9 June, 2023
Best video streaming platforms

Top 11 Absolute Best Video Streaming Solutions To Grow Your Streaming Business

Are you looking for the top solutions to build a video streaming platform? Here we have compared the world’s best video streaming solution for your needs.

As the world gets locked up in the pandemic situation, we are reaping the benefits of technological progress like never before and video streaming platform have become the game-changers in the industry.

Movies, corporate discussions, training collaborations, live news featuring in videos are among the types of content generated. It’s quite natural that a content-rich marketline would rely on the best online video platforms to connect with a larger audience & expand their reach.

Mainstream industry expertise such as Corporate Businesses, Entertainment Owners, Elearning specialists, Fitness enthusiasts, and many more make use of such video streaming platforms to keep their revenues pouring in during these tough times.

Let’s take a closer look at knowing their video business journey individually! 

Entrepreneurs – Many corporate organizations create their best streaming platform with solutions nurturing the newest generational workforce & aim greater productivity. 

Filmmakers – Content owners now simply generate surplus revenue payback through customized video streaming platforms by delivering on demand & live content.

Educators – Hybrid learning is a great resolve in terms of distance, schedule, scaling, & other limitations superseded our new normal scenario with top interactive streaming platforms.  

Trainers –  Fortunately, in a period of isolation, fitness practitioners have helped to pursue courses through video streaming platforms. It’s easy to access classes from anywhere in the world.

“The Grand View Research has predicted the video streaming market to grow progressively at a CAGR of 21% and raising the stakes to $223.98 billion by the year 2021 to 2028”

Multiple sectors are now venturing into the streaming business to own a white label video streaming platform for increasing their viewership, business growth, and scaling higher revenues. Create video streaming website like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc are capitalizing on this opportunity and many new OTT entrants are venturing with more futuristic technologies to win the video streaming race.

In this read, we’ll be talking about the importance of building a video streaming platform, some of its significant factors of developing one, live streaming benefactors and give a comparative brief of best video streaming platforms of 2023.

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Top 11 Best Video Streaming Platforms

  • VPlayed – A Leading Video Streaming Platform Across the Globe
  • Flowplayer – Best Video Streaming Solution For Broadcasters
  • GudSho – A creator-supportive video monetization platform
  • IBM Cloud – Reliable Global Streaming Video Platform
  • Dacast – Professional Video Streaming Solutions for Business
  • Brightcove – Cloud Based Video Platform For Large Scale Enterprises
  • Wowza – High Performance video streaming platforms
  • Kaltura – Professional video streaming platform for Android & iOS
  • Vimeo OTT – Pioneer Video Streaming Solutions
  • Zype – Best Video Streaming Platform For Managing Videos On Channels
  • JW Player – Most Powerful and Flexible Video Platform

Why Is It Important To Build A Video Streaming Platform?

There are many privileges associated with creating a software platform to boost your video streaming business prospects. With the abundant scope in video streaming solutions, now let’s explore the important aspects of owning a platform. Consumers love the OTT content when compared to the viewers of traditional TV because of its popularity.

top video streaming platforms

1. Reasonable And Cost-Effective

The cost incurred for the OTT apps and their services are more cost-effective as it becomes the best alternative to the traditional way of consuming videos. The cost involved in creating a video subscription averagely varies from $5 to 15$ each month and you get to experience the videos at a very reasonable cost.

2. Quality & Original Content Delivery

The top video streaming platforms stay ahead in the OTT race by delivering quality and original content that becomes exclusively available for viewing on their channels. If you intend to witness a particular series, you have to subscribe to their platform in any situation.

3. Compatible With Multiple Devices

Gone are the days you experienced your favorite shows or movies on TV sets. With the technological advancement in OTT solutions, you get to experience them compatible and flexible on multiple devices & platforms. Video streaming has now become easier and quicker as top video streaming platforms in the world are delivering compatible content.

4. No Need To Check Download Time

People may now view their favourite episodes at their best time without having to wait for downloads. All thanks to movie streaming platforms and rapid internet connectivity. To view any on demand video, films, TV series, etc; your users will just need a stable internet connection.

5. Two Minds On Storage

Users needn’t have to worry about running out of memory space in devices because there are no downloads involved. Operating systems are a lot more saved from space accumulation since everything is stored on cloud. Unlike earlier, where space management would be a major issue.

6. Instantly Catch Up Shows

Catching up with some of the missed content is no more a worry for your viewers. The best video streaming platforms let you deliver accessibility in particular content package rates to view those at the subscribed period. 

Prime Features To Consider While Developing A Video Streaming Platform

With the fast-paced viewing pattern of the audiences, increasing mobile dominance, and shifting work environments, people now establish their control over any video content they set to witness. So what are the essential features to build a video streaming app should possess? Dive below to explore the top-notch qualities.

1. A Fully Customizable

It is mandatory to have your streaming solution fully customizable to equip them with advanced attributes. There is no point in owning a white-label video streaming platform if it cannot be customized. You can add your logo, brand name, or any other feature into your streaming solution with an easily accessible interface for delivering a complete viewing experience.

2. On-Premise Or On-Cloud Hosting

The need for extensive storage on a custom-built server on the client premises or storage on-cloud is a prime feature for establishing your best video streaming platform in the market.

3. Use Of Progressive Web Applications

It runs on the internet browser but delivers the mobile experience to the viewers and it’s widely put to use by the content broadcasters for delivering a complete viewing experience. They are highly compatible with multiple OS and devices as it is also easier to give new updates.

4. 100% White-Label Platform

You have to choose a white label video streaming solutions to build your channel with exclusive features such as company banners, brand logos, and many more. On top of it, you will get lifetime ownership of the platform and have to make a one-time payment for the development cost for customizing it.

