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Understanding How WhatsApp Works Technically & Build a WhatsApp like Chat App

Published On July 17th, 2024 66218Communication
Build WhatsApp Like Chat App

WhatsApp is the most sought-after messaging application that has revolutionized the messaging app market. Several attempts have been made in vain to clone WhatsApp as a chat app, but none of them yielded the result. Despite introducing similar functionalities, no chat app has ever been able to topple WhatsApp’s supremacy as a chat app.

In order to build a chat app like WhatsApp, one should have a detailed understanding of its functioning mechanism and technicalities.

How Whatsapp Messaging App is Working Technically?

WhatsApp uses an Ejabberd (XMPP) server which facilitates instant message transfer between two or many users on a real-time basis. High reliability and sustainability even under peak traffic the reason why WhatsApp developers chose Ejabberd above anything else.

ERLANG is the programming language used to code WhatsApp. Code restructuring and some important changes were made to the Ejabberd server to achieve optimal server performance.

Further Erlang, Whatsapp’s programming language is agile to adapt to instant updates and hotfixes. This is what helps WhatsApp to quickly push the changes to live implementation without requiring restarts.

1. Insights on data transfer in WhatsApp

The process of Data Transfer in Whatsapp architecture

In the case of multimedia messages, contents (audio, video, or image) are uploaded into a HTTP server and are linked with the content and then sent to the receiving node (receiver) in the form of a thumbnail. Based on the user’s preference the content can either be viewed or discarded.

Want To Build Your Own Whatsapp-like Chat App?

2. Protocol used by WhatsApp

XMPP protocol message distribution in WhatsApp

The primary protocol in use is XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).DSL ensures network security and also helps in preventing private data transfer.

When a message is sent, it is queued on the server. The message waits in the queue until the recipient reconnects to receive it. As and when a message is delivered, the sender gets notified by a double check mark near the message. After delivery, the messages are instantly deleted from the server’s memory.

This instant deletion from server memory helps WhatsApp keep its resources to a bare minimum.

Additionally, WhatsApp uses HTML5 WebSockets, a communication technology that facilitates two-way communication.

3. Registration process of WhatsApp

WhatsApp mobile app registration process by initiating WhatsApp server locations in India

Users can register for WhatsApp by entering their mobile number. On entering the number, the user will be sent an OTP, which, once verified by the device, will initiate the user to the chat screen.

4. Database management

Mnesia DB handles the heavy-duty task of database management. Mnesia is a multiuser distributed DBMS that also happens to be the default DB of ERLANG. Mnesia helps achieve quicker request responses, thereby improving overall efficiency.
FreeBSD is the OS upon which WhatsApp is built. By improving the ERLANG-based applications and optimizing FreeBSD, WhatsApp is able to achieve better performance. For storing multimedia files, the app uses an exclusive web server, YAWS.

Build A Whatsapp-Like Messaging App With MirrorFly’s In-App Chat SDKs!

Having discussed the technicalities of WhatsApp, it is time to shift gears and analyze the possibilities of creating a WhatsApp alternative. There are plenty of secure messaging apps on the market that appear to be perfect WhatsApp clones. The reality is that many of the attempts to build WhatsApp-like apps are failing because they do not follow the technical aspects.

But what if we buy a third-party API rather than building secure a chat infrastructure from scratch? Won’t that be successful? Without a doubt, yes! With chat API providers like MirrorFly, you can easily build a WhatsApp-like chat app and architecture in the quickest time possible with the features you need. 

MirrorFly is known to be one of the #1 and leading providers of Saas & Self-hosted chat SDKs that developers highly prefer for their quick integration capabilities, high-end messaging features, ultra-low latencies, and high scalability.

Plus, you can build the best customizable chat service for Android, iOS, and web apps without compromising on the security part. MirrorFly’s self-hosted chat SDKs for mobile and web also come as an ideal choice to build white-label messaging system for a one-time license cost.    

Framework & Architecture of MirrorFly

When a user triggers a message, the chat SDK sends a request to the Ejabbered server. In return the server checks for the availability of the recipient and if available, the delivery request is sent to the recipient’s SDK and then delivered. If the recipient is offline, the data is stored in the Ejabbered as the message will be queued in the server.

