The 10 Best Streaming App Builders To Create a Video Streaming App in 2024

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Are you a streaming addict? Or planning to build a video streaming app in 2024? Well, you are certainly not alone in the line! The world has gone wild for video streaming apps and it’s not hard to see why. 

With the growing demand for streaming services, it’s no wonder that companies who are running their business digitally are looking to enter the OTT space to witness huge success. 

But where and how to get started? One can say that the most important decisions you will make when creating your streaming app is choosing the right video streaming app builders. 

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established firm, these video streaming app development companies will assist you in creating a streaming platform that fulfills your needs and will make you stand out from the competition.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and create a video streaming app, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 9 video streaming app builders that will help you create a highly suited platform for your business needs. Now let’s end this intro part and get started with the video streaming market overview.

List of Top 10 Video Streaming App Builders

  • VPlayed – The Ultimate Video Streaming App Builder
  • Dacast – Transform Your Viewing Experience with a Video Streaming App
  • Brightcove – Dive Into a World for Video Streaming App Development
  • Kaltura – Get Ready to Tune In with a Build Video Streaming App
  • IBM Cloud – Go Beyond the Limits With Branded Video Streaming App
  • Vimeo OTT – Bring your Ideas to Life by Creating a Video Streaming App!
  • Zype – Take Video Streaming to the Next Level
  • Wowza – Stream Smarter with a Video Streaming App Developer
  • Panopto – Prominent Video Streaming App Builder

Brief Market Overview Before You Create Your Own Video Streaming App 

We all are aware of the fact that the streaming market is constantly expanding, with more and more users cutting the cord and opting for video on-demand streaming services. 

There are currently several prominent players in the streaming market, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. These platforms offer a wide variety of content like movies, and television shows. 

In addition to that, many traditional cable and broadcast networks have also launched their own streaming platforms, such as HBO Max and Peacock.

However, creating your own streaming app can be a very challenging task. It requires a lot of resources as well as investments. Also, you need to have a strong content pipeline, a solid distribution strategy, and a user-friendly app to keep the users engaged on your platform. 

That’s the reason why partnering with the best video streaming app development company can benefit you in every possible way. Furthermore, as the market is expanding at a rapid pace, it is the right time to get started by creating a streaming app.

Are You Planning To Create Your Own Video Streaming App?

9 Simple Steps To Create a Video Streaming App In 2024

There are 9 steps to building a video streaming app.

In this section, we will focus on those steps in detail and learn how to create a video streaming app in 2024. 

create a video streaming app

Step 1: Find Your Niche

To distinguish your platform in the competitive streaming market, the critical first step is identifying gaps and opportunities.

Dive into the market landscape to unearth untapped niches where your video streaming app can introduce unique content or innovative features. Exploring these uncharted territories provides the foundation for your app’s distinct identity.

In this exploration, look into specialized content categories or distinctive features that resonate with a specific theme or interest.

By carefully selecting and catering to a particular niche, your app can establish a strong presence, attracting users who share a specific passion or preference.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Audience

Without a doubt, the success of your video streaming application revolves around how well you know your target market. Hence, commence by delineating the demographics of your viewers, encompassing aspects like age and gender.

Identify the viewing patterns and spheres of interest. This exploration proves invaluable in tailoring your video content effectively.

Engage in the execution of surveys and interactive focus group discussions to gain insightful information. Also, procure data from virtual avenues such as social media platforms and other analytics tools.

This concerted effort serves to level up your understanding of the preferences, pain points, and viewing behaviors of your target users.

Step 3: Conduct Market and Competitor Research

Conduct thorough research on the market and competitors when building a video streaming app.

Firstly, study the video streaming services that exist at present. Make a note of their offerings, pricing, and monetization models. 

Secondly, identify the gaps in the market. Find opportunities for your streaming app to stand out. 

Thirdly, analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses to create a unique value proposition for your live video streaming app.

Besides, stay current on the latest trends, technologies, and features in the online video streaming market.

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Step 4: Chart Out The Right Content Strategy

Content strategy is one of the crucial steps in making a video streaming app. 

You can chart a content strategy by following the steps given below:

  • Determine the type of content you intend to offer
  • the sources from which it will be obtained
  • And, finally, the content distribution plan.

When it comes to the content part, there will be a mix of original and licensed content.

Give equal weightage to live and on-demand streaming. And, lastly, don’t forget the exclusive content deals. 

Identify the key genres, languages, and formats your target audience is interested in. 

It will help you grab the audience’s attention span, which has drastically come down in the last few years.  

