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How to Start Your Own Online Video Streaming Business And Achieve Success In 2024?

Published On July 19th, 2024 276OTT
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Well, you have arrived at the right spot, if you are looking for where and how to start your video streaming business. The way media content is consumed has evolved to different mediums, right from Radio, TV to now OTT applications.

World is relying on different mediums for delivering content to viewers, and post-COVID, video streaming platforms have the upper hand in the video broadcasting business.

Not just that the business in the video streaming industry is predicted to be hitting a humongous number of 136 billion dollars revenue by 2027, an insider report from Statistic claims that. 

Video creators from different platforms like TikTok, YouTube are building their own streaming channels on different platforms which is a bonus.

Right from business leaders like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO they all started from where you are right now, 

So let’s skip the big talk and move into the detailed analysis and step-by-step process of how to start a video streaming business from scratch, dive deep to know them all.

Benefits of Creating a Video Streaming Platform

Let’s just begin with the advantages one can acquire by investing in creating a video streaming platform.

1. Huge Market Size

With big competitors in the business like Netflix holding 22.7 million users and Amazon with 200 million users, the demand is getting higher with diversified viewers enjoying content from multiple platforms. 

The predicted numbers of video streaming business is estimated to be more than 1 billion viewers in the near future collectively.

2. Growth Potential

A recent study by SkyQuest forecasts the revenue to be growing up to 174.97 Billion USD by 2031, with a CAGR of 8.13% between (2024-2031). 

With the right understanding of target audiences and ease of UI features, video streaming business roots huge revenue growth.

3. Global Reach

The market is widening with people seeking a variety of content to watch, there is no question of reaching wider audiences if the right content is positioned inside the platform.

 You can easily build your branches in different landscapes of the globe.

4. Content Monetization

Video streaming business is one of a kind business which allows the business owners to generate income from multiple sources within the platform like subscription plans, advertising, merchandise sales and sponsorships. 

With these options you can easily monetize your content on the platform.

5. Personalized User Experience

Everybody seeks a personalized experience with their individual profiles, streamlined content suggestions, organized UI with personalized favorites garnishing the account. You can easily drive users into the platform.

6. Better Scalability

You might be worried about the management of the platform if the user base hits a huge number, but there are OTT providers who can help you with scalability and handling huge volumes brings more business to the platform.

7. Innovative Content Formats

Experimenting a variety of content formats like Virtual reality videos, Augmented reality videos and live streaming is an added advantage in the video streaming business pulling more diversified creators and viewers.

8. Brand Visibility and Recognition

A  strong content in the video streaming app brings more visibility to the platform and creates a brand identity without the need for an external marketing execution, saving you tons of time and money.

9. Continuous Engagement

Video streaming is a great way to generate everlasting engagement with your audience, with potential engagement creating tools like social media.

Must Have Features While Creating a Video Streaming App

online video streaming business

A well performing video streaming app endorses the right features that are highly beneficial for its users and the business owners to monitor.

So, here find out what are the key features you should have in your platform for better usage and functionality. 

1. Platform Customizability

Giving the control to the users, customizability is where most of the users play around in your platform giving the power of customization with the user interface and other functionalities will drive users to engage more in the platform.

It’s a must-have in all aspects of the platform for more user friendliness.

2. Flexible and Diverse Monetization Opportunities

Bringing in monetization opportunities is crucial in a video streaming app, it creates revenue options to create more monetization option.

You can target a different set of audiences from different sectors of the business towards your platform. With market changes having more options won’t let you rely on one single source.

3. Complete Platform Ownership

Depending on other external sources for making changes in your business is a hardship and having a complete platform ownership with full source code helps you make the customisation you desire at all levels.

Look for video streaming service providers who can offer you full source code and future upgradation offers while building your video streaming platform.

4. Multi-Device Support

Users should not be bound to accessing your platform through one single device. With the extension of multiple viewing options in different devices like tablets, smartphones and Televisions.

The platform should offer multi-device support with casting functionalities.

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5. Video Analytics

This is one of the mandatory tools to be present in a streaming app, as it gives a control over the major data access like viewership, content details, language based user base details and much more.

Video analytics is a problem solving feature which helps you shelve out the unwanted and focus on bringing valuable content and gives opportunities to build your platform in every given way.

6. Built-in Marketing Toolkit

Marketing costs a huge sum and built-in marketing tools like social media sharing, in-built editor, push-notifications, email- marketing, messaging options helps you sort out the promotional activities for the given content without needing an external source.

This also drives more brand awareness to the platform from diverse audiences seeking content from all over the world.

7. Video & Platform Security

A secure platform is what differentiates an average platform from a good one. Implement security functions like AES encryption, SSO login, IP blocking and SSL certificates so that it is safer inside out.