MirrorFly in-app chat API and SDK competitive server structure

1. Ejabberd

Ejabberd, the open-source Jabber server has been customized by MirrorFly to improve operational efficiency. The XMPP protocol has also been customized to speed up signing in and re-signing in sessions. To protect the app from DDOS attacks and to prevent account spoofing, this mobile chat app solution has been encrypted with HMAC.

2. Mnesia And MySQL

For data storage, MirrorFly makes use of both Mnesia and MySQL. While Mnesia is used to maintain user login sessions, MySQL contributes to maintaining user details, right from account credentials to other personal data.

3. Cassandra Database

Chat logs are a key for instant messaging applications. In order to save chat history between several nodes, MirrorFly has deployed this database, which offers a good read and write speed, thus helping users retrieve chat logs as and when they need them.

4. Amazon S3 Bucket

Multimedia messages including audio, image, video are saved in the Amazon S3 bucket. Registration for the app usage can be done in multiple ways including mobile number, email, user name password and social login.

5. WebRTC

WebRTC is a source code that is used to build real-time communication (RTC) in browsers and mobile app.

MirrorFly has inbuilt WebRTC that allows its users to have VOIP (voice over the internet protocol) voice/video calls in their messaging app

6. Security

MirrorFly’s chat SDKs let you defend your chat platforms from any type of third-party intrusions, attacks, spam, and unwanted content with stringent security protocols like E2E, AES-256 bit, and TLS/SSL. Furthermore, its APIs are compatible with industry-regulatory standards like HIPAA and GDPR thus protecting user-sensitive data from exposure.

MirrorFly’s Notable Features

  • One-to-One & Group Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Online Presence Indicator
  • Topic-basedchat
  • Lite-chat app integration in < 5 mins
  • Video Conferencing
  • File sharing (uploading large files without any worries)
  • Chat history & Metadata
  • End-to-end encrypted security
  • Plug & Play UI Kits
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Benefits of Using MirrorFly’s Chat SDKs

1. Build Your Own Customizable Chat App:

MirrorFly’s selfhosted messaging solution offers 100% customizable SDKs on 150+ call and chat features so developers can build a highly secure and scalable chat app.

2. Use our Chat APIs to host apps on your premises or cloud:

MirrorFly offers two deployment options for developers to host their chat apps. They can either opt for the ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model that would give them a dedicated space on MirrorFly’s cloud server, or if they wish to host it on their premises, our self-hosted chat solution can be availed of.

3. Our Messaging SDKs are highly compatible to use:

Mirrrorfly’s chat SDKs are highly compatible with Android, iOS, and web platforms, as well as browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Further, our APIs are highly adaptable to any programming language.

4. In-app messaging features that are industry-best:

MirrorFly’s in-app chat SDKs offer 150+ customizable high-end messaging features like single and group chats, push notifications, online presence indicators, read receipts, and quite a few more for both monthly subscriptions and one-time license costs. These features can be customized as per business requirements.


To summarize, this article covered the complete workflow of WhatsApp architecture and discussed the frameworks and architecture of the MirrorFly messaging SDK. With this guidance, you will be able to build an instant messaging app on your own with all the modern features that are available in WhatsApp and more. 

Above this, we make your chat app deployment easier than ever! 

As one of the leading self-hosted chat platforms, MirrorFly gives you the flexibility to deploy your chat apps on your own servers. Sounds interesting? Talk to our team of experts to learn more!

Planning To Build Your Own Whatsapp-like Chat App?

MirrorFly helps you create an enterprise-grade messenger like Whatsapp with 500+ customizable chat features.

Contact Sales
  • White-label Solution
  • Topic-based Chat
  • Multi-tenancy Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WhatsApp chat FREE?

WhatsApp is FREE to download from the Google Play Store or App Store. It lets you send and receive unlimited messages, media, and documents using your phone’s internet connection. Therefore, you need not be concerned about the limitations on the number of text messages when chatting on the app. 

Are WhatsApp Chats Secure?