You can also consider curating the content based on the region. This is because the preferences may vary from one place to another.

Step 5: Secure Your Content Rights

When the question – how to build a streaming app comes to your mind, you should check the basics first. Firstly, acquire the necessary licenses and rights to stream the content legally.

This includes obtaining the rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the content on your app.

However, acquiring rights could be complicated and time-consuming. So, it is important to plan ahead and budget accordingly. In addition, make sure you have a legal team in place.

Because you will need them to guide you through the legal nitty-gritty of a video streaming app and copyright regulations.

Step 6: Choose The Suitable Monetization Method

To recoup the initial costs associated with developing a video streaming service, select the video monetization strategy that most closely matches your target market and business objectives.

This covers pay-per-view, advertising-based, and subscription-based models, among others.

It’s always better to offer a free trial period when starting up. Or you can also choose a mix of free and paid content to attract more users and generate revenue out of it.

However, try to experiment with different monetization approaches. Also, make sure you assess their performance to improve your monetization strategy over time.

Step 7: Understand The Legal Requirements

Effectively navigating the legal landscape is of paramount importance for the success of your online video streaming app.

In fact, it necessitates staying thoroughly informed about regional regulations, copyright laws, and data protection policies. 

This commitment to compliance not only safeguards your app from potential legal pitfalls but also fosters a foundation of trust among users.

This trust, in turn, becomes a base for the sustained success and credibility of your streaming platform over the long term.

Step 8: Development & Deployment 

Build a video streaming app that offers a seamless user experience, robust performance, and scalable architecture. 

But to achieve this, you may require a team of video streaming app builders, designers, and QA engineers.

What should you focus on?

Well, focus on intuitive user interface design first.

Integrate with content delivery networks for smooth streaming. Implement robust security protocols like multi-DRM solutions, AES encryption, etc.

Also, connect with third-party services like payment gateways, analytics, social networking sites, etc. 

Additionally, develop an MVP and gather feedback from a small user group to refine your app before launching it to the market.

Step 9: Consider Adding Features to Gain a Competitive Edge

In the pursuit of differentiating your video streaming app among others, directing attention towards innovative features emerges as a strategic imperative.

Look into the integration of interactive elements, personalized recommendations, and seamless social integration. 

This approach not only boosts up the overall user experience but also positions your app ahead in the competition.

Nevertheless, commit to a continuous cycle of updates and expansions, driven by user feedback and industry trends, ensuring that your streaming platform maintains a distinct and competitive edge amidst the streaming industry.

List Of Top 10 Video Streaming App Builders To Make A Streaming App (2024)

When it comes to video streaming app builders, there are numerous players available in the market. Some of the top mentions include VPlayed, Dacast, Brightcove, Kaltura, etc. 

However, each of these platforms comes with a unique feature set and capabilities, such as customizable/personalized branding, several monetization possibilities, live streaming capability, in-depth analytics and reporting tools. So, choosing one could be a tedious process. 

But, don’t worry as the list will help you in choosing the finest video streaming app development company. Compare the features and pros of each platform and come to a conclusion. 

1. VPlayed

The Ultimate Video Streaming App Builder

build a video streaming app

VPlayed is a top-of-the-line video streaming app builder that allows you to launch your own video streaming app across multiple platforms such as web, mobile, and smart TV. 

It’s the perfect solution for a wide range of industries, including content creators, media and broadcasters, education, fitness, filmmaking, and religious leaders. 

With its single point of contact, it makes it easy for business owners to expand their consumer base globally. The VPlayed OTT video platform offers a plethora of customization options, including 6+ revenue models, cloud transcoding, hosting, CMS, and platform ownership. 

With this, you can create a video streaming app in no time, taking your business to the next level. In short, VPlayed is the go-to solution for anyone looking to take their video streaming business to the next level.

Standout Features of VPlayed Include:

  • Various in-house customization options. 
  • 6+ revenue models to experiment with your content. 
  • Cloud transcoding for converting your video content into various formats and resolutions.
  • Provides hosting and content management systems to manage your video content.
  • Platform ownership facility to give you complete control.


  • Allows you to create your own video streaming app quickly and easily.
  • Helps you expand your consumer base across the globe.
  • The video streaming app can be easily scaled as your business grows.
  • Uses cloud transcoding to ensure high-quality streaming of your videos.
  • Designed in a way to handle large amounts of traffic. 

