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MirrorFly vs Sendbird vs Getstream vs Cometchat: In-depth Comparison (2024)

Published On April 5th, 2024 672Communication

Should you choose MirrorFly, Sendbird, Getstream or Cometchat? Here is a full comparison on the leading in-app communication providers for 2024. 

In-app communication is helping the world connect closer day by day. You can just pick your phone, open an app, make a video call to a friend on the farthest side of the planet. On the other hand, this ease of use is creating a huge demand for apps to improve in different aspects. 

Be it real-time communication or AI-powered chats, people are looking for features that work the modern way.  Now, the question is – are you equipped to build an app for your business with all that your users expect?

Before the moments of silence take over, I’m here to let you know that there are the best solutions on the market that you need to grab as quickly as possible. You can simply add in-app communication features from the top platforms and make your app highly engaging. 

Interested? Now join me in exploring the 4 top providers – Getstream vs. Cometchat vs. Sendbird, and their uncompromisable best alternative, MirrorFly.

Best Chat Providers In 2024

1. MirrorFly

The 100% Customizable Video, Voice & Chat SDKs For Mobile and Web Apps

Sendbird reviews
mirrorfly vs sendbird

MirrorFly is a leading in-app communication provider that offers more than 150+ customizable chat, video and voice call features. The most unique highlight of MirrorFly is that it helps you build custom communication apps and host it on your own premises. 

Also, MirrorFly lets you build your chat app using all its features and libraries. Still, you can add your own logo, colors, and brand elements and launch as a white-label app. 

Above this, you get complete access to MirrorFly’s source code, giving you complete control over the infrastructure and security of your app. 

What Are The Key Features Of MirrorFly?

  1. Topic-based Chat: This feature allows you to categorize the conversations on your app based on specific subjects, making it effortless to maintain organized and focused discussions. 
  2. Chat export: With this feature, you can export your chat conversations to external files, providing a convenient way to keep records, refer back to important details, and share information when needed. 
  3. Multi-device login: This feature ensures continuity in communication on your apps, allowing your users to stay connected and engaged with conversations regardless of the device they are using.
  4. Chat history: Easily review past conversations to recall specific details, track progress, or revisit important information. This feature enables users to maintain a comprehensive record of their communication.
  5. Schedule Call in calendar: This feature helps users plan calls ahead of time. By syncing chat schedules with calendars, this feature helps users coordinate and ensure that all parties involved are well-prepared. 
  6. Upload large video calls: This feature allows users to share recordings of video calls, even if they have substantial file sizes.
  7. Activity Feeds: Activity feeds present the most recent activities from a user’s friends, communities, or the platform itself. They are a real-time feed of updates and events within your app.
  8. Chatbots: A chatbot uses artificial intelligence to converse with users inside the messaging app. It improves your user experience by offering assistance, responding to questions, and carrying out tasks via the chat interface inside the app.

Why Should You Choose MirrorFly?

1. All-in-One In-app Communication Solution:

  • Multi-channel communication: You can integrate various communication channels like video calling, voice calling, and chat with over 150+ features into your app with MirrorFly. 
  • Customizable Solution: The most important reason why you need MirrorFly is that, unlike other providers, MirrorFly offers an extensive range of customization. You can add, remove, or alter the features just the way you want them on your app.
  • White-label Solution:  Guess what? You can build your complete app with MirrorFly and still add your own logo, colors, and typography. This way, you can make your app look like it was custom-built by your in-house developers. 

2. Developer-Friendly and Secure:

  • Extensive APIs and SDKs: MirrorFly makes it super simple for developers like you to add communication features to their apps or websites. No matter which technology you’re using or how you code, MirrorFly has got you covered with easy-to-use SDKs. 
  • Compliance with global regulations: MirrorFly takes privacy seriously and follows important rules like GDPR and HIPAA to keep your data safe. This shows how dedicated we are to making sure your information is secure.

3. Cost-Effective & Cross-platform:

  • Flexible pricing plans: MirrorFly has two flexible pricing models. You can either go for a custom pricing plan or opt for a monthly subscription. This is beneficial for a lot of developers, as they have the freedom to choose the type of payment that’s convenient for them. 
  • Platform compatibility: Want to build your app for multiple platforms? Or are you worried if MirrorFly supports the specific platform you plan to build your app for? The good news is that MirrorFly’s solution supports cross platform.
  • On-premise/ On-cloud Hosting: One other reason why most developers prefer MirrorFly is because you can avail of their solution and still host your app on your own servers. MirrorFly also lets you host your app on their dedicated servers, with multi-tenancy support. 

