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The Best Healthcare APIs to Streamline Patient Care in 2024

Published On April 8th, 2024 2149Communication
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Explore the top 14 healthcare APIs and SDKs that power patient monitoring, medical management,  accessibility, and innovation across apps!

Looking for the best Healthcare API providers to streamline your healthcare apps and services? You are in the right place! This comprehensive guide aims to provide the best highlights of the top 14 providers, their features, and how they can benefit your business.

Let’s get started!

14 Top Healthcare APIs and SDKs that Power Patient Monitoring

What Is A Healthcare API?

A Healthcare API is a set of protocols/standards that communicate and transfer health data from one system to another. It seamlessly connects healthcare applications and systems, eventually boosting interoperability.

The 5 Main Categories of Healthcare APIs

5 Different Types of Healthcare APIs

1. Clinical Data API

Clinical Data API are application programming interfaces that lets patients/healthcare providers access clinical data and information from various healthcare systems, and exchange with others for medical purposes.

Clinical Data APIs can be classified into 3 types:

A. Electronic Health Record (EHR) APIs

An EHR is a digital record of a patient’s medical history that includes information like diagnoses, treatments, allergies, scans and lab test reports. When developers build a healthcare app, they can connect the EHR API to access and exchange the patient health information (PHI) stored in the EHR systems.

B. Medication APIs

Medication APIs retrieves information like name of the medicine, dosage, and manufacturing details from EHRs and medication databases. Using this healthcare API, you can build apps for prescription management and medication reconciliation.

C. Health Monitoring APIs

Healthcare monitoring APIs collect and track health-related information like heartbeat, steps, blood pressure, oxygen levels and more from sources like wearable devices, medical devices and EHRs.

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2. Payment APIs

Healthcare Payment APIs are software interfaces that let patients, doctors or other medical professionals process and manage their payments related to their healthcare services. You can include payment gateway integration, claims management and e-payments using this best API for healthcare apps.

3. Patient Engagement APIs

Patient Engagement API is the software that lets you implement features like chat, video calls, voice calls, appointment scheduling, remote patient monitoring, virtual consultation and more into your apps.’

4. Healthcare Provider Directories APIs 

Healthcare Provider Directories APIs offer various tools and protocols that allow you to retrieve data from directories of healthcare providers. 

The databases include details such as contact info, location, specialties, and insurance networks

5. Medical Image and Video Management APIs

Medical Image and Video Management APIs enable you to integrate medical imaging and video management capabilities into your apps and services. 

It lets your users upload, retrieve, store, and exchange medical images or videos with others. Also, It supports different image modalities like X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and surgical videos.

Well, you now know what these healthcare APIs are all about. Let’s now explore the top providers in each category of the APIs.

The Top Healthcare API Providers in 2024

We have compared the best healthcare APIs for your Android, iOS, and Web apps. Here some of the top 14 best Healthcare APIs are Cerner, Allscripts, National Drug Code, OpenFDA Drug, Validic, Welltok, MirrorFly, Stripe, etc… choose your provider today based on their features, infrastructure, and more.

I. Clinical Data APIs

A. Electronic Health Record (EHR) APIs

1. Cerner API

Cerner APIs are healthcare software interfaces that let you connect your healthcare app to Cerner’s EHR systems for accessing PHI data.


To access patient health data and administrative information in apps.

Key Features

  • Access to Patient Health Information (PHI)
  • Administrative Data Integration
  • Patient Interaction Features
  • Clinical Decision Support Tools
  • Customizable Data Management Tools
  • Analytical Tools
Security & PrivacyInfrastructure
Data Encryption
HIPAA Compliance
Developer Certification Process
Auditing and monitoring
Java, .NET, and Python Language Support
Integration with Healthcare Platforms
On-premises and Cloud-based Deployment
Customization Support
Third-party Integration Support

2. Allscripts API

Allscripts is a healthcare API that lets you connect your apps to EHR systems to manage the clinical and operation needs of the healthcare organization.


For healthcare apps/ services to access PHI info from EHR systems

Key Features

  • Administrative data integration
  • Access to PHI
  • Engagement tools
  • User analytics 
  • Data management
Security & PrivacyInfrastructure
Role-based access control
Data encryption
Audit Logs
Cloud-based deployment
Integration with other healthcare apps/ services
Mobile device compatibility

B. Medication APIs

3. National Drug Code (NDC) Directory API

The National Drug Code (NDC) directory API is a data service offered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that lets you access the information on the medications.