Yes. WhatsApp chats are secure because of the end-to-end encryption between users’ communication. The chats, images, audios, videos, calls, files and other media or documents you share with others in Whatsapp are completely safe due to the end-to-end encryption security. 

Also, Whatsapp’s programming language –  Erlang offers OTP framework, Process isolation and Immutable data structures

What are the security risks of WhatsApp?

There are 3 major security and compliance issues with Whatsapp app: lack of transparency, limited capacity to analyze data at scale and absence of archiving features.

How to design a chat application like whatsapp?

1. Analyze the Whatsapp source code
2. Plan your app idea based on the source code
3. Choose the platform – iOS, Android or Web
4. Plan the user experience (UX)
5. Add the messaging features
6. Publish your app on Play Store or App Store

Is there a good alternative to WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app with voice and video call features, but there are many other apps like Signal, Telegram and Wire that offer similar messaging features with end-to-end encryption, just like Whatsapp. If you’d like to build a whatsapp alternative on your own, you should consider a readily-available white-label chat solution like MirrorFly. So, you can reduce development time, customize the chat features and host the chat SDK on your own servers.

How safe is a self-hosted chat app?

A self-hosted chat app can provide robust security and privacy as it lets you take complete control of the chat infrastructure. You can implement multiple encryption layers, multi-level authentication and periodic updates to resolve potential security risks.

What technology is WhatsApp built on?

WhatsApp is built on native programming languages based on the platforms listed below.
Android: Java
iOS: Swift
Webapp: Javascript, HTML, and CSS
PC Desktop app: C/C#/Java
Mac Desktop app: Swift/Objective-C

How does WhatsApp Web work technically?

Technically, WhatsApp Web works based on Javascript, HTML, and CSS. ERLANG, WhatsApp’s backend programming language, handles server reloads and hotfixes. The Ejjaberd (XMPP) server facilitates real-time communication between two users instantly. The user just needs to scan the QR code from their mobile app shown in the WhatsApp web URL to start using it.


Vigneshwar is a Performance Marketer, guiding providers of healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive a better communication experience.


  1. Harris says:

    WhatsApp recently gave a surprise with the calling feature but many users have experienced issues with it. If a Whatsapp like app is not able to come up with a smooth calling function how are the chances for a clone to provide this feature well?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Of course, it is possible. The voice call mishaps may be due to two main reasons, protocol selection and compression selection. Protocols (ex: SIP trunk, WEBRTC) and audio compression formats (ex: Speex, G711) are those which determine the quality of a voice call in VoIP applications. The geeks at WhatsApp could be working on these two factors to set the quality right.

      Moreover, if apps like Viber and Skype are able to provide uninterrupted voice calls, why other players cannot?

  2. Garcia says:

    So finally, the world renowned $16 billion whatsapp is made from a opensource!!!

  3. Adams says:

    Apart from the ‘No Ads Policy’ what makes WhatsApp so special?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Adams,

      Mobile number based user registration. That’s the best idea which differentiated Whatsapp from rest of the instant messaging application in the market.

  4. Juan Walker says:

    There are many criticisms on the new interface change of WhatsApp? Photo and video sharing experience also seems to be a bit slow? Why is that?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      For sure, the slow photo and video sharing experience is not the resultant of the new user interface design change. May be it would have created a visual disconnect for the users as they would have got more used to the old design, but it has got nothing to do with the app’s performance.

      Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) uses different compliers and so the execution time for an action will differ based on it. So, if a file share is done between two nodes, each belonging to different mobile platforms (ex: iOS and Android), there could be a bit of time taken by either one or both of the compliers to process it.

  5. Cathi says:

    Doc & pdf files unable to share on whatsapp. Is it possible to fix on clone app?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      yeah of course! Exactly for that reason we have customizable option in contus fly. Not only for files sharing, we can provide customization solutions to meet your demands!

  6. John says:

    All along I was not aware of the technical functionality of whatsapp. Thankfully after reading this blog I have got a clear idea about this chat application.

