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How To Build A White Label Chat App: The Ultimate Guide [2024]

Published On July 16th, 2024 3114Communication
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Wanting to build your own instant messaging app (and white-label it too🤩)? Well, this guide takes you through everything you need to know about chat app development. 

Guides and tutorials to build messaging apps are everywhere. But what does it really mean to build a white-label chat app? Let me explain this for you in the next 5 minutes of this article. 

Do you still remember the days we were all stuck inside our homes, during the Covid Pandemic. It was exactly at this period, the telecom sector saw huge revolutionization. Billions of users around the world were extensively using chat apps. Most of the employees used them for their daily work as well.

But private messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram were not the right fit for business communication in terms of features and security. Several Enterprises needed custom messengers that were exclusively built for internal communication within their organization. 

There started a spike in demand for custom chat apps that can be built with security features the business prefers while personalizing it with brand elements like logo, color and themes. 

This gave the businesses a new way to streamline communication between their employees and connect with their customers, which in turn drastically improved their conversion and retention rates. 

If you are a developer or a business owner rooting for such amazing business outcomes with white-label chat apps, stick with me! We are about to explore all about building a complete white-label messaging app. 

What Is A White-Label Chat Software?

It typically refers to a chat platform that can be customized and branded with a business’s own logo, colors, and fonts to make it look like it’s their own product, although it is built using a third-party solution. 

This means, you can use the pre-built APIs and SDKs from a third-party provider, build a complete chat app and still use your own business logo and elements in it, without mentioning the provider anywhere on your app. Now, that’s a deal, right?!

Build A White-label Chat App With MirrorFly

Why Does Your Business Need A White-label Messaging App?

There are numerous benefits of using a white-label solution that Enterprises can get. Therefore, in the section below, let us see the top reasons to use a white-label messaging app, and they are:

1. Takes very minimal implementation time:  Adopting white-label chat apps can turn out to be a cost-efficient and time-saving option for businesses as they are easy to learn, quick to implement, and can add their branding features without having to spend a fortune. 

2. Great quality product: As white-label messaging platforms are already developed by third-party vendors, they would have implemented strict quality measures to deliver highly efficient chat apps as their reputation rests on the type of apps they create. 

Along with this, many vendors support complete customizations on white-label messaging apps for either a one-time license fee or a minimal cost.

3. Add your branding elements: Who does not want to include their brands on chat apps? Everyone wishes to and recent research shows that brand consistency can boost up revenue by 23%. And as a result of which many B2B companies consider branding an ideal choice. But, how to do it?

By simply opting for white label messaging software or using a white label mobile app for Android, ios, or web apps,chat for companies can add their own brand colors, fonts, images, and logos as they need.

4. Raising customer engagement and retention: Investing in customer engagement methods need not be missed as retaining existing customers is way easier and less expensive than grabbing a new one. 

Therefore, customer support teams can make use of white-label messaging apps to gain the trust of customers and forever retain them glued to the app. 

5. Adopting secure communication: White-label messaging app providers are well aware of how sensitive information is always at the brink of exposure to third-party intrusions and must have implemented sturdy E2E encryption protocols like AES, and SSL/TLS in their apps. Therefore, you need not worry about the security of your app. 

Along with these, make a note that they provide an on-premise hosting option. In such cases, you get the full flexibility to take care of your chat app website deployment. 

Now that you have got hold of the different reasons to opt for white-label messaging apps, our next topic is to look at the features that can elevate your communication apps to the top level.

What Features To Look For In A White-Label Communication App?

So, if you are planning to go ahead with a white-label messaging app for iOS, Android, or the web, you must make sure that the white-label messaging SDK provider you opt for offers the following features to deliver a seamless customer experience. 

1. 100% Customizations

Make sure that you are allowed to customize the messaging app with your branded elements like logos, fonts, themes, and languages, and to take complete ownership of all the chat features.

2. Robust Security

This feature is very very important and one must pay close attention to it. Ensure that the Whitelabel chat API is built with strong encryption protocols and comes in full compliance with industry-regulatory standards like HIPAA compliant chat and GDPR.

3. Push Notifications and more

These days, push notifications are one of the useful ways to grab the attention of users and therefore you must opt in for this feature. Along with this, features like file sharing, multimedia sharing, delivery and read receipts, and 1-to-1 and group chats are highly liked by users around. 

Hence, make a note that the white-label chat SDK you choose allows you to customize these features as per your business needs.

Great! You have come halfway through the topic and clearly understood the benefits and features of a white label instant messaging software, there is yet another section to consider. 

