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The 10 Best Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions For Corporate Needs

Published On April 9th, 2024 2912OTT

In recent years, the number of online video platforms has increased dramatically. Enterprise video platform provides solutions to meet an organization’s specific demands for managing video content and video communication. Many online video streaming service providers have taken this opportunity to generate revenue from their content.

  • From USD 16.4 billion in 2020 to USD 25.6 billion in 2025, the enterprise video streaming platform is expected to expand.
  • In 2020, the worldwide online video platform market is valued at $6.13 billion.
  • A large percentage of marketers (92%) still consider video to be an “essential aspect” of their marketing strategy.
  • Enterprise video solution has benefited 82% of marketers improving dwell time.
  • 94% of marketers claim video has helped them improve product or service awareness.

Why Do So Many Businesses Use a Corporate Video Platform?

best enterprise video streaming solution

An enterprise video platform (EVP) is a software solution for managing and enabling video experiences across a business. Multi-facility live video distribution, user experience management, rights provisioning, asset management, device management, recording, and publishing are all considerations for the EVP.

Organizations engage in enterprise video streaming solutions to synchronize work processes and provide automation, which makes operations more seamless and efficient.

The best enterprise video platforms come with a powerful CDN to speed up delivery, a secure video streaming platform to ensure privacy, integrity, and authenticity. Moreover, they also provide multi-level access for user management, APIs and SDKs for integration and custom development, and a white-label OTT streaming service to help with internal branding.

Want To Know How To Choose The Right Platform For Your Corporate Communications?

Comparison Of Top 9 Enterprise Video Platforms In 2022

Here Are Some Of The Top Enterprise Video Platforms In 2022

1. VPlayed

Best Enterprise Video Streaming Platform For Corporate Communications

enterprise video platform

It’s a flexible and dependable streaming solution provider with a single online video platform. VPlayed is one of the best enterprise video hosting platforms when it comes to streaming requirements. It provides multi-bitrate technology, numerous video monetization models. Moreover, it also offers comprehensive security tools, scalability, flexibility, and more.

Features Of VPlayed’s Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

  •   Live Webcasting
  •   Video Management
  •   Video Delivery
  •   Video Analytics
  •   Security and Privacy

Pros and Cons

  •   Buffer-Free Streaming Capabilities
  •   Comprehensive Monetization Options
  •   In-Depth Video Analytics

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2. Brightcove

Create An Enterprise Video Platform For A Strong Connection With All Your Employees

enterprise video streaming solution

It is a corporate video platform aimed at large corporations. These comprise video player, OTT flow, video marketing suite, and a few others. This platform has an all-screen player and monetization capabilities.

Features Of Brightcove’s Enterprise Video Solution

  •   Multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming
  •   Global content delivery
  •   Video API access (only on custom-priced plans)
  •   Security features (only available on custom plans)
  •  Monetization options (only on custom-priced plans)

Pros and Cons

  •   Includes custom video portals
  •  CRM integration
  •  High price point
  •   No live streaming with packages under  $499/month

3. IBM Cloud Video

Powerful Video-based Communications With Corporate Video Platform

enterprise video streaming

It provides phone support for enterprise users. Basic streaming accounts are free, and IBM Cloud Video is supported by advertising. Enterprise accounts include full custom branding, video analytics, numerous live channels, content syndication, and other features.  

Features Of IBM Cloud Video’s Enterprise Streaming Platform

  •  Enterprise video streaming
  •  Enterprise content delivery network
  •  Video distribution and workflow
  •  OTT video management
  •  Monetization

Pros and Cons

  •  Reliable platform
  •  Suitable for larger clients
  •  Wide range of features for broadcasters
  •  Need to pay additional fees to stream above 720p resolution
  •  Poor closed captioning support

4. Vidyard

Streamline Leadership Communications & Engagement With Secure Enterprise Video Hosting

enterprise streaming platform

It has marketing and lead generation functions. It comes with capabilities to increase audience reach and engagement. It allows users to create qualified leads.

Features Of Vidyard’s Corporate Video Streaming Platform

  •   SEO, email, personalization, and analytics marketing tools
  •   Interactive viewing and lead capture tools
  •   Video organization and channels
  •   Enterprise-grade security

Pros and Cons

  •   Comprehensive professional broadcasting capabilities
  •   Useful analytics
  •   A large user community for additional help
  •   Mixed user reviews and consistency issues
  •   Complicated backend editing portal

5. Vimeo OTT

Communicate More Effectively With Enterprise Video Platform At Any Scale

corporate video platform

It provides video hosting as well as streaming services. Analytics, a video management platform, privacy settings, and other features are included in the basic functionality. Users must purchase a Premium membership to gain access to basic live streaming capability.

