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Top 7 Uscreen Competitors & Alternatives to Build a Streaming Platform

Published On June 7th, 2024 807Media & Monetization

Technology has evolved so much that creating, editing, and distributing videos is now easier. This has undoubtedly increased the accessibility of monetization opportunities.

If you are exploring options beyond Uscreen, then you are in the right place. The increasing demand for video content — music videos, short films, vlogs, e-learning, fitness pro-tips, and documentaries — also adds to this trend.

But, content owners and creators on the other end are keenly looking for Uscreen alternatives to distribute their content to wider audience space.

And to multifold their earnings, with new revenue streams like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, merchandise sales, and patronage.

Indeed. exploring diverse Uscreen alternatives allows content creators to tap into various video monetization platforms.

In fact, nowadays, people are consuming more videos online than ever, leading to a higher market value for video content. As the demand for alternative platforms grows, it is essential to explore Uscreen competitors as well that align with your content and business goals.

Back to the basics — Those who have been in the video streaming domain for a while must be familiar with this particular platform called Uscreen.

In this blog, let us learn everything you need to know about Uscreen, its offerings, and its pros and cons. Once this is done, we will explore the top 7 Uscreen alternatives or competitors. With this being said, let’s get going!

What is Uscreen?

What sets Uscreen apart from other video membership platforms?

This innovative platform empowers creators with spot-on features and publishers to not only showcase their creative video content but also to monetize it effectively.

With a seamless interface, Uscreen allows users to effortlessly integrate ads into their videos, uplifting revenue streams through ad impressions and click-throughs.

Beyond its monetization ability, Uscreen introduces a personalized touch to membership plans. Creators can tailor pricing, billing, and subscription options, creating an experience that resonates with their audience.

The platform takes user engagement a step further by incorporating a robust customer support system with ticketing and automation features, ensuring a smooth and responsive interaction.

Uscreen’s flexibility extends to various ad formats, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and banner ads. This versatility transcends platforms, enabling monetization on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Look into the analytics and reporting tools provided by Uscreen to gain insights into monetization performance. This not only allows creators to track their success but also empowers them to optimize their video content for maximum impact.

In exploring Uscreen alternatives, the journey becomes not just a search for a platform but a quest for a tailored, audience-centric video experience. Discovering alternatives is not merely about finding substitutes; it is about aligning your content strategy with the platform that best suits your unique creative aspirations.

Want To Choose The Best Uscreen Alternatives For Your Streaming Service?

Notable Uscreen Streaming Features

  • Branded OTT Apps: Your brand seamlessly integrates into personalized OTT apps. Uscreen transforms the technical into a visual masterpiece — your brand essence permeates every UX. 
  • Live Streaming: Break free from the normal routine with Uscreen’s live streaming. Create a real-time engagement, and an everlasting connection that transcends the screen and attracts your audience with Uscreen.
  • Video CMS: Tired of content disorganization? Uscreen’s Video CMS can be your solution. Effortlessly organize, manage, and showcase your multimedia treasures. It’s not just a library; it’s a portal to curate seamless accessibility.
  • Themes That Speak Your Brand: Uscreen believes in visual storytelling. Customize and brand your themes to echo your identity. It’s not just any other platform; it’s a canvas where your brand’s story unfolds uniquely for your audience.
  • Live Chat & Comments: Take up the interaction with Uscreen’s live chat and comments. It’s not just about communication; it’s a community with real-time conversations. Your audience doesn’t just watch; they participate.
  • Beyond Content: Uscreen is more than a delivery system; it’s your marketing ally. With robust tools and retention strategies, it goes beyond attracting and converting – it’s about keeping your audience enchanted for the long haul.

Uscreen Pros

(Based on User Reviews on Trust Radius, GetApp & Software Pundit)

  • Holistic Solution for On-Demand Video Sales and Management: Uscreen stands out as an all-in-one platform, facilitating the sale and effective management of on demand videos.
  • Distinctive White-Label App and Website: Setting itself apart, Uscreen offers a white-label app and website, making it very easy to stream video content under their own chosen branding.
  • Monthly Subscription Model: Unlike many other Uscreen competitors, it operates on a monthly subscription basis. Uscreen guarantees that the content creators preserve the full extent of revenue generated, avoiding any revenue-sharing models.
  • Integrated Live Streaming for Online Events: Uscreen adeptly meets the rising demand for online events by integrating live streaming capabilities, providing users with a versatile solution with mobile and native app accessibility.
  • Efficient Built-in Payment Processing:Although Uscreen has a 14 days trial period plan and stands as a business competitor to  Vimeo, Dacast, Zype, Zight, this platform streamlines the monetization process with its built-in payment processing features, simplifying financial transactions for content creators and ensuring a steady revenue flow.