Things You Should Know Before Building A White Label Messaging App

With what you have read, you must have drawn the conclusion that white-label products are easy to develop. Well, I would not say that they are not, but in addition to these, you must also focus on the market situation, user demands, and other factors including:

  1. Draft your idea, define your niche, and see how your app can be beneficial.
  2. Implement your idea and make it look real. Opt for either in-house development or white-label communication solution providers to build highly competent chat platforms for business.
  3. Look out for sales challenges and whether third-party vendors guarantee the app’s quality.
  4. Ensure you get complete customizations on both whitelabel iOS and Android apps.
  5. You get dedicated end-to-end support during integration and post it too.

Steps To Build Your Own White-Labeled Mobile And Web Apps?

So far we have gained a better understanding of the need for a white label communications solution for businesses and what features to include in the app. 

Now, it is time to learn about the implementation process. Below are the steps to follow while building a white label real-time chat platform:

Step 1: Understand your business objectives and expectations

  • Know Your Audience: It is extremely important to know your audience. Who is your audience? What are their pains? What in an app do they find important? These insights inform the development process. 
  • Accomplish Specific Objectives: What is your end goal? Is it Increasing customer involvement, improving service delivery or perhaps seeking out new revenue sources? The project will be more focused by setting these clear targets. 
  • List Required Features: Compile a list of features that you want to add in the project instruction. Are you in need of pop-up notifications, in-app purchases, and facebook or instagram? Order them by your goals and user needs.

Step 2: Choosing the operating platform

  • Pick Out The Mobile Platform: Make up your mind whether you require an app for iOS, Android or both. It is important to note that iOS users are known for spending more money while on the other hand a larger number of users prefer android. This will depend on what demographic groupings form part of your target market. 
  • Choose Web Technologies: Some of the options available for web apps include React which gives us dynamic and fast user interface designs, Angular that specializes in strong single page applications or Vue js that allows for ease along with variety in features. 

Step 3: Find a White-Label Solution Provider

  • Research Providers: Search for trustworthy companies providing white-label solutions. You’ll need a partner who has a track record of success and offers strong features in their products, as well as good tech system. 
  • Evaluate Features: You need to compare the features different providers offer. Are the functionalities you require universally supported by them? To what extent can they customize their solution for you? 
  • Check Reviews: Ensure that you’re not just relying on their say-so. Go through the reviews, case studies, and testimonials, from which other businesses who have used their services can be reached out to.

Step 4: Customize the app

  • Add Your Brand Elements: If you decide to make this app a part of your brand, this is the time. Personalize it with your own logo, color scheme, font types and any other graphical elements that symbolize your brand identity. 
  • Add Your Content: Take it upon yourself to provide content for the app. High-quality images, captivating videos, and nicely written texts significantly count in. 
  • Integrations: Ensure that the app is integrated with your current systems including CRM, payment gateways, and other tools necessary for running your business

Step 5: Develop and Test your app

  • Development: Make sure that you communicate clearly and work closely with the provider to build the app as per your specific need. 
  • Testing: It is important to test the app thoroughly before launching it. You must perform the following tests before you take your app to the market.
    • Functional Testing: Make sure each feature functions correctly. 
    • Performance Testing: Make sure the application is fast and responds quickly. 
    • User Testing: You should seek feedback from real users because it’s really useful for improving the app.

Step 6: Launch your app

  • Submission of Mobile App to the App Store: Publish your app in the App Store if it is an iOS app, or in the Google PlayStore if it is an Android app. 
  • Deployment of Web Application: To deploy your web application, find a good host and go ahead. 
  • Market Awareness: This is the time to raise awareness about your app among your target users. To promote your app, you can use marketing strategies like email campaigns, social media, and SEO.

Step 7: Monitor and Maintain

  • Implement Analytics: Analytics should be used to follow up with how the app works and how the customers react. This includes tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel. It helps you know what is good as well as what is bad.
  • Check for regular Updates: Updates done several times in a month, week or everyday are essential. Always remember that an update is not just intended for improvement in terms of performance –it is also a way of making your app stay fresh by including new functionalities while removing any errors present therein. However, this may not be required from your end if your white-label chat software provider offers regular and automatic updates time-to-time. 
  • Offer Customer Support: Support should be good enough so as to enable all clients get maximum satisfaction; your team must be available whenever they need you for support with your app.

Bonus Tips:

  • Legal Considerations: You must follow every pertinent law particularly on privacy issues and user rights. 
  • User Feedback: Always prioritize to observe your user comments and respond to them because it is essential that your app meets the expectations of your clients. 
  • Security: Put in place strong security mechanisms so as not only to secure the information of your clients but also establish confidence and avoid expensive breaches.

Now you know how to build the white-label messenger. But which provider is right for you? Let me take you through some of the top providers in the world that help you build a chat app and white-label it.