Features Of Vimeo OTT’s Enterprise Streaming Platform

  1.   Video management service
  2.   High-quality videos and streams
  3.   Large storage capacity
  4.   Privacy options
  5.   Upload from anywhere

Pros and Cons

  •   Unlimited events and viewers
  •   No ads
  •   Sleek and professional appearance
  •   Pay-per-view option
  •   Not generating as much traffic as other websites
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Simplify Video Streaming Without Compromising on Security

enterprise video streaming

Recognized by Gartner, VIDIZMO enterprise video content management solution allows you to create your own private YouTube (for secure internal streaming or public streaming). It is designed to provide end-to-end live and on-demand video streaming, sharing and video content management for public and private use cases.

Features of VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Content Management System

  • Live & On-demand video streaming
  • Flexible deployment in any cloud, on-premise data center or hybrid infrastructure.
  • AI services (translation, transcription, tagging, smart search etc.)
  • Interactivity & video analytics dashboard
  • Integrations with zoom, MS teams, SSO, and API available

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to use YouTube-like interface
  • Broad coverage of major compliances
  • Highly configurable content management permissions and policies
  • Limited monetization options

7. Kaltura

Top Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions For Corporate Needs

best enterprise video platform

It has a unique concentration in the OVP market, with a video management base in its open-source software. While this corporate video streaming solution is free, it does require a video streaming server infrastructure to host and distribute it.

Features Of Kaltura’s Enterprise Video Streaming Platform

  •   Multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming
  •   Using a hybrid CDN method to deliver global content
  •   Video API access
  •   Authentication and AES encryption are among the security options available
  •   Options
  •   Monetization

Pros and Cons

  •   Many available features
  •   Good monetization options
  •   Robust security
  •   No phone or chat support
  •   Highly complex

8. Dacast

Best Streaming Solutions For Enterprise Video

enterprise video solution

It’s a self-service solution for live streaming and VOD hosting with a lot of features. It provides all of the benefits of professional enterprise-grade software at a low cost. Video is provided via a top-tier CDN and is designed for business professionals and enterprise use.

Features Of Dacast’s Cloud-based Enterprise Video Platform

  •   Reliable, worldwide content delivery with best-in-class video hosting
  •   Zoom live streaming integration
  •   Video security features
  •   RTMP Encoder for ingesting HLS streaming
  •   Video API access on premium plans
  •  Adaptive multi-bitrate streaming

Pros and Cons

  •  Live streaming and VOD streaming (only on Dacast pricing plans)
  •  Unlimited concurrent viewers
  •  Unlimited live channels
  •  White label and branding control
  •  Need some time to get used to
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9. StreamShark

Most Impactful Live Enterprise Streaming Solution

Enterprise Video Hosting

This enterprise streaming platform specializes in delivering timely and unique content. It excels in making large-scale, high-profile event live streams a huge success, with viewers having an exceptional viewing experience.

Features Of Streamshark’s Essential Enterprise Live Streaming

  •   SSO support
  •   Global coverage via a multi-CDN network
  •   Mobile-compatibility
  •   Customizable live streaming video player
  •   Privacy controls

Pros and Cons

  •  Localized media ingestion
  •  Encoding support
  •  Video redistribution
  •  Does not offer channels for video organization
  •  No embeddable playlists

10. Muvi

Stream Uninterrupted Communication With Enterprise Platform

corporate video streaming solution

This corporate video platform is particularly well-suited to hosting OTT video. Their innovative design allows users to rapidly and simply establish their video or audio streaming platform. It also contains comprehensive and feature-rich web, mobile, and television apps.

Features Of Muvi’s Corporate Video Platform

  •   Customizable video player
  •   HTML5 video player
  •   Powerful video analytics
  •   Video monetization tools
  •   Secure streaming

Pros and Cons

  • White-label with branding customization
  • HTML5 video player
  • Monetization tools
  • DRM and security features
  • Hard to integrate or connect external app
  • CMS user interface is complex

How To Choose The Right Enterprise Video Streaming Solution? 

Most Important Features to Look for in an Enterprise Video Platform

corporate video streaming
  • You will be able to reach your business associates or audience with ease if you are accessible on as many devices as feasible.
  • The use of a professional video platform will keep your content safe from piracy.
  • You should be able to change the look of a premium tool. You require entire authority over the colors used, the button size, the CTA button positioning, and so on.
  • From a technical perspective, the best video hosting platforms you choose should allow you to effortlessly share and transmit material.


The most efficient online video hosting platforms is one that allows you to upload videos and give a good end-user experience with the least amount of effort. We have compiled a list of some of the top enterprise video platforms on the market. VPlayed provides a best video streaming services. Increase your revenue potential and expand your business to the next level with VPlayed’s flawless watching experience.

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