  7. Bala says:

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  9. Colette Thatcher says:

    why whatsapp used ejabbered as a specific opensource? when other messenger apps like line, wechat develop their own?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      ejabbered is the most robust server and is capable of handling multiplethreads, single chat, group chat, media, attachments sharings and so on. Group chats can be done as well as single message can be broadcast across multiple contacts. Ultimately, its reliability to manage mobile network’s disconnection, message deliveries, consistent conversation on any online device makes it a sturdy choice.

  10. Shalini says:

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  11. Parker Denton says:

    How WhatsApp style apps created by contus fly can stand out in clutter?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Basically it follows whatsapp’s technicalities, elegant & simple UI, easy customization along with a instant support. So there is nothing to worry. Any part of it can be customized quite easily.

  12. Shan says:

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    I have a query desk and we wanted to provide users with the feature of sending us queries via WhatsApp too, but will I be able to redirect messages coming from customers to different employees for simltaneous resolution, using Contus?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Shanky,
      We are glad that you like the post. And to answer your question we need a bit more technical clarity. We have escalated your requirement to our technical team and one of our experts will be in touch with your shortly. You can directly contact us @

  16. kesavan says:

    how to conite the online bulk sms to whatsapp need help send details in the my mail

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Whatsapp is a social messaging app and its specialty is being cost free and ad-free. Whatsapp doesn’t support SMS campaigns and so it cannot be used to send bulk SMS for any commercial purposes. The only way to do it is to make use of the ‘Broadcast’ feature which will allow you to send messages to all your WhatsApp contacts at one go.
      Unlike the group chats or messages, the recipients will not be aware of the others to whom the messages have been sent.

  17. Anthony J says:

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      Well, I’d like to mention that certain technicalities of Whatsapp are not transparent. Validating mobile numbers in different mobile devices is something which the techies at whatsapp haven’t revealed yet.

  20. sanjay jadhav says:

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hey buddy, your data once lost, either by deleting it manually or losing it while uninstalling and re installing whatsapp cannot be recovered.
      Data lost while uninstalling Whatsapp can be recovered using the ‘Recover’ option which prompts you to recover the previously held while reinstalling Whatsapp.

  21. Patel says:

    Is it possible to have in a chat application, the option of getting notifications on the persons who have seen a chat message in a group like it is in Google Hangouts?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Yes. Actually it is one of the prominent features in chat applications that complement group discussions. Each user will have an ID and once a message has been sent in a group chat, a single tick will be displayed indicating that is has reached the server.

      A double tick appears when it is sent to the particular user’s mobile device and when seen by the user, the double tick turns blue. It is more similar to that of whatsapp’s message acknowledgement system.

      1. Sol Boy says:

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        1. Ramanathan says:

          Sure. Thanks for writing to us. We’ll inform our experts to get in touch with you soon.

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi mate, there are open source chat app builders that can be used for creating real-time messaging apps on iOS and Android, However, if you are concerned about Contus Fly we’d like to mention that we give it’s SDK for a price.

      1. Akhil says:

        price pls

        1. Ramanathan says:

          Hello Akhil! To know the price details of chat app kindly contact our team at

  23. Habeeb Mohammad says:

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Habeeb Mohammad,

      we are sorry that we cannot provide inputs for developing a business model. Thanks for writing to us. We are always ready to provide any kind of technical advice.

  24. musty says:

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      For that I’ll request our development team to get in touch with you. Thanks for asking.

  25. francis says:

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    please leave me your email

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hello Francis,

      Thanks for your interest. We have provided all the information in the above post where you can refer the same.

  26. Sadhin EK says:

    We are going to develop an application like WeChat. So please provide me the reference contents and tutorials?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Thanks for responding. We do not have with us any refrence contents or tutorials for developing applications at present. FYI WeChat is developed using ErLang language, using EnMicroMsg.db and SQLCipher for databases. It functions on server platforms like Ejabberd, IceWarp, iChat Server, Openfire and Prosody.
      If it will be of interest to you, we have a wide range of .api that can help your development process significantly. If you need any consultation or paid assistance in the development process, feel free to get in touch with us at

      1. jagdish says:

        Hello sir,i need to build an messenger app,which will not use should contain private as well group chat

        1. Ramanathan says:

          Hi Jagdish,

          Glad that you have contacted us. Regarding your query, we’ll request our technical team to contact you ASAP.

