27 March, 2023

9+ Best Alternatives To Brightcove: Compare Video Stream Features, Pricing & More

Video on demand viewing times are growing at a much faster rate while it is in comparison to live viewing times. The statistical report indicates that video on-demand whether in apps or platforms, they provide average watching time of 17.1 minutes per session.  

When it comes to analyzing maximum viewing times between on-demand and live streaming, it makes the trend more predictable. Viewers actually spend 66% of their time watching on demand programming, much way ahead than the estimated figure which was around 59% the preceding year. 

With this trend, the consumers are becoming quite choosy when it comes to consuming content which is of any type. As a result, there lies a competitive edge which is faced by OTT video platform for them to satisfy the growing needs of viewers who multiply in demand. 

 Brightcove has come a long way in the world of video streaming. It is well-equipped platform that assist broadcasters to potentialize their online streams & bring them to life. However, this whitelabelled video platform is mostly suitable for enterprises with large-scale budgets, which means that it is not ideal for broadcasters handling mid or small-sized business.   

Through its award-winning technology, Brightcove has been assisting customers since 2004 in discovering and experiencing the extraordinary potential of video. This has enabled organizations in more than 70 countries to reach audiences in daring and creative ways.

In this post, we will go over everything you require to keenly know about streaming with Brightcove Alternative which includes its top features

What is Brightcove?

Brightcove video cloud is an all-in-one video hosting platform that reaches your audience with ease. The high-end streaming solution delivered by Brightcove supports both live and on-demand hosting so creating TV apps becomes no more a worry. 

Brightcove player

Video Cloud makes it easy to upload, manage and publish content all with an intuitive CMS. Easily create content to deliver it through HTML5 first video player that loads quickly at a fast rate to stream across desktop, mobile platforms, etc.  

Brightcove accomplishes this through creating previously unimaginable technology, offering customer service devoid of barriers or justifications, and utilising the knowledge and resources of a worldwide infrastructure.

Some of its key features are: 

  • The default player is responsive by default resizing to fit web layouts
  • They deliver the best quality of streams with adaptive bitrate capabilities
  • Brightcove supports live streaming to outreach audiences globally 
  • Offer specialized plans for video monetization to generate X+ revenue 
  • Provide a consistent & seamless experience for viewers across platforms 
  • Domain restrictions are inclusive in all Brightcove’s video security plans 

Top 9 Best Alternatives For Brightcove

Some of the top Brightcove alternatives include CONTUS VPlayed, Kaltura, IBM Cloud Video, Panopto, Dacast, JW Player, Uscreen, Vimeo OTT, and Vidizmo.

Each of these options has different features and caters to diverse audiences. So we have reviewed and rated all of them based on features like monetization, white-labeling, security features, etc. – and listed them below.

1. CONTUS VPlayed

End-to-End Streaming Capabilities That’s Next Best Alternative to Brightcove

brightcove competitors

VPlayed provides all-in-one OTT platform that empowers content broadcasters, professional streamers or aggregators to stream live or on-demand media content literally anywhere around the world. They offer an array of distinctive video on demand solutions which are backed up by high-end streaming technologies like microservice architecture. VPlayed gives the liberty to customize your own platform completely without any limitations. 

Some of Its Key Features Include: 

  • Gain 100% platform customization right from front-end to back-end  
  • Grab maximum profit share with 6+ revenue-generating models 
  • Power up your scalable platform with 150+ streaming features  
  • Get a chance of flexible platform deployment options from VPlayed 
  • Stream concurrently with nil disturbance via cloud transcoding solution  

2. Kaltura

Top Alternative to Brightcove Providing a Compelling Medium 


Hundreds of millions of people are engaged by Kaltura’s live and on-demand video SaaS solutions at home, at work, and in schools. Thanks to its delivery to thousands of businesses worldwide. It is found to be one among the competitors of brightcove that offer an array of video solutions which change the way organizations approach the field of training, collaboration, sales, etc. Moreover, they transform the learning experience by adopting the medium of video. 

