2 April, 2023
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Voice Calling API: How does It Help The Enterprise Apps?

Communication! A powerful word that can turn around the clock, all is the need as to how to utilize it. Generally, businesses have several other options to deal with in terms of communication such as emails, social media, and texting. We all know that the communication is the key behind every successful business.

It’s all about connecting clients from different continents around the world whether it could be a work environment or in general, the mode of communication differs everywhere. This includes voice calling, video calling, chat messaging, conferencing, and much more. All this can be combined together and have an integrated In-app voice chat API.

Let’s see more about this Voice Calling API in further detail.

An Overview about Voice Call API

Before getting into what this voice call API is all about it is necessary to know what does this play roles around. To begin with the audio calling API, it’s a software tool that has been developed to make and receive phone calls that are fine tuned in all the ways using clear and straightforward API.

It’s the voice call API that can integrate VoIP functionality into an app that moves with make calls over the internet without hanging on the phone lines. When it is about video call API in terms of WebRTC, they are built on top of a standard and are the technologies that allow the users to join the calls via any browser or app. However, WebRTC are considered to live media technology such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, for the future that support the standards.

Learn More About the Advantages of Voice Call API for Business Applications

Voice API Solution can be built upon any business as per the business needs. Moreover, the business can utilize the use of APIs for their existing solutions by extending their values so that can add voice or messaging capabilities to legacy software.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of voice call API in terms of business applications,

1) Automated Voice Response to Customer Queries

Mostly in a business when customers need clarification, they feel better to interact with someone and resolve the problems quickly. But this is not possible always even after having a 24/7 support system, to overcome this many companies have introduced the concept of interactive voice response.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology where it allows the incoming callers to access the pre recorded information straightaway without the need of a live agent. Moreover, this IVR system is not just used to respond to a caller’s inquiries but can also be utilized for a variety of purposes such as surveys, promotions, polls, payments, brand awareness, and much more.

2) Ensures Relief to the Customers with their Privacy

Assuring the privacy over customers data is the key behind any successful business. These APIs are designed in such a way that it can provide a predictable programmatic interface for accessing customers’ privacy account via a REST API and transaction webhooks.

With the help of APIs the companies can implant reliable and securable omni channel communication capabilities into their applications. Thus, can enhance the needs of businesses, customers as well as end-users.

3) High Rate of Productivity

Leveraging API and integrating in-app voice calls to the telephone with CRM, helpdesk or application can enhance the communication and have a greater impact over productivity too i.e., APIs can give a positive note towards customer satisfaction by improving the quality of the call. However, can have a call at the click of a button with no need to dial numbers manually.

4) Loop Call Flows, have control over calls

With APIs now can have control over the calls i.e., if whenever a customer wants to communicate with a particular department, they do not have to call and set a call back as was in early days, instead can have a call transferred to the particular department then and there with the availability of call forwarding option. Thus, can reduce time and increase the business too.

5) Enhance Tracking

Once the API has been integrated, the call can be recorded and monitored as well. Even, the details can be tracked and retrieved automatically for increased visibility and insight.

Want To Build A Top-Notch Voice App For Your Business?

Why to Choose a Programmable Voice API for a Successful Business?

The programmable voice calling APIs can vary from basic to advanced enriched features. Mostly, the voice APIs are to create outbound calls, record calls, and manage conference calls. But they contribute in a variety when it’s about voice calls such as individual calling, group calling, conference calling, and much more. The extensive range of API features can create more customizable and responsive experience.

1) Media Streaming

Well among many other features of API, media streaming is one of the most vital features. Media streaming is also known as media forking. It is the one that enables delivering calls to multiple users simultaneously by duplicating them.

It works as when the calls have been established, as here the API makes an effort and forks the calls by duplicating, delivering, analyzing and returning them in the real time. Even here the second recipient will never occupy the call stream so as to no worries about degraded quality or dropped connections.

2) Audio Conferencing Globally

voice chat api

By using APIs, one can implant Audio conferencing capabilities into applications and this enables the application to connect to people and teams across the world with highly configurable behavior.

3) Browser Complexity

Every web browser, Android, and iOS are different as they implement voice calls differently. The quality of API can have a great impact over the platforms as the low-level API puts the cross-platform to work but the high-featured APIs can take care of all browsers and platform differences automatically.

4) Handling Browser and Platform Updates

This is where the web browser and mobile devices get updated automatically and enables the user to have new functionality every time they use the platform.

5) UI and layout design

API offers a UI kit and the Full-featured API gives a drop-in video widget, wherein the UI has already been taken care off. With the most flexible full-featured API, the UI can be customized using CSS and JavaScript for layout.

Industries Impacting Voice Chat APIs

APIs have created its impact on almost all the industries but there are certain industries that have been influenced by them in all sectors. Real-time communication can serve any businesses to increase their sales and Voice Call API streamline internal processes with regards to handling calls. Some of the industries are as follows,

1) Healthcare

Healthcare industry which is all about communication via voice calling, text messages or group video chat, one to one calling and thus, here communication is necessary at every stage whether it could be to have an appointment or check for the patient test results. The APIs usage has improved the overall communication prospectus in this industry.

2) Traveling and Tourism

Traveling is something that can never be avoided and to book a ticket that too at the last-minute schedule is almost a big deal. To lessen these headaches, the travel and tourism organizations simply rely upon the Voice Call APIs and SDKs ensuring customer needs and satisfaction.

3) Food Ordering and delivery

As today where everything can be ordered online, food delivery is the most important business that uses Voice Calling API to stay connected with their customers till the delivery of the item. It is used to track the ordered food in regards to maintaining professionalism.

4) Online Shopping

Unlike the food industry, the people are much drawn towards online shopping. Here, the API Voice Calling gets into effect as of to provide the delivered item including shipping, payment etc.

5) Financial Sector

In the finance sector, this API voice calling is used to connect the client or the customers from different localities. With this API they can communicate as well as share data ensuring an end-to-end encryption

Build a Voice Calling API with CONTUS MirrorFly

Today the marketplace is all about new technologies, and to build a voice chat app or video calling API or voice calling api that is something too essential when it comes to communication and business growth. Among many options, CONTUS MirrorFly is one among the most trustworthy Communication APIs and SDKs solution that has built a never-ending trust among people worldwide. As this article figures out the best tips to go for the best one when it’s about selecting Voice Calling API, CONTUS MirrorFly is good to go with some more incredible features making it a unique solution.

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