  27. abhishek chakravarty says:

    we r going to make a post graduation project on whatsap…could you please give me tutorial helps coding etc…that we can manage in our projects…

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Abhishek,
      That sounds good! Sorry Officially we do not provide any references.

  28. Ankit Patel says:

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    please Help me..

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for contacting us! Sorry we do not provide any materials.

  29. Sunil Tatipelly says:

    Why are you using 3 different database when you can store the user details and sessions in Cassandra or vice versa

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Sunil,

      We have made use of three different databases for holding three different purposes in order to achieve an optimal performance by minimizing the load.
      Mnesia is for user sessions. MySQL holds user info like account credentials, personal data. Cassadra for Chat logs

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    1. Masi says:

      Normally local notification is used and push notification will be sent to user when they are in offline.

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    re: The app on the mobile device requests for a unique key from WhatsApp. This ditches out the dependency of WhatsApp being used on the device.

    If a unique number is generated from whatsapp server and sent to the device, where does this unique number store on the device? will it not be deleted once the app is uninstalled? The reason i asked this because, on whatsapp initial registration, the “resend sms” button was disabled for 2 hours. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Even after that, it was disabled for 2 hours.

    How does whatsapp recognizes each device as unique?(i read that, earlier it used to mobile number+ IMEI code as username/pwd). But this is changed i guess as per your statement.

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    1. Ramanathan says:

      Whatsapp web client works,let’s take three nodes as examples,

      Whatsapp web : The authentication happens when the QR code shown by Whatsapp web is scanned by the mobile app.

      Whatsapp mobile app : Here is where the Whatsapp mobile app requests Whatsapp server telling that the particular Whatsapp web ID belongs to the Whatsapp account user.

      Whatsapp Server
      : So, the Whatsapp server authenticates the requests and the sync happens between Whatsapp web and app establishing a two-way communication using HTML5 WebSockets

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    I can suggest an efficient whatsapp clone which can be used for integrating communication, management and analytics in a single platform. An office chat software helps you synchronise your team and fix your communication failures at work. EngageDots, enterprise instant messaging software allows you to be in constant touch with your employees, projects and customers and keep all your business communications in one place. Invite your clients, employees and vendors to chat, collaborate and make decisions with options to set online meetings, reminders for tasks assigned and so forth.

    Team Collaboration – An exclusive application to communicate, collaborate and manage employees and customers with group chat and private chat features.
    Contacts Integration – An opportunity to integrate and update your contacts for an improved customer relationship management and to manage associations.
    Task Scheduling – An automated and extensive app designed for enterprises to plan projects and assign tasks efficiently, in real time.
    100% Secure Messaging – Create highly confidential chat rooms for one-on-one and group chats for a fast and reliable communication.
    Multiple User Controls – Developed to handle multiple user requests with real-time connectivity to effectively manage customer relationships.
    Instant Insights – A platform to view statistical reports on the progress which supports easy decision making and manage promotional activities with no hassles.

    Reliable Whatsapp clone software includes,

    Direct and group messaging
    Audio and video chat
    File sharing
    Task/Event management
    Third party integrations
    Supportive extensions
    Secure guest access
    High-end security
    Access control (Admin)
    Custom features (Admin)
    Automated reporting
    User location
    History backup
    Reminders and Notifications
    Unlimited chat rooms
    Backup manually
    All device compatibility
    Agile support

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        Bro. Do WhatsApp developer earn from ads by users visit the site?

  65. gery says:

    Hello, is it possible for you to create an app for me that an improvement of whatsapp? i would like to be able to make conference calls or group calls with that app and i would also like to have video calls with that app. wetchat has a video call but not a group call.

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Yes. We can get it done by integrating third-party services (like OpenTok) that enable group audio calls and video calls in a real-time chat application. Write to our business development team @ for more details.