5. Third-Party Ad Integration

You can associate with various other 3rd party Ad vendors to bring out the efficient probability of the platform with flexibility, compatibility, and customization. You can push any sort of Ads into your channel and track the performance of content.

6. Dynamic HLS Video Player

You can have a high-quality video output across multiple devices and browsers with an in-built HTML5 player. The video streaming platform must support DASH streaming protocols and HLS to ensure the streaming of content on HTTP. CDN ensures the delivery of video content into various segments on other devices.

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How Real Time Video Streaming Service Can Benefit Your Business?

Streaming technologies will uplift any businesses, brands, and broadcasters to greater heights of success. There are a few major benefits that various companies endure and to be the best video streaming solutions in the market, you have to understand the importance of such privileges.

online video streaming features

1. Easy Customer Segmentation

You have to understand your customers and it’s very important for the success of your business. OTT platforms contribute significantly to customer segmentation purposely helping the marketers. It can aid in the segmentation of users by sign-ups, geography, application retention, episodes watched, day-to-day activity, etc.

2. Target Advertising

Video streaming platforms ensure the direction of advertisements to the right areas and can also track the user engagements on advertisements to bring out the fullest potential.

3. Leverage On Technology

Starting from the quality of streaming audio, video, and faster connectivity, it has tremendously enhanced with advanced video streaming solutions. There is a higher transformation of culture with the best utilization of the internet.

4. Top-Notch Efficiency

The best video streaming solution leverage futuristic utilities at an affordable price range. In the past, consumers had to pay for the list of channels but now the scenario has completely changed as viewers pay only for what they are willing to see.

5. ABS Protocol

Adaptive bitrate streaming can help your viewers to receive the best content quality that is supportive of their current internet connection. It is prepped before streaming to encode in several bitrates where it provides capability to video streaming platforms by transcoding video files into multiple formats all retrieved from a single source file.

6. Built-in Support For All Devices

HTML5 player provides a built-in supportive video wall that is configurable up to any number of displays you name, with multiple screen resolutions ranging from Smart TVs, Laptops, Mobile, Tablets, etc. 

7. Geo-blocking

Limit streaming of your platform content to only certain geo areas. You can now keep off from compliances and related expense factors by taking the unlimited authority over the distributed content networks. You can easily map out various IP addresses from different physical locations and enforce these geoblocks.

8. Integrated Paywall

Add another layer of security check by incorporating an encrypted paywall. You can wall all of your contents from visitors who are windowing your video library. This will make sure to unlock visibility only when users have completed their payment transaction to watch them with access support. 

9. Monetization Models

Develop your digital platform value with every video monetization platform that you implement in order to bring-in best returns on investment. Each has its significant impact on promoting your top-graded content through the OTT app and video platform. Some of them are:  SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, Catch Up TV, etc.

10. Analytics

Now gathering business intelligence to take greater leaps is a piece of cake! best video streaming services can now get more accurate results with granular data analytics. Some of its core comprehensive parameters include: streaming sessions, user’s viewing habits, real-time actionable metrics & lots more.

Comparing The 11 Best Video Streaming Platforms For 2023

With all the above key insights in mind, You can have a comparative look at the list of top video streaming platforms in the market for aiding you in choosing the right solution for your business needs. Explore the video streaming solution features that well-suit your business and fit your streaming goals.

1) VPlayed

A Leading Video Streaming Platform Across the Globe

VPlayed-Top Video Streaming Platform
VPlayed is a best video streaming solution with top notch features

It is a unified white label video streaming platform that is a customizable, and reliable streaming solution provider with futuristic tools and end-to-end encryption for business purposes. Many leading businesses pick

VPlayed as their first go-to choice for streaming needs, it equips your platform with multi-bitrate technology, multiple monetization models, robust security tools, compatibility, flexibility, and many more.

Highlighted Features Of VPlayed Video Streaming Solution Includes:

  • Ensures hassle-free streaming with the use of a dynamic video player
  • Effectively manage your video contents with an in-built CMS tool
  • Thwart any form of digital piracy with strong video DRM tools
  • Multiple monetization models for increased revenue prospects
  • Ensure full customization of your platform with expert streaming features
  • Use of market analytics to reap higher marketing success
  • Choice of self hosting video streaming on-premise or on-cloud to make instant integration and hassle-free streaming

Advantages Of White Label Video Streaming Platform

  • Enjoy seamless streaming with a flexible and compatible player for a responsive or interactive interface
  • Generation of multiple revenue streams with easy integration of SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, coupons, and promotions
  • Addition of n number of changes with customizable streaming and avoid maintenance or shutdowns
  • Guaranteed high security with VPlayed’s DRM features such as AES video encryption, Geo-blocking, dynamic watermarking, and many more
  • Optimize your audience reach with the use of in-depth analytics, 3rd party Ad integrations, custom metrics, stream data, and many more
  • Retrieve any content within seconds by the use of VPlayed’s in-built video content management software
  • Allows multi-device support for flexible delivery of videos across iOS, Android, and so on

2) Flowplayer

Best Video Streaming Solution For Broadcasters

Flowplayer-best online video streaming platform
Flowplayer’s video streaming solution with top video monetization

Flowplayer provides video streaming solution that exclusively focuses on small businesses and large media houses, has multiple offices in Sweden, Finland, and United States. Primarily launched in the year 2013, Flowplayer is known well for its white-label streaming services and top video monetization platforms.

On the whole, it is simple to access and that could be the best option for you. All your streaming needs can be fulfilled with the user-friendly interface of Flowplayer and help you in increasing your revenue prospects.