What Are The Drawbacks Of MirrorFly?

On-call Recording: One of the disadvantages of MirrorFly is that the solution does not offer recording features during an active call.

2. Sendbird

The Most Developer-friendly In-app Communication Platform

sendbird alternatives
sendbird vs mirrorfly

Sendbird is a leading provider of chat and real-time calling. Their flagship Chat product lets developers build 1-on-1 and group chat experiences, boosting engagement and user connections within your app. 

From social platforms to customer service portals, Sendbird empowers you to seamlessly integrate rich communication tools and elevate your app’s interaction.

What Are The Key Features Of Sendbird?

  1. Live Video Streaming: Sendbird Live is more than simply a chat program; it allows for interactive live broadcasting through functions like cloud recording, screen sharing, RTMP transcoding, and fast response.
  2. Advanced Moderation: Real-time content moderation is enabled via robust controls, which include automatic photo moderation, profanity filters, and user blocking and muting.
  3. Open Channel Platform: For communities and forums, provide public channels to encourage user interaction outside of private conversations.
  4. Data Portability: Data (CSV, JSON) can be exported with ease for transferring or backup, providing future flexibility.
  5. Chatbot Integration: Use chatbots with AI capabilities to conduct conversations or provide automated customer service.

Why Should You Choose Sendbird?

1. Real-time Engagement Features:

  • Go beyond text: RTMP encoding, cloud recording, and real-time replies are just a few of the features that enhance engaging experiences and deeper connections with live video streaming.
  • Advanced moderation: Granular user controls, profanity filters, and automatic image moderation help to create a safe and positive atmosphere.
  • Offline messaging: Messages are delivered even when users are not online, so communication never stops.

2. Developer-Friendly and Scalable:

  • Streamlined integration: Extensive APIs, SDKs, and pre-built UI components simplify chat integration across platforms and programming languages.
  • Pick and choose: You can customize your communication experience to meet your unique demands with modular design and avoid unnecessary complexity.
  • Seamless growth: Large user bases and message volumes are handled by Sendbird with ease, and it grows with your app without compromising performance.

3. Global Reach and Security:

  • Compliance and trust: Sendbird guarantees user trust and data security by adhering to important international privacy requirements such as the CCPA and GDPR.
  • 24/7 support: A dedicated support team is available to help whenever needed, providing dependable service and peace of mind.

Global infrastructure: Regardless of location, optimized servers across the globe ensure quick and dependable connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly contact your audience.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Sendbird?

  1. Pricing and Overage Fees: Sendbird charges high overage costs for exceeding peak concurrent connections, which can quickly build up during moments of high traffic. Sendbird may seem competitive at first, but as your user base expands, it may become costly.
  2. Usage Capping and Suspension: If traffic exceeds predefined levels for monthly active users and peak concurrent connections, Sendbird has the right to temporarily halt functionality. This might cause disruptions and poor user experiences, particularly during peak times.
  3. Limited Customization: Even though Sendbird has pre-built UI elements, its main features can feel a bit inflexible and do not give as much customization as some of its competitors. This can make it harder to develop a chat experience that is genuinely unique and tailored to your company.

3. Getstream

The Easy-to-integrate Chat SDK & Activity Feeds

stream alternatives
getstream vs mirror fly

Stream allows companies to customize live chat experiences for their users beyond basic messaging, fostering richer engagement and interaction. 

Getstream’s APIs and SDKs unlock robust features like typing indicators, user presence, threaded conversations, notifications, moderation, reactions, and mentions. 

Developers can use Getstream to build and embed real-time chat experiences into their apps.

What Are The Key Features Of Getstream?