Some of Its Exclusive Features Include: 

  • They provide solutions for varied industries like media & entertainment, telecom, etc 
  • You can upload video files to stream create quizzes & screen recordings efficiently
  • Empowers broadcasters to use open-source streaming platform that’s customizable 
  • Kaltura also initiates a room to create videos for students with interactive tools 
  • Broadcasters can monetize content via a variety of integrations making it hassle-free
Want To Choose The Best Brightcove Alternatives For Your Streaming Business?

3. IBM Cloud Video

Comparative Alternative to Brightcove 


A scalable, cloud-based online video platform that offers a complete solution for delivering live or on-demand content to consumers outside your organization. The built-in multi-CDN capability of IBM Video Streaming allows it to scale while supporting both simple and sophisticated setups. It is controlled through a dashboard by account managers. Amongst the top-notch competitors like Vimeo, Uscreen or Brightcove the solution offered from IBM is is a best alternative that businesses can consider. 

Some of Its Impactful Features Include: 

  • Employee communication can be nurtured in virtual conferences 
  • It gets resourceful with its live events like social gatherings, & more
  • You can readily stream VOD apps with recorded broadcasts too
  • Own up your self-made and customizable channel page anytime 
  • Video distribution converts viewers to customers effortlessly    

4. Panopto

Unified Video Communication Ecosystem Versus Brightcove 

alternative to brightcove

Another top creator in the field of managing video content is Panopto. The flagship product and widely regarded as a good all-around choice is Panopto’s OTT streaming services. It is suited for the majority of web businesses for delivering video content due to its simplicity of use and flexibility. Panopto also places a strong emphasis on security; it provides single sign-on integration and stringent access controls for all movies.

Some of Its Integrated Features Are: 

  • Supports one-to-many live streaming 
  • Creation & sharing of on demand recordings 
  • Cut content from any part of streams & more
  • Live Q&A through chat in video player 
  • Get comprehensive insights via video analytics 

5. Dacast

Stream With Unlimited Content and Monetize in Realtime 

best alternative to brightcove

Dacast is also an alternative to Brightcove which has a business-oriented video hosting service that provides live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) content that can be viewed on a website or distributed via social media. Dacast was established in 2010 and provides over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) services while hosting content for more than 300,000 broadcasters. They help you for the purpose of storing your videos and embedding them into your privately owned media. 

Some of Its Highlighted Features Are: 

  • Dacast player make sure your branding is consistent 
  • Creates own open source streaming to deliver live streams 
  • Includes pre-recorded video on social media feeds
  • Adds pre, mid & post roll adverts to your VOD or live streams
  • Use paypal or dacast’s own payment processing system 
Tired of using Dacast?
See why Dacast is not suitable to manage your VOD platform and why you need a Dacast Alternative

6. JW Player

Next-best Brightcove Alternative with Custom Pricing 


The JW Player team describes itself as “the most powerful & scalable video platform.” They acquire this claim by offering a wide range of streaming services to their consumers. It ranges from adaptive streaming and multi-bitrate streaming to video-on-demand (VOD) hosting and monetization. Without any additional ad scripts, player bidding—the first step toward header bidding—is integrated into the video player. It streamline the entire bidding process. 

Some of Its Striking Features Include: 

  • Create a link between your video inventory and ad demand sources
  • Provides feedback on data analysis & strategize content for videos
  • Host of ad integrations provide best ad-fill rates to rev up quickly 
  • In-built tools like article matching increase audience engagement
  • Allows high-quality real-time streaming preventing glitches 

7. Uscreen

Topmost & Suitable Alterative that Beats Brightcove 

top alternative to brightcove

Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization and over-the-top (OTT) platform that assists content producers in distributing their work commercially and safely online or via OTT devices. Over 11,000 authors and brands from various industries call our robust yet user-friendly platform home. Our turn-key technology enables anybody to successfully monetise videos, from entertainment and instructional channels to fitness and yoga professionals.

