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Top 10 Best Business Instant Messaging Software for 2024

Published On July 23rd, 2024 1861Communication

Okay, knowingly or unknowingly we all have used instant messaging apps for business or personal communication, but are we using them for the right reasons and reaping their benefits?

If it’s a “no,” then make sure you go through this article completely to know about instant messaging strategies; if it’s a “yes,” we have listed top-notch instant chat apps to upgrade your business.

What is an Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution?

An instant chat solution is an exchange of messages between two parties or a group, sharing documents, gifs, image files, media, and other transferable files using software and API.

business messaging software

The instant notifications and alerts you receive on your smart gadgets are all from the instant messaging apps.

The size of messages doesn’t matter as it supports different formats like video, audio, and PDF, in both large and small sizes.

How Does an Instant Chat Solution Work?

It’s an Online chat app that lets you instantly message without waiting to receive or send important messages. 

To message on an instant chat solution, you only need an instant messaging app that supports file sharing, audio, video messages, and data transfer.

How it works:

  • Once you have installed it
  • Select the second party or a group where you want the message delivered.
  • Communicate your message and hit send.
Are you Looking to Build a Instant Messaging App

Functionalities of Mobile Messaging Solution:

These functionalities are a must if you are going for an instant messaging solution,

  • File transfers of unlimited size
  • HD Voice and video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard capabilities
  • Real-time Chat
  • SIP/VoIP calling
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Automated reminder 

We have a list below if you are wondering which platform to use. Do check out them

10 Best Instant Messaging Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Here is a list of the top instant messaging solutions 1. MirrorFly 3.Twilio 4.Cometchat 5.Apphitect 6.Weavy 7 Zulip 8. Mattermost and more.

Let’s look at some of these listed solutions,

1. MirrorFly

The Most Developer-friendly Self Hosted Chat Platform

mobile messaging solutions
in-app messaging solution for telephone providers

MirrorFly is a top-range in-app chat API and SDK provider with voice, chat, and video solutions. It has an extensive range of messaging services for a monthly fee and annual subscription, and it offers numerous advantages, including:

Essential Characteristics

Supported Platforms: Android | iOS | Mac | Windows | Linux and more.

Use Cases: Use cases: Digital Healthcare, E-learning, Gaming, Social & Dating, Financial, E-Commerce, Logistics/shipping , Information technology, Fitness application. SaaS business

Supported Languages: Flutter, Java, React Native, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, React, Angular, Vue.js.

Price Setting Method:

MirrorFly provides two types of pricing:

SaaP (self-hosted): 100% customizable SDKs at a One-time License fee

SaaS: Essentials starts from $399/month | Premium starts from $999/month


The Customizable Chat Service Built For Teams

instant messaging software
mobile instant messaging service

Rocket. Chat is an open-source platform that is secure and adaptable and is made for businesses with high data security requirements. It connects coworkers, organizations, and customers by seamlessly integrating real-time interactions across web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Features include

  • File Sharing.
  • Notifications.
  • Search.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Web Application.

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Mobile and Web

Use Cases: Defense, Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, Education.

Supported Languages: JavaScript, C#, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby.

Price Setting Method:

Starts from $499/month

3. Twilio

The Best Instant Messaging API Provider

secure instant messaging solution
real-time messaging for corporate

Twilio’s market-leading and reliable platform effectively drives customer engagement and offers web and mobile-based chat solutions with its web service APIs and programmable communication tools.


Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Mobile and Web

Use Cases: Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Real-Estate.

Supported Languages: Java, C#, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby.

Price Setting Method:

 Starts from $452/month

4. Cometchat

Most Secure and Scalable Messaging API Provider

instant messaging apps for business
Instant chat solutions for iOS and Android

Cometchat offers Flexible SDKs, APIs, and UI Kits that power voice, video, and in-app chat. CometChat provides a User-to-user chat on any supported platform, and a single “CometChat App” connects all the users in your app.

Features include

  • Chat messaging
  • Voice and video calls
  • UI kit
  • Analytics
  • Extensions
  • Bot chats

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Chat SDK for iOS, Android & Web.

Use Cases:Telemedicine, Social & Dating, Transportation, Telecom, FinTech, Gaming.

Supported Languages: Javascript, React, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, Objective C, Angular, PHP.

Price Setting Method:

Starts from $529/month

5. Apphitect

The #1 Self-hosted Chat Platform For Modern Apps

business instant messaging solutions
instant messaging service for healthcare

Apphitect IM Solution provides high-stakes technological solutions based on cross-platform development, enterprise mobility, and mobile app development.


Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Mobile and Web Apps.

Use Cases:Healthcare, Gaming, Social & Dating, Online Marketplace, telecom.

Supported Languages: Javascript, React, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, Objective C, Angular.

Price Setting Method: :

Fully customizable SDKs at a one-time license fee. Talk with support to get personalized quote.

Looking For A Customizable Chat Solution For Your Platform?

6. Weavy

fully featured chat experience in minutes

instant messaging software for business
best real-time messaging software

Weavy is a comprehensive toolset that allows developers to quickly customize and add community, productivity, and collaboration capabilities to online and mobile products using a white-label SDK and API.


  • Files API
  • Chat API
  • Chat solution
  • Cloud storage
  • File sharing

Essential Characteristics

Supported Platforms:Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop.

Use Cases: IT Projects, Engineering, Transportation.

Supported Languages:Javascript, Swift, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Node.js.

Price Setting Method:

Starts from $400/month

7. Zulip

Highly Flexible Platform For Third-Party Integrations

instant messaging platforms
secure instant messaging for IT industries

It is one of the free and open-source API and a great alternative to Slack. It combines the best of email and chat to make remote work productive.

Zulip features

  • Chat API
  • Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Muted streams

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Terminal, Linux.

Use Cases:Business, Education, Res.

Price Setting Method:

Starters from $399/month

8. Mattermost

The Highly Trusted Chat Software For Enterprises

instant messaging platform
in-app communication platforms for web

Mattermost is an open-source platform that enables safe collaboration in self-hosted chat programs featuring file sharing, search, and integrations; groups and businesses can use it as an internal chat.


  • Group messaging
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Screen share
  • File sharing

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop

Use Cases:Healthcare, Financial service, Gov

Supported Languages:Javascript, Swift, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Node.js.

Price Setting Method:

Starts from $399/month

Packages begin at USD 10 per user/month

9. Wire

The Most Secure & Customizable Instant Messenger Service

instant messaging tools
best messaging software in India

Wire provides an end-to-end encrypted chat app to communicate, share, and collaborate with customers and teams using a single app. It offers file-sharing, audio and video conferencing, guest rooms, and group calls.

Wire features:

  • End-to-end (E2E) encryption.
  • Encryption algorithms: Proteus protocol, WebRTC (DTLS, KASE, SRTP) with PFS.
  • Open source.
  • Self-destructing messages.

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms:iOS | macOS | Android | Windows |

Use Cases:Law, Science, Security, Culture, Economy

Supported Languages:Java, JavaScript, React, PHP

Price Setting Method:

Basic pack starts form $299/month.

10. Nextcloud

The Modern Self-hosted Collaboration Tool

messaging platforms for business
best business instant messaging software

Nextcloud Talk is one of the best self-hosted on-premises audio/video and chat communication services. It provides a cutting-edge on-premises content collaboration platform with real-time voice, video chat, and groupware on mobile, desktop, and the web.


  • Sync and share files
  • Cloud storage, video conferencing
  • voice chat
  • encrypted connection.
  • Conversation manager

Essential Characteristics:

Supported Platforms: iOS | macOS | Android | Windows | Linux | Web

Use Cases:Enterprise, Education

Supported Languages:Java, JavaScript, React, PHP.

Price Setting Method:

 Starts from $499/month


We hope the list provided will help you choose the right platform for your software; make sure you understand your business needs, check the feasibility of messaging SDKs with your app through a quick free demo and then go for choosing the chat API, SDK’s. The most sought-after and top businesses go for the top 3 in the list above; for more information on the chat API, talk to an expert who can clarify your queries in minutes.

Looking To Build Your Own Instant Messaging App?

Get our enterprise-grade communication solution, that can be set up on your company servers.

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  • 100% customizable
  • White-label solution
  • Full source code

Frequently Asked Questions:

How private is instant messaging software?

It depends on the reliability and security enabled in the software. Mirrorfly provides top-notch security that allows end-to-end protection adn AES encryption for users and the files shared in the software.

What makes an instant messaging solution the “best”?

Instant messaging solutions are supposed to provide quick chat and futuristic features; when they support all the main features with top security and scalability, it makes them the best instant messaging solution.

Are there instant messaging solutions designed for specific industries?

Yes, there are multiple instant messaging solutions designed for specific industries. One good solution is Mirrofly. It allows you to customize your instant messaging solution based on your industry needs.

