28 September, 2023
Crack the app developer, business analyst Interview

Think Laterally and Crack The Interview

The IT industry is booming and thanks to the mobility and cloud technologies. The industry is vast and so big enough to fit in all the talented engineers who pass out every year however not all of them are placed. The reason is mainly because of the fact that not all the engineers who pass out are really talented and responsible. Additionally there is as much competition present as the vacancies are. If there is a single vacancy there are minimum of 10 competitors who are equally talented. Thus choosing the correct candidate has become a lot tougher.

VP @ContusAs the Vice President of Human Resource at Contus, I’m responsible for recruiting aspiring young talents as well as seasoned veterans to fit into various challenging jobs in our concern. Being an IT based company, our services are widespread across the globe and hence the challenges are all the more high. As an interviewer we evaluate our candidates through a few metrics which we believe to do good for the company and its future. Well, there are certain base level talents and skills which we expect our candidates to posses and they are.

1.Logical Reasoning & Lateral Thinking:

The aptitude test and other logical reasoning tests are conducted not just for filtering candidates. These tests have the hidden purpose of testing candidates on their ability to think laterally, approach problems from different perspective and come out with strategic plans to get the work done despite of hiccups.


Indian education system has spoon-fed teenagers to just be bookworms (not in all cases but in majority of cases). Thus most of the students, even talented ones are not capable enough to handle high level managerial and lead positions.

3.Communication Skills:

Of course, at the end of the day, communication is what which blow you image up and let you down as well. There is no point in being a storehouse of talent without the potential to express it in an explicit way. Communication skills are very vital since IT jobs are not confined to coding but there is a day to day need to express, communicate and articulate both in-house and abroad client calls and chats.

Challenges in current education system:

There are lots of challenges in the current scenario of the education system especially owing to the fact that it has not underwent any significant change for such long years.

The education system especially the college syllabus includes mostly a varied and diverse streams in any discipline for instance if it is computer science and engineering, a student must study all the related subjects like networks, data base management, security, and lots more. This method of education which demands a student to acquire knowledge on various related subjects makes no room for him/her to specialize in a particular stream.

The syllabus and examinations are grade based and not knowledge oriented thus the students who graduate with high grades cannot be considered or talented or intelligent.

The education system is hectic and doesn’t allow the students to actually get time on various other activities.

The most important and efficient step to acquire a good job, especially in places like IT industry is Higher Education. Considering the present scenario, an under graduation is preferred by every school pass out and so distinguishing yourself from the crowd is a tough task. Higher education helps in providing clarity while deciding your professional career and delivers the following benefits as well.

With basic qualification and no experience getting a job in an on campus placement program might be easy but otherwise it is really tedious to get a job as a fresher. Having a higher education is a plus and nullifies the drawback of not having experience.

Secondly, higher education gives time to think and streamline your career. The information you gather and the experience you gain at your higher education come in handy while deciding your career goals.

Higher education positively enhances students’ knowledge on various technologies and be updated and non-obsolete about it. This is because of the fact that they will be having a lot of hands-on experience and practical knowledge in their master studies.

They also get responsible, develop leadership qualities and get better in decision making due to the extended time they spend in college. Finally, higher education helps you in mastering your domain and excelling in a specialization.

Predicaments during hiring fresher:

Fresher can be talented but they seem to lack practical experience since their under graduation would have been mainly based out of theory and practical knowledge was restricted to group project only.
Moreover, they tend to have the characteristics, behavior and mindset as that of a student when they come to work and an organization’s effort is needed to help them step out of those.

As a conclusion, I’d like to mention that getting educated with better grades alone will not win you the job you aspire; rather it is the soft skills that’ll help you distinguish yourself from the lot.

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