Features Of An Excellent Video Streaming Platform Offered By Flowplayer

  • High-quality video player for seamless streaming across all devices
  • Live streaming capabilities without any lags to suit every business needs
  • Award-winning monetization solutions with easy integration to reap higher revenues
  • Different modes of streaming possibilities such as Live streaming and VOD hosting
  • Real-time video analytics for measuring the user behavior and improvising on the marketing success

Advantages Of A Video Streaming Solution 

  • Allows flexible video streaming in multiple mobile devices
  • Expert tools for marketing to scale higher success
  • Multiple options for video monetization to increase your revenue prospects
  • 24*7 Dedicated customer support for complete assistance

3) GudSho

A creator-supportive video monetization platform

top video monetization platforms

GudSho is a video monetization platform structured around a creator’s needs. Majorly considered a video hub with extensive features that nearly touches upon each aspect of a video enterprise.

Founded in 2022, it is a globally accessible platform equipped to handle video storage, management & streaming operations without requiring much from the platform owner. The platform also thoroughly sees application in varied fields.

Top Set of Features Extended By GudSho Video Monetization Platform:

  • An enriched viewing experience for onlookers made possible with provision of 4K streaming.
  • An adaptive bitrate streaming in place that guarantees a smooth & continual streaming experience.
  • An advanced analytics dashboard in presentation to creators to keep steady track of their video performance.
  • Multiway monetization (svod, tvod and donations) is enabled for creators on GudSho platform.
  •  AES Encryption enabled on every video that is part of the platform implemented as a foundation of security for video assets.
  • A consolidated report on the stats of the player streaming is presented to the creator to comprehend better their target audience, all based on the data of their geography.

Advantages of Video Streaming Solutions Offered By GudSho:

  • A “Watchlist” option is available to consumers should they want to set favorites amongst their viewings.
  • The global payment processing possibility of the platform allows for customers of different citizenships to make purchases on the platform.
  • GudSho lets its creators use their videos in different forums for maximum reach by letting them be embeddable anywhere.
  • Brand Watermarks can be inserted into your videos to exhibit your ownership of the content.

4) IBM Cloud

Reliable Global Streaming Video Platform

IBM-best live video streaming platform
IBM Cloud is a reliable cloud based video streaming service for both live & on-demand

IBM Cloud is a scalable, reliable, and cloud-based video streaming solution that ensures both live streaming and VOD hosting. IBM Cloud is more expensive and suitable for organizations and enterprises. It is an expert hosting solution at a higher budget that supports any complex setups for scaling via built-in CDN support.

They provide expert solutions for academic, commercial, public service, commercial promotions, employee communications, concerts, etc, and give a complete viewing experience. It has dedicated account administrators for managing the dashboard, video hosting, content management and offers customer support throughout the process.

IBM Cloud’s User-Friendly Features For Your Video Streaming Service

  • A reliable platform for business streaming possibilities
  • Brilliant customer support for complete assistance throughout the process
  • An internal content delivery server
  • Exclusively custom-built for business enterprises and larger organizations

Advantages Of IBM Cloud’s Best Video Streaming Solution

  • Business-class video streaming solution for all your professional needs
  • One of the best solutions for professional broadcasting
  • Ensures reliable technical support for any glitches or lags
  • Well equipped with powerful features and easy integration of tools for broadcasters

5) Dacast

Professional Video Streaming Solutions for Business

Dacast-video streaming solution
Dacast’s is a enterprise video streaming solution software with complete ownership

Dacast is the most preferred unified streaming solution that ensures extensive video hosting and live streaming solutions. It gives their users the privilege to hold complete ownership of their platform. A highly appreciated enterprise video streaming solution for business progression.

The users can implant videos on their websites and simultaneously complete control over them. The Dacast pricing plan with an advanced integrated paywall, analytics dashboard, password protection, and referrer restriction, you get to witness the superior attributes of Dacast for streaming.

Key Features Offered By Dacast As A Top-Notch Video Streaming Platform:

  • Ensures a secure, global content delivery, including industry-best video hosting solutions
  • Offers complete technical support with all chat and plan options
  • Expert video security features such as encryption and password protection
  • Equips your platform with a low-latency HTML5 player for quality video streaming
  • Ensures a live encoding support facility for the top video encoders
  • Gives you smart player API access for easier 3rd party player integration
  • Ensures multi-bitrate streaming for HQ quality output on all devices
  • Annual transcoding data included
  • Use of real-time analytics to gauge the behavior of your users
  • Allows Ad-free video streaming option in your platform

Advantages Of Dacast’s Video Streaming Software

  • Cost-effective plans for live streaming and VOD packages
  • Experience live channels and unlimited viewers
  • Allows compatible mobile streaming support for videos
  • Complete white-label and branding protocol
  • Allows live stream recording for convenient usage
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6) Brightcove

Cloud Based Video Platform For Large Scale Enterprises

Brightcove - top real time video streaming solutions
Brightcove is a OVP platform provider for marketing & monetization

Brightcove is a simple video hosting platform with special attributes on marketing and monetization models. Primarily established in 2004, it has gradually evolved into the service industry with video streaming.

Brightcove is known for its comprehensive B2B video platform services that suit large-scale enterprises. The basic functionality of Brightcove is to host videos and is meticulously designed to upscale monetization and marketing.

Essential Features Brightcove Provides For Best Video Streaming Platform 

  • Productive video monetization models to scale your revenue prospects
  • Use of superior marketing and advertising tools to increase your business growth
  • Live streaming facilities to ensure superior video streaming of your channel
  • Allows powerful video streaming app development integrations for maximum customization to add on any upgraded features
  • Insightful video analytics

Advantages Of Brightcove’s Streaming Video Content

  • Advanced privacy and security tools for secure streaming
  • Equipped with built-in editing features for superior streaming
  • Availability of many apps and smooth integrations of attributes
  • Complete and reliable technical support for any problems

7) Wowza

High Performance video streaming platforms

online video platform
Wowza is a best video platform that provides cost-effective solutions

Wowza is touted to be the traditional video streaming solution in the industry. The plans of Wowza are slightly expensive but there are cost-effective options in it and it enables live streaming and VOD for the broadcasters in a wider range of budget. The Wowza software gives cost-effective solutions for the cost-constrained companies that seek flexibility and scaling up of business revenues.