  66. V murugesan says:

    Hi Ramanathan sir, I have a one doubt. Do you have WhatsApp API in any languages like C#, Python, PHP, Javascript etc?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Whatsapp does not publish an official API. Yet, we provide a chat API like Whatsapp as per your requirements.

      1. Armando Javier Guerra Merino says:

        I need to use chat api but I can not help you I’m willing to pay for your services

  67. Tapas Kumar says:

    sir,how can i get WhatsApp API or like that chatting and video call apps.Please help me to get the code.

  68. Ranbir says:

    Do you have WhatsApp API in like php

  69. Ranbir says:

    Do you have WhatsApp API like php. how to build, configure and send bulk massage whatsapp

  70. Raman says:

    Sir, does WhatsApp keep record of chats call video of specific client for?

  71. Fba says:

    I need someone who can code Erlang to add some features to whatsapp… For example

    1. Sending messages automated

    2. Creating a list without having to manually add the recipients… Etc

  72. Dowlath Basha G says:

    Hi, i want to know how text message dictionary works in whatsup.when we type The after that it is gettting punch of words how its working in whatsup message ( text editor ) , please kindly share the information.

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Whatsapp makes use of the built-in text editor of the mobile device. The text suggestions are generated by the mobile device’s text editor only.

      1. Tejaswini sunil nemade says:

        U R doing really gr8 work by sharing sea of knowledge

  73. Saikumar says:

    Hi Ramanathan, We know that WhatsApp is a modern day mailing system, with phone number / OTP and an encrypted code acting as the recipient mail id. What happens if I uninstall WhatsApp and install and register again with
    1. Original number …. Can I see / get back all my old messages / conversations?
    2. Install with a different (known / friend’s) number.
    If the friend’s number also uninstalls WhatsApp, will there be a clash? CAn I get to see friend’s old conversations / messages?

    1. Fahad Tariq says:

      Yes, you can get back your messages but before you need to sync your WhatsApp account with your Gmail id that your conversation and media will be stored on google drive. And If you want to you back up your friends WhatsApp conversation you need to know his/her Gmail account Id and password and add it on your mobile phone and sync it with WhatsApp. And you will be able to recover the conversation if it would exist.

    2. sirisha says:

      can u please help me in code of how to send push notifications from ejabberd server to android app when app is offline like we receive notifications in whatsapp and facebook

    3. David Augustus says:

      Hello. Of course not, because its not stored on server, as e-mail service used to do. (Use to do.). You can receive the messages, received after the registration proccess. But i think only one mobile phone number can be logged on account. There also is another permisions level for its accounts, if you activate it, need to re authenticate to use that phone number. If you reinstall, the backup database can be opened on your phone, its end to end encrypted. That means, the backup database is encripted, and key exists only on the phone that creates it. Go do something better, try to go fishing ..

  74. Allan Gondwe says:

    Halo Ramanathan!

    I intend to use WhatsApp for my private business with a company well known to everyone and I need a private discussion with an expert like yourself. How can I do that?

  75. sanjay says:

    hi sir
    could u provide the time taken of a message to travel from one phone to another. factors affecting it and how we can measure the latency?

  76. sarfaraj says:

    during the backup of my chats & images the backup is not completing successfully on my shows massege like unfortunately whattsapp not responding.

  77. cindy says:

    Hi Ramanathan, how does one create settings similar to those on WhatsApp where one can change their account name and mobile no?

  78. john cater says:

    i loved your articles about How server of WhatsApp works , even I have posted one blog on the same: . hope you will also like my info too…
    you are my inspiration, keep about keep updating your blogs ….

  79. Sreejesh says:

    I wanted to develop a chat application exclusively for my corporate purpose. Can you customize and give the required features for internal office communication?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Yes Sreejesh, We can create and provide a chat application exclusively for your corporate purpose with wide range of features that can liven up your team communication much better! I hope you can get a clear on this here

  80. Richard says:

    Hi: do you know if group data (name of the group and members) are stored in the whatsapp servers? Or are also a app-side?