  1. Interactive Viewer Participation: In contrast to other streaming services, Gestream allows co-hosting, so you may present chat shows or games with multiple hosts. This feature adds a dynamic and engaging element to the experience for both creators and viewers.
  2. Stream Together: Unlike regular streaming sites, Gestream lets you have co-hosts. This means you can play games or have talk shows with multiple hosts. Sharing the spotlight makes the experience more dynamic and interesting for both creators and viewers.
  3. Earn While You Stream: With memberships and virtual gifts, Gestream allows creators to profit directly from their streams; viewers can show their support for their favorite producers, and creators may establish a reliable source of income.
  4. Stream Everywhere: Go live on different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook all at once to reach a bigger audience.
  5. Smart Chat Control and Insights: Gestream uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and moderate the chats within your app. The AI also provides useful data about viewers, including who is watching, how engaged they are, and how the audience is growing.

Why Should You Choose Getstream?

1. Streamlined Development and Integration:

  • Comprehensive Chat APIs and SDKs: GetStream provides a comprehensive toolkit that covers a wide range of platforms and programming languages to meet a wide range of development needs. It makes integrating chat and messaging features into your app quite easy.
  • Ready-to-use UI Kits: With pre-built UI components that offer an appealing and intuitive chat experience right out of the box, you can save time and design effort and concentrate on the essential features of your app rather than having to start from scratch.
  • Flexible Customization: Ensure an effortless integration that improves your overall user experience with GetStream’s pre-built components and numerous change options to match your app’s unique branding and design.

2. Scalability and Performance:

  • Handles Growth with Ease: GetStream’s architecture can easily scale with your app as it grows, providing a smooth user experience even during periods of high demand. GetStream can manage big user bases and high message volumes without compromising speed.
  • Global Edge Network: Take advantage of globally distributed, optimally positioned servers that provide dependable, quick connectivity regardless of your consumers’ location, reducing latency and providing a consistent experience around the globe.

3. Focus on Developer Experience:

  • Clear Documentation and Guides: GetStream sets a high priority on providing thorough tutorials and documentation to help developers navigate the integration process. 

This helps developers get started immediately and troubleshoot any issues promptly, which saves you time and resources.

  • Active Community and Support: Get dedicated support from the GetStream team at any time. This guarantees that you have the tools and support you need to overcome challenges and maximize your platform’s capabilities.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Getstream?

  1. Focus on Development Speed: GetStream streamlines integration, but its closed-source core and restricted customization possibilities may feel restricting to advanced users. It may not satisfy developers who want greater control over the chat experience.
  1. Potential Scalability Concerns: Think carefully if you expect large user growth or global reach, as GetStream claims global infrastructure, but its scalability performance in high-traffic conditions might not be as robust as certain industry leaders.
  1. Limited User Engagement Features: GetStream is a chat app solution that offers basic capabilities, but it does not have some of the more advanced capabilities that its competitors like gamification, interactive whiteboards, and live video streaming have to offer. This could make it harder for you to encourage users to engage deeply with your app.

4. Cometchat

Feature-rich Video, Voice & Chat SDKs

cometchat competitors
cometchat vs mirror fly

With its flexible features and user-friendly SDKs, APIs, and UI Kit, CometChat is a popular choice for developers in a variety of industries, including telehealth, virtual events, marketplaces, on-demand services, and EdTech. 

CometChat facilitates safe, easy-to-use, and scalable user-to-user engagement, freeing up time for businesses to focus on their core competencies while establishing meaningful connections. 

What Are The Key Features Of Cometchat?

  1. Virtual Drawing Boards and Collaborative Note-Taking: Use virtual whiteboards and writeboards to communicate with your audience in real time. You may brainstorm, draw ideas, and work together on documents to go beyond text chat.
  1. AI-Backed Content Moderation: Protect your community using artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are taught to identify and flag spam, offensive language, and inappropriate content. This automated moderation makes sure that your users are in a safe and supportive environment.
  1. Live Video Streaming and Broadcasts: With live video streaming and broadcasting, you can go beyond simple chat and host events, lead workshops, or establish in-person connections with your audience in real time, all while encouraging more participation and lasting connections.
  1. Global Language Support: With built-in support for multiple languages, you can appeal to a varied audience and make sure that everyone has an inclusive and easy-to-use experience.
  1. Reaction System: With a customisable reaction system, you can allow users to express themselves in ways that go beyond words. You can add GIFs, photos, and even customized replies in addition to basic emojis to create an intricate and interesting communication experience.

Why Should You Choose Cometchat?