This healthcare API retrieves accurate and up-to-date drug information

Key Features

  • Contains info above 20000+ drugs
  • Drug search with NDC code
  • Avails drug label information like dosage, warning and side effects
  • Regular updates
  • Supports XML, JSON and CSV
Security & PrivacyInfrastructure
Encryption protocols
Only allows users authorized by FDA
Compatible with HTTP, XML or JSON supported platforms
Supports on-premise/ cloud deployment
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4. OpenFDA Drug API

The OpenFDA Drug API is a software developed for the web platforms to access and retrieve medicational drug related information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Gives public access to information on medicational drugs from the FDA

Key Features

  • Lets users filter and find information about a medication like a drug name, National Drug Code (NDC), manufacturer and more.
  • Includes detailed information like drug labels, dosage, warnings and indications.
  • Event and Error reports related to the medication and their outcomes.
  • Allows third-party FDA integrations like Food API and Device API.
Security & PrivacyInfrastructure
Uses HTTPs protocol to secure the API requests and responses.
Implements authentication mechanism for authorized personnels to access restricted information.
Protects PHI with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.
Compatible with almost all web and mobile platforms and softwares that are capable of making HTTP requests.
Supports data formats including XML and JSON.
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C. Health Monitoring APIs

5. Validic API

Validic API is a popular healthcare API that allows organizations to collect patient-generated health data from various sources.


Gives public access to information on medicational drugs from the FDA

Key Features

Retrieves patient-generated health data from different sources into apps/ systems.

Security & Privacy Infrastructure
Protects health data in transit using SSL/TLS protocols.
Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA regulations.
Allows access controls and monitoring.
Compatible with web, iOS, and Android platforms.
Lets you integrate with major EHR systems such as Allscripts and Cerner.
Uses APIs and webhooks for integration with third-party healthcare apps and platforms.
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6. Welltok API

Welltok API specifically for integrating apps with the Welltok’s health optimization platform, to access its features and data to provide customized healthcare solutions to patients.


Retrieves personalized health information from Welltok platform.

Key Features

  • Personalized plans for healthcare optimization.
  • Lets integration with third-party health sources.
  • Engagement solutions for patient healthcare.
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
Provides HIPAA and GDPR grade privacy.
Role-based access control.
Audit trails.
Supports both on-premise and on-cloud deployment.
Can be integrated into mobile, wearables and other health-related wearables.

II. Payment APIs

7. Stripe API

Stripe is a payment processing platform that offers healthcare-specific API for integrating payment gateways into healthcare apps and softwares.


Lets healthcare organizations to accept payments for medical products or services from patients.

Key Features

  • Integration with EHR and other healthcare software systems.
  • Fraud detection and prevention tools.
  • Customizable checkout forms and payment flows.
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
TLS encryption
Compliance with PCI and HIPAA
Can be integrated with EHR systems, billing apps/software of a medical organization, and patient portals.
Compatible with web and mobile applications.

8. Paypal API

Paypal is one of the most widely used payment gateway that provides APIs for the healthcare industry to accept payments via web/ mobile apps for medical products or services leveraged by the patients.


PayPal payment API is designed for secure, fast, and convenient payment processing.

Key Features

  • Multiple payment modes (Debit card/ Credit card/ Paypal Balance).
  • Advanced user analytics and reporting.
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies.
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
Two-factor authentication
Fraud detection tools
Industry-standard encryption protocols
Compatible with a wide range of operating systems and platforms including iOS and Android.
Supports programming languages, including Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

III. Patient Engagement APIs

9. MirrorFly API

best healthcare api

MirrorFly is the most developer-friendly chat API that lets you add more than 150+ video, voice, and chat capabilities to your healthcare apps. The highlight of this provider is that you can flexibly host your app on your own premise or on our cloud servers.


To add in-app communication features into healthcare platforms.

Key Features

Security & Privacy Infrastructure
Compatible with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.
End-to-end encryption with AES-256 and SSL.
Offers both self-hosted and cloud-based deployment
Compatible across any Android, iOS or web apps.
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10. Krames On FHIR API

Krames On FHIR API is a software built for the web platforms to allow healthcare providers access up-to-date information on the medical industry and related educational content.


Easy access to high-quality patient medical information and educational materials.

