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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Monetize Your Educational Videos on YouTube

Published On April 1st, 2024 33072Media & Monetization
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“Nowadays people with a Smartphone who are posting casual content are considered as Content Creators”

Surprising that even the most casual content creators are making wholesome money!!!

Then why not the educational content creators who take their knowledge and passion for teaching subjects beyond the classroom?

Absolutely yes, it’s found that over one billion learning-related videos are viewed on YouTube Platform. But, the average ratio of money generated by the educational content owners doesn’t even come under ¼ of its total views.

It’s bit commiserating for the fellow brainstormers (educational content creators), right?

Of Course, it’ll. When you put all your knowledge, effort & combining education with entertainment, at last, you end up generating in peanuts.

giphy -educational content creators

So What does this all mean?

YouTube isn’t the right platform for educators, academic subject experts, how-to based soft skill teachers, training classes and any educational format who wish to create and share entertaining educational content to billion users. Instead, presenting the content with the use of interactive tools works out best for lecturers to live streaming online classroom.

Adding to the knowledge, it’s found that only 18% of YouTube Viewers visit the education channels to learn skills.

So to make the statement (“YouTube isn’t suitable for educational videos”) much stronger, we have come with some logical reasons behind the hard-luck happenings.

Hard Reasons, Why Educational Content Creators Shouldn’t Go With YouTube as their Business Tool

1. It’s Their Never-ending “Skip ADS” Strategy

70% of users are skipping the ads while they start to watch the video”.

Whenever your audience hits your session video with much interest, they’ll come across 15 or 20 seconds non-skippable ad. All they do is wait restlessly to skip the ads. This will end up in ruining the interest and you’ll lose one of your passionate subscriber or viewer.

Avoid watching ads on YouTube platform

Too many distractions to your viewers aren’t going to help you out in generating revenue and retention to channel. An ad-free platform is an ideal suit for your audience.

2. Consumption of Entertainment based videos on YouTube

95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube were music videos”.

I must admit that YouTube has become more favorable for entertainment content creators. A typical person usually visits YouTube to watch music streaming videos, web series, TV shows, and fun videos. This is the hard truth of YouTube. Educational content creators should possibly responder in choosing YouTube as your host to upload learning, training or educational content on it.

Are You Planning to Create an Educational Video Streaming For Your Business?

3. Lags in Reaching the Targeted Audience

“Even though YouTube has 1 Billion Active users each month, it doesn’t mean all your targeted audience comes under it”

Reaching the target audience with your videos on YouTube is one of the cumbersome things that all the content creators encounter. On the other hand, users related to educational content is no longer available on the platform where you can see millions of music videos. The percentage of users on YouTube may be high, but educational content creators should understand that YouTube is owned by Google. The topmost viewed videos will be ranking on the first page of the recommended videos were targeting any particular user is pretty hard like heavy-liftings.

The video-sharing website solely works on a certain business model that urges to yield more revenue than educating. To put it simply, the chance of video suggestion is not relevant, which isn’t going to yield you any views and business. The risk factor is explained in the below image where your users may get irrelevant video suggestions.

4. Possess Single Monetization Model (Adsense)

“As we are pretty much aware of the fact that, YouTube pays you only 55% of your total earnings where the rest generated by ad revenue goes to YouTube, the chances of earning for educational creators is harder than you think”.

Whatever the content you create, whatever the marketing strategies you undertake to promote the content after all generating revenue is the ultimate goal. With one particular video monetization model, the possibility of generating a decent revenue to your educational videos in less.

YouTube channel monetization ways

To all your hard work, efforts and educational content quality, it deserves a much better and diverse monetization model. With AdSense, you can expect to make around 1$ for every 1000 views. Afterall you pass all the criteria implemented by YouTube monetization rules.

5. Chances of Branding & Customization is never an option

Branding your own educational channel on the external platforms is quite applicable to YouTube, but when it comes to internal branding isn’t possible. Although describing your brand on other social platforms will yield you a decent number of traction towards the channel, but marketing your channel with ads on any part of the internet delivers better results.

Customizing your channel according to user preference isn’t possible on YouTube. Modifying your entire educational channel based on the themes irrespective of fonts, colors, images, and layout can grab better attention.

6. Security To All Your Educational Content is Zero

watch out

Privacy and copyrights are the biggest thefts in video sharing sites especially when it comes to YouTube. This is a big issue on YouTube that even big educational brands with millions of subscribers had an issue with video licensing. Since kids have access to YouTube account, the theft, downloads and copyright claim is increased for the most-watched videos on YouTube. So you’re pretty clear now that YouTube isn’t your cup of coffee to share educational content.

Then where can you upload, market & monetize your educational content?

Let’s be real.

An Enterprise Video Platform is the only thing you can rely on!

I know you won’t believe it, but you have to really see this.

An ex YouTuber is now generating revenue in millions. An educational content creator who had over half a million subscribers in YouTube has redefined his YouTube channel into a video on demand platform.

An enterprise video solution like Vplayed is the right platform to monetize your educational content with the right audience. The enterprise solution can be customized to any of your business model with high-end features and diverse best monetization platforms to generate profitable revenue with your educational content.

Reasons Why an Enterprise Video Solution is the Perfect Idea for Educational Content Owners?

1. It’s more secure than YouTube with authentication, password-protected logins to keep your videos private.
2. You can create or integrate video streaming platform under our own brand name.
3. It’s much easier to customize your educational video platform with intuitive design, layout and can have multiple pages.
4. Targeting of the audience is made much easier where you can market your educational platform just like how we are marketing a website.
5. Add additional monetization models like subscription, rental programs based on hours, advertising video on demand, Downloadable videos with full-time payment to content and promo codes, promotions.
6. Implement a content engine that can drive regular traffic to your educational content.
7. Safeguard your entire educational content with multiple security and privacy like DRM platforms, watermarks, your own cloud storage with utmost security.

Rise as the Owner of Your Own platform Not as a YouTubepreneur

So what compels the entire content creators to create oh-so-good is merely for money. If you want to post some great educational videos on YouTube just for the sake then probably you are on the right path, but what if you want to generate revenue or monetize your educational videos then YouTube may not be as well suited for educational content.

To make that life-changing revenue for your educational videos, alternative to YouTube monetization like an enterprise video platform is the right idea to monetize, generate revenue with your educational videos.

If You Already Have An Idea To Create A Video Platform For Education, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Educational Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are the Different Ways to Monetize Educational Videos?

Educational videos can be monetized in different ways like ads, sponsorships, memberships, pay-per-view, affiliate marketing, or selling supplementary materials like e-books or courses. Choose the approach that aligns with your content, business and audience.

2. What Are the Benefits of Video Monetization in Education?

Video monetization brings numerous benefits to creators and audience alike. It includes creation of additional revenue, sustains content creation, and attracts top educators through financial incentives, fostering a sustainable and thriving educational ecosystem.

3. How Do You Monetize Videos?

You can monetize your videos by activating ads, setting up memberships, employing subscription/pay-per-view models, and leveraging affiliate marketing or direct sales of educational materials. However, you can and should tailor the strategy in a way that it suits your audience and goals.

4. How Do You Choose Video Monetization for Your Educational Business?

Choose a monetization strategy based on your audience, content type, and business goals. Also, consider factors like viewer preferences, pricing models, and the nature of educational content.

5. How Does Monetization Affect the Viewer Experience for Educational Videos?

Monetization has a significant implications on user experience. While monetization can provide funding for quality content, excessive ads or intrusive methods may disrupt the viewer’s educational experience. Balancing the right monetization strategies is crucial to maintaining a positive viewer experience.

Vignesh D

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


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