2. CONTUS Tech

develop ott platform with contus

If you want to build a sustainable business in the long run, CONTUS Tech is the ideal choice to develop your streaming app. With a portfolio spanning a diverse clientele, including content creators, aggregators, media entities, and production houses, the company offers a compelling suite of video streaming app features. 

CONTUS Tech develops OTT Platform with intuitive UI/UX design to maintain user-friendliness. This ensures a seamless user experience complemented by full platform customizations for a unique identity. 

With functionalities like multi-device support, scalable cloud infrastructure, and the freedom to explore diverse monetization models, CONTUS Tech builds one of the most comprehensive video streaming apps available in the market. 

Some notable functionalities provided by Contus Tech include

  1. HLS Streaming Support on HTML5 Player: Integrate high-quality adaptive streaming seamlessly with HLS support.
  2. Global Video CDNs: Ensure optimal content delivery worldwide with CONTUS Tech’s global Video CDNs.
  3. Mobile and TV Apps Deployment: Deploy mobile and TV apps together at once, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.
  4. 200+ Third-Party Integrations Support: CONTUS Tech supports an extensive array of third-party integrations, giving users a chance to integrate with their favorite apps. 


1. 100% Lossless Migration: Safely transition your content from your existing platform, ensuring a risk-free, 100% lossless migration.

2. Pay-As-You-Use: CONTUS Tech’s flexible payment model ensures precise budget alignment with the actual resource usage for your video streaming app.  

3. Industry’s Fastest Deployment Rates: Minimize onboarding delays with the company’s rapid deployment of proficient team members.

4. Accelerated Time To Market: Gain a competitive edge with CONTUS Tech’ streamlined processes and faster time to market. 

3. Dacast

Transform Your Viewing Experience with a Video Streaming App

build a video streaming app

Dacast makes creating a video streaming app for Android or iOS a breeze. With their Software Development Kits (SDKs) for both ecosystems, the video streaming app development process is streamlined and simplified. 

Dacast’s all-inclusive streaming solution provides extensive video hosting infrastructure and a live streaming capability that guarantees success without worrying much about the video streaming app development cost. 

With Dacast’s SDKs, you can easily build and test your mobile applications before releasing them on the App Store or Play Store. The SDKs take care of all the essential features such as analytics, monetization, and security of your application. 

Dacast’s 24/7 support ensures that you have the help you need to take your business to the next level. With Dacast, you can stream with confidence and grow your business with ease.

Standout Features of Dacast Include:

  • Live streaming capability to stream live content on your app.
  • Third-party player integration with broad system compatibility.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming at variable internet connection rates.
  • Offers detailed analytics to measure the success in real time. 
  • Allows you to easily create a video streaming app for Android and iOS platforms.


  • This video streaming app builder provides 24/7 support for hassle free experience. 
  • Offers monetization features to help you earn revenue from your original videos.
  • The video hosting infrastructure ensures smooth streaming of your videos.
  • The SDKs make it easy to create a video streaming app for Android or iOS.
  • Provides robust security features to protect your content from unauthorized usage.

4. Brightcove

Dive Into a World of Endless For Video Streaming App Development

video streaming app development

Brightcove’s video streaming app builder is the perfect video streaming solution for businesses looking to expand their reach and engage audiences through video content. 

It is a comprehensive platform that enables you to create, launch and manage your own branded video streaming app. With the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can easily design and customize your app to match your brand identity. 

The platform also comes with advanced tools that allow you to track performance, monitor user engagement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your video streaming app. 

All in all, whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, the platform is designed to make it easy for you to build a video streaming app that meets your needs.

Standout Features of Brightcove Include: 

  • One can easily customize the player to match their brand identity.
  • Provides well curated data to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Offers live streaming capabilities for events, webinars, and other real-time video content.
  • Cross-device compatibility, allowing for seamless video playback on any device.
  • Allows businesses to launch their own branded video streaming app without the need of coding knowledge.


  • Brightcove allows businesses to increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Improved tools to track real-time content performance. 
  • Drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build a custom video streaming app.
  • This platform can handle a large number of users and can be scaled to meet the needs of any business, big or small.
  • Allows you to stream live events, webinars, and other real-time video content, giving you more ways to engage with your audience.

5. Kaltura

Get Ready to Tune In with a Build Video Streaming App 

create a video streaming app

Kaltura offers a comprehensive video-on-demand platform for businesses who are looking to build a video streaming app or are keen on video streaming app development. 

From live streaming to on-demand video, this video streaming solution promotes collaboration, training, communication, and more. Plus, the cloud platform is built for TV shows and other video streaming needs.

