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10 Best Chat APIs To Build Your Dating Apps

Published On July 15th, 2024 2147Communication
Learn More About Dating Chat API

Make your dating apps more engaging and fun with the Best Chat APIs!

Dating apps are popularly in use among the Gen-Z and the trend is at a spike. Recent studies show that in the US, almost half the population have used a dating app at least once in their life and the user base is likely increasing among the younger generation.

Interestingly, the dating chat apps are becoming more user-specific day by day with features and categories that easily attract audiences.While using these apps are at a hike, developing competitive features is increasingly becoming a challenge to programmers around the world. Fortunately, dating app APIs and dating app builders are making this a breeze without having to spend decades of research, coding, and development.

So what are dating chat APIs? How should you use them? What’s unique about these APIs?

Well, we’ll discuss all of the questions running on your mind in the sections below. Catch up with me until the end!

What Is a Dating Chat API?

A dating chat API is a set of pre-built tools and routines that you can use to add messaging features to your dating app without building them from scratch. With dating APIs, you can easily add interactive components to access services, databases, and algorithms, which can help you save a lot of time and resources.

Typically dating app APIs can be classified into 4 categories:

  1. In-app Video Calling APIs
  2. Image Detection APIs
  3. Geolocation APIs
  4. Fun Features APIs

1. In-app Video Calling APIs

If you’re building a dating app, in-app video calling APIs enable you to initiate video calls among prospective matches directly within the app, without having to use a separate video calling app or reveal personal contact information.

Here are 3 popular In-app Video Calling APIs I would recommend for your dating apps:

1. MirrorFly API

The #1 SaaS and Self-hosted Video SDK Provider

dating api
#1 World-class video, voice, and chat SDKs

Imagine the scenario where your user must connect to your potential partner via a video call. And unfortunately, your app redirects him/ her to an external app. This might be an inconvenience to the user to get diverted to another app. And also there would arise concerns about the security of using your dating app when there is a redirect. 

So what could be the right solution to this?

Thanks to in-app video calling APIs that are ready for the save! 

And MirrorFly is at the top of its game in providing world-class video, voice, and chat SDKs for web and mobile apps. 

It has both SaaS and SaaP solutions, so that developers like you can easily build in-app communication features into your apps, as per your requirements, budget, project, and more on your checklist. 

So, let’s take a quick look at the core features of MirrorFly “Twin Model”

MirrorFly SaaS/Cloud Solution:

MirrorFly Self-hosted/SaaP Solution:

  • 100% customization
  • Complete Ownership
  • On-premise / On-cloud Hosting
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2. Vonage

Multi-platform Video Conferencing API Provider

Best REST API to enable video conferencing

Vonage was formerly known as TokBox OpenTok. It uses the REST API to enable video conferencing capabilities into web and mobile apps. 

It supports platforms like Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and Linux. It supports Java, PHP, .Net, Python, Node.JS, and Ruby.

With Vonage’s API, developers can easily integrate video chat features into their dating apps. It can also enhance the user experience by facilitating virtual dates and making it easier for matches to get to know each other better before meeting in person.

3. EnableX

Most Ideal In-app Video SDKs Powering Connections

Perfect in-app video calling API

EnableX is a perfect in-app video calling API with some advanced features. Especially when it comes to a dating chat app, EnableX plays its role best in it as they have implemented emotion AI along with their video calling API.

Which allows you to detect the emotions of the user in real-time, which will be a key factor for a dating site.

Even pricing is cool; you are charged only by the number of people and usage time.

4. ApphiTect

Apphitect’s video calling SDK is the best in the market that help developers integrate advanced video calling capabilities into dating apps, thereby improving user engagement and interactions.

With their robust in-app communication platform, you can easily add features like 1-on-1 video calls, group video calls, push notifications, call history, and more to chat apps in minutes. 

Just not these, their self-hosted video calling SDKs offer 100% customizations, provide lifetime ownership of source codes, give the flexibility to host apps on the business’s premises, and build a white-labeled video chat app.  

All these for a one-time license cost.

What Other APIs Do You Need For Your Dating Chat App?

Although you have the chat capabilities to leverage conversations on your dating app, it would be more interesting to add a few immersive features that drive more fun and engagement.

Let’s look into 2 other types of APIs you can consider integrating into your app:

2. Image Detection API

When it comes to dating apps, image detection API can be a game changer. With the help of this API, you can not only detect the objects and scenes in the images but also identify inappropriate content, making the online dating experience safer for everyone. 

You can also add features such as automatic photo tagging and classification, making it easier for users to browse through potential matches and find what they are looking for.

My top picks for image detection APIs are:

4. Google Cloud Vision APIs

Communication Platform Enhancing Matchmaking

Users with enhanced search functionality

This OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service uses both REST and RPC APIs to detect and identify printed or handwritten texts, objects, colors, animals, and other visual features in images and assigns them unique labels and classifications. 

By leveraging Google Cloud Vision API, you can provide your users with enhanced search functionality and more accurate matches.