Some of Its Innovative Features Include: 

  • Its an all-in-one platform to sell and manage on-demand videos 
  • Delivers white label app for branding and streaming content 
  • Keep all of your revenue with no sharing via subscriptions 
  • Inclusive of live broadcasting facility for online events 
  • Developed with platform intuitivess for use & easy navigation
Tired of using Uscreen?
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8. Vimeo OTT

Multi-tiered Video Platform to Access Live & on-demand Content 

brightcove alternatives

Vimeo is also one of the Brightcove alternatives assists users in the creation, streaming, editing, tracking, and monetization of videos with a focus on delivering high-definition content across all devices. This platform which is added alternative to Brightcove, is headquartered in New York, & is useful for large organisations, startups, as well as creative content businesses. The Vimeo team positions itself as a one-stop shop for VOD hosting and live streaming

Some of Its Significant Features Include: 

  • Increases content distribution via high-quality live streaming
  • Enables users to auto-record their screens to create videos
  • Templates are instantly available that helps to make VODs
  • Access to in-built stock footage that assists to create content 
  • Sell your content consistently via SVOD & TVOD models   
Tired of using Vimeo OTT?
See why Vimeo OTT is not suitable to manage your OTT platform and why you need a Vimeo OTT Alternative

9. Vidizmo

Comprehensive Video Streaming Platform Next Alternative to Brightcove

brightcove competitor

Vidizmo is an enterprise-grade video streaming platform that comprehensively furnishes both internal and external corporate content needs.  You can deploy of any sort when it comes to platform integration, whether it is on cloud or at premise. Also, they facilitate with desktop app that supports traceable offline playback. Furthermore, they provide their support in streaming with 255+ different digital formats for various media types to ensure with optimized playback. 

Some of its Top Features are: 

  • They provide an easy-to-use interface for platform completeness 
  • Delivers video content in a personalized way with multilingual support
  • Role-based access control with customized permissions in security 
  • Users can upload content analyze insightful trends all in one place 
  • Generates metadata automatically for media files using AI technology


There are so many possibilities available in the video market that it can be difficult to choose just one. Before selecting a platform, it would be wise to take a step back and make sure your objectives and top priorities are established. You can more quickly compile your list of platforms to shortlist & pick one among them as a result.

These Brightcove alternatives can be used to meet your business strategy and income goals, even though Brightcove has outstanding tools for you to post and monetize your curative content. Every business has a different deployment size. But picking a customized solution with a wide range of features will pay off in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): 

Brightcove’s main video streaming features are as follows:

1. Deep analytical actionable insights to convert views into paying customers.
2. Offer any type of ads through ad blockers on the server side.
3. Deliver live or on-demand HQ content while maintaining high video standards.
4. Focus on advanced video security.
5. Internal tools for enterprise use.
6. Professional integrations (MAP, CRMs, and more).

Brightcove offers various pricing levels based on the needs of the broadcaster. However, there is no pricing information on the Brightcove website, therefore broadcasters have to contact the Brightcove sales staff directly for getting the information. The good news is that they have posted quite a bit of information regarding how their streaming packages are structured.

Despite the fact that there are so many Brightcove alternatives, the CONTUS Vplayed OTT platform tops the list due to its intelligent cloud transcoding. The platform gives content creators complete control over their OTT streaming channel as well as the option to select the most effective monetization strategy for their business needs.

No doubt, Brightcove is one of the most recognizable and well-known brands, thanks to its safe and scalable video platform. Nevertheless, looking at the competitors can help you choose the best OTT platform for your business.

Here are the top 5 competitors of Brightcove:

1. CONTUS VPlayed
2. Uscreen
3. JW Player
4. Kaltura
5. Dacast

Kesav works with CONTUS VPlayed as a video-on-demand platform expert. I love to blog, analyze, and discuss things on the newest technology. I'm especially curious to learn more about the technologies used by movie streaming platforms.


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