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Comparing the best business messaging apps in 2023

Published On January 23rd, 2024 1164Communication
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Communication is key to every business. Problems in employee productivity, unsatisfied clients, and low retention rates are all indications of improper communication structure in a business.

A recent survey states that “communications barriers could be costing businesses around $37 billion a year”. Check here 

Observing every best business in the world clearly gives you a clarification on the importance of communication. If there is no proper communication on time, then there is no business.

As technology evolves day by day, the mode of business also upgrades instantly. Customers are even more curious to get connected immediately and be clear on what they need.

What is a business messaging app?

Business messaging apps are specifically designed to deliver internal and external business communications on time.

Usually, we all use messaging apps in our everyday lives and are most updated on them. But not all messaging apps can be used for business communication due to what they are primarily made for.

Messaging apps are directly targeted at audiences, while business messaging system are created to communicate between businesses and customers.

Benefits of business messaging apps

If you aren’t sure why you need a business messaging app, just take a look at the benefits. It might help you solve your business problems and upgrade your business twice.

  • Easy Connect: Connect your team members anytime and anywhere, regardless of boundaries and geographical locations; expand your team; and scout for the skilled.
  • Easy integration: The majority of third-party business messaging apps allow for easy integration in a hassle-free manner and improve your business efficiency.
  • Easy solutions: No more worries about your queries or important texts getting stuck in someone else’s mailboxes. Business messaging apps are instant and transparent.
  • Easy to track: You are fully accessible to track your text’s current status in real time. Either the recipient is active or away, seen or delivered. This information helps you follow up with the required person and also get their attention towards it. Even daily reports are now transparent, and everything is accountable.
  • Easy to engage: From assigning tasks to understanding what’s keeping them up or down, you can do everything in the business messaging app. This kind of engagement helps with team bonding and increased productivity.

Basic characteristics of a best business messaging app

Encountering the best messaging app has certain criteria to be noticed. In some cases, the criteria might differ based on the nature of the business. Yet we can have a brief look at the necessities.

  • Fast and reliable: Business communications are always immediate requirements. Hence, speed and quality need to be on the preference list.
  • Cost-effective: Everything in this world comes at its own cost, but the cost must be affordable and budget-friendly for its targeted users.
  • Advanced features: Customers are advanced, so why not the features of communication? Having better features for modern communication is a key point.
  • Secure: Data are the valuable assets of this modern era. Security is a must.
  • Privacy regulations: The app must be compatible with the necessary privacy regulations ensuring data management.

The best messaging apps for business

Here, let’s dive deep into knowing the best business messaging apps, their features, and their add-on benefits.

1. Microsoft teams

Cloud-based team collaboration & chat service provider.

Another big move from Microsoft is lending hands to businesses with communication support, which perfectly organized teams.

Microsoft Teams has already crossed a benchmark of over 140 million daily active users and is still growing.


  • Text, voice, and video chat
  • Team huddles
  • Video conferring
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Direct chat
  • Reminders and push notifications

Pricing: free and budget-friendly

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2. Slack

The channel-based messaging platform for business.

Slack is one of the most powerful business messaging apps. Their addition of the Salesforce tool has been an added advantage, and it leads to increased retention among users.

Slack has made regular improvements in its speed with low power consumption. Maintaining seamless performance even at low latencies shows their commitment to businesses.


  • Group channels
  • Low latencies
  • Audio and video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Easy integrations (Salesforce, Google, Jira, MS Office 365, etc.)

Pricing: free and budget-friendly

3. Chanty

Most affordable all-in-one team chat provider.

Chanty is an easy messaging platform to stay organized and connected at your fingertips. From starting new tasks from scratch to turning any messages into tasks, Chantry is a perfect fit.


  • Active indicators and status updates
  • Multiple-format file sharing
  • Group calls
  • Task assigning
  • Audio and video calls
  • Notifications, alerts, and task reminders
  • Easy integrations (Google Drive, Github, Trelo, Mailchimp, etc.)

Pricing: Free and affordable

4. Twist

Free async messaging tool for business.

Twist is a non-contemporary platform. It’s really a twist, isn’t it? Unlike other messaging apps, Twist doesn’t offer voice and video calls, online indications, or even notifications.

But Twist is clear in its purpose. Their developers are clearly driven towards maintaining speed and performance in a stable position. Twist lets you take control of your work and time according to your schedule, removing the pressure.

Features: Specialized practitioner for asynchronous messaging and completely different from other tools, focusing on remote work sectors.