On top of it, the Wowza streaming engine offers unlimited access for adaptive streaming, DRM, free ad-on, and live streaming DVR to ensure maximum streaming experience and expert solutions for businesses.

Advanced Features Of Wowza’s OVP Platform

  • Expert video content management of the content library to access videos
  • Allow smooth support of high-definition streaming
  • Equips your platform with robust security features
  • Use of smart video API’s to boost your streaming
  • Allows the simulcasting possibilities for easy streaming options

Advantages Of Video Streaming Solution Offered By Wowza 

  • Powerful security tools to keep away any form of digital piracy
  • Smooth support of video streaming on multiple devices
  • Superior Live streaming and video on demand facility across all versions
  • Easier connection with the use of Google Analytics to understand user behavior

8) Kaltura

Professional video streaming platform for Android & iOS 

video streaming platforms comparison
Kaltura’s streaming solutions that powers millions of personalized video experiences for the world’s leading brands.

Kaltura’s leading video streaming platform provides you with the most customizable flexibilities with its open-source approach. Streaming solutions from katura, are designed in such a way to enable any kind of video use case businesses choose to. Right from the desktop video capturing to channelized webcasting you can have every resource in order to empower them in totality. 

Kaltura’s Best Streaming Platform Features are:

  • Playbacks are reassured with its seamlessness using cloud-based transcoding 
  • Easy viewability for target audience on any device, making it adaptable 
  • Complete video suite of CMS to create & manage content with enriching tools 
  • Interactive elements like personalized video paths, video quizzes boosts business
  • Real-time analytics enable to assess the platform’s  performance overall

Advantages Of The Video Streaming Platforms Are: 

  • Excellent monetization options are available for best ROI
  • SSO-based user permission management is unbelievable
  • Top-tier video security standout features in the market
  • Interactive video editor makes content more professional 
  • Adding & managing with captions is turned effortless 

9) Vimeo OTT

Pioneer Video Streaming Solutions

vimeo ott video streaming platform provider
Create your own video streaming platform with vimeo OTT, the world’s easiest video publishing software.

In the year 2004, Vimeo OTT launched its video streaming platform which helps content aggregators, creators to create content & easily show their artwork beautifully. Be it any audience that needs to be catered to, Vimeo supports their viewing needs. Infact, they were the first to support HD video. Later they acquired companies like VHX, Livestream, & Magisto. Currently, vimeo has been chosen as the viewing destination for any sort of content you’d like to put across.

Here Are Some Of Vimeo OTT’s Streaming Solution Highlighted Features: 

  • Creative professionals can create everything with an ad-free player 
  • With best CMS content storage & management becomes easy in Vimeo 
  • Post-production & support is made seamless across global audience
  • Live streams in high-quality making it smooth are delivered in 4K Ultra HD 
  • Privacy options can be of great resource to keep your content secure 

Get To Know Its Key Advantages: 

  • Users can watch offline from Vimeo-based application
  • Enable speed controls into your video streaming solution 
  • 360°immersive video school offered by Vimeo 
  • Uninterrupted ads delivering content in smooth-sailing way
  • Auto-save your videos to compare them in versions 
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10) Zype

Best Video Streaming Platform For Managing Videos On Channels

video streaming platform
Zype provides video encoding and hosting platform for high quality video delivery on any device

Zype provides the digital infrastructure which is the backbone of a cloud-based platform. It is to manage & distribute content that is A-grade with respect to enterprise-grade video. The top video streaming platform has eminent tools assisting end-to-end on any screen for every demographic of audience set. Zype makes video distribution more simple so that more & more stories can be told to many people in a hassle-free manner. 

Avant-garde Features Of Zype’s are: 

  • Offers developer-friendly tools such as customizable API 
  • Zype’s solutions are for both OTT apps & linear channels 
  • Access controls or permissions in user’s hand 
  • Social sharing across platforms with multi-screen support
  • Customizable branding with whitelabelling feature 
  • Categorization of content with search/filter option 

Major Advantages Marked In Zype Are As Follows: 

  • Engagement tracking helps to promote your content 
  • Website analytics can measure your content performances
  • Video looping is a big plus to count 
  • Entitre video management is done via best streaming solution 

11) JW Player

Most Powerful and Flexible Video Platform

JW Player- white label video streaming Platform
JW Player is a best video streaming solution with high capable player with advanced features

Earlier founded as a video player, JW Player includes delivery services and video hosting facilities. It is equipped with live streaming and is touted to be a highly capable player with advanced features. The publishers can have a complete viewing experience as JW Player aids the video companies to engage and connect with the target audiences.

You can establish customer loyalty and easily live stream as quickly as possible to maximize your reach. JW Player gives the opportunity to automatically and manually broadcast the live channels in a hassle-free manner.

Below Listed Are OVP Platform Features Provided By JW Player

  • Ensures live streaming and video-on-demand hosting at an effortless pace
  • Allows effective cloud-based content management platform
  • Gives you the privilege of custom video galleries
  • Allows extensive HD streaming up to 1080p
  • Gives complete support to any monetization through advertising
  • Ensures multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming for high-quality output and zero interruptions
  • Gives complete video API access on all plans

Advantages Of JW Player’s Video Streaming & Video On-demand Platform

  • High-quality output delivery with HD streaming
  • Expert video recommendations engine to generate custom recommendations to increase the viewership
  • Allows global content delivery for extensive reach and broadcasting to more audiences


With adept insights on the list of top video streaming platforms in the market, unleash your video streaming business growth by associating with an expert solution to capitalize on current market trends. Regardless of your streaming objectives, needs, or viewers, VPlayed offers a comprehensive streaming solution equipped with its futuristic technologies, readily available customer support service, and first-class security tools in tackling piracy. On the whole, experience a seamless viewing experience with VPlayed to increase your revenue prospects and scale your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Are Video Streaming Platforms?