Security acts as a strong reason for many content creators and media houses to choose a video streaming app.

8. Customizable HTML5 Player with HLS Streaming

A seamless content delivery and viewing experience is a no compromise factor in video streaming business, to achieve that a customizable HTML5 video player is much needed.

But with just HTML5 players, reaching out to mobile devices and RTMP streaming is not achievable to do that a HLS streaming should be added to it, bringing in more versatility to the streaming platform.

9. Global Video CDNs

A slow video delivery to viewers will push most of the viewers out of the platform, but a standard video streaming platform with a strong global video CDN helps you deliver content without lag all across the globe.

It is less likely to feel any buffer or lag issues while streaming with a proper content delivery network.

How to Start a Video Streaming Business?

A Video Streaming Business needs a clear path, strong strategies, budget planning and identifying where you can be beneficial and universal. 

Moreover to start out following the below steps is also crucial,

how to start video streaming business

1. Identify Your Niche

Find out what type of content you are more passionate about, begin from there, initiating from an alienated subject will stop you at some topic with boring information, disregarding your interest. 

2. Develop a Business Plan

Devise a plan of action with the clear objectives, market knowledge, target audience and budget that works for your pocket.

You are less likely to fall if you have a strong roadmap to the next plan of action.

3. Choose a Video Streaming Solution Provider

To build a video streaming platform on your own with a set of developers is another level of difficulty which brings in more struggles throughout the process.

The best solution is to go for a video streaming solution provider who can work alongside you understanding your demands and needs.

Platforms like VPlayed, bring more clarity and seriousness to building a video streaming platform that stands out from the competition.

4. Acquire Content

Source your video streaming platform content from different sources like content creators, media houses, production companies and individual creators.

Buy or rent the content with proper licensing to avoid copyright complications.

5. Create Your Own Video Streaming Website

Maintaining a separate video streaming website for your business that’s feasible for both  mobile and web will drive more users to your platform.

6. Monetize Your Content

Decide on what kind of content monetization you are going to bring into your platform. Choose from a creator perspective to pull more users to the platform.

7. Market Your Videos

Create expansion and boost brand awareness using marketing strategies like creating shorts, ads and promotional video marketing strategies.

8. Invest in Infrastructure

A solid infrastructure helps you sustain a functional platform, implement high end security features, integrate with secure payment walls and a server network that’s flexible enough to serve more scalability.

How to Choose a Right Video Monetization Model?

Video Monetization Model

Monetizing your content involves different things which are mostly out of control, but bringing them into control is what revenue mastery is all about ,and here is how you should choose the right video monetization model for your business.

  • Choosing the Right Content Type

Make sure your content type meets the target audiences to pull off revenue,  whether it is Premium, exclusive, rented out or bulk purchase or ad-supported models, choose the right content that fits the revenue model.

For example, multiple ads in a premium or exclusive content can result in subscription purchase. Focus on the content type to generate revenue through monetization models.

  • Target Audience

Understanding the audience pulse is important to fit the content type monetization. Diverse content will bring more audiences and content based on demographics are more likely to fall into subscription plans and attract ad-based revenues.

Based on these target audiences you can choose which monetization models to go for in the platform.

  • Market Trends and Competitor Analysis

Before you start, study the market trends and analyze your current competitors in the industry, this will help you understand what actually works and resonates with the viewers.

  • User Behavior Pattern

Google has a key feature now, which suggests movies you may also love to watch, this is key in understanding and gives personalized results based on the search history.   

These results will help you identify the type of content you can focus on to monetize your content.

  • Maximum Monetization Flexibility

Subscriptions, pay-per-view, sponsorship and advertising are the major income preferences for businesses, but you can also bring in more models like merchandise sales and donations as a revenue stream.

  • Free Trial Period Options

This is a simple trick most of the top video streaming platforms use, to increase the rate of conversion from freemiums to premiums.

  • User Feedback

Collect user feedback to get opinions from different sets of users and align your model accordingly.

  • International Regulatory Compliances

Work on devising a proper set of laws and regulations according to different geographic locations.

Some countries have currency conversion rules and different refund policies adhere to them accordingly, or you might end up with legal issues.

Apart from the above, adapt the everlasting changes, experiment and make sure you approach them legally.


Okay, we hope, that we got your basics covered, and you are no longer a starter,

If the bigger questions still pop up in your mind, like will you be able to handle a video streaming business without a prior experience,

Then the answer is simple, yes you can ! go for a video streaming solution that functions with experts and experience.

Our recommendation is to find a solid platform with a solid success ratio, high customization options, full ownership control, multiple platform building solutions, budget friendly plans and a top-notch security infrastructure.

Schedule a Free Demo With the Platform If You Already Have a Business Idea for Streaming Videos, which will put you on the path to success.

Vignesh D

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


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