Top Whitelabel Chat Solution Providers in the Industry

Here is the list of top white label chat platforms are MirrorFly, Getstream, Apphitect, Sendbird,, Wire, Zulip, Wickr, Matrix, Mattermost. Each Provider has its own unique set of features, pricing, and capabilities.

So, let us quickly see who are the top white-label chat SDK providers for iOS, Android, and web apps along with their exquisite features.

1. MirrorFly 

The white-label chat solution that gives you full freedom to build a complete messaging app with your own brand identity.

With MirrorFly’s self-hosted readymade chat solution, you can avail 100% customizable SDKs that let you build secured and scalable white label in-app chat apps with ultra-low latencies and over 99.999% uptime SLA. Plus, MirrorFly’s self-managed solution gives you the flexibility to host your apps on your own premise, on the cloud, or any third-party chat server for a one-time license fee. 

white label messaging app

white labelled messaging platform

Notable Features:

  • One-to-one chat and group chat
  • Single and group video chat for websites and mobile
  • Topic-based chat
  • Upload huge files
  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR, HIPAA & region-specific regulations
  • Dashboard and analytics and more

Don’t have a team to build your chat app? You can hire MirrorFly’s team of experts today – Here’s a link to know more about hiring them!

2. Getstream

White-label chat software that gives you complete ownership over its in-app chat solution.

Stream offers both a chat API solution for building white-label chat apps and reusable component libraries to quickly implement complex messaging features to any chatting platform. Further, they offer a 99.999% uptime SLA and possess a completely safe stability track record thus making it the most reliable chat API provider in the market. If you would like to proceed with them, you can view a few demos of their feature suite.

communication app white label chatbot
top unified communication software

Notable Features:

  • Chat messaging
  • Activity feeds
  • Live video early access
  • Live video streaming
  • Auto-moderation access

3. Apphitect

Real-time messaging solution that lets you build white-label communication apps with your own brand elements.

Apphitect is considered to be a secure in-app communication provider that renders 100% customizable video chat, voice, and chat SDKs to build white-label web and mobile apps. Above this, the platform also offers top-notch messaging features, latencies of less than 100ms, and much more for a one-time license cost.

instant messaging app

white label chat service

Notable Features:

4. Sendbird

In-app chat, voice, and video SDKs are fully customizable and come with advanced features.

One of the best real-time chat SDK providers, Sendbird is known for its scalable white-label solution that is much loved by businesses because of its top-notch features and AES-256 encryption mechanisms. Besides these, they also include a free trial and support integrated translations using webhooks and plugins.

white label ai chatbot

white label chat serve

Notable Features:

  • In-app audio and live video chat
  • Spam protection
  • In-app chats
  • High security and stability

5. Rocket.Chat

A Custom Solution that prevents data breaches with Robust Security Standards

If you wish to build a secure messaging app, Rocket.Chat can be on your bucket list as they offer a handful of customizable team collaboration solutions. All their messaging features and communication solutions can be white-labeled under the business chat app thus giving users truly neat conversational experiences.

video chat white label
white label group chat software

Notable Features:

Looking To Build Your Own Whitelabel Chat, Voice & Video Call App?

6. Wire:

White-label desktop chat apps are compatible with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and OWASP.

Wire is a robust messaging and collaboration platform that offers you a white label live chat solution to build scalable messaging apps. With a strong focus on security and privacy, Wire ensures end-to-end encryption for all your messages and file transfers. 

online chat white label
Chat app for flutter

Notable features:

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Guest Rooms
  • Secure Guest Invites
  • Compliance and Control

7. Zulip:

Increase user engagement, retention, and satisfaction with Zulip’s best white-label chat system

Zulip is an open-source team chat platform that can be self-hosted and white-labeled, giving you full control over your users’ messaging experience.  Zulip’s topic-based groups also allow your users to have focused discussions on different topics and effortlessly catch up on relevant conversations. 

white label live chat software

white label messenger app

Notable features:

  • Topic-Based Organization
  • Powerful Search
  • Integrations
  • Markdown Support
  • API and Bots

8. Wickr:

Build Any White-label chat use case with this flexible messaging solution.

Wickr is a highly secure messaging platform that offers Wickr Enterprise as a white-label solution, empowering you to create your own secure messaging platform. Its end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages ensures that your sensitive information stays protected. 

white label encrypted messaging
white label texting for telecommunication

Notable features:

  • Secure Messaging
  • Admin Controls
  • Compliance and E-Discovery
  • Secure Voice and Video Calls
  • Screen Sharing

9. Matrix:

Solution for building end-to-end encrypted white-label messenger apps.