Uscreen Cons

(Based on the User Reviews from TrustRadius, GetApp & Software Pundit)

  • Limited Site Customization: Uscreen faces criticism for its restricted site building and customization options, limited user ability to customize.
  • Suboptimal Checkout Conversion: The checkout process in Uscreen is noted to lack conversion optimization, potentially impacting the smooth transition of prospects into subscribers.
  • No Affiliate Marketing: Uscreen falls short by not offering built-in features for email communication & affiliate marketing. Users might find the need for external solutions to fulfill these essential marketing functions or look for other Uscreen alternatives altogether. 
  • High Pricing Tiers: Uscreen’s pricing plans are positioned on the higher side, potentially posing budgetary challenges, especially for smaller content creators or businesses. 

As users explore other Uscreen alternatives in the market, they might seek solutions that align better with their financial considerations.

Top 7 Best Uscreen Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

With heavy competition in the market some noteworthy competitors have excelled in the field understanding the needs of businesses, so here we have jotted down some of the best Uscreen alternatives & competitors of Uscreen in 2024 are at number one spot #1 VPlayed, then Dacast, Brightcove, Vimeo OTT, Kaltura, etc. Let’s discuss each of them in detail. 

1. VPlayed

Explore, Engage, Monetize: Your Best Uscreen Alternative Awaits

alternative to Uscreen

VPlayed is a premium OTT platform provider created by CONTUS Tech, which is a compelling Uscreen alternative for many reasons.

At first, VPlayed brings high level customization to both the video player and the entire interface. As an added advantage, the platform hands over its entire source code post-deployment, granting users unparalleled control over the platform

Secondly, VPlayed offers video management, an intuitive and pragmatic solution for efficient content handling, which is highly superior to Uscreen at all levels.

Thirdly, VPlayed distinguishes from uscreen with high tech features, robust integrations and multiple monetization models, tuned specially for content owners. 

What truly sets VPlayed apart as a unique alternative to Uscreen is its one-time payment option, liberating businesses from the burden of recurring payments and laying a solid foundation for scalable growth.

For those exploring Uscreen alternatives, VPlayed is a noteworthy and a strong contender with its emphasis on customization, streamlined video management, future updates and innovative payment options.

Some of the notable VPlayed features include

  • White Labeling: Tailor and brand the platform to mirror your distinctive brand identity.
  • Source Code ownership : Take full control and flexibility with unrestricted access to the platform’s original source code.
  • Content Partner dashboard: Enhance collaboration efficiency with partners through a dedicated portal for streamlined content management.
  • User-Generated Content: Enable users to effortlessly create and share content, a feature not available in Uscreen.
  • Comprehensive Super Admin Access: Exercise extensive control and oversight over your platform, a capability not present in Uscreen.
  • Global Payment Gateway Support: Effortlessly process worldwide payments with diverse payment options for enhanced financial flexibility.

2. Dacast

Elevate Your Video Presence, Explore Alternatives to Uscreen

Uscreen competitors

When in search of robust Uscreen alternatives, Dacast emerges as one of the top Uscreen competitors in the industry. It aids content creators and business owners with a reliable platform equipped with must-have features for online content streaming.

Similar to VPlayed, Dacast brings white labeling to the table, ensuring a consistent brand representation throughout your streaming journey.

Pay-per-view, subscription, ad-based on-demand videos, are some of the monetization options, this platform offers aligning seamlessly with the industry standards.

However, one drawback is customization within Dacast is limited to the video player, making it’s fellow Uscreen competitor VPlayed standout and many other Uscreen alternatives as well.

Following a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model like Uscreen, Dacast involves monthly recurring payments and user charges for subscriptions and purchases.

Dacast operates by incorporating quite valuable features boasting a robust video CMS followed up with advanced security measures, including SSL certification, AES encryption, password-protected streams, and multi-factor authentication.

When you are exploring Uscreen alternatives, Dacast presents itself as a versatile Uscreen alternative with its diverse monetization options, white-label support, and a robust security infrastructure.