Key Features

  • Contains a library of educational materials.
  • Lets you integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other health information systems.
  • Patient tracking with analytics and reporting.
  • Multi-lingual support.
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
Adheres to industry-grade protocols and encryption methods.
Compliant with HIPAA regulations.
This healthcare API can be integrated into any EHR system, mobile apps, patient portals, and telemedicine apps.
Offers developer tools and resources.

IV. Healthcare Provider Directories APIs

11. BetterDoctor API

BetterDoctor API is a US-based platform that gives accurate information on doctors, clinics, and insurance plans to help patients easily get the medical help they need.


Gives the accurate healthcare provider data.

Key Features

  • Robust search functionality.
  • Filtering based on location, insurance network and specialties.
  • Regular updates and verification of healthcare provider data.
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
HIPAA compliance
HTTPS encryption
Compatible with web and mobile apps, along with EHR systems.
Supports programming languages including Java, Python, and Ruby.

12. Healthgrades API

Healthgrades API is a flexible platform that offers healthcare provider data and online appointment scheduling to hospitals, EHRs and patient portals.


Gives provider data for ease of healthcare access.

Key Features

  • Easy integration.
  • Extensive provider data.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • Patient reviews and ratings.
  • Robust analytics and insights
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
HIPAA regulations
Industry-grade security compliance
Supports programming languages including Java, .NET, and Python.
This healthcare API can be integrated into EHRs, patient engagement apps, physician practice management platforms.

V. Medical Image and Video Management APIs

13. Ambra Health API

Ambra Health API is a cloud-based medical image management platform that lets developers create healthcare apps that can perform custom imaging and exchange them across systems.


Facilitates cloud-based medical image management and exchange.

Key Features

  • AI-powered medical image analysis tools
  • Customizable APIs
  • Seamless integration
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
HIPAA compliance
Audit logs
Automatic data backup
Access controls
Can be integrated into EMRs, PACS, and EHRs.
Provides SDKs and developer tools for easy integration and customization.

14. Dicom Systems Unifier API

best apis and sdks for healthcare

Dicom Systems Unifier API is an enterprise imaging interface that lets your apps process medical imaging, connect to healthcare systems and exchange them seamlessly.


Lets healthcare providers to store, manage and exchange medical imaging data.

Key Features

  • Interoperability
  • Workflow automation
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Secure exchange of medical imaging data
Security & Privacy Infrastructure
HIPAA compliance
Audit trails
Data encryption
Access controls
Purely a cloud-based platform.
Can be integrated into EHRs, PACs and modalities.
Allows seamless integration across DICOM, HL7, and FHIR.


To sum up, this article enlisted the best healthcare APIs, their types, and features along with the top players in the market. I hope this has helped you make an informed decision on the API you must choose for your app.

Finally, If you’d like to know more about specific healthcare APIs in this list or prefer to know more about other providers, post in your queries as comments. And, my team and I will get back with yet another insightful article soon. Until then, I wish the best to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does API mean in healthcare?

In a healthcare environment, an API or Application Programming Interface acts as a bridge that supports the exchange of patient information between different healthcare systems. 

This means, doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers can access and exchange data more easily, which ultimately leads to improved care for patients.

What is API connected healthcare?

An API connected healthcare refers to an interface that connects different softwares in a healthcare ecosystem. This helps doctors and other healthcare professionals access patient information seamlessly and provide the required care for better outcomes. 

On the other hand, patients can also make use of the system to book appointments and take video consultations.

What is API used for in healthcare?

In a healthcare app, an API is used for connecting two or more softwares for sharing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) between patients and healthcare professionals. 

This ensures easy access to Patient Health Information (PHI) to provide informed care, at the right time.

What is secure messaging in healthcare?

In a healthcare system, secure messaging system refers to the chat features that are built with strict adherence to industry-grade compliances like HIPAA, OWASP, and GDPR. Also, it ensures that every Patient’s Health Information (PHI) is end-to-end encrypted. 

Which means, every message is ciphered at the sender’s end and decrypted only at the recipient’s end. This way, no third-party can access the messages, which essentially contains the healthcare information.

What are the health benefits of APIs?

APIs make it easy for exchanging and sharing of patient information in a healthcare ecosystem. 

This lets patients access their own health information (Electronic Health Records – EHR), meanwhile enabling doctors and healthcare professionals to use this record for efficient care and outcomes.

What is an example of a health API?

Google Cloud Healthcare API is an example of a health API. This API enables exchange of patient information, access cloud analytics and use machine learning capabilities, in your healthcare app. 

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