Matrix is an open-standard communication protocol that empowers you to create custom messenger solutions. Its decentralized architecture ensures resilience, data ownership, and prevention of vendor lock-in. 

how to develop a messaging app for corporate
secure white label chat application for Business

Notable features:

  • Decentralized Architecture
  • Bridging and Integration
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • VoIP and Video Conferencing
  • Extensible and Customizable

10. Mattermost:

A white-label chat solution for smooth team meetings and collaborations.

Mattermost is an open-source collaboration platform that offers you a white-label solution, enabling you to create your personalized messaging platform. You can easily foster team collaboration with features such as channels, threaded discussions, and direct messaging.

chatting apps logo
market places scalable chat app

Notable features:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Channels and Threaded Discussions
  • Direct Messaging
  • Integrations and Webhooks
  • Custom Branding and Theming

 Wrapping Up:

Alas to the end of the post! We hope we gave you a fair understanding of what a Scalable messaging app is and a complete breakdown of its implementation. To conclude, businesses using a white-labeled chat app can offer a smooth messaging experience to users, streamline communications, retain customers, boost engagement, and do more that aligns with their brand values. 

Therefore, it is required that you choose a Customizable chat solution provider that offers 100% customizations, quick integrations, high security, and the best pricing. And, the only provider that satisfies all these criteria is MirrorFly, the most renowned SaaS and self-hosted chat SDK provider in the market that offers all of the above and more for a one-time license fee. 

Finally, with our chat SDK, you can leverage all of our messaging features under your own brand and grab the attention of users as you need.

Looking to Build Your Own White-label Chat App

Get our enterprise-grade communication solution, that can be set up on your company servers.

Request Demo
  • 100% customizable
  • White-label solution
  • Full source code

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I create my own messaging app?

Yes. You can create a messaging app for iOS, Android, and the web by analyzing your target audience and their needs, deciding on which tech stacks to use, framing out the UI and UX layouts, planning over the must-have features in an app, and finally testing it vigorously for bugs.
However, let me assure you that building a chat app from scratch is a tedious and time-consuming process. Hence, the wise option would be to use a white-label messaging API for creating your own messenger app.  

Why should I choose mirrorFly’s white-label chat solution?

With MirrorFly’s customizable messaging SDK, you can take complete ownership of our call and chat features, personalize the app to your needs, get 100% customizations, alter the source code of our SDKs, and host your chat apps either on your premises or on any third-party servers for a one-time license cost.

How much does a white-label app cost?

For a basic single-platform white-label app, you can expect to pay approximately $15,000 to $35,000, assuming an average hourly rate of $50 to $99 for development. More advanced or feature-rich apps will however incur higher costs.

What are the benefits of white label app?

The top 4 benefits of white-label app include:
Branding: Customize the app with your own branding elements.
Efficiency: Save development effort as the white-label solution is pre-built.
Faster time to market: Quickly launch your app.
Cost Savings: Reduce expenses compared to custom development.

Does MirrorFly’s chat APIs offer a customizable chat solution?

Yes. MirrorFly’s chat SDK offers 100% customizations on 150+ call and chat capabilities and 100+ UI components so that you can build communication apps the way you need. 

What are the best white label chat solutions available for mobile and web apps?

A white label mobile apps is a messaging software or a generic application that is built by a company and sold to another business so that they can rebrand it as if it is their own product. Below are some of the popular customizable chat API providers for mobile and web apps:

1. MirrorFly: Its self-hosted video call API solution offers 100% customizable SDKs to build highly scalable and secure white-label chat apps for a one-time license cost. Above this, MirrorFly gives you the flexibility to host apps on your premises giving you full control over deployment and security. 
2. Apphitect: It is one of the best customizable video, voice, and chat SDK providers that offer great features, E2E encryption, 99.999% uptime SLA, latencies less than 100ms, and white-label chat solutions to build android, ios, and web applications without any hassles. 

How do I create an instant messenger app?

Key steps to create a chat app from scratch
Establish the framework for your chat app.
Determine the monetization strategy for your app.
Identify a skilled development team with experience.
Set the feature priorities for your app.
Conceptualize the design for your app.

What is white-label messaging?

White-label messaging is like a pre-made chat app that one company creates, but other companies can make it look like it’s their own by changing its appearance and name. Basically, it’s a chat tool that businesses can buy and use with their own branding.

How do I create a simple web based chat application?

To create a simple web chat app:
Install necessary dependencies: Use npm to install ‘ws’, ‘express’, and ‘nodemon’.
Set up an Express server: Create a JavaScript file for the server.
Implement WebSocket logic: Establish real-time communication and handle messages.
Develop a frontend interface: Build HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components for chat.

What is white label chat?

White-label chat solution removes provider branding from your app so that it appears as if you have built it on your own, without compromising on data, quality or user chat experiences.

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