With a wide range of video communication tools such as virtual meetings, classrooms, webinars, and podcasts, Kaltura’s platform is perfect for any organization. 

The analytics tools allow you to track the performance of your videos in real-time, giving you the data you need to improve your video streaming app development process in the future. 

Standout Features of Kaltura Include: 

  • It offers live TV as well as on-demand content.
  • Fully modular, with third-party VOD integration.
  • Screen capture as well as multi-stream recording is all possible.
  • The ‘Townhall feature’ creates more interactive webcasts.
  • It includes interactive tools for creating, sharing, and embedding videos.


  • Cloud-based video platforms that can handle a large number of users.
  • Easily integrated with other systems and tools, such as LMS and CRM. 
  • Easy to customize the platform according to the specific needs of an organization.
  • Offers a wide range of video communication tools, which makes it a versatile solution. 
  • Real-time analytics tools, giving you valuable data to improve your video streaming app.

6. IBM Cloud

Go beyond the limits of streaming with branded video streaming App

video streaming app development

IBM Cloud’s video streaming app builder is a cutting-edge solution for businesses looking to expand their reach digitally and in an organic way.

The platform allows you to create and launch your own video streaming app, with an immersive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to design and customize your app to match your unique brand identity. 

The platform manages, measures, and monetizes your videos while simultaneously broadcasting them across several channels.

The platform comes with a range of features that are actually beneficial. Also, with IBM Cloud, you can take your video strategy to the next level and engage your audience in a whole new way.

Standout Features of IBM Cloud Include: 

  • Ad integration for video monetization.
  • VOD streaming is available in two ways: live and on-demand.
  • Closed captioning and automated media publishing.
  • There are no resolution or bitrate limitations.
  • Delivery over various CDNs for scalability and reliability.


  • Advanced security features to protect sensitive data. 
  • Easy integration with other IBM Cloud services. 
  • Support for a wide range of video formats, including HLS, DASH, and CMAF. 
  • A customizable video player to provide a seamless viewing experience for your audience.
  • More flexibility to create a video streaming app tailored to specific audiences.

7. Vimeo OTT

Bring your ideas to life by creating a video streaming app! 

video streaming app development company

Vimeo OTT helps to create a video streaming app, which greatly benefits content owners by lowering the entire video streaming app development cost.

Vimeo OTT has aided several content providers, mostly in the B2C sector, with uploading and embedding their content, from video hosting to video management and dissemination.

Furthermore, Vimeo OTT enables a variety of customization options. You will be able to customize & develop OTT app, website, and checkout page as per your desire. You may also track your subscriber growth in real time.

Vimeo OTT works by allowing users to subscribe to your videos and gain access to them. Customers can pay a monthly or yearly fee for unlimited access to your branded video content, or they can buy or rent it.

Standout Features of Vimeo OTT Include: 

  • A high quality video player and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).
  • A video CMS for uploading, organizing, and encoding videos.
  • Vimeo provides revenue possibilities such as in-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • One can expect no downtime when migrating content and databases.
  • Stream live content, especially event-based live streaming.


  • High-quality video delivery with adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Ability to design and brand your own video player and website.
  • Detailed insights about your audience engagement, revenue, and more.
  • The platform provides a range of monetization options that suits your business model.
  • Integration with other Vimeo tools such as Vimeo Live, Vimeo Create, etc. 

8. Zype

Take video streaming to the next level with streaming application 

how to create an android video streaming app

Zype is a platform that allows business owners to create a streaming app for Android and iOS devices with enterprise-worthy features such as video DRM security, multi-region configuration, multilingual support, and extended font support. 

These features enable content owners to securely deliver unique app experiences on a global scale. With the creator’s tools, business owners can quickly design and launch their own streaming app. 

Additionally, the platform includes sophisticated security and analytics features to ensure content protection and maximize return on investment.

The technical staff of Zype also assist in managing app publishing operations, including app store submissions and crucial OS updates. Also, Zype offers flexible OTT video monetization models and various hybrid approaches to help business owners monetize their streaming app effectively. 

Standout Features of Zype Include: 

  • App templates with a lot of features.
  • A video content management systems that is both safe and secure.
  • A sustainable content delivery network that works with numerous CDNs.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software that is simple to use.
  • Third-party integrations that provide a unified transaction experience.


  • Advanced security features to protect content from unauthorized distribution.
  • Multi-region configuration for different geographical locations.
  • Flexible monetization options such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and hybrid approaches.
  • Cross-device streaming analytics for creating smarter content and distribution workflows.
  • Support team helps in app store submissions and crucial OS updates, which can save business owners time and effort.