  81. Binu Madhav says:

    I didnt understand your business model, I have few questions:
    1. Is it like this, we give a requirement, you make the modification for the clone, and host it, we pay monthly?
    2. Will you provide the source code?
    3. Who will manage the security issues like hacking threats?
    4. Can we brand it in our name? Can we host the app in platforms like PlayStore in our name?
    Sorry, I am new to it, so these questions.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Binu,
      1) It is a one-time payment.
      2) If you want to develop the chat app for your business, We will provide full access to source code.
      3) After the development, we provide the technical support as long as you need!
      4) Yeah, It’s Whitelabel Solution.

  82. Syed says:

    Why Erlang was chosen for WatsApp?? If instead at server side the implementation was in C++ then how will you rate the performance and hardware usage/requirements for Erlang vs C++ ??

  83. Dnyanesh says:

    What Is price for white label chat app like whatsapp

  84. Vinoth Paulraj says:

    Hi Ramanathan,

    Its Really amazing article for people like us. I’ve a doubt , can we clone the whats app with different configurations like language will be Java , server will be Apache Tomcat or Jboss ? Because you defined each and every technologies for improving the performance of whats app so changing the technologies will give impact on the application ?

  85. Dan McKinley says:

    What will be the market cost for developing a whatsapp clone?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi McKinley. Thanks for writing to us.
      Obviously the answer will be unanimously the same “It depends upon your requirements”. Tell us your requirements and we can help you in knowing the cost.

      1. S.John says:

        Hi, guys please let me know, Is it possible to target the multiple countries with their actual time in Whatsapp?

        1. Ramanathan says:

          Yes, it’s possible. We develop a chat app using an inbuilt time stamping functionality that ensures to target the different countries with no elapsed time.

  86. Joseph says:

    I want to create an app like whatsapp where I want to include peer-to-peer voice calling feature. Is that possible using your solution?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for contacting us. Yes, You can get the voice calling feature implemented in the chat app where the end-to-end user can communicate with each other.

  87. aamrin says:

    i am confuse which server is best for .is gcm or that all sources which use for built app..please help me to understand this and how i use that all source?

  88. Emely Linton says:

    Do you have any expertise in building a real time chat app before this clone app?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Yes, we do have expertise in developing a messenger app clone before this one called “Contalk”.

  89. Rajesh says:

    Hi, recently I came to know about DUTA service in whatsapp that helps to obtain latest news, entertainment, sports etc. Can you make a similar service like this in your instant messaging chat app?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Yes Rajesh, a service similar to that can be made and given by our expertise technical team using the real-time chat app technologies!

  90. Karthik says:

    Hi Ramanthan, i have one doubt.. if whatspp is not storing text messages in their server after it is sent..then how the cyber cell monitors the unwanted messages in whatsapp??
    Can u pls explain it technically.?

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Hey man, sorry that we cannot answer your question technically as it is completely up to the cyber cell. Whatsapp stores the backup of data sent, be it text message or any multimedia content, only till the time recipient accesses it. Once it is done or when you get a double tick, all the data will be deleted from Whatsapp’s server.

  91. Anthony J says:

    Please I need someone who can develop a whatsapp-like app. If u can get me someone who is good with erlang I will be happy, thank you.

    1. Ramanathan says:

      Sure mate. We can help you out with this. Using Contus Fly, a readymade whatsapp like app building solution we can get an real-time instant messaging app for you. Contact our business development team and get started. Mail Id:

      1. Stanley says:

        please I need more details of how to contact you l want to develop an app like whatapp but with some little change in it

  92. Girish Soni says:

    why we use erlang or mnesia we use simple airthmatic operation in any language and mnesia also exchange by mysql…

  93. Jigar says:

    Do u have an app such as what’s app clone? In All The other apps available the clone remains maximum for a day and then it again asks to scan the code. Do u have or do u know any other app in which unless I logout from the clone what’s app it doesn’t disconnect or asks for the qr code?

  94. sirisha says:

    can u please help me in code of how to send push notifications from ejabberd server to android app when app is offline like we receive notifications in whatsapp and facebook

  95. Kaushik Kannan says:

    I’m creating a chat-based project management tool platform like WhatsApp for businesses. So tell me what you guys can offer me from the development perspective.