By definition, a streaming platform is an on demand online entertainment medium for TV shows, movies & other streaming media. Big giants like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime are fine examples of top video streaming platforms. Without any doubt the best streaming services like Youtube, Twitch have massive users approaching on a daily basis which is where audiences are. 

2. How To Choose The Best Video Streaming Solution Provider?

It is important to get some of the basic components in the online streaming platform while choosing a flexible solution provider. One of the major consideration that’s necessary is the amount of network bandwidth every video streaming service of yours require. Also you need to make sure that your services remain compatible across devices, have potential ability to constantly stream pre programmed channels of content with lifetime ownership & more. 

3. How Do I Monetize Video Content?

You can now get the best returns of investment while applying various video monetization techniques that are inbuilt in your professional-grade streaming platform. Besides that, getting paid from your valuable videos feeded in a centralized online library is a clear-cut strategy of revenue-building. Leverage on content powered with SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Catchup TV, Video Paywalls & many more. 

4. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Streaming Platform?

It depends on the number of customization that your streaming platform requires along with infrastructure development of mobile applications, seamless platform deployments either on cloud or at premise, whether you need to whitelabel your video streaming services. In addition to that, factors like one-time licensing cost & lifetime ownership value determine the exact cost while building an advanced video platform. 

5. What Are The Essential Features Should I Look For In A Video Streaming Solution?

Primarily while you are majorly looking for releasing your exclusive content make sure it is delivered to reap its best worth. Therefore, it is important to focus on empowering them with robust streaming features such as 100% customization, 50% faster in platform integration, 6+ monetization models, supportive of 100+ integrations & many more to rev up any hyped-up videos that you create. 

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    Hello, We are looking for a top video streaming solution. Our requirements are: – hosting of about 500 videos (each 5-10 minutes, less than 10 60 minutes) – subtitle with a “cc” button in the player – different streaming speed (0,5 – 2x) – >5000 customers but we don’t know how many videos they will watch Is it possible, to get a 2 weeks free trial?

  13. Rufus Owen Reply

    Hello, I am Rufus Owen, a lead developer on a video sharing platform project. I am searching for the best video streaming solution we can use to store and stream the video on various platforms like the web(React) and on mobile (Flutter). I have trouble finding your pricing and how I could get started. Thank you!

  14. Cynthia Becker Reply

    Hi, We planned to create a highly scalable and secure video streaming platform that can be accessed through android TV, Mobile apps and website.

  15. Antoinette Kelley Reply

    We plan to have our own video streaming platform as the front-end, password protected for each user, where we could embed the video streams, up to 40 channels of previously broadcast shows at peak usage. We plan to integrate video occasionally for example, if we want to capture a live performance. We’d need to know the ease of uploading our video to the platform and embedding those streams into our platform, as well as monetization opportunities and potentially a paywall. Thanks!

  16. Ramon Hardy Reply

    Hi, We would like to launch the best video streaming platforms for Live TV and VOD in Bangladesh with local content for all screens. Please send me a demo & pricing details for creating a video streaming app.

  17. Stewart Townsend Reply

    Hello Team, Our intention is to create a video streaming website or app (i.e. mobile app, TV app, and website based) which delivers our own custom content to the general public (with options for both free and paid content). If possible, we would also want the ability to broadcast live events on the platform. We are also hoping that you can give us the full tour of your video streaming platform as that may also help us refine our requirements even further.

  18. Jacquelyn Patrick Reply

    Hello, we would love to start a platform with the best video streaming solutions. Can you just give me straight up transparent pricing to figure out if it works for us or makes sense etc.

  19. April Davidson Reply

    Good day, I would like to bring the contents of https://edo.live on the video streaming platform. Maximum 200 simultaneous users are expected. The platform must be used on the web, and the other main applications. I would like to have a demo & quote.

  20. Randy Bryan Reply

    Hi, We are looking for top video streaming platform providers and would like to know for budgetary purposes how much it will cost. Maldives being a distributed island, we prefer to have CDN located at our premises. However other services like database, api, recommendation engine and front end can be hosted in the cloud.

  21. Geraldine Brown Reply

    Hello, We are looking for the best video streaming platform that can handle a high volume of traffic on demand. We are a music and film company located in Miami. The platform will have multiple live broadcasters and pay per minute based on broadcaster model. What is the pricing?

  22. Ed Bass Reply

    Hi Team, We want the best platform to replace our existing video streaming platform. We have around a 1000 active users who have a self hosted solution at the moment and would like to discuss VPlayed commercials. We stream live tv and have about 56 channels right now. However we also intend to have video streaming services and launch it nationwide as we also have our fiber network in all cities in Bhutan. Let us know if you would be interested to work together.

  23. Marion Taylor Reply

    Hi, We are looking for the top video streaming platform for our streaming buisness. Please help me understand your solution better. I want to live stream concerts and shows and for revenue i want to use on demand pay during live show (Pay per view) kind of thing.

  24. Angelica Mcgee Reply

    Hello, I would like to know if I can open a video streaming platform that would be based in Russia? And I’m also concerned about the quality I can deliver through the platform. Thanks!

  25. Kathy Wade Reply

    Good day, I have requested a demo. We are looking for a scalable video streaming platform. Looking for prices as well for licenses and customization.

