22 September, 2023

Why to consider Linkedin Recommendations?

Linkedin! A professional social network to be ultimately welcomed for having reached 135 million users, and that too in a competitive world of several social media networks. It has been stated that each single second, two new members join Linkedin. If it is all for professional networking, Linkedin has become greatly significant. The site is consistently scrolled and accessed by professionals world-wide. Having a profile in Linkedin shows off how professional you are in your life, while your Facebook and Twitter profiles has nothing to do other than socializing

why linkedin recommendations

Linkedin Recommendations
As known well, Linkedin exclusively speaks your business profile and just like you, every 135 million users do have their own business profiles, which are unique in each way. Unlike other usual sites, Linkedin has got an amazing system to allow Linked users to recommend one another by means of their Linked profiles. Hence, there is no possibility for any anonymous recommendation to occur with. A Linked Recommendation is generally written by a Linkedin user on someone’s Linkedin profile or  site that comes with this option. The user can recommend a page, site, product or a profile, by saying the features and reasons for recommending it. Linkedin Recommendations are increasingly turning several businesses and individuals with some outstanding projects and positions.

A decent website or profile will comprise of comments and reviews that are trust-worthy. Be it the site’s pros or cons,  the reviews can be appreciated if they really come from a valid user.  The best factor with this Linkedin recommendation is the secured system that come along, with which there are less chances for the content to be duplicate. Any visitor, while analyzing the reviews on a site, needs to be provided with a professional satisfaction. Still, there are sites which barely bother about the review / recommendation systems, with which anyone can write reviews about anything they want.

Listed below are the drawbacks that come along in a general recommendation system:.

1. Any anonymous user can write reviews on a site
2. The site itself would have hired a fake review writing team to add reviews in favor to them
3. Competitors also have their role in playing with negative comments
4. About 30% of online reviews for certain products are fake.
5. Spam messages can be added as reviews
6. Companies give freebies in exchange for reviews.
7. Some users make this an advantage to promote their sites by adding urls in between the reviews

With more and more such limitations, it is indeed harder to rely on the best resource that enfolds appropriate user reviews. These drawbacks absolutely speaks about the need for having a Linkedin Recommendation page on sites. On analyzing a site’s reviews, do ensure the following elements

1.If the site handles professional way of reviewing like Linkedin Recommendation, then it is quite convincing. You can also check with the person’s profile on Linkedin.
2.Choose the reviews that have 3 stars or more
3.Start off with the worst reviews. Identify the worst reviews and best reviews of the product and find the similarities.
4.Avoid relying on “amazing” words that state how fabulous the product is and those which are too much personal.
5.If it really bothers to find the actual reviews, simply Google the information on the product and get to know the benefits and features of using the particular product.:

Reviews and recommendations stand a vital role in building a business’s turn over. But, all that matters is how true are those reviews. Anything over the internet needs to be trust-able and secure. Any site withholding Linkedin Recommendations from their users can be greatly trusted, if you are really looking to find some real feedbacks.


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