28 September, 2023
Geo-targeting based mobile applications become the Future of Telematics

Future of Mobile Telematics

Mobile telematics involves seamless communication between in-vehicle electronics and different forms of wireless communication or mobile technology. Mobile telematics has seen a widespread growth, thanks to evolving technological landscape that has seen the rise of smartphones and advanced software solutions. Some innovative benefits that come out of having telematics fitted into vehicles or carriers are:

  1. Better control: Be it navigation or geo location, the various aspects of telematics facilitate drivers to get a better control of their vehicles. Even fleet owners can easily track the movement of their carriers.
  2. Security oriented: With mobile telematics, recovery of stolen vehicle can be done in a matter of minutes. This not only helps the vehicle owner get back his/her vehicle but also helps insurance companies from unnecessary hassles of claims and counter claims.
  3. Safety: Accidents can easily be prevented from SatNav fitted on the vehicles electronics panel. GPS tracking reduces wastage of time and fuel because of the precision-based direction guidance.

Current Trends:

Mobile telematics offer the below service offerings currently.

  1. The in-vehicle telematics system is fitted as an add-on accessory
  2. Limited functionalities with focused emphasis on direction and guidance
  3. Guidance services too haven’t opened up to an extent due to limited tech support especially in developing countries
  4. Commercial mobile telematics is an area that still needs to be tapped to its fullest potential
  5. Human Machine Interface (HMI) within vehicles is growing. However a lot can be done in this particular matter

Future Trends:

With advancing technologies, future of mobile telematics is certain to undergo far-reaching changes as below:

  1. Radical manufacturing process: More and more vehicle manufacturers will have mobile telematics as a part of standard vehicle build. The new C1 Connexion launched by Citroen in March 2013sports a 5-door model with a factory fitted ‘black box.’
  2. Better connectivity: As a part of future mobile telematics offerings, the driver can achieve direct connectivity with emergency services in case of breakdowns.
  3. Higher precision-based navigation: Many companies specializing in mobile communications technology are now offering extremely accurate location based services. They will offer continuous on-the-go access to directories, maps, important services (ATMs, law enforcement agencies, and medical services) as a part of automotive mobile telematics.
  4. Commercial fleet telematics: There is bound to be a significant change to the way fleet services operators conduct business. Industry trends see huge value in applying mobile telematics to commercial carriers. Be it ferries, cabs or high load bearing vehicles, business owners can now easily track their personnel and their fleet, drivers can get turn-by-turn navigation assistance, and can easily locate Points of Interest (PoI) or delivery centers.
  5. HMI evolution: A rapid change in Human Machine Interface (HMI) will mark the future of mobile telematics. Solutions such as advanced display support, integration with factory fitted telematics systems, content delivery through World Wide Web and phone based connectivity will be major factors that will define the future of mobile telematics.

To conclude, while mobile telematics has revolutionized the way in-vehicle dynamics are viewed; there is still quite some way to go ahead. With technology advancing and evolving at such a rapid pace, it is only a matter of time before the full potential of mobile telematics comes to the fore.

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