  26. Angel Walters Reply

    Hi, Looking for the best video streaming platform. We have a few queries. Do you offer unlimited bandwidth? What about video storage? What packages do you offer?

  27. Josefina Walsh Reply

    Hello, We need a video streaming platform for one-time-payments and subscriptions. It has to include video, audio, files(e.g. pdf, no need for drm) and live streaming. Is this possible with your system and how much would it cost?

  28. Kerry Harvey Reply

    Hi, I am trying to move forward (financially, not necessarily launch)with a faith-based video streaming project within 30-60 days or less depending on the total package price we come up with. Here is specially what I am looking for: White-Labeled (or custom, if you will) landing matching internet, appleTV, Amazon Fire, and Roku apps Hulu or Netflix styled video streaming platform, hybrid model of free for basic viewing PLUS 7-day trial with conversion to Subscription, live streaming, pre-programmed channel at landing.

  29. Mario Byrd Reply

    Hi there I’d like to see if you offer a video streaming solution for our company that combines video hosting, streaming within our platform and allowing some of our users to generate courses on videos.

  30. Shelly Neal Reply

    Hi, We’re looking to build the best video streaming platform and wanted to loop at an API / Whitelabel solution for the same. We wanted to know the services you offer, your rates and whether you have any algorithm related features (recommendations, statistics, etc).

  31. Jon Collins Reply

    Good day, I am interested in hosting my own TV station to stream live on my website, social media and also other video streaming platforms. Can I have some info on several packages please

  32. Melvin Barnes Reply

    Good day, I have requested a demo. We are looking for a scalable video streaming platform. Looking for prices as well for licenses and customization.

  33. Carol Thompson Reply

    Hello, I’m looking for a top video streaming solution to upload our videos and embed them onto our website with a customizable player. We want to make sure we don’t run out of streaming data or storage and want to make sure the videos never go down. And I’d like an idea of the cost for a custom business plan. I don’t know exactly what the traffic will be like as we’re still in the development stages of the site and are unsure what kind of users we’ll have to start with. But obviously we want to be able to scale up if necessary. So if you could send some options of usage (streaming, plays, storage) and what it would cost that would be super helpful. Thanks

  34. Miriam Schultz Reply

    Hi, we are looking for a low cost secured video streaming solution for our android,ios app and browser.We are at an initial stage of evaluating different video hosting platforms and we would like to know about your pricing plan.

  35. Erik Mann Reply

    Hi, Looking for the best video streaming platforms. Do you offer unlimited bandwidth? What about video storage? What packages do you offer?

  36. Gertrude Cook Reply

    Hello, need web based video streaming platform, with customized solutions on payment gateway, subscription model, Vod and Live streaming channel program through Web, like a Web TV

  37. Gayle Pratt Reply

    Hello Team, We need a video streaming solution for one-time-payments and subscriptions. It has to include video, audio, files(e.g. pdf, no need for drm) and live streaming. Is this possible with your system and how much would it cost?

  38. Martha Guzman Reply

    Dear, I would like to request a quote for a video streaming platform. I would like to know the price for a site and app with all the mentioned add on features. Please let me know what information is needed from my side in order to obtain the quote. Please note that we are considering starting a video streaming platform in Tbilisi Georgia, which has a population of only 3.7 million people. Please take the above into consideration when formulating a quote as for the moment we do not intend to stream the content outside of Georgia. Thank you

  39. Violet Ross Reply

    Good day, I have requested a demo. We are looking for a scalable video streaming platform. Looking for prices as well for licenses and customization

  40. Leticia Potter Reply

    Hello, I’m looking for a top video streaming platform to upload our videos and embed them onto our website with a customizable player. We want to make sure we don’t run out of streaming data or storage and want to make sure the videos never go down. And I’d like an idea of the cost for a custom business plan. I don’t know exactly what the traffic will be like as we’re still in the development stages of the site and are unsure what kid of users we’ll have to start with. But obviously we want to be able to scale up if necessary. So if you could send some options of usage (streaming, plays, storage) and what it would cost that would be super helpful. Thanks

  41. Mark Cole Reply

    Hi, We are looking for a low cost secured video streaming solution for our android,ios app and browser.We are at an initial stage of evaluating different video hosting platforms and we would like to know about your pricing plan.

  42. Jason Hall Reply

    Please help us find a video streaming platform that lets us charge users to access live streams and watch them again later. We would need two types of subscriptions, monthly and daily, and billing to be compatible with credit cards from South Africa. Can you help us with this?

  43. Dean Barnes Reply

    Hello I am looking for the best video streaming platform provider for my company in which we are producing videos on health and fitness, business, education etc and we want to have a free website with pre roll mid roll and post roll ads and I was interested in viewing your pricing packages.

  44. Tamara Hardy Reply

    Hi, I need a video streaming platform: Middleware + Players. I have licensed channels I need an easy solution to implement. I receive the channels by internet in RTMP. How much does it cost? Hope to hear from you!

  45. Robert Burton Reply

    Hello! We are interested in your video streaming solution for developing our video platform. We require the following in our platform DRM, subscription, ads, storage. Kindly check whether you can help us.

  46. Dana Mcbride Reply

    HI, I Would like to see a demo on what VPlayed can offer for our video streaming solution (both Live, VoD and 24×7). Please also share a demo account for us to evaluate your Dashboard, services, etc. Thanks.

  47. Jose Santiago Reply

    Hello, I need help! I have been trying to build my yoga and Pilates OTT on uscreen and vimeo and I am not completely satisfied with either. I am not a software engineer and would like to have a video streaming platform that is easy to use and design a beautiful website. Thank you!