Notable Dacast features include

  • Seamless Video Hosting and Streaming: Effortlessly host and deliver video content to your audience worldwide.
  • Quick Viewer Insights with Real-time Video Analytics: Monitor immediate insights into viewer engagement and performance metrics of your content instantly.
  • Monetization through Ad Insertion: Generate money seamlessly by integrating ads into your videos and monetize your content effectively.
  • Diverse Ad Format Support: Enable multiple ad formats to bring in revenue and to engage audiences in a diverse way.
  • Continuous Customer Support: Enjoy 24/7 access to support for addressing queries and resolving platform-related issues.

3. Muvi

Discovering the Best Uscreen Competitors for Video Content

Muvi stands out as a leading streaming solution provider. This platform offers enterprise-level video streaming capabilities — accommodating the needs of both individual content creators and businesses as well. 

Muvi provides users with a complete toolkit, covering essential aspects such as video uploading, organization, and global delivery through customizable websites and apps.

In alignment with platforms like Uscreen, Muvi operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, entailing monthly payments and user charges. Furthermore, Muvi supports white-labeling, allowing users to tailor platforms easily to align with their unique brand identity.

Noteworthy is Muvi OTT’s parallel with VPlayed, as it supports diverse monetization models, including subscriptions, pay-per-view, advertising, and merchandise. For those exploring Uscreen alternatives, Muvi emerges as a robust solution.

Notable Muvi OTT features include

  • Dedicated Audio Playback: Unlike other Uscreen alternatives, Muvi offers a specialized audio player for an enhanced audio streaming experience.
  • Streamlined Content Syndication with MRSS Feeds: Enhance content distribution efficiency by leveraging Muvi’s support for Media RSS (MRSS) feeds. 
  • Geo-Blocking: Take charge of content accessibility with Muvi’s geo-blocking features. It lets you enable restrictions based on viewers’ geographical locations.
  • Reliable and Scalable Hosting via Cloud Infrastructure: Muvi’s cloud infrastructure ensures seamless content delivery that is both reliable and scalable.
  • Content Partner Portal: Facilitate partner collaboration and efficient content management by providing a dedicated portal through Muvi’s platform.

4. Vimeo OTT

Unveiling Top Alternatives to Uscreen With Vimeo OTT

Vimeo is a stand-out online video platform and a big contender in the  hosting, sharing, and streaming videos segment. It is one of the better options than Uscreen as a strong Uscreen alternatives, but with similar features. it offers all the necessary tools for sharing and making money from videos worldwide.

If you know about online streaming, you would have probably heard of Vimeo OTT. In fact, it has been a leader in this industry for over ten years, known for its focus on top-notch and creative video content.

Vimeo’s platform gives users everything they need for sharing and earning from videos globally. This makes it a top choice for anyone wanting to share various professional video content like short films, documentaries, marketing materials, and educational resources.

Vimeo has a big user community that includes filmmakers, artists, marketers, educators, and many businesses of all sizes. This shows how widely it is liked and used for various purposes.

Vimeo OTT on the other end, lets users to access over the top services through subscription based plans helping businesses effectively.

Key features of Vimeo OTT include

  • Play Without Ads In HD Quality: Enjoy our great video quality without the annoyance of having to watch ads. 
  • Video Player Customization: Modify player visuals and brand elements to match your unique look. 
  • Integrated Social Media And Email: Uscreen does not come with social media and email integrations, unlike Vimeo, which connects you with leading social networks and email marketing tools. 
  • Multiple Audio and Subtitle Tracks: Improve both accessibility and user engagement by adding a few audio tracks and subtitles over your videos.
  • Different Pricing Models: Choose from a range of plans starting at $20/month so that there are options for different levels of need and budget.

5. Kaltura

Unveiling Powerful Uscreen Alternatives For Powering Video Experience

Kaltura is an established cloud video platform provider. It is a platform that offers both live and on-demand video solutions to the top global organizations. 

Right from individual users at home, employees in workplaces and students in educational institutions use Kaltura and this is why Kaltura emerges as a noteworthy alternative to Uscreen.

Since, Kaltura boasts a more diverse client base as compared to Uscreen, spanning across various sectors, businesses, educational entities, and different interest groups. 

Built upon a robust foundation of open APIs, It is to note that Kaltura’s off-the-shelf SaaS video platforms are acknowledged for their exceptional flexibility, modularity, and extendibility. 

