-per-view platform that completely grows as compared to other streaming services. 

Top 10 Pay Per View Video Streaming Platforms In 2024

So once you’ve decided to move to a premium pay per view video hosting service, you need to make sure which one is ideal option to choose. Finding a pay-per-view platform that suits to your business needs, can be easy & appropriate to know what to look for in the solutions offered. 

1. VPlayed

World-class Pay Per View OTT Streaming Solution 

pay per view streaming platform

VPlayed is a powerful OTT platform that enables content owners or businesses to establish their revenue streams by gaining a full stack video solution. As content broadcasters you can have your content empowered with numerous features and monetization models, & one among is with pay-per-view package. 

Some of its Pay Per View Enticing Features are

  • Complete customization in & around the platform 
  • Whitelabelling OTT feature across your multitude of services 
  • Flexible integration of platform either on cloud/ on premise 
  • Explorable wide opportunities for live streaming pay-per-view
  • An array of analytics solution that captures content performance
  • Entire platform can be under your control with life-time ownership 


Tap into Your Content’s Potential through Pay Per View Streaming

Pay per view streaming

GUDSHO allows businesses to keep their content under the PPV category, which can be streamed for separate payments. Your viewers can choose videos on rent and stream them for the given period. Here, you can set your own prices for every PPV content and ensure maximum earnings.

Some Of Its Attractive Features Are

  • 4+ revenue options, including PPV, subscriptions, ads, and more
  • Superior security with AES encryption and SSL certification
  • Geo-fencing to allow your videos only for preferred regions
  • Special screening to invite your choice of guests
  • Auto-generated promos to save you time and effort

3. Dacast

Unlock your Content’s Potential with Pay Per View Streaming

streaming pay per view

Dacast is a great choice for streamers who are looking for a worthy & best pay per view platform. Their domain readily uses a secure paywall solution that is built into the video player. In this manner, both yourself & your viewers can rest assured that only after each transaction the content is viewable with complete safety. 

Here are Some of Its Path-striking Features

  • Hybrid model in order to use multiple monetization options 
  • Delivers content via powerful html5 video player with secured paywall
  • Streams can be smoothly rendered via advanced CDN integration 
  • Dacast provides a room to transcode, manage & monetize videos 
  • Also it supports a wide range of 3rd party OVPs

4. Vimeo OTT

Live Pay Per Video Streaming Service 

per per view online Streaming

Vimeo is another player of pay to watch video platform in the streaming industry. Having Vimeo acquired with the Livestream solution in 2017, it premium offers plans to build revenue, including PPV monetization. Video uses a robust HTML video player, so it can stream with all-device broadcasting facility across the globe. 

Get a Glimpse of Some of Its Top-notch Characteristics

  • Monetize your video content with one-off transactions
  • Provides a preview mode just before going live to your audience 
  • End-to-end streaming services with 24/7 support 
  • Realtime insights can help you to keep a pulse on what’s working 
  • Assists to create a video streaming apps with fully branded experience

5. Kaltura

Get the Best of On-demand Video with Pay Per View Streaming

pay per view video hosting

Kaltura is a cloud-based video hosting platform which is open-source to numerous customizability. Kaltura makes it the best solution for content publishers & media broadcasters for what they are looking for.

It is because they can creatively establish a complete control over the video streaming platform that is supportive of an array of technologies such as CDN, adaptive bitrate streaming & lots more. 

Here are Ways That Can Help You Generate Best ROI Today

  • Mint revenue with PPV video monetization easily without intrusive ads
  • Kaltura’s on-prem edition allows you to set-up own storage infrastructure
  • Best media delivery possibilities via RTMP, HTTP streaming tech-stack 
  • Smooth transcoding process after media uploads on multiple devices 
  • Comprehensive set of metadata fields within organized playlists

6. Muvi

Monetize Your Premium Streaming Content via PPV Model  

pay per view streaming services

Muvi is a cloud-based video platform that allows content broadcasters to build their own custom video on demand & live streaming channels. Since its foundation in 2011, Muvi has grown to encompass more than 580 platforms that includes industries right from live sports to religious events, & much more. It is an end-to-end streaming solution that takes care of all technical aspects needed for your content platform, right from managing OTT infrastructure to setting up payment gateways. 

Get the Best Means to Channelize your Monetization Strategies:

  • Build a customizable website that represents your brand 
  • Use cloud flare CDN to deploy unbuffered videos worldwide 
  • Showcase multichannel presence via mobile & TV apps 
  • Sell your standalone content as one-off live streaming events
  • Meta-data can necessarily make your video search-engine friendly 

7. Maz Systems 

Set up PPV-based Website to Scale Completely 

best pay per view platform

Maz is a video hosting platform that helps businesses to customize their content streaming apps in and around the world. They’re the key online streaming hub which helps tech integration with wide range of OTT services. They even take care of the coding & design so that you can entirely focus on your streaming content. 

Let’s Take Closely at Some of Their Key Offerings:

  • A pay-per-view video platform with complete reliability 
  • Simulated live streams which capacitates to run 24/7 
  • To drive revenue with subscriptions get built-in advertising tools 
  • Web platform & apps creation using pioneer developers 
  • Stream your content across devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, etc 

8. Uscreen

Enhance Streaming Experience With Pay Per View

pay per view monetization

Uscreen is a video streaming platform that helps content owners launch their own video streaming services. In other words, you can distribute and sell your videos online with Uscreen. 

Whether fitness classes, educational courses, or entertainment content, Uscreen provides the infrastructure to build your branded website and mobile apps. These platforms enable you to reach a global audience. 