  48. Angel Hammond Reply

    Hi, I am an online blogger and a content creator and have not been monetized yet on any social media platforms. However my plan is to have those platforms as a gateway to my own video streaming platform. Therefore I Want to start my a personalized ” public personality ” / figure or digital infuoencer / life coach platform. I am from Bhutan and there are only 3 platforms as of now. Pls kindly send me a demo and also give me the best rates for my needs to begin with. Thanking you.

  49. Toni Hoffman Reply

    Hello team, We are preparing to launch a streaming platform, a part of which shall be offering video content. We are currently scouting for the best video streaming platform providers who will help us get our services started. We were impressed to know about you and we are expecting to discuss business with you.

  50. Shawna Reese Reply

    HI, Looking for an online video streaming platform for my client can you send me the offer price for resellers ? Thanks and regards

  51. Nathan Copeland Reply

    Hi, I have a potential client who has a membership site that requires the hosting of, and streaming of, approximately 80 videos (all HD) with an average size of 3GB (one or two almost 8GB). She is currently losing business because of slow loading times in certain parts of the world and needs a solution that doesn’t cost the earth but will stream videos to her users removing the ‘wait while video loads’. I assume your video streaming platform can cater for this but what is the likely monthly cost.

  52. Mindy Webster Reply

    Hi there, Can you please show me how the platform works and what we can do on it as I’m in the process of seeing what is the best way to go about operating my new streaming video platform?

  53. Rex Marsh Reply

    Hello, I am looking for a solution with video streaming but I want the uploaded videos to be in my own database and I want stakeholders to be navigating to my domain Eg mypersonaltv.mytv.com to view videos. If your solution can do that please reach out. All content must be stored in my platform /infrastructure. All I need is a software to run on it

  54. Marco Clayton Reply

    Hi there I would like to know how much it would cost for me to create my own audio/video streaming platform as an artist/songwriter as I have a lot of content. This will only be for my own creations. Kind regards,

  55. Lisa Zimmerman Reply

    I have well-defined product requirements for the best video streaming platform that I would like to share with you to arrive at a quick estimate for the costs of the services and data we require. Thank you.

  56. Spencer Santos Reply

    Hello team, Currently, we are building a web platform for our customers. We believe we can use your streaming platform and integrate with our front end. I would like to discuss self hosted pricing

  57. Lula Gray Reply

    Hi, With local content for all screens, we want to introduce the greatest live TV and video on demand services in Bangladesh. Send me a price list and a demo for video streaming platform.

  58. Betty Moran Reply

    Hello, we would love to launch a platform with the best video streaming options. Could you please provide me with a clear, transparent price range so that I can decide if this is something that works for us or makes sense, etc.?

  59. Lola Simmons Reply

    Hello, The greatest video streaming service that can deal with a lot of traffic on demand is what we’re looking for. We are a Miami-based music and media organisation. The site will have a variety of live broadcasters and use a pay-per-minute mechanism based on the broadcaster. How much does it cost?

  60. Kevin Banks Reply

    Hi, For our streaming business, we are seeking for the best video streaming platform. Please make it easier for me to comprehend your solution. I want to live stream events like concerts and shows, and I want to use on-demand pay while I’m doing it.

  61. Lauren Gibson Reply

    Hello, Would it be possible for me to launch a video streaming service with a Russian base? Additionally, I worry about the calibre of the service I can provide on the platform. Thanks!

  62. Willis Alvarado Reply

    Dear Team: One of our customers is searching for the best method for streaming videos. Do you offer white label with customization and could you share your application’s tech stack?

  63. Willis Alvarado Reply

    Hi, One of our customers is searching for the best method for streaming videos. Do you offer white label with customization and could you share your application’s tech stack?

  64. Randolph Abbott Reply

    Dear Team, Our goal is to develop the greatest video streaming platform or application. We would also like the platform to be able to broadcast live events, if possible. We’d also appreciate a comprehensive tour of your video streaming service, since that might help us hone our specifications even further.

  65. Silvia Meyer Reply

    Hello Vplayed Team, We are looking for a provider of video streaming channels for our company’s video IP assets. Currently we have more than 100 movie IPs that we are looking to create a revenue stream from and are interested in creating a streaming channel on best video streaming platforms such as Roku as well as online. Thank you,

  66. Martin Reply

    I’d like to know to price for audio and video streaming platform providers combined together. I don’t want to go through the entire process of scheduling meetings and demos. Been there, done that. It’s a waste of time. How much does this platform cost?

  67. Kimberly Mckinney Reply

    Good day, I am interested in hosting my own TV station to stream on my website, social media, and also other lists of video streaming platforms. Can I have some info on several packages, please

  68. Jan Ingram Reply

    Hello, I love to use your service for our top video streaming solutions and audio streaming OTT platforms. We are particular about – DRM, content distribution across all platforms and other services you render. We like to have more details, especially on pricing.

  69. Casey Horton Reply

    Hi, We’re evaluating the best video streaming solutions that can be integrated to social media streams (Facebook etc), mobile apps (for individuals to stream video), and e-commerce solutions

  70. Gail Spencer Reply

    Hi, We are currently streaming video to multiple platforms but encountering streaming issues. We plan to stream in the near future.

  71. Krista Lawson Reply

    Dear Team, we are looking to create our own streaming platform. At the moment we paid 129.00 per year with WIX to have unlimited video uploads of up 15GB per video. Our website is myproduction.co.uk and the platform is via wix too at myproduction.co.uk/subscribe we started to build. But we realized Wix is not quite the right platform to use for creating… as there are no geo-blocking options or good analytics available. We like the look of your options. Ideally, we want to pay a yearly fee and sell our films for TVOD and retain 100% of the revenue. Do you offer this type of thing? Please send me some links to video streaming platforms you have done. Thanks, Taz

  72. Candace Singleton Reply

    Dear Team, To replace our current video streaming platform, we want the best one. We currently have about 1000 active consumers who have a self-hosted solution and would like to talk about VPlayed advertisements. We now have 56 channels available when streaming live TV. However, as we also have a fibre network in every city in Bhutan, we also plan to offer video streaming services and introduce them there as well. Please let us know if you are interested in collaborating.