Kaltura covers fundamental features such as video ingestion, transcoding, metadata management, distribution, publishing, engagement, monetization, and analytics. 

Undoubtedly, Kaltura stands out as a fantastic choice for those in search of a robust and adaptable Uscreen alternative.

Some of the notable Kaltura features include

  • Video Hosting in the Cloud: Effortlessly store and manage videos in the cloud for seamless accessibility.
  • Built-in Video Editing: Enhance and edit videos directly within the platform, streamlining the content production process.
  • Multiple Bitrates and Formats: Deliver videos in a range of quality levels and formats to ensure an optimal viewer experience.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain access to detailed data for tracking video performance and audience engagement.

6. IBM Cloud Video

Exploring Competitive Options to Uscreen’s Platform

uscreen streaming

IBM Cloud Video is built with features and it easily enters the market as a great alternative to Uscreen for various reasons. The stand out service features for hosting and delivering videos in the cloud is an add-on.

It lets you manage huge volumes of video traffic and safeguards your content against unauthorized access with scalable and secure video delivery.

IBM Cloud Video also offers seamless integration with other IBM Cloud services, like Watson Speech-to-Text and Watson Captions. This integration enables you to level up user experiences with AI-powered features, providing a refined touch to your video content.

Users are opting for IBM Cloud Video for its affordable pricing options and the comprehensive suite of built-in video analytics. This feature eliminates the need for external video analytics integrations, allowing you to optimize your video delivery and enhance user engagement to a larger extent.

Some notable features of IBM Cloud include:

  • Video Stream to everywhere: Streaming made simpler with this feature to broadcast video content from the IBM cloud video delivery to any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Secure Storage:  Worry no more, protect and store your video content by all means in the cloud with IBM Cloud object storage and manage your data with ease with the features like API access, auditing, and disaster recovery tool.
  • Adaptable Video Transcoding: IBM Watson service lets you automatically transcribe video content into any format, faster and efficiently.
  • Video Analytics: Discover insights with spot-on video analysis on your video content and understand trends using IBM Watson’s machine learning and AI capabilities.

7. Brightcove

Top-notch Alternatives to Uscreen to Engage Your Audience

Uscreen examples

Brightcove, a video technology company, provides a spectrum of video delivery and hosting services, presenting itself as a viable alternative to Uscreen for video hosting and management. By the way, several reasons make Brightcove an appealing option.

Firstly, the platform boasts a larger and more established presence in the video technology industry, equipping it with extensive resources and expertise to offer its customers.

Moreover, Brightcove outshines Uscreen and other competitors by offering a broader range of features, including video player customization, analytics, and workflow automation.

Brightcove’s influence extends globally, with a vast customer base and support for languages and localizations in over 200 countries. Consequently, the Brightcove community is diverse and dispersed across the world, ensuring a dynamic and varied user base.

Some notable Brightcove features include

  • Video Content Management: Streamline the organization and management of your video library for effortless access.
  • Live Streaming: Engage your audience in real time by hosting live events through the platform.
  • Embedded Video Analytics: Access detailed insights into viewer behavior and content performance through integrated analytics.
  • Extensive Integrations: Enhance functionality by effortlessly linking with over 100 third-party tools and platforms.
  • Monetization with Server-Side Ad Integration: Optimize ad revenue through targeted ads with server-side insertion, ensuring better conversion rates.


As we approach the conclusion of this blog, let’s ponder the key takeaway.

Is there a standout alternative to Uscreen, or does Uscreen remain the obvious choice? In conclusion, it is apparent that Uscreen can be an excellent option for specific users, but it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, similar to any other video streaming platform.


The reality is that not every OTT solution seamlessly aligns with individual requirements. Hence, opting for a fully customizable solution equipped with essential tools to create your unique OTT streaming service is a wise move.

For instance, VPlayed emerges as an all-in-one OTT solution for building the For example, VPlqayed is an all-in-one OTT solution to build the best video streaming platforms tailored to your needs.

It covers nearly all the essentials needed to operate your streaming business efficiently, even without expert assistance. tailored to your needs. It covers nearly all the essentials necessary to operate your streaming business efficiently, even without expert assistance.

Alternatively, you might consider established players such as Brightcove or Vimeo, albeit coming with a premium cost associated with brand value. In the end, regardless of your choice, always select a platform that aligns best with your vision, timeline, and budget constraints.

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