  96. Raju Shahi says:

    Simplay i want chat and video call sdk(like whatsapp, hike) for my android app lets discuss and get details

    Thank you

  97. Giri says:

    I am developing a solution to existing website. I need to add: whatsapp notificaciones, videochat (2 persons in a room), chat inside video chat room. I want to know what you offers and pricing.

  98. Chhaya Jaiswal says:

    Looking for whatsapp kind of application, with Voice call, video call, Chat mesaging which can be customizable. This also should handle a high loads of calls & video calls.
    1. want to understand the price of the app alone.
    2. Want to know if you handle the cutomization of the program, what would be the hourly pricing for it?
    And do you write NDA for the customization of the code?

    1. Daniel Dodani says:

      Need to know some codes from your end to finish my android app

  99. Dheeraj says:

    I am interested in developing like WhatsApp style application with chat, video, audio and payment processing integration. I saw you have a sdk and also offer development support and will like to discuss my project further.
    Please let me know how to move forward.


  100. Krunal Bhalala says:

    We want chat app please contact

  101. Raj says:

    Hi Rama,

    I want to create an app like whatsapp with some other features, please give me quotation on this and give some overview, what you’ll give support to us

  102. Deep Maurya says:

    This is great blog post on Build a WhatsApp like Chat app in Android & iOS & Know How WhatsApp Works Technically. Want to know how to create custom app here is way to know:

  103. Techto Review says:

    Here, we have a discussion on how to save WhatsApp status. So, for this, you have to need a file manager app to do this process.

  104. Munodashe says:

    I want to create a application that that is more of whatsapp application,please can you give me the quotation

  105. Jhonny Henderson says:

    Whatsapp is a very useful app nowadays but it also has some limitations. If you want to develop any chat app you can visit chat app development

  106. Matrid Tech says:

    If you guys need some help from professionals, we are here to help you with affordable prices. Check the website. you will love our services:

  107. Naman says:

    Query:- Whatsapp incoming messages are silent randomly, simulated in various phone models. Most of the time 1st message is silent. Message comes, icon shows up in status bar but no alert, no popup & no vibration. Is this a whatsapp bug or Android bug??

  108. Kate says:

    I like your writing style, I think if we talk about create app like whatsapp then you very well described all the necessary nuances and technologies, I am also interested in this topic and I think that this topic will not become obsolete for many years! I also think that the main task and the main problem in planning and development is the creation of unique functions for the application since the development of new functionality is always coming up with unique solutions!!

  109. Mark Robert says:

    Nice Article you provide valuable content to us, keep it up. You’ve managed to make it readable and easy to read. You have some real writing talent. Let you see I have written similar content :

  110. David Clark says:

    Building a chat messenger like WhatsApp is an amazing and difficult task to be done, but you should also consider making a web version of WhatsApp with your mobile app to make it more usable for everyone.

  111. SPY SHIVA says:

    I want to create app like whatsapp please give me support on this website:https://****.be/3vNwzP865Ko

    1. Masi says:

      Dear SPY SHIVA,

      It’s great to hear your requirements. Thanks for reaching CONTUS, our executive will be in touch with you for discussing more about this and it will be easy to contact you if you share your contact no and skype ID.

  112. Sundar singh says:

    I want to create a messenger app so how can i utilize yours service.

    1. Masi says:

      Dear Sundar Singh,

      With your given email address our business team will contact you shortly to discuss about your requirements.

  113. Dai Software says:

    Pleasant post, Thank you for sharing profitable data. I appreciated perusing this post. The entire blog is extremely pleasant discovered some well done. Thanks for sharing…Also visit my page.

  114. Fijoy Roy says:

    What is WhatsApp Technology Stack of web version?

    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Hello Fijoy! Whatsapp’s programming languages and tech stacks include Erlang, XMPP, Yaws, FreeBSD and PHP

  115. Jeet says:

    Hey admin thanks for sharing that much information so can you provide the source code of whole WhatsApp application

    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Hi Jeet! Whatsapp source code is open-source and is published under the GPLv3 license. You can find it across the internet or get in touch with our support team for more assistance on this.

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