The video-selling platform offers a plethora of valuable features. It includes subscription management, video hosting, secure payments, analytics, and marketing tools. 

A user-friendly interface and comprehensive tech support are a big plus for Uscreen. And it makes it easy for anyone to start their own video streaming service.

Some Of The Noteworthy Features Of UScreen Are As Follows:

  • VOD streaming capabilities: Easy upload and delivery of on-demand videos.
  • Subscription management and monetization: Manage subscriptions and generate revenue with recurring payments. (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD)
  • Customizable branding and design: Personalize the platform with logos, themes, and visual elements.
  • Cross-device compatibility: Accessible on various devices for wider audience reach.
  • Integrated e-commerce functionality: Sell digital products directly on the platform.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting: Gain insights on engagement, growth, and revenue metrics.
  • Marketing and promotional tools: Utilize email campaigns, discount codes, and affiliate programs.

9. Zype

The Power Of Video Monetization In Your Hands

pay per view model

Zype is an end-to-end video platform that empowers businesses to create their own customized pay-per-view and live-streaming channels.

With a focus on monetization, Zype offers a comprehensive solution for content broadcasters to maximize their revenue streams. From managing content delivery to implementing secure paywalls, Zype takes care of all technical aspects, allowing you to focus on creating engaging online video content.

Here Are Some Of Its Groundbreaking Features:

  • Create branded channels with flexible pricing options.
  • Scalable Infrastructure without compromising on performance.
  • Safeguard your premium content with robust paywall solutions.
  • High-quality streaming across devices with advanced CDN technology.
  • Seamless Integration with popular OTT services and payment gateways.

10. VdoCipher

pay per view

VdoCipher is a video platform for securely hosting, streaming and selling videos online. 

It protects your videos from unauthorized access using security features like DRM protection, digital watermarks, and AES encryption. 

VdoCipher ensures smooth video playback on different devices and platforms. In other words, it adjusts the video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection.

So it provides the best streaming experience even on a slow internet connection. 

VdoCipher offers multiple ways to sell your videos without paying a premium. You can charge pay-per-view, offer subscriptions, or advertisements to generate revenue. 

In a nutshell, VdoCipher is a user-friendly video-selling platform. It keeps your videos secure, provides seamless playback, and offers monetization options. 

Here Are Some Key Features Of VdoCipher

  • Video Security: DRM, watermarking, and encryption for content protection.
  • Adaptive Video Streaming: Adjusts video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection.
  • Content Monetization: Generate revenue through pay-per-view, subscriptions, and ads.
  • Video Analytics: Gain insights into viewer engagement and video performance.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Global infrastructure for fast video delivery.
  • Customizable Video Player: Personalize the player to match your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Stream securely on various devices and platforms.


If you are planning to choose pay-per-view route to monetize your upcoming streams, surely it is necessary to choose the right video hosting provider. Right from professional video production companies to a solo-managed entity, PPV streaming is a great way for anybody to upscale their revenue ladder at a single shot. We hope that you are now having an overall clear idea of how pay-per-view actually works. All in all you don’t have to attract millions of viewers through several content breakups in between & can get a complete control to make surplus profitability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Pay-per-view Video Streaming?

PPV is also known as Transactional VOD or the rental model. In simple words, Pay per view (PPV) is a business strategy that allows your visitors to pay money to view video content, whether it is live or a pre-recorded one. In fact, video streaming via a pay-per-view video platform is the greatest alternative method for earning lump sum income from your exclusive content. 

2. What Are The Advantages Of Using PPV In Video Platforms?

Here are the top 10 benefits of employing PPV in video platforms that are worth mentioning. Relatively simpler revenue model, No distractions whatsoever, Recurring income, Ideal for online viewers, Easy to scale up, More flexible, Improved customer predictability, Reduced bandwidth expenses, Easy to launch, Higher return on investment, compared to advertisements.

3. How Can I Start Selling My Video Content Online With a Pay Per View?

Simply put, selling video content on a reputable video platform would be a fantastic idea since it allows you to deliver professional-grade broadcasts to your audience, pushing your business to the next level. Furthermore, this strategy might raise the demand for viewers to easily participate in your enticing content. For instance, if you want to earn $2,000 from a single PPV live event, you can easily calculate it by charging $20 per person and you just require 100 unique viewers.

4. How Does PPV Streaming Work?

The PPV works in such a way that it provides appealing options for retaining end-users, such as fast access to fresh content. This model is ideal for video streaming and broadcasting as it provides better flexibility to both the content owner and the customer. As a result, this approach helps your video streaming business by delivering a higher ROI than the AVOD model (Advertising-based Video on Demand).

5. Why Use Pay Per View To Monetize Your Live Video Content?

Once you’ve chosen the best video monetization platform, using the pay per view model to monetize your live video content can propel your business to new heights. Below are some of the benefits of pay per view live streaming. Venture into new markets, Incentives to businesses, Ideal for online viewers, Recurring income or better return on investment, Customizable payment plans or hassle free payments.

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    Hello. I would like to start a VOD platform where I distribute my prerecorded and sell it to my content. I was thinking about doing it as a pay per view video platform but also perhaps in the future provide livestreams as well. My focus will firstly be towards beginner level for guitar and piano. But later also for more advanced instrumentalists. I would like to somehow integrate it on my own website. Is that possible or must every video go through your platform? How is it also with the rights of the videos? When I upload it will I still have all the rights for it? Which types of payment methods do you provide for my customers?

  47. Julius Fleming says:

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