  73. Darren Powell Reply

    Hi, We wanted to explore video streaming solution via a POC using VPlayed across platform. Can you provide documentation / SDK if there are any to build the same ?

  74. Owen Ross Reply

    Hello, we are searching for a platform to build our best video streaming platform. Short videos (15-30min). Please let us know whether you need more details at this stage. Thanks

  75. Sally Simpson Reply

    Hi, We are looking to get funded by a Korean incubator in a couple of months. We would like to seek an opportunity to build a live & on-demand video streaming platform for our fitness classes. Also, we need to get a budget to include in the RFP to investors. Hope to hear back from the team soon.

  76. Beatrice Hanson Reply

    Hello Team, We are an established trader of different language movie content with legal rights and documentation. Now, we are looking to get into having our own best video streaming platforms to deliver our content ourselves. So we are looking forward to all the pros & cons, technicalities, costs of establishments, etc. Thanks and Regards.

  77. Roman Klein Reply

    Hi, I am reaching out to you from the company Autolendo AB. For one of our own projects at the moment, we are trying to find a suitable vendor for a streaming solution which we are hoping to integrate into a web solution. We have gone through the starter plans available on your website, however it seems a customer plan will be more suitable in our scenario. Will you be able to recommend a customer plan for us along with a price quotation of a monthly subscription accordingly? Please let us know if you need any additional information on our requirements. Thank you very much.

  78. Everett Townsend Reply

    Hi we are looking at building a streaming media platform. We are interested in what you guys offer and would like to go over some details.

  79. Fred Ackerman Reply

    We are looking forward to utilize your VPlayed video streaming solution where we need to showcase our multi-bitrate video files (m3u8 format) in a web page / mobile app. Please provide us the availability of standalone player and features available

    1. Brindalakshmi Rajkumar Reply

      Hi.. You can now seamlessly stream your video content using any number of output formats like MPEG-DASH, MP4, MXF, WebM, & more from VPlayed’s HLS-based video player. Along with its advanced support, you can empower your stream flows with high-tech features like adaptive bitrate streaming, multiple format compatibility, Super-fast playbacks, etc. Take a look at the detailed list of power pack functionalities now!

  80. Elan Stephen Reply

    It conveys the professional way to prefer the right video streaming platform with a complete comparison of the features and strategies. Nice work, Want to know more, check out the great OTT platform list.

  81. Joleen Regan Reply

    Hi, I’m looking to develop a white label video streaming platform and VOD service that supports iOS, android and windows that takes advantage of freemium ad models, subscription and PPV.

    1. Brindalakshmi Rajkumar Reply

      Hi.. Thanks for getting back.. You can now look into enticing a large set of audience via varied supportive devices like you had suggested, with a combination of all 3 models taking a Hybrid solution. That will be perfect for your business plan

  82. Garret Whalen Reply

    Hello, We are looking for a vendor to create a video streaming website. We do both on-demand and live streamed video content that integrates with 3rd party ticketing providers. We would be interested in having a call at some point if that is possible.

    1. Brindalakshmi Rajkumar Reply

      Hi.. Thanks for sharing your interest.. VPlayed assists you to have both video streaming as well as live streaming options integrated all in one place. If you don’t mind, could you share your mailing address and our streaming professionals will contact you within a jiffy to discuss more..

  83. Gazmir Reply

    Hello I’m gazmir, browsing for business model on internet for real time video streaming integration I found out VPlayed. I would like to know more about the pricing & monetization models available. Thnx

  84. Grisel Leigh Reply

    Good day, VPlayed team. I have a client who wants us to host and develop a video streaming website like Netflix where the company can sell a subscription or pay per videos video viewing. I hope your solution is what we are looking for and that you do white labelling for our own domain, and the hosting with you or suggested VOD server suppliers. I am totally new to this and will be the technical/developer, so please assist with suggestions and pricing so that I can quote them.

  85. Dovie Lemaster Reply

    Hi, I was looking for a video streaming software to be able to make a website with unlimited video hours. Hope this is the one. Can’t wait to check it out!

  86. Tequila German Reply

    Hi, this is Tequila German, I want to build / set up a self-hosted OVP platform with user generated video in about 6 months. I want to know if you can help build this type of video platform?

  87. Hiroko Casillas Reply

    Kudos, Want to start a biggest video streaming website in the world. I want to start a company which will be bigger than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. For this, I have many ideas to make my website better than other video streaming service. Get to know more about the cost & features that your solution offers.

  88. Kristina Schwartz Reply

    Dear Contus team, We received your reference from your website, we are looking forward to setting a best video streaming platform similar to youtube with the following features
    1) We want to create a multi-user platform, where a user can stream on his channel and other users can watch it.
    2) We want to telecast different live streams on different channels at the same time

  89. Jeannie Delgado Reply

    We are initially looking at harvesting our videos to make them available on our video streaming platform for a limited time. The programs we will be offering for streaming will range from 1-3 hours in duration, and we’re not sure yet how many people will be watching, but we want the video streaming to be in good quality. Can you help me with this? Thanks

  90. Wendell Sandoval Reply

    Hi, We need a VOD hosting and video streaming platform along with a video player that supports Auto CC. We have about 2000 odd videos and a steady increase of 40 hours of video every month. We are currently streaming through Cloudflare but without CC that is generated automatically. We need this for sure, so would be keen to know more about it.

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