Can I use instant messaging for business communication?

Absolutely, yes, instant messaging apps provide considerable benefits to business communications as they offer features that build and improve projects and tasks related to them.

Which is the most popular instant chat solution?

WhatsApp and Messenger are the top most used instant chat solutions used by millions of users across the globe for both personal and professional communications. They also do offer voice, and video communications without the need for switching between apps.

What are some of the best customizable real-time chat software?

MirrorFly, LiveChat, HubSpot, Zendesk, Sendbird, and Cometchat are a few of the best real-time in-app messaging platforms that offer 100% customization on their messaging features.

What does an instant chat server mean?

An instant chat server is a centralized application that fosters real-time communication between two or more people through a messaging platform.

What are some of the instant messaging apps used in businesses?

Teams, Slack, Discord, Signal, and Zoho Cliq are some of the best instant messaging apps that can be used for internal communication. 

However, if you want to build a Slack-like messaging platform and customize it to your needs, you may use MirrorFly’s in-app messaging SDKs for quicker development & advanced features.

What are the 4 key features of instant chat?

The four key features of an instant messaging solution include:
1. Text messages (Single or group chats)
2. File sharing (audio, documents, video)
3. Audio calling 
4. Video calling and conferencing

How does instant messaging work?

Instant messaging works by initiating a connection between two or more persons over the internet by using a chat server. Once a connection is established, users can send messages, share files, and make audio or video calls through an instant messaging platform. 

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  1. Sasha says:

    I just went through this article, it was really good. How do I choose the right instant messaging software for my existing or new business?

    1. Hello Sasha,
      For choosing a right solution, just Select an instant messaging software by considering scalability, security features, integration capabilities, ease of use, and cross-platform accessibility. Assess how it aligns with your business needs, team collaboration requirements, and future growth prospects.

  2. Stemin says:

    It’s Wow but, could you clear that How secure are these messaging platforms for sensitive business communications?

    1. hi Stemin,
      Messaging platform security varies. Opt for platforms with end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and compliance with industry standards (like GDPR or HIPAA). However, for highly sensitive data, consider specialized secure communication tools vetted for robust encryption and privacy protocols.

  3. Jawahar resh says:

    I’m Jawahar, Can these platforms integrate with other business tools like project management or CRM software?

    1. Hi Jawahar,
      Yes, many messaging platforms offer integrations with popular project management and CRM tools. Explore platform-specific integration options or APIs to seamlessly connect your messaging platform with essential business tools, streamlining workflow and data accessibility across systems.

  4. Jasmin says:

    Hello team,
    Are these instant messaging platforms customizable to fit specific business needs?

    1. Hello Jasmin,
      Many instant messaging platforms offer varying degrees of customization. Look for platforms allowing custom branding, integrations, and API access to tailor functionalities to specific business requirements. Some offer customizable user interfaces, security settings, and workflow adjustments. Assess the platform’s flexibility, available customization options, and developer tools to ensure it aligns with your business’s unique needs and can adapt as your needs evolve.

  5. Kiren says:

    Hi Guys,
    Which one you will suggest for the best solution for instant messaging?

    1. Hello Kiren,
      The best solution for instant messaging depends on your specific needs and preferences. Popular options include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and WhatsApp for Business, each offering unique features catering to different users. Consider factors such as user interface, integration capabilities, security measures, and scalability when choosing the most suitable solution for your communication requirements.

  6. helena says:

    This is so informative blog. Can you list me what are the 4 key features of instant messaging?

    1. Hi Helena,
      Thanks. Certainly!

      Key features of instant messaging include:

      • Real-time communication for instant exchanges.
      • Multimedia support allowing sharing of various media types.
      • Presence indicators indicating online status for availability.
      • Group chat functionality for simultaneous communication among multiple users.
  7. prema says:

    This is prema, can anyone explain me that Is instant messaging useful?

    1. Hello Prema,
      Yes, instant messaging is useful as it enables quick communication, fosters collaboration, facilitates file sharing, supports real-time updates, and enhances connectivity, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional communication needs.

  8. Mugil says:

    Thanks for sharing, Can instant messaging solutions be used for business communication?

    1. Hi Mugil,
      Yes, instant messaging solutions can be effectively utilized for business communication. They offer real-time interaction, quick decision-making, enhanced collaboration among team members, and can streamline communication processes, leading to increased productivity and efficiency within the organization.

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