1. Unmatched Focus on User Engagement:

  • Interactive Whiteboard and Writeboard: With virtual whiteboards and writeboards, you can facilitate real-time brainstorming and collaboration. You can collaborate on papers, doodle ideas, and have more fun than just texting back and forth.
  • AI-powered Gamification: Encourage user interaction and create a feeling of connection within your app by incorporating leaderboards, points, and accomplishments directly into the chat platform.
  • Live Video and Screen Sharing: Whether you are hosting workshops, events, or just sharing your knowledge in real time, you can establish a face-to-face connection with your audience through screen sharing and live video streaming. This will encourage deeper engagement and stronger collaboration.

2. Customization and Versatility:

  • Branded Chat Interface: Create a chat experience that complements your app’s branding and design by adjusting colors, fonts, layouts, and other elements to give users an engaging and complete experience.
  • Powerful Plugins and Extensions: CometChat’s functionality can be extended with a variety of plugins and extensions that address a range of requirements, from file sharing and polling to marketing and analytics tool connections.
  • Open-source SDKs and APIs: With open-source SDKs and APIs, you can create unique features, modify current functionalities, and seamlessly integrate CometChat into your existing tech stack to achieve smooth control over the chat experience.

3. Focus on Privacy and Security:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensure privacy and build trust with your users by keeping their chats safe. Protect user data and communication with military-grade end-to-end encryption.
  • User Permissions: Decide who can create channels, approve or reject content, and assign user responsibilities to ensure a safe and orderly community. Manage access and privileges inside your chat platform.
  • Compliance with Global Regulations: CometChat shows its dedication to user privacy and data security by adhering to important data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Cometchat?

  1. Community-driven Support: Even though CometChat has a strong developer community, its official support occasionally feels more limited than that of its bigger competitors. This could be a problem for companies that need a lot of technical support.
  1. Potential Security Concerns: Despite following regulations, CometChat has had security breaches in the past that could cause worry for apps that handle sensitive data. Before choosing, carefully consider its security architecture and background.
  1. Limited Global Reach: CometChat’s infrastructure may not provide the same level of latency and performance consistency across all areas as platforms, particularly for user bases that are geographically separated. This is because of its widely spread servers.

Features Comparison: MirrorFly vs. Sendbird vs. Getstream vs. Cometchat 

Now we know what are the key features, pros and cons of the top in-app communication providers. Now it is time we take a closer look into each feature.

Video Call: MirrorFly vs. Sendbird vs. Getstream vs. Cometchat

Video call APIYesYesNoYes
Group video callYesYesNoYes
SecurityAES-256 encryptionNoNoNo
Ease of useEasyEasyEasyEasy
Custom PricingYesYesYesYes
FocusIn-app communicationAll-in-one chatActivity feedsAll-in-one chat
Call ScheduleYesNoNoNo
chat alternative

Voice Call: MirrorFly vs. Sendbird vs. Getstream vs. Cometchat 

1:1 CallYesYesNoYes
Group voice callNoYesNoYes
Call forwardYesYesNoYes
Call scheduleYesYesNoYes
Join via linkYesYesNoYes
Audio recordingYesYesNoYes
SaaP Alternative

Chat: MirrorFly vs. Sendbird vs. Getstream vs. Cometchat 

1:1 ChatYesYesYesYes
Group ChatYesYesYesYes
Topic-based ChatYesNoNoNo
Chat ModerationYesYesYesYes
File SharingYesYesYesYes
Customizable chat alternatives

Cost, Customization & Hosting: MirrorFly vs. Sendbird vs. Getstream vs. Cometchat 

Activity FeedsYesNoYesNo
On-premise HostingYesNoNoNo
White-labelingYesYes (Enterprise plan)NoYes (Enterprise plan)
Custom PricingYesYes (Enterprise plan)NoYes (Enterprise plan)
Full source code ownershipYesNoNoNo
Hire dedicated teamYesNoNoNo
Self-hosted chat


Now that we’ve come to the end of the article, I hope this comparison helped you understand the key differences between MirrorFly, Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat. Each provider is unique in its own way offering the best chat solutions for mobile and web apps.

However, MirrorFly stands out from its rivals by offering unique features and solutions including topic-based chat, activity feeds, custom security, and the flexibility to self-host your chat platform. 

That’s how MirrorFly stands as the best chat alternative for Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat. Want to explore it yourself?
Visit MirrorFly’s official website or talk to our experts now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Sendbird and GetStream?

The key difference between Sendbird and Getstream is flexibility of migration. Sendbird limit the time period to export user data to other provider . Plus, it restricts the customer from extending their contract, if they opt for other solutions. On the other hand, Stream offers an efficient migration tool so users can easily switch to Getstream and minimize downtime.

Which Are The Best Sendbird Alternatives In 2024?

The top alternatives to Sendbird in 2024 are
1. MirrorFly
2. CometChat
3. Sendbird
4. Twilio
5. PubNub
6. Stream
7. Infobip
8. Sinch
9. iMessage
10. Vonage.

How Does MirrorFly Chat Quality Compare To Sendbird?

Here is a comparison of MirrorFly and Sendbird in terms of Chat Quality:

Features: MirrorFly offers 500+ messaging features along with video and voice capabilities. On the other hand, Sendbird focuses on AI chatbots and notifications over chat. 
Customization: MirrorFly’s messaging SDK is 100% customizable while Sendbird might pose limitations with certain features. 
Scalability: MirrorFly and Sendbird are both highly scalable chat SDKs.
Topic-based chat: With its multi-tenant server infrastructure, MirrorFly offers chat that can be classified on a platform based on unique topics/ interests. This feature might still not be available with Sendbird.  
For a head-to-head comparison of these providers, check out this page.

Are there any similar services to Cometchat?

MirrorFly, Sendbird, Rocket.Chat, Twilio, and Vonage Communications APIs are some of the services that offer services similar to Cometchat.

Is there a better service than GetStream?

MirrorFly is considered to be a better alternative to GetStream. When compared to the latter, MirrorFly offers 500+ customizable video, voice, and chat features for various use cases like telecom, healthcare, and fintech. 

Which provider should I choose for my specific business needs?

MirrorFly, Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat are all unique in their own ways. However, MirrorFly stands out from others in terms of features, security, customization, and hosting. You may need to define your project scope and outline the requirements to choose the best provider among the options.  

Can these platforms integrate with other third-party services?

Yes, MirrorFly, Getstream, Sendbird, and Cometchat allow integration with third-party services to extend the capabilities of a messaging platform.

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  1. Helena says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for sharing this information. Could you tell me that What sets MirrorFly apart from its competitors, Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat?

    1. MirrorFly’s extensive customization, white-labeling capability, and self-hosting option set it apart from competitors like Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat. With over 150 features, complete source code access, and robust security, MirrorFly offers developers unparalleled control and flexibility in building communication apps.

  2. Meera says:

    Thanks for this insightful comparison! I’ve been considering Why might developers consider MirrorFly as the best alternative among Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat?

    1. Developers may prefer MirrorFly over alternatives like Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat due to its extensive customization options, white-labeling capability, and comprehensive communication suite. With features like on-premises hosting, multi-channel communication, and developer-friendly APIs, MirrorFly offers a versatile and tailored solution, catering to diverse project needs efficiently.

  3. Stphene says:

    MirrorFly emphasis on security and privacy is music to my ears! As someone who values user data protection above all else, knowing that MirrorFly prioritizes data security with encryption and compliance certifications is reassuring. What are the standout features of MirrorFly in comparison to other providers?

    1. MirrorFly stands out with its comprehensive communication suite encompassing messaging, voice, and video calling API and SDK. It offers complete customization options, 100% custom security & scalability, and competitive pricing. Additionally, its robust security features and real-time analytics further distinguish it as a top choice among communication platform providers.

  4. Renu priya says:

    Hi this is Renu, Nice Blog. Why might developers consider MirrorFly as the best alternative among Sendbird, Getstream, and Cometchat?

    1. Developers might favor MirrorFly due to its comprehensive suite of communication tools, including messaging, voice, and video calling, along with extensive customization options. Its scalability, feature-rich platform, and competitive pricing make it a top choice, particularly for projects requiring diverse communication functionalities and flexibility in implementation.

  5. Neil kin says:

    I’ve been researching communication platforms for my app, and Getstream seems like a strong contender. The cost-effective pricing plans and the flexibility it offers for smaller projects align perfectly with my budget and requirements. What makes Getstream a compelling choice for developers?

    1. GetStream offers a robust and scalable API for building real-time chat and activity feeds, simplifying development with extensive SDKs and integrations. Its reliability, ease of use, and rich feature set make it an enticing option for developers seeking efficient, customizable solutions.

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