Stream smarter with a video streaming app developer

how to build a video streaming app for ios

Wowza can be considered as a suitable solution for the question – How to create a streaming app? This is because it offers a “customer-centric” streaming experience with highly configurable streaming settings to achieve specific streaming goals. 

This solution is suitable for various industries such as retail, media and entertainment, healthcare, government, commercial software, and others. 

Wowza’s SOC-2 certified OTT technology allows companies to create a streaming app, providing interactive sessions in video apps to increase revenue. 

Above all, the platform is transparent, when it comes to video streaming app development processes. Overall, it becomes an ideal choice for companies looking to expand their reach and provide a seamless video streaming experience to their audience.

Standout Features of Wowza Include: 

  • Encoding in real time to remotely monitor video production.
  • VR and 360-degree streaming.
  • Video encoding in the cloud.
  • Live streaming and VOD hosting are supported.
  • API access is required to customize the HTML5 video players.


  • Highly configurable video streaming settings. 
  • SOC-2 certified OTT technology.
  • Provides interactive sessions in video streaming apps.
  • Promising customer service and support.
  • Suitable for various industries with lower video streaming app development cost. 

10. Panopto

Prominent Video Streaming App Builder

developing a video streaming app

Panopto is one of the leading video streaming app builders that offers a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and distributing video content. 

This is a perfect fit for educational institutions, businesses, and organizations looking to create their own video streaming platform. 

With Panopto, you can easily create and upload videos, create playlists, and organize your video library. It also provides advanced editing tools, captions and closed captions, and video analytics to help you measure the performance of your videos. 

Along with this, it offers a range of security and access controls, allowing you to restrict access to your videos based on user roles and permissions. 

Standout Features of Panopto Include: 

  • A range of video creation and editing tools.
  • Video library management to organize your video library and create playlists.
  • Captions and closed captions to make videos more accessible.
  • In-depth analytics to know how users are engaging with the content.
  • Security and access controls based on user roles and permissions.


  • User-friendly and easy to navigate platform.
  • This video streaming app can be used by a variety of industries and organizations. 
  • Provides advanced reports for more understanding of users’ taste.
  • Provides easy integration with some of the popular tools. 
  • Offers robust security and access controls to keep your videos safe and secure.

Summing Up 

The online video streaming industry is inundated with options, making it difficult to select the best video streaming app builder. However, before you start looking for a platform, take a step back and consider all the points that are mentioned in the above sections. 

One thing that we want to say to you is – Don’t let the complexity of building a video streaming app hold you back! With the right video streaming app development company by your side, you can have a high-performance, user-friendly video streaming platform in no time. 

When it comes to VPlayed, the team of experienced video streaming app developers has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to clients. That’s why it has topped the list for the best video streaming app builders in 2024. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the next streaming giant. Contact VPlayed today and let’s make it happen together! 

If You Already Have An Idea To Build A Video Streaming App, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How Do I Build a Video Streaming App?

To build a video streaming app consider these steps. Determine the app’s purpose and target audience. Develop or use a video streaming platform or SDK. Design an intuitive user interface with features like video playback, search, user profiles, etc. Implement secure video hosting, streaming, and payment integration for subscriptions or advertisements.

2. What Key Features Are Required to Create a Video Streaming App?

The key features required to create a video streaming app include user registration and profiles for personalized experiences. Smooth video playback with adaptive streaming and quality options. Robust search functionality to help users discover content. Social sharing options to promote videos across various platforms. 

3. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Video Streaming App?

The cost of creating a video streaming app that drives your company’s growth, it is advisable to seek a provider with a seamless infrastructure, comprehensive features, and multiple monetization models. Collaborating with such a provider can help ensure a successful and scalable video streaming app while considering the associated costs.

4. How Long Does It Take To Develop a Video Streaming App?

The time it takes to develop a video streaming app depends on aspects such as the number of in-built features to be included, design aspects, total development time required, and so on. However, one can say that a more sophisticated video streaming app can typically take several months to a year or more to develop. So, it’s better to plan ahead of time.

5. What Are the Components Required for a Video Streaming App?

The required components of building a video streaming app include a Content Management System (CMS), Encoding and Transcoding Services, a Video Delivery Network (VDN), User Management System, Payment Gateway Integration, Analytics System, Cloud Storage, Database Management System, Streaming Servers, and Security measures like encryption and DRM.

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