  • Team and group chats
  • Private chats
  • Chat threads
  • Chat history
  • Message inbox
  • Integrations with Drive, Github, Todoist, etc.

Pricing: free trial and affordable

5. Ring Central

Leading global enterprise for cloud communications.

RingCentral is the world’s leading cloud phone system. It helps you maintain all your business communications on one simple platform.

They have been ranked #1 in global UCaaS and CCaaS solutions for businesses and industries of any size.


  • Workflow automation
  • Voice and video calls
  • Private and group chats
  • Insights and surveys
  • Secure
  • Easy integrations

Pricing: Paid(Budget-friendly)

6. Zoho Cliq 

Real-time business communication tool.

Cliq is a nail-biting initiative from Zoho Corporation, which in the end turned out to be the best in class. Simplifying your team’s communication in a well-organized manner with enriched features makes Cliq stand out of the box.

Cliq made the world work together no matter where they were and supported businesses connecting them without space for flaws.


  • Team collaboration
  • Easy to find information
  • Chatbots
  • Task management
  • Video collaborations
  • Custom tools and workflows

Pricing: Free and affordable

7. Bitrix24

Online workspace designed for mobile & web.

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one business tool and guide platform. It automates all the major tasks of management. Starting from human resource automation to operation automation, Bitrix24 plays a key role in simplifying processes.

Having all aspects of business elements under one roof makes it unique and aligned. The ability to compare Bitrix24 with a unified business messaging app clarifies its scalability. 


  • Chat and video calls
  • Online meetings 
  • Online documentations
  • Calendar and feeds
  • Drive
  • Webmail and Workgroups

Pricing: Free and Budget-friendly 

You’ve reached this far. Okay, it’s time for bonuses and whispers. It’s completely free.

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Starting with free chat options, you can avail of a 21-day free trial for video and voice calls too. User engagement, retention, and satisfaction are add-on benefits of in-app chat APIs and SDKs.

The beauty is that you can easily integrate these APIs and SDKs into your own platforms with the support of a dedicated development team.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a business messaging platform?

A business messaging platform is a piece of software or tool specifically designed to facilitate business communication and collaboration among internal teams and customers. This software provides you with features such as file sharing, team meetings, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and integration with business tools.

What are the advantages of business Messaging Apps?

Business messaging apps offers certain advantages to make communication and collaboration easier, such as
1. Real-time communication
2. Increased productivity
3. Efficient team collaboration
4. Enhanced remote work
5. Organized communications
6. Integration with other tools
7. Security and control
8. Employee engagement and morale

What are the Best Messaging Apps For businesses?

The following are the best business messaging apps to enhance your team’s productivity and business communication.
1. Google chat
2. Microsoft teams
3. Slack
4. Workspace by Facebook
5. Mattermost
6. Twist

Is it easy to create a business chat app?

Maybe creating a business chat app will vary in difficulty depending on certain criteria, such as technical expertise, project requirements, feature set, real-time functionality, infrastructure and scalability, integrations, security and privacy, etc.

But it is easy to integrate business chat app APIs into your website or mobile app from providers like MirrorFly, Apphitect, Twilio, Sendbird, Getstream, and EnableX. These Business messaging API providers offer you enriched features and easy integrations at an affordable cost.

How do I integrate business messaging on Android?

Integrating a business messaging app using chat API on Android is an easy task. Follow the simple steps.
1. Choose your business app or API provider.
2. Complete setup
3. Integrate the SDK.
4. Implement authentication
5. Implement messaging features.
6. Customize UI/UX
7. Test and Debug
8. Deploy and maintain

What are the basic characteristics of a business messaging app?

A business messaging app is built with the purpose of eradicating communication gaps between teams and customers. In order to serve their purpose, these apps must have certain basic characteristics, as follows:

1. Fast and reliable
2. Cost-effective
3. Advanced features
4. Collaboration features
5. Secure
6. Privacy regulations
7. Integration capabilities

Does a business messaging app support both Android and iOS?

Yes. Business messaging apps support both Android and iOS and require installation from your app provider. Whereas Business messaging APIs can be easily integrated into your preferred platforms, such as the web, desktop, Windows, Android, and iOS, You can easily integrate business messaging APIs from the various providers available in the market, like MirrorFly, Twilio, Apphitect, EnableX, PubNub, etc.


Vigneshwar is a Performance Marketer, guiding providers of healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive a better communication experience.