5. Amazon Web Service’s Rekognition API (AWS)

Create Safer Space For Personalized Interactions

Safe and enjoyable environment for your app users

This scalable cloud-based SaaS solution uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify objects, texts, activities, scenes, and even facial features like emotions, glasses, and open/closed eyes in images and videos. 

In addition to these features, Rekognition API can also detect and moderate inappropriate or abusive content in real-time, helping to protect the integrity of your dating app. 

Rekognition API could be your best option if you are looking to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your app users.

3. Geolocation APIs

Geolocation APIs help you integrate location access into your dating sites.

Users can connect easily with nearby users with the same interests. They can share their live location, current location, and a lot more.

6. Apple Mapkit API

Bring Matches Closer By Integrating Location Access

Embed maps into your mobile application views

Apple Mapkit helps you with location access. With the Mapkit API, you can directly embed maps into your mobile application views and windows.

Dating apps are always based on trust, fun, and engagement. Your users’ trust cycle tends to increase when they feel safe inside the app. Adding location access to your platform makes them feel safe, and if needed, they can share theirs.

You can even add annotations and overlays to the map to call out points of interest, which increases user engagement.

Ready to Integrate Feature-Rich/Real-time Chat Features?

7. Google Geolocation API

Integrate Guides Into Dating Apps  

Collects signals from nearby towers

Swipe, swipe, swipe—this is quite a routine process on a dating site. However, having an eye for interest, age, or marital status, people primarily look for their city or distance. Some people might have entered their city, and some might not.

Where Google’s geolocation API collects signals from nearby towers or wifi signals and transmits the geolocation access to the provider. So that it never goes wrong again. You can easily integrate this API into your dating app and provide your users with nearby details if there’s a match.

4. Fun Features APIs

Looking to add a touch of fun and playfulness to your dating app? Spice things up with a fun dating app API that adds pure excitement and novelty to your app. 

With features like gamification, virtual gifts, and quizzes, you can keep users engaged and entertained while helping them find their perfect match.

8. Aztro API

Displays Interests & Insights On Each Matches 

Personalized horoscope with its unique features

This REST API provides detailed horoscope insights for “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow,” including lucky numbers and colors, moods, and compatibility with other sun signs. 

When you integrate Aztro API into your dating app, you can start providing your users with personalized horoscope insights and keep them engaged with your app. 

With its fun and unique features, AZTRO API can help your dating app stand out in the crowded market and enhance the user experience.

9. Astrology API

Match Compatibility Parameters To Improve Connections

Vedic rishi or Western astrology

This cloud-based API offers white-label dating insights based on either vedic rishi astrology or Western astrology. 

With support for eight languages, this API can provide your dating app users with personalized horoscope readings and love compatibility insights based on the stars. 

By incorporating Astrology API into your dating app, you can enhance your user experience by providing unique and engaging content that can help users find their perfect match.

10. Instagram’s Basic Display API

APIs That Makes Moment Sharing Easy

Establishes more matches and connection

Instagram’s basic display API is a fun and cool factor to have on your dating site. After integration of Instagram’s basic display profile in your dating site, it allows the users to see others Instagram profiles’ basics only if given access.

Imagine that when your dating site establishes more matches and connections, people tend to be happier, and the retention rate will be high.

Even in order to go for higher subscription packages, users’ trust factor plays an important role. Having this kind of advanced API can easily give you engagement and retention, which in turn result in satisfaction.

Even Instagram’s basic display API is free.

11. MEi crush detector API

Foster Stronger Connection With API Solution

Analyzing a text message between your matches

MEi crush detector API, you almost got it right. Finding the person who has a crush on the opponent or not just analyzing their text messages.

This crush detector API is onboarding the dating sites to another level. Just by analyzing a text message between your matches, this API gives you the result of whether the match has a crush on you or not, along with a probability percentage for chances for romance, love, etc.


In conclusion, as a developer or business owner looking to enhance your dating app’s functionality, consider using dating app APIs. 

APIs like in-app video calling, image detection, and fun features can add value to your app and enhance the user experience. 

With the help of these APIs, you can easily add new features to your dating app without having to spend a lot of time and resources building them from scratch. 

So go ahead, explore these APIs and take your dating app to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Build In-App Chat for Your Dating App?

You can either choose to add chat functionality into your dating by coding it right from scratch, or simply use in-app messaging SDKs from providers like MirrorFly. 

However, when you choose the latter, you can integrate up to 1000+ call and chat features in minutes, and elevate user experiences exponentially. 

Which tech stack is used to build dating apps?

The most popular choice of tech stack for building dating apps include:

Front-end development: Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android
Cross-platform apps: React Native and Flutter
Backend development: MongoDB and required servers
Real-time communication: WebRTC and WebSocket
Cloud services: AWS, GCP, Zure
APIs: Geolocation API, MirrorFly in-app video chat API, social media APIs

How much does it cost to create a dating app?

If you are creating a simple dating app with a limited number of features or MVP, then it would cost you somewhere between $25,000 to $80,000. Likewise, high-end apps can cost you above $120k, which will include the latest functionalities